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Dean Trying to 'Muzzle' Churches, Group Says
By Monisha Bansal ~ CNSNews.com Staff Writer
April 21, 2006

(CNSNews.com) - Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean's recent comments calling on groups in the religious community "to decide whether they want to be tax exempt or involved in politics" drew the ire of a Catholic-based advocacy group on Friday.

Dean's remarks were made during an interview with the Christian Science Monitor on Wednesday.

"Howard Dean's statement makes it clear that he wants to muzzle America's churches and religious groups from professing what they believe on important issues facing our society," said Joseph Cella, president of Fidelis, a Catholic-based advocacy organization.

"When it comes to debates over public policy and issues, Dean should be welcoming the voice of America's churches, not attempting to silence them," said Cella.

"Instead, Dean has shown utter disregard for people of faith by threatening the historical and treasured role of religious groups and churches in American public life," Cella continued.

But Dean, who did not speak publicly about his religious views until his presidential bid in 2004, has apparently used religion to his political advantage several times since then.

During his campaign, Dean sold "Dean for America" signs, touting they are "perfect for church."

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What shot off the page immediately as I read this was Dean's obvious threat to the American Christian. He stated to the religious community that it's time "to decide whether they want to be tax exempt or involved in politics." Now, don't get me wrong, according to Christ Jesus our Lord we ARE supposed to keep religion and politics separate. We are never to join the two together as we see prophecy warned the beast would do, and has done in the church & state conglomeration of the Roman Catholic church. This is why the article reported that "a Catholic-based advocacy group" got angry after Dean threatened the religious community. The Catholic religion is THE ultimate example of mixing religion and politics on planet earth. Still, that's not what jumped off the page at me.

Do you know what Dean means when he says that the religious community has to decide if they want to stay tax exempt, or speak on politics? It has to do with the infamous 501C3 tax free status the U.S. Government set up LONG ago so as to have that foothold on the churches. Truth is, the churches should never be involved in politics in the first place. But because of complacency, we see ALL Christians still voting for the "guy with the least amount of evils." What they should do IS NOT VOTE AT ALL if all their choices are as they have been for the last 100 years or so! If all the Christians stopped voting THAT would send a message eh? No need to get involved at all. Just walk away from it all.

The 501C3 tax free status was a TRAP from day one! It's already written into the fabric of the tax laws of this country that churches are tax exempt. BUT, if the pastor wants to go to Walmart to buy goodies, or a car dealer to buy a car, he can get away with paying the taxes if he has that wonderful little TAX ID NUMBER from the IRS. The catch is in the fine print. If at anytime you do or say things they don't like they can remove your tax free status and then charge you back taxes, excise taxes, and penalties. If you were a church 20 years that could amount to millions!

For more info on that, see these articles from last year...

Dean, like all the other politicians are simply showing their teeth when their agenda clashes with true Christian principals. So to shut the Christians, Bush started placing SPIES in the churches back in his second campaign to more effectively tag the troublers and remove their tax free status so as to financially destroy them. That puny little foothold of a few bucks saved on goodies has now become a MAJOR ATTACK on all those greedy pastors. Truth is, if you'r ein this for the money, then the money will control you!

By the way... Want to see true hypocrisy in action? Read the rest of that article when you get time and you will see how, like Clinton with his flip flopping on the abortion issue, Dean used the Christian "churches" to push his agenda, and now that he has a non-Christian agenda he flip flops. The article stated, "During his campaign, Dean sold "Dean for America" signs, touting they are "perfect for church." Take a look at those signs that are actually small hand fans! (left) They are boldly printed campaign advertisements designed to bolster votes for himself. And he says to USE THEM INSIDE YOUR CHURCHES? CoNfUsEd? Not really, things are actually getting much CLEARER!



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