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 articles posted 01/24/06

  Scientists blast anti-bird-flu kits
Say rush to buy biohazard suits 'a total waste of time and money'

Posted: January 22, 2006 1:00 a.m. Eastern
2006 WorldNetDaily.com

A British company selling anti-bird flu kits - stocked with items ranging from gloves to surgical masks to full biohazard suits - is experiencing staggering sales following the recent outbreak of the deadly H5N1 strain of the virus in Turkey, while scientists say investing in flu wear is "a total waste of time and money."

Nick Powell, managing director of UK Survive, says the company has seen an unprescedented level of interest it its safety supplies since the virus jumped from China and Southeast Asia to Turkey. Britain's chief medical officer estimates 750,000 could die in the UK if the virus mutates and becomes capable of human-to-human transmission.

"Sales have been staggering," he told the London Telegraph. "Our website has been overloaded twice, which has never happened, not even when we were selling anti-terrorism kits after July 7."

July 7 was the day a series of terrorist explosions killed over 50 people on the London subway. Powell notes that recent sales have followed news coverage. "I have watched the number visiting the website go from 30 to over 500 within 10 minutes of the News at 10."

Not surprisingly, one of UK Survive's best-selling items is a German-made mask for children. Over 2,000 have been pre-ordered by worried parents.

A "family pack" offers protection for four people at a price of $750. The deluxe kit includes four "multi-layer polymer laminate" bio-suits in varying sizes, four pairs of overshoes, four sets of protective eyewear, 65 protective masks, 400 latex gloves and a rucksack for each person. The single-use suits offer eight hours of protection.

"You would have to be careful about how you took them off and disposed of them. They should be incinerated," Powell noted. But John Oxford, professor of virology at Queen Mary's School of Medicine in London, doubts the wisdom of making such purchases.

"There will be sensible precautions if this virus arrives, like hand washing and avoiding rush hour trains," he said, "but running out in a high-powered mask is a total waste of time and money. You would look a complete idiot. The idea should be to educate people, not alarm them."

Part of the growing alarm may be due to the World Health Organization's recent findings that the H5N1 virus remains viable in bird droppings for over a month in cold weather and a week in warm weather. Additionally, a Lancet study indicates Tamiflu, the most widely stocked drug to fight bird flu, is not as effective as previously claimed. WorldNetDaily has reported the experience of Vietnamese doctors who have treated numerous cases and found Tamiflu "useless." "We place no importance on using this drug on our patients," one doctor in Hanoi concluded.

Prof. Hugh Pennington, president of the UK Society for General Microbiology, is still not convinced products like those sold by UK Survive will be practical.

"In certain circumstances, like a crowded train, there is a case for a mask, but I would be skeptical about how much good it would do," he said. "I don't think the practicalities match the benefits. Are you really going to wear your mask in the pub?"

Survive's Powell is undeterred. "We have been selling to individuals from all walks of life. Corporations have been buying on average 3,000 masks for staff. We have been asked for quotes by universities, and doctors' surgeries have been buying masks in bulk. Anything we sell is what the World Health Organisation recommends for health workers coming into contact with the virus."


SALESMEN is what the "World Health Organization" has become. Salesmen for useless flu shots that actually poison people (to generate customers), as well as salesmen for usless masks and biosuits that if there was an actual crisis are only good for eight hours!

It's like I reported back on 12/13/05, the blue flue epidemic is a HOAX! They are generating panic for one reason only. MONEY! Think about the common sense of this reality. If there truly was a danger, then why does the US Government only have 20 million shots in stock for 296 million Americans? Because they know that at least 20 million will fall for the hoax and buy the $100.00 flu shots! That's a TWO BILLION DOLLAR PROFIT for the already monetarily bloated AMA and the US Government. We are already well into Winter and STILL no pandemic has reaered its ugly head yet! And to make even more money flow into the already gorged hands of legalized drug pushers, it now seems Oprah is airing a special abou the bird flu on Tuesday 1/25/06 to try and scare up more sales for both the drugs and the masks! In the promo both Oprah and her "expert" AMA guest are saying "IT'S GUNNA HAPPEN!"

Truth is people. The American Medical Association does NOT cure anyone! If they did they would loose customers. They simply cannot afford to heal you. Their drugs only mask symptoms and generate even more side effects that allow for even more sales! The natural healers of this land are the ones EVERYONE eventually goes to that truly want to survive the AMA attacks upon their bodies. It has been noted and even PROVEN in highly popularized court cases that the AMA cannot cure such things as Cancer and other "so called' deadly diseases. Yet the people THEY call "quacks" are the ones that do in fact heal the people the AMA declared lost causes!

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