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 articles posted 04/06/06

French Police Subdue Riots Over Jobs Law


PARIS (March 19) - Police loosed water cannons and tear gas on rioting students and activists rampaged through a McDonald's and attacked store fronts in the capital Saturday as demonstrations against a plan to relax job protections spread in a widening arc across France. The protests, which drew 500,000 people in some 160 cities across the country, were the biggest show yet of escalating anger that is testing the strength of the conservative government before elections next year.

At the close of a march in Paris that drew a crowd of tens of thousands, seven officers and 17 protesters were injured during two melees, at the Place de la Nation in eastern Paris and the Sorbonne University. Police said they arrested 156 people in the French capital.

...Protests on Saturday reached every corner of France _ most of them largely peaceful _ with organizers citing 160 marches from the small provincial town of Rochefort in the southwest to the major city of Lyon in the southeast.

The Paris protest march was the biggest, attracting some 80,000 people, according to police. Organizers put the number at 300,000.

Associated Press writers Jean-Marie Godard and Greg Somerville in Paris contributed to this report. 3/19/2006 05:12:20
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The article about the riots and the reason for the protest is not what caught my eye. The reason I posted it is because of how many actually participated in the protest. Why don't we see 500,000 people protesting from 160 cities in the USA? Well, it's actually a simple answer. In countries like France, companies like KRAFT foods would not be allowed to use additives in the peoples food that harm them physically and mentally. Things like Genetically modified organisms in the foods (GMO) and monosodium glutamates (MSG) are highly ILLEGAL! This is why you don't have people in France and other countries planted in front of TV's 24/7 with brains so fogged up by the foods they eat. Their food causes laziness and complacency to run rampant throughout the nation. What's worse, the American Medical Association (AMA) is also allowed to use drugs on people that never actually cure them. If they did cure them they would loose a customer! Instead, they mask symptoms and turn them into lifelong customers. Thing is, the foods they eat "crafted" by KRAFT causes them to see a doctor, who in turn drugs them up worse. FOR LIFE!

France and other countries know the dangers of such additives in foods and won't allow certain drugs to be used in medicine because they know how it affects the brain. Everything from lethargy, to short term memory loss, foggy minds, inability to focus, and a host of other BRAIN disorders are the wonderful benefits of the junk food and even "wholesome" food industry in America.

Think about the reality of this fact. Polls have proven that over 80% of the American people KNOW or at least "feel" the American government was involved in 911. Yet do you see 500,000 people protesting in Washington D.C.?

 Why does America do this? One would think that is a no-brainer! (pun intended)

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