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> Space Weather News for July 15, 2000
> A powerful shock wave from the fast-moving July 14th coronal mass ejection
> has arrived in the neighborhood of Earth.  An extreme geomagnetic storm
> was underway at 1900 UT (3:00 p.m. EDT) on July 15th.  If conditions
> persist as they are now, aurora could be visible at middle (and possibly
> even equatorial) latitudes.  The best time to view aurora is usually near
> local midnight.  In this case, sky watchers are advised to look for aurora
> as soon as night falls.  For more information and updates please visit
> Readers are invited to send pictures of tonight's aurora and the July 16,
> 2000, total lunar eclipse (visible across the Pacific Ocean) as an email
> attachment to for possible posting on
> and/or
> For more information about the lunar eclipse:
> Pacific Lunar Eclipse

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