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Regarding the Solar Flare:  This proton eruption is HUGE!
NOAA Space Environment Center:
It shows the current UVI index.  Guess from that solar flare it was a 9!
There is speculation that the "SOHO" satellite got hit bigtime from this eruption..the pictures it is now sending appear as if the lens took the brunt of the hit.  Here's the latest picture from SOHO (it's a large file!):
Here's a page that shows not only the SOHO images, but earth bound observatiories as well.
And in other news:
Seems like all of nature is in an uproar!  Powerful tornadoes in China and Alberta, CA, earthquakes in Japan and other locations, locusts in China, extreme heat in Europe!  Awesome stuff happening!
( news reported today that:  The Chinese province of Jiangsu faces a major clean-up, after a tornado touched down there, reportedly killing 11 people and injuring 500 others.
The twister touched down Thursday afternoon in the cities of Yangzhou and Taizhou, located 215 miles southwest of Shanghai.  It destroyed 10,000 houses, uprooted large trees and disrupted electricity and communication systems, according to Chinese media.  In addition, the tornado hit rice and corn fields, causing more than 4-million yuan in damage, according to the official Xinhua news agency.
Iran tests Ballistic Missle


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