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At the bottom of this page you will find an embedded MP3 Player that was programmed in FLASH. If you don't see it, you will need to download FLASH to your system. (It's FREE) It is rather self explanitory. You can play, pause, turn up the volume, drag the timeline to any position to instantly get to any section of the MP3 you are listeing to. You can turn up the volume or pan the balance from left to right as well.

On the left of the actual player is a selection of links that allow additional options.

MP3's in the list (Playlist) are a variety of past and present Truth Provided Braodcasts, as well as the Truth Provided Audio Clips and a few other audios.


A few of the MP3's on this server have been formatted in a different manner that generates a problem when using FLASH to play them. When you come across these MP3's using this FLASH player, they will be sped up to sound like chipmunks. The MP3's that are illegible are as follows...

ALL MP3's can be found in their original formats, or in Real Media format on the pages listed in the AUDIO SECTION of this website.


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