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Thirsty Texas: 67 Days Without Rain
September 6, 2000 7:15 am EST

Record-Breaking Temperatures Over Labor Day Weekend

HOUSTON, SEPT. 05, 2000 (CBS News) - Tuesday was the 67th consecutive day without rain in Texas. CBS News Correspondent Terisa Estacio reports the Lone Star state has more than its share of pain at the hands of mother nature this year.

Millions of gallons of water flooded the drought-stricken city of Dallas. That after a crew attempting to install a fiber optic line accidentally severed a 30-inch water main.

It is turning out to be a very tough summer in Texas. Temperatures shattered records over the Labor Day weekend.

At one children's hospital, officials say they have treated a high number of young patients suffering from asthma made worse by the heat.

And they are not the only children having a rough time. Hot, dry conditions fueled several fires near Houston forcing some evacuations. Although residents have since returned safely, many parents remain worried keeping kids from attending their first day back to school.

"I am not sending my child to school," said Sonia Zoy. "The fires are just still too close by."

Typically Labor Day offers the last chance to enjoy the summer. This time, however, usually packed beaches were practically empty.

So far in September, Dallas has set a new record every day -- including 111 degrees on Monday. The mercury has been on the rise there since August, when on all but four days, it hit 100 or higher.

Forecasters warn temperatures will remain hot for most of this week, but they anticipate some relief for the coming weekend. That news brings a smile to many here enduring this long summer in Texas.


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