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Eight People Killed or Missing in South Korean Floods
The Associated Press
SEOUL, South Korea (AP) - Millions of anti-disaster army reservists were called to help combat floods Sunday, after four days of heavy rain soaked the region, engulfing rivers and causing landslides.
Five people were confirmed killed and three others missing in rain-swollen rivers or landslides.  Hundreds of homes were submerged, vast rice fields were flooded and sections of major roads and rail lines were washed away.
The unseasonable rain storms, which began Thursday, drenched most of South Korea, especially the country's southwestern region where rainfall measured up to 22.8 inches.
A flood warning was issued for tens of thousands of people living along the Kum River in the southwestern region.  Officials said the river threatened to overflow.
Prime Minister Lee Han-dong ordered 3.5 million members of the civil defense corps to report to work to help control flood damage.  The corps consists of army reservists aged between 35 and 50.  Nearly 20,000 government officials were on alert.
Forecasters expected the storm to continue through Monday.



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