WIRE:01/18/2000 20:37:00 ET
Meteor explodes in air near Alaska, Yukon border

 WHITEHORSE, Yukon, Jan 18 (Reuters) - A meteor exploded over  the mountains of southern Yukon on Tuesday, shaking houses and  providing residents of the remote region with a dramatic light  show, the Geologic Survey of Canada said.  

The meteor is believed to have exploded in the atmosphere  midday between Carcross, Yukon and Skagway, Alaska, at about 9  a.m. (1700 GMT), according to the agency, which received witness  reports and sonic data on the event.  

"They described it as sheet lightning-like and they turned  around and saw this large green object going through the sky,"  said Garry Rogers of the Pacific Geoscience Centre in Sidney,  British Columbia.  

Witnesses in Carcross said the explosion rattled windows and  shook snow from roofs in the small village about 120 miles (190  km) north of Juneau, Alaska, according to Rogers.  

No injuries or damage were reported, and it was not  immediately known how large the meteor was or at what altitude  it exploded.  

The explosion was detected by at least three of the agency's  seismic monitoring stations in the region, but the sonic waves  indicated the meteor exploded in the air rather than in an  impact with the ground, the geologists said.

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