Get out of the
          cities NOW!!

"Make a chain: for the land is full of
bloody crimes, and the city is full of violence." -Ezekiel 7:23

EVERYTHING you now see regarding Covid-19 is proof you need to GET OUT OF THE CITIES!
THOUSANDS of Reasons to GET OUT!

To parents He sends the warning cry: Gather your children into your own houses; gather them away from those who are disregarding the commandments of God, who are teaching and practicing evil. Get out of the large cities as fast as possible. Establish church schools. Give your children the word of God as the foundation of all their education. This is full of beautiful lessons, and if pupils make it their study in the primary grade below, they will be prepared for the higher grade above.  

-Testimonies volume 6 page 195.1

I started watching for articles on this page began on 09-22-16. After seeing so much violence in the cities I figured it's time to create a page on it. Not sure why I waited to so long, but the fact we have this much violence in such little time confirms the prophecy has been fulfilled. And it will get much worse in the coming days. We have passed the tipping point now. IT IS TIME TO GET OUT of the cities!

  1. 03-08-23 ARTICLE STACK Washington, DC, man commits 4 sexual assaults in 50-minute span: police * Father defends terrified family with machete after home intruder breaks through window in middle of night * VIDEO: Portland real estate developer says goodbye to city after bullet holes riddle office: 'Absolute madness' * VIDEO: Atlanta 'Cop City' anarchy sees at least 35 'agitators' detained, part of an 'international group' * Bolingbrook shooting: Possible home invasion leaves 3 dead, including child * VIDEO: Rhode Island mom allegedly harassed by teachers' union fights back * Workers in Democrat-run North Carolina tourist city bemoan downtown decline: 'Really disturbing' * VIDEO: Rampant shoplifting in a Dem-run city is forcing a major store out * VIDEO: Sadistic and sinister cartels control our border * VIDEO: Teenagers ransack Queens seafood restaurant, police searching for suspects * Mexican Feds Find 343 Migrants in Abandoned U.S.-Bound Truck * Uvalde Schools Lock Down Weekly Due to Migrant Smuggling, Says Texas Congressman * VIDEO: DEA Admin.: Cartel Fentanyl Traffickers ‘Are all over Social Media’ and the Platforms Aren’t Stepping up * Open Borders German Govt Rejects Proposal to Limit Illegal Migration Amid ‘Worst Crisis Since 2016’ * VIDEO: WATCH: Riots Break Out, Strikers Block Fuel Refineries as Millions Protest in France Against Pension Reforms
  2. 03-01-23 ARTICLE STACK  VIDEO: GOP rep. issues warning on border crisis: If it isn't in your community, it will be soon * Portland family terrorized by fires set by homeless squatters next door: 'My wife was screaming' * California Border Crossing Sets Record for Meth, Fentanyl Seizures * U.N. Watchdog Confirms Iran’s Uranium Enriched to Near Bomb-Grade Levels * Investigation: Americans Charged $66M to Help Illegal Aliens Fight Deportation * VIDEO: Video: Alleged Female Assailants Brutally Attack Bronx Cashier * Chicago police superintendent resigns as city rocked by out-of-control crime * Biden border crisis bringing invasion of gang members and 'cartel affiliates' * UK plans to grant asylum to 12,000 illegal migrants without screening them at all
  3. 02-22-23 ARTICLE STACK  Socialists cheer Dem state’s climate bill mandating fossil fuel shutdown: ‘Will transform New York * South Carolina wife, mother shot to death in front of young children in Kroger parking lot * Austin police, 911 staffing levels questioned after street racers take over major intersection, injure cop * Seattle becomes first US city to ban discrimination based on caste * Seattle reverses course on defunding police as crime ravages locals: 'A huge crisis' * Far-Left ACLU: Encouraging Illegal Aliens to Stay in U.S. ‘Plainly Protected’ by First Amendment * Two Brothers from Mexico Ran Jalisco Cartel Meth Operation in Dallas * Major U.S. city shells out millions to settle lawsuit over 'no cop zone' * 'My wife was screaming': Homeless people terrorize homeowners with thefts, massive fires
  4. 02-15-23 ARTICLE STACK VIDEO: Chicago sees 9 armed robberies in just over an hour: 'Kind of scary' * VIDEO: California cities rattled by prostitution, human trafficking in broad daylight as cops pin blame on new law * VIDEO: A New York woman was beaten and maced — and her dog was killed. This is her fight for justice * Rep. Jim Jordan criticized online after saying 'only Americans should vote in American elections' * VIDEO: NYC man wanted after kicking victim down subway stairs, breaking both his legs: police * ANOTHER Super Bowl Riot * Next on Dems' hit list: The suburbs * Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste: Leftist German Govt Uses Turkey Quakes as Excuse to Weaken Borders * 22 Shot During Weekend in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago * Nolte: Democrats Pass Laws to Destroy Suburbs * Report: Chicago ‘Gang Intervention Workers’ Accused of Selling Firearm to Undercover Officer * South Side Chicago Residents Outraged as City Spends Millions Housing Border Crossers in Abandoned School * Ron DeSantis Expected to Secure $10M to Fly Illegal Aliens to Sanctuary Cities * Dick Durbin, Lindsey Graham Propose ‘DREAM Act’ Amnesty for Nearly 2M Illegal Aliens * VIDEO: 'Shoot me. I'm not stopping!': U-Haul driver mows down New Yorkers in 'rampage' * Not just from Mexico: Now NORTHERN border sector sees 900% increase in illegals! * Crime skyrockets under watch of Soros-backed prosecutors in 6 major U.S. cities * Hatchet-wielding Maryland woman arrested after striking 83-year-old woman multiple times: police * VIDEO: Parents in liberal state erupt with rage as officials try to explain sex offender releases into community * Establishment Media Admit Public Opposition to Migration
  5. 02-08-23 ARTICLE STACK VIDEO: US government monitoring suspected Chinese spy balloon over northern states * VIDEO: Slain NJ GOP councilwoman's friend: This killing was personal * VIDEO: tourist town sees 200% surge in break-ins amid violent crime spike: 'Wildly frustrating' * Mexican Cartel-Style Violence Spreading in California over Marijuana Grow Fields * Chinese balloon called 'dry run' for EMP attack * Minnesota: Mohamed Rapes 2 Little Girls, Gets Less Than a Year in Prison * VIDEO: Police forced to 'pick and choose' what to respond to amid staff shortage * VIDEO: Report: Over 800K Border Crossers Freed into U.S. Without Court Dates Since Biden Took Office * Angel Mom: Illegal Alien MS-13 Gang Member Was Freed into U.S. at Border Before Murdering, Raping My Daughter * Iranian caught at Southern border smuggled in car trunk highlights border’s jihad terror threat * New York Taxpayers Give $2.1 Billion to Illegal Immigrants with Large Sums Lining Pockets of Landlords * Montana Sen. Daines 'alarmed' at Chinese spy balloon, says 'significant concern' that ICBM fields targeted * Chinese military aircraft enter Taiwan's airspace as US tracks surveillance balloon * Insult to Injury: Biden Regime Distributes Anti-Police ‘Black Resistance’ Flyers to Border Agents
  6. 02-01-23 ARTICLE STACK Photos: Migrants Refuse to Leave NYC Hotel, Demand Taxpayers Give Them ‘Permanent Homes’ * VIDEO: Raleigh’s cop shortage, lingering anti-police sentiment blamed for record-high violence in 2022: expert * VIDEO: More than 100 firefighters battle massive Los Angeles apartment complex fire * Vermont border apprehensions in last three months more than past two years combined * VIDEO: Nearly 300,000 illegal immigrants slipped past border agents in less than four months * VIDEO: Wives of border patrol agents tell all in this exclusive interview * Oregon suspect accused of torturing woman released day he arrived at Nevada prison * VIDEO: California prostitution law allows sex abuse to 'run rampant' in Los Angeles streets, victim advocates warn * Minnesota Democrats Move to Give Driver’s Licenses to 77K Illegal Aliens * Joe Biden to End Title 42 Border Barrier on May 11 * Biden's new border policy using 'loophole' to fastrack migrants in * 11 U.S. cities among 50 most dangerous in world, all share 1 factor * How the IRS Helped Fund the Atlanta Riots (After all, it is a Roman Catholic IRS) * New Jersey: Muslim migrant steals school bus, his journal says ‘Blood, blood, destruction, destruction. Allah.’ * UK: Despite government promises to control border, a record 65,000 more migrants are expected in 2023
  7. 01-25-23 ARTICLE STACK VIDEO: Atlanta riots erupt downtown amid ‘Cop City’ backlash * VIDEO: Man with disabilities shot in the head waiting for Chicago bus: police * Atlanta: Protesters call for ‘violence’ against police after shooting leaves 1 dead, officer injured * 10K Migrants Apprehended, Got Away Last Week in One Texas Border Sector * Study: Law Forces Prosecutors to Dump 69% of NYC Criminal Cases * VIDEO: Liberal city’s open-air drug crisis spiraling out of control, fueled by Mexican cartels: ‘We’re zombies‘ * VIDEO: 10 people killed in mass shooting near Los Angeles after Lunar New Year celebrations * VIDEO: Fox News meteorologist brutally beaten on NYC subway * VIDEO: Privileged, rich out-of-towners arrested in Atlanta riots * VIDEO: Arizona county supervisor sounds alarm on ongoing migrant surge * VIDEO: DC-area shooting suspect mistakenly released from jail shortly after arrest: police * Gunman on the loose in Washington state after killing 3 at Circle K: ‘Just walked in and started shooting’ * Texas Border Sheriff Calls for Multi-State Response to Migrant Crisis * Michigan Man Accused of Fatal DUI Was Out on Bond for Previous Drunk Driving Charge * Ireland is Full: Open Borders Government Takes to Twitter to Beg Migrants to Stay Away * Red States Sue Biden’s DHS for Creating ‘Parole’ Migration Pipeline * Kidnap and assault suspect freed on $2 bail, promptly commits another alleged kidnap and assault * VIDEO: ‘Why do they want more rape and armed robbery and murder?‘ * ‘We are shook’: California gunman kills 7 just days after previous mass shooting * Biden’s border disaster explodes with drugs, terrorists and crime * VIDEO: Glazov Gang: Own Nothing and Be Happy
  8. 01-18-23 ARTICLE STACK  City tries to shutdown church ministry * Virginia county to stop prosecuting several crimes * Whistleblower: Migrants Living for Free in NYC Hotels are Fighting Staff, Drinking All Day, Having Sex in Public * VIDEO: Dozens of Illinois sheriffs vow to defy governor's assault weapons ban * Houston shooting: More than 50 shots fired outside nightclub, leaving one person dead and four wounded * VIDEO: Signs warning of ‘unexpected pedestrians’ appear in El Paso amid migrant surge * VIDEO: Mom's viral 'stranger danger' strategy alerts parents of crucial talking point they may be missing
  9. 01-04-23 ARTICLE STACK  More than 1.2M Fugitive Illegal Aliens Remain Living Across U.S. Despite Having Final Deportation Orders * VIDEO: America's 'most dangerous law' goes into effect * VIDEO: Suspected gas explosion destroys 2 homes in Pennsylvania neighborhood * Over 500 Homicides in Mayor Jim Kenney’s Philadelphia During 2022 * VIDEO: Florida Keys overwhelmed by boatloads of migrants: 'A mass migration crisis' * Washington substation attacks' alleged motive revealed * Biden’s DHS: ‘No Records’ on Over 350K Border Crossers Released into U.S. * Sanctuary State Colorado Begins Busing Border Crossers to Sanctuary City New York * Report warns al-Qaida working on brand-new 'airplane' attacks on U.S.
  10. 12-28-22 ARTICLE STACK VIDEO: Human smugglers get the message the border is open * Alabama teens arrested in drive-by shooting that killed 12-year-old girl in bed * VIDEO: This crisis is the 'worst I've ever seen': Arizona sheriff * VIDEO: Noem: Biden Is ‘Destroying Our Border’ to ‘Remake America’ * VIDEO: Bombshell Footage: Biden DHS Freed over 150K Border Crossers into U.S. without Court Dates in Summer 2021 * Census: Foreign-Born Population Increases Across All 50 States in 2022 * VIDEO: EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: 600 Migrants Cross Border in 3 Hours into Texas Border Town * Illegal immigrants set to fill up colleges in American border state in 2023 * Illegal rapes 8-year-old, then forces girl to clean her blood from his vehicle * 90 illegals arrive via English Channel on Christmas Day as 2022 breaks record for arrivals
  11. 12-21-22 ARTICLE STACK VIDEO: El Paso official says latest migrant surge unsustainable * Biden admin sues Arizona over creation of shipping container border wall to stop illegal immigration * VIDEO: California Marine veteran shot dead defending restaurant worker from robber * VIDEO: Arizona sheriff ‘alarmed’ by federal government’s response to border wall * VIDEO: Border Patrol ‘defeated’ as migrants pour into US * VIDEO: ‘LAWLESSNESS:’ Cataloguing Portland’s Year of Violence * VIDEO: Burglary of Robert De Niro’s home ‘tells you all you need to know’ about NYC, says city councilman * VIDEO: Philadelphia reached 500 homicides as gun violence continues to plague city streets * VIDEO: 5 unlikely US cities that struggled with rising violent crime in 2022 * More British Cities to Ban Privately-Owned Vehicles into Certain Areas without Permit to Reduce Traffic and “Help Tackle Climate Change” (They’re flooding Society with a TON of lies to make the mark enforcement easier) * VIDEO: Texas Governor Orders Hundreds of Migrants Bused from El Paso to New York, Chicago * VIDEO: NBC’s Ainsley: Migrants Describe No ‘Interactions with Authorities’ at Border – ‘They Just Walked Right In’ * Omnibus Spending Bill Brings More Afghans to U.S. Amid Vetting Issues * DHS chief accused of erasing 300,000 illegals from reporting * Texas mayor calls for U.N. intervention on southern border
  12. 12-14-22 ARTICLE STACK VIDEO: "Just let them steal!" * VIDEO: Migrant caravan of more than 1,000 crosses illegally into El Paso, Texas, video shows * VIDEO: Burlington, Vermont, reeling from highest number of homicides in decades after defunding police * VIDEO: Bombshell video shows largest migrant caravan ever heading for this US city * Man arrested in stabbing death of Eleanor Bowles, 77, killed in gated community in Atlanta * VIDEO: A monumental catastrophe is unfolding at the border
  13. 12-07-22 ARTICLE STACK VIDEO: Over 73,000 'gotaways' at southern border in November, highest ever recorded * VIDEO: Baby boy ingests fentanyl at San Francisco park * GRAPHIC VIDEO: North Carolina Home Depot worker, 83, dies weeks after being shoved during theft; police searching for suspect * North Carolina power substations taken out by gunfire: sheriff * GRAPHIC VIDEO: NYC crime crisis: Suspect strikes man in head with baseball bat, police still searching for suspect * VIDEO: Chicago weekend gun violence sees 17 wounded, 4 killed * Philadelphia gas station owner hires security armed with AR-15s to protect store: 'Tired of this nonsense' * NYC woman tries to kidnap 5-year-old boy in front of parents on Brooklyn street, police say * Biden’s Fast-Track Asylum Program: 67% of Illegal Aliens Never Show for Court Hearings After Release into U.S. * Migrant Apprehensions in Northern U.S. Border Sector Jump 484 Percent this Year * Ex-FBI claims electrical power-station damage was intended to disrupt 'drag show' * Stealing is now so rampant, Walmart looking at closing stores * Feds 'massively misreporting' number of illegal aliens released with GPS trackers * Small U.S. town dealing with ANOTHER case of alleged pedophilia 
  14. 11-30-22 ARTICLE STACK Government Sensors to count Pedestrians and Cyclists in Hawaii * VIDEO: San Francisco police propose allowing robots to kill in 'rare and exceptional' circumstances * VIDEO: Portland store shuts down, posts blistering note on front door slamming rampant crime: 'city is in peril' * Group of teens in Chicago committed 13 armed robberies in five hours, police say * VIDEO: Rampant retail theft making inflation worse, threatens bleeding businesses, economists say * VIDEO: San Francisco approves plan to allow police robots to use deadly force in emergency situations * GRAPHIC VIDEO: Philly Police Release Footage of PPA Worker Being Shot from Behind * VIDEO: 8 Sex Offenders Arrested in One Texas Border Sector in Two Weeks * 'The Terminator' becomes reality: Major city approves killer robots
  15. 11-23-22 ARTICLE STACK VIDEO: Biden Flying Millions of Unvetted Illegal Aliens into American Communities on Taxpayer’s Dime * VIDEO: 'Enough is enough' * VIDEO: One dead, up to 14 injured after driver crashes into Massachusetts Apple store * VIDEO: This is all a lie and they know it * VIDEO: Mexican authorities urge U.S. to tweak travel alerts warning citizens to stay away due to crime, kidnappings * Video shows NYC woman, 77, being thrown to ground during robbery inside Bronx apartment building * VIDEO: Walmart employee in Chesapeake, Virginia kills 6 with pistol, police say * 10K Migrants Apprehended in Texas Border Sector over One Week
  16. 11-16-22 ARTICLE STACK Governor officially declares illegal immigration from Mexico an 'invasion' * Biden gives away $41 million to fight deportations * DHS Secretary Mayorkas Cannot Guarantee Biden’s 2M Illegal Aliens Do Not Have Criminal Records * VIDEO: Businesses in Long Beach threaten to move if violence, rampant drug use are not cleaned up * VIDEO: California infant shot dead while mother pushed him down the street in stroller * Florida man faces decades in prison for allegedly selling bomb to undercover cop for $800 * Top Biden immigration official being forced from job amid record border crossings, source says * VIDEO: Arizona rancher: After MS-13 walked through the gap in the border wall, they came knocking at my door * VIDEO: Tesla camera catches Texas tire thieves in the act * VIDEO: New York man busted with 20k fentanyl pills released without bail * VIDEO: Police: Armed Men Steal $72K in Jewelry from 3 People in NYC * 'Citizenship for all undocumented': Schumer vows amnesty for illegal aliens
  17. 11-09-22 ARTICLE STACK VIDEO: Las Vegas girl, 9, carries baby brother 5 blocks to safety after carjacking: Didn't want 'to die' * VIDEO: Indiana homeowner killed after exchanging gunfire with home invaders * VIDEO: Terrifying Miami abduction attempt caught on Ring doorbell camera * Human remains found twice in Chicago neighborhood in 4 days * Chicago police take two hours to respond after shots fired during attempted business burglary * People ‘Afraid to Walk the Streets’ as One-Fifth of Irish Town Now Migrants * 6.2K Illegal Aliens enter into U.S. Every Day at Border
  18. 11-02-22 ARTICLE STACK  VIDEO: Texas resident warns 'we can't take two more years' of the Biden administration * VIDEO: Arizona rancher makes desperate plea to Biden after finding total of 16 dead migrants on property * VIDEO: Nancy Pelosi's husband Paul Pelosi 'violently assaulted' in San Francisco home, spokesperson says * Texas mom jumps into action when burglar breaks into home, opens fire on suspect * VIDEO: Chicago sex offender molests multiple women while on bail: report * VIDEO: America's most egregious crimes caught on camera * California father, daughter killed in broad-daylight Kohl’s stabbing * Halloween night violent crime erupts across nation * Chicago mass shooting: Several children among at least 14 injured in drive-by on city's West Side * At least two New Jersey police officers shot by suspect reportedly on roof * VIDEO: Illegal aliens launch protest, then clash with U.S. Border Patrol agents * 98 people on terror watch list caught at border in 2022, up from 15 in 2021, 3 in 2020, none in 2019 * Former ICE director says Afghan criminals will be released onto U.S. streets
  19. 10-19-22 ARTICLE STACK  VIDEO: GRAPHIC: NYC’s McDonald’s ax man arrested and released without bail… again * VIDEO: Kamala Harris ‘needs to do her job’: Border rancher struggles to secure his ranch from migrants * VIDEO: Violent gangs in Haiti could pose similar threat to US as MS-13, Sen. Cassidy says: 'Might be a rhythm there' * VIDEO: MSNBC anchors, other media pundits fuel civil war fears over midterms: 'Democracy looks like it's over' * VIDEO: California serial killer: Police arrest man suspected in Stockton murders * Virginia shooting at outdoor gathering leaves 8 wounded, officials say * VIDEO: NYC brazen daylight $17K robbery caught on camera as 66-year-old victim beaten, dragged across pavement * 5th San Antonio police officer dies from suicide in last 7 months, experts weigh in: 'Stop the demonization' * VIDEO: Chicago weekend violence sees dozens shot, including 13-year-old boy found on park bench * Biden border chief accused of falling asleep during meetings on migrant crisis, ‘disengaged’ with job: report * VIDEO: Violent subway shove caught on camera sparks outrage after mayor promised to flood with police * VIDEO: Wild video captures Grand Central escalator fight and tumble after suspect allegedly punches victim * VIDEO: Philadelphia police attacked by ATV, dirt-bike riders who hurled bricks and bottles at officers * VIDEO: California family watches robbery on home surveillance video while at dinner * VIDEO: White House asked Democratic El Paso mayor not to declare migrant state of emergency: report * VIDEO: Disturbing video shows group dragging woman off a DC Metrobus * 4 of the Most Dangerous Cities in the World Are in the U.S. * Man Accused of Setting NYC Eatery Ablaze Freed Without Bail: ‘They Didn’t Give Me Chicken Biryani’ * Police: Man Fatally Shoved into Oncoming NYC Subway Train While Fighting over Dropped Cell Phone * Massive migrant caravan on way to U.S. now forming in Guatemala
  20. 10-12-22 ARTICLE STACK VIDEO: Unaccompanied minors flown from border to small NY town: 'Never seen anything like this before' * VIDEO: Democrats Nadler, Schumer, Omar, Pressley dodge Fox News' questions on America's crime crisis * VIDEO: Texas mayor calls out Kamala Harris for not visiting border (EVER) during weekend trip * 41 Migrants Found in Small Travel-Trailer Stash House near Border in New Mexico * Illegal Alien Charged with Killing Father of Two in Texas Hit-and-Run * Chicago Sex Offender Arrested Again for Touching 2 Women, Released Hours Later * Oregon Serial ‘Jogger Rapist’ to Be Released from Prison as Low-Level Sex Offender * Report: 3 Fatal Stabbings Within 10 Days in New York City’s Transit System Amid Ongoing Crime Wave * VIDEO: Liberal Enclaves Panic Over Possibility of Migrants Arriving on their Doorstep
  21. 10-05-22 ARTICLE STACK VIDEO: Tennessee Gov. Lee new law enforcement recruit video features officers who fled Dem-run California, New Mexico * NYC sex offender with 9 prior arrests accused of beating, raping 81-year-old neighbor in 'despicable' attack * GRAPHIC VIDEO: Elderly man pistol-whipped, beaten with hammer * VIDEO: All hell is breaking loose and there are no cops around * VIDEO: Biden ‘must secure our border’: El Paso County judge candidate sounds off on migrant crisis * VIDEO: Jesse Watters: Illegal migrants are suing a sitting governor * VIDEO: Chicago rocked by another bloody weekend: Dozens shot, including one child fatally * VIDEO: NYC bail reform ripped after career offender attacks 'hero' subway employee: 'This has to stop' * New York 'random' shooting probe near Marist family event turns up 'bomb-making' manuals at Marriott hotel * VIDEO: Glenn Greenwald sounds the alarm on a ‘very real threat’ of a nuclear exchange (Prophesied FEAR) * VIDEO: Texas official sounds alarm on increase in migrants being smuggled into US on private planes * Arrested looters in Lee County were in US illegally, says sheriff: 'Not tolerating it' * VIDEO: NYC subway attack: Gang of women in neon green bodysuits attack and rob 2 women * 21 Shot Friday into Saturday Night in Mayor Lightfoot’s Chicago * Illegal Aliens Accused of Looting After Hurricane Ian Devastates Floridians * Illinois Officials Say It Is Not Their Fault Two Suspects Freed from Jail Allegedly Killed Vietnam War Vet * VIDEO: WATCH: Scooter-Riding Man Allegedly Throws Fire Extinguisher at Woman’s Head in Los Angeles
  22.  09-28-22 ARTICLE STACK VIDEO: Texas farmer living near border shows footage of migrants running into his property, breaking into homes * GRAPHIC VIDEO: NYC Subway Attack Victim May Lose Sight in One Eye: ‘Do You Know How Scared I Am Now?’ * VIDEO: Minneapolis gang violence intensifies after police defunding: 'It's like you're playing Russian roulette' * VIDEO: NYPD searches for suspect who attacked, robbed elderly man in East Harlem * VIDEO: New Orleans Police Department hiring civilians to bolster force as murderous crime wave hits city * VIDEO: Dozens seen ransacking Philadelphia Wawa store, throwing food * VIDEO: Dozens dead, over 1,200 arrested in Iran as regime warns of 'decisive' crackdown * NYC ski mask-wearing assassins gun down 17-year-old in broad daylight deadly shooting * VIDEO: Woman escapes Chicago kidnapping attempt in popular area * VIDEO: Philadelphia armed carjacking of mother, teen daughter caught on video * VIDEO: Philadelphia Wawa mob: Police release new footage of ransacking, say 'citizens don't deserve it' * VIDEO: Philadelphia high school student dead, 4 others injured in shooting after football scrimmage * GRAPHIC VIDEO: New York City subway assault victim accuses mayor of breaking promises * Biden Frees 1.35M Illegal Aliens into U.S. Since Taking Office, Exceeding Populations of Eight States * Philadelphia’s Democrat Mayor Signs Gun Ban That Applies to Concealed Carry Permit Holders (But criminals still have guns) * 13K Migrant Apprehensions, Got-Aways in One Texas Border Sector Last Week * Gun Control Fail: At Least 16 Shot Tuesday into Wednesday in NYC * Major U.S. city took in thousands of Afghan refugees. Now it can't take care of them * 83-year-old shot in the back while handing out pro-life pamphlets
  23. 09-21-22 ARTICLE STACK  WOW!: Illinois Becomes The First State To Pass "The Purge" Law * VIDEO: Gravediggers 'can't keep up' as gun violence ravages this city * VIDEO: Chicago man charged with attempted kidnapping of toddler in broad daylight has extensive track record * VIDEO: Migrant outside VP Harris's house: We cam here 'illegally' * VIDEO: Virginia police search for two men who held elderly residents at gunpoint during home invasion * Starbucks makes good on promise to close more stores as crime rages in New Orleans * VIDEO: Inner-city Memphis residents sound off on safety after livestreamed shooting, Eliza Fletcher killing * VIDEO: Chicago Fire Department calls for 'mass casualty bus' after explosion at residential building * VIDEO: Border Patrol agents nab a dozen people on terror watchlist at southern border in August * VIDEO: Illinois' Safe-T Act ending cash bail will also further 'handcuff' police with new provisions: experts * North Dakota man free after admitting he mowed down 'Republican' teen over politics, records show (The teen died) * Energy collapse: First blackout simulation in German district predicts 400 deaths in 96 hours * Chicago, NY Dems Allow Crime to Flourish to Justify Mass Surveillance * Joe Biden: ‘Not Rational’ to Deport Migrants * Biden Tries to Get Us Into World War III Again, White House Walks Him Back
  24. 09-14-22 ARTICLE STACK  VIDEO: Texas Sherrif: 'The border is wide open' * Memphis shooting: Teen accused of killing 4, injuring 3 others in rampage streamed on Facebook * VIDEO: DHS report: Not all Afghan refugees were fully vetted * VIDEO: Florida man attacks mother in front of 3 children at grocery store * VIDEO: Number of illegal migrants who entered US since Biden took office approaching two million * VIDEO: NYC robbery victim tackled into fruit stand, video shows * Chicago attempted kidnapper offered mother money for girl, 5, before trying to pull child away by her hair * VIDEO: Portlanders are taking precautions to avoid being attacked in response to rising crime * Tourist town in North Carolina sees violent crime spike as police dwindle: 'Perfect storm' * VIDEO: Migrants killing dogs, stealing from homes prompts some Texas border town residents to arm themselves * VIDEO: Wisconsin Democrat Mandela Barnes: ‘Reducing Prison Populations Is Now Sexy’ * Almost Half San Francisco Residents Say They Were Victims of Crime in Past 5 Years * Nolte: Democrat-run Asheville Rises to Top 10% Most Violent Cities * illegals costing taxpayers a 'staggering' $20 billion a year! (This is why there are 87K more IRS agents - They need the money) * VIDEO: NYC shoplifting suspect punches 69-year-old bodega worker in attack caught on video
  25. 09-08-22 ARTICLE STACK  UN Says Part of Somalia Will Reach Famine Later This Year * Texas governor now sends illegal aliens to Chicago * Memphis mom, 1-year-old abducted outside Target at midday; police hunt suspects * VIDEO: Border Patrol agents arrest dozens of illegal immigrant criminals, gang members * Mass panic, early closure at Minnesota State Fair following brawl * Norfolk, Virginia off-campus mass shooting leaves 7, including college students, wounded * VIDEO: Specific Democrat policies are exacerbating crime * VIDEO: This couldn't be more horrible * VIDEO: Portland residents flee as homeless fill neighborhood parks, crime surges: 'Infinite final straws' * Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot: Busing Migrants to Sanctuary City Chicago is ‘Racist and Xenophobic’ * 5K Migrants Walked Across Border over Labor Day Weekend in One TX Sector * GRAPHIC VIDEO: Ezekiel 7:23 in Broad Daylight
  26. 08-31-22 ARTICLE STACK  VIDEO: Brandon Judd: Karine-Jean Pierre is lying about the border and knows media won't cover what's really happening * Stabbing at Pennsylvania elementary school leaves 4 injured before shots fired into nearby home * Kentucky homeless shelter shooting leaves at least 2 dead, 4 injured * New York man pleads guilty to plotting ISIS-inspired attack in Queens * VIDEO: Parents of 6-year-old Ohio girl speak out after daughter escapes kidnapper while taking out trash * VIDEO: Border Patrol chief says border crisis a result of Biden's 'no consequences' policy for illegal migrants * Minnesota bail fund promoted by Kamala Harris freed convict now charged with murder * VIDEO: What’s happening at the border is ‘heavy and horrific’ * VIDEO: Austin man who was once homeless maps camps springing up around the city, bringing light to crisis * Pakistani Immigrant Pleads Guilty to Plotting ISIS Terrorist Attack on NYC Dunkin’ Donuts * Iran demands UN nuclear watchdog drop issue of three unreported uranium locations
  27. 08-24-22 ARTICLE STACK  VIDEO: 'Unbelievable' video shows border agents opening gate to migrants * VIDEO: NYC sees spate of attacks on kids in Big Apple's affluent neighborhoods: Police experts weigh in * VIDEO: AOC's 'defund the police' report card flunks statistics test as NYC crime spike rattles communities * VIDEO: New York's Chelsea residents say drug users are taking over their once upscale neighborhood * California home hit by speeding drivers 23 times over the past 50 years * VIDEO: Los Angeles flash mob loots, vandalizes 7-Eleven following street takeover, police say * VIDEO: NYC sucker-punch suspect released without bail after attempted murder charges is downgraded, report says * VIDEO: New York man caught on 'road rage' video 'menacing' neighbors with handgun on their own front porch * Dozens dead in Turkey after vehicles crash into first responders on scene of accidents * VIDEO: There is no fear of law enforcement * VIDEO: In Minneapolis, Wild Greg's Saloon closes, the latest victim of hospitality crisis in deep-blue cities *  * VIDEO: Washington DC Mayor Bowser's second request for National Guard help with migrant 'crisis' denied by Pentagon * VIDEO: Utah teacher questions whether 'posh, White parents' will oppose her classroom 'built for non-White students * VIDEO: California county saw 70% of criminal suspects released on $0 bail commit new crimes: DA * Multiple people shot in Washington, DC: reports * Philadelphia man shot after confronting catalytic converter thieves; 4 suspects sought * Texas AG Ken Paxton: Joe Biden Boosts Human Trafficking in ‘Partnership with Cartels’ * 70% of Arrestees Released with No Cash Bail in CA County Rearrested * VIDEO: GRAPHIC: Watch: Man Brutally Sucker Punched from Behind at NYC Mall – No One Immediately Helps, Including Security Guard * Are we headed for a civil war? * Nearly five million illegal migrants have entered the U.S. during the 18 months of the Biden regime * VIDEO: MSNBC’s Cross: ‘I Would Say a Civil War Is Here’ (He's lying for political reasons - Civil war IS prophesied!)
  28. 08-17-22 ARTICLE STACK  Joe Biden’s 2022 Migrant Flood Breaks Records * VIDEO: Florida owner outraged no arrests after teens break into $8m mansion, throw house party * VIDEO: Georgia officers catch bus driver dropping migrants at rural truck stop: 'It's just not humane' * Moment Wendy's worker sucker punches elderly customer * Hundreds of Mexican National Guard troops sent to Tijuana over cartel-fueled violence * Man crashes burning vehicle into US Capitol barricade, begins firing gun, shoots himself: report * California retirement community hikes elderly couple's rent by $1,000/month: 'That has to be a mistake' * Man crashes car into crowd honoring victims of fire, leaving 1 dead, 17 hurt: police * VIDEO: Texans issue desperate call for action on border crisis * VIDEO: 'Defund the police' advocate Ilhan Omar's city experiences sharp increase in majority of crimes, data shows * California man arrested for second time within 30 days over rape allegations: police * VIDEO: Chicago weekend violence: 8 murdered, 44 shot, including 5 teenagers shot in a single incident * VIDEO: US southern border saw nearly 200,000 migrant encounters in July as border crisis rolls on * Los Angeles deputy DA: Gascón is creating a 'ticking time bomb' by releasing murderers back on the streets * VIDEO: Texas rancher moves family to Louisiana after migrant incidents, says Biden has 'destabilized the border' * Border Patrol caught 10 terror suspects at border in July, new data shows * Wilcox: From the Big Apple to the City of Angels, America’s 10 Most Dangerous Sanctuary Cities * Migrants Celebrate Joe Biden Ending ‘Remain in Mexico’ Program: ‘I Am Free’ * Report: Chicago Police Took over 20 Minutes to Respond to ‘Intentional’ Hit-and-Run that Killed 3 and Injured 2 * VIDEO: Watch: Cardinal Dolan Welcomes Border Crossers to New York City * VIDEO: ‘Defund the Police’ Rep. Bowman sees 30% violent crime spike in Northern Bronx
  29. 08-10-22 ARTICLE STACK  VIDEO: Mall of America under lockdown as police respond to 'confirmed isolated incident' * VIDEO: This is crazy! * VIDEO: NYC Mayor Eric Adams blasts Texas Gov. Greg Abbott after second bus of migrants arrives: ‘This is horrific’ * VIDEO: Oregon woman demands action from Portland officials after being shot in the face while driving * VIDEO: Americans so fearful - a lightbulb makes them flee * VIDEO: Cincinnati mass shooting: Video shows crowd fleeing as gunshots ring out * Tunisian Who Admitted Fatal Stabbing Never Deported Despite Ten Prior Arrests * VIDEO: Arizona Police Chief Sounds Alarm Over Fentanyl ‘Pandemic’ at Border * NYC Mayor Eric Adams Threatens Retaliation: ‘Deeply Contemplating’ Busing New Yorkers to Texas * Illegal Alien Charged with Stabbing to Death 34-Year-Old Julie Anne Graichen * Report: Democrat State’s Attorney Slams Illinois’s Upcoming No Cash Bail Law – ‘It Will Destroy the State’ * VIDEO: Nearly One Million Children to be Jabbed After Polio Outbreak in Khan’s London * 'Just like an animal': Holocaust survivor brutally raped by freed serial rapist * Biden’s Handlers Released 324 Unvetted Afghan Evacuees on Terror Watchlist Into the U.S.
  30. 08-04-22 ARTICLE STACK  VIDEO: Chicago Democrats tight-lipped on plan to address lowest number of arrests in 20 years amid surging crime * VIDEO: Biden admin quietly approves construction of U.S.-Mexico border wall near Yuma, Arizona * VIDEO:  Biden has repeatedly lied about this * VIDEO: New York City store locks up Spam in plastic case amid crime spike * VIDEO: Former DEA senior agent: What about our kids? * VIDEO: Elderly San Francisco Asian woman brutally beaten by 4 juveniles in apartment complex * VIDEO: Teenage pro-life activist allegedly punched in the face while knocking on doors in Kansas * VIDEO: Elderly California store owner fires at armed robbery suspect who shouts, 'He shot my arm off!’ * VIDEO: The dutch look out for their own & chase the police away * VIDEO: ITS A CRAZY WORLD, THERE ARE PLENTY MAD PEOPLE ON THE STREETS! * VIDEO: NYC Mayor Adams, police slam bail reform policies amid arrests of repeat offenders: 'Definition of insanity' * Washington, DC, beset by violent crime, turns to prison inmates for help: 'Subject matter experts' * Hundreds of LAPD officers shifted to Hollywood as residents decry rampant crime * Dems Pass Bill to Allow More Drug Use Sites in California * Deported Child Rapist, Sex Offenders, Gang Members Arrested Along U.S. Border * EXCLUSIVE: City of San Antonio Threatens to Bus Migrants Back to Texas Border Towns * 'After months and months,' border Dem gives up on talking to White House about immigration crisis
  31. 07-27-22 ARTICLE STACK  VIDEO: Pastor Robbed on Livestream * VIDEO: Brawl breaks out in Los Angeles' Fashion District * VIDEO: Suspects caught on video allegedly hit Bronx man with car, then robbed him * Atlanta gas station drive-by shooting leaves 8 wounded * Canada police respond to 'multiple shooting scenes' with homeless victims; 'lone' gunman in custody * VIDEO: Illegal immigrant 'gotaways' surging at the border * VIDEO: Dallas police chief provides update on Love Field Airport shooting * Over 60 Shot During Weekend in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago * GRAPHIC VIDEO: New York ‘No Bail’ Law Frees Teen Caught on Video Assaulting Police Officer * VIDEO: Idaho sheriff sends dire warning to 'idiotic' Biden officials: 'We are on the cusp of complete collapse' * Democrat-Appointed Judges Empty Jails, Freeing Convicted Illegal Alien Killer * New photos expose horrid overcrowding at Biden's border * Teachers must hide kids' transgender status from parents in major U.S. city * Biden plans to give ID cards to illegal aliens * $30,000 fine for long grass? Federal court makes stunning decision * Major city's residents resort to crowdfunding cops to protect themselves * Canada: Record numbers of illegal migrants entering the country, predominantly from Nigeria
  32. 07-19-22 ARTICLE STACK VIDEO: Texas counties on the border and beyond declare ‘invasion’: Biden admin doesn’t ‘have the guts’ to act * VIDEO: San Francisco children walk past open-air drug den on way home from school, shocking video shows: report * Philadelphia juvenile brothers, 10 and 14, turn themselves in for beating death of 73-year-old man * VIDEO: Biden's border policies helping cartels, traffickers flourish * Portland man, 82, dies after unprovoked attack at bus stop, police say * VIDEO: Massive group of hundreds of migrants streams across southern border as crisis intensifies * Countries with strict gun control hit by recent mass shootings and gun violence * VIDEO: Police make shocking find in homeless bunker near school * VIDEO: New York City father attacked in front of 5-year-old son in broad daylight, video shows * VIDEO: Ohio 10-year-old's alleged illegal immigrant rapist, 27, was listed as minor in abortionist’s report to state * VIDEO: Brewer rips crime crisis after Florida barbershop owner was shot in the face by illegals: 'Need to get law and order back' * VIDEO: Police seeking 3 suspects who violently attacked woman, yelled 'I hate white people' * Shooting at Texas apartment complex leaves 4 dead * Minneapolis murder suspect crashes into family of 5 while fleeing police, 6-year-old dead * VIDEO: Dozens of suspected terrorists flagged at border so far this fiscal year * VIDEO: NASCAR driver Bobby East stabbed to death at California gas station * VIDEO: Mayor Bowser claims illegal immigrants crowding DC homeless shelters are asylum seekers 'tricked' onto buses * VIDEO: Indiana mall shooter waited in food court bathroom for over an hour; Victims include married couple * VIDEO: NYC sees disturbing sex crime trend, as police hunt serial assailants attacking women on Manhattan streets * VIDEO: Los Angeles follow-home robberies prompt community alert from police * Sri Lanka Protesters, Angered By Economic Crisis, Storm President's House * 128K Migrants Apprehended in Texas-Based Border Sectors in June * Americans say armed citizens are best defense to mass shootings * VIDEO: 'Shut up': BLM protesters shout down mom after man fires into her home with kids inside * VIDEO: Nothing like this has ever happened
  33. 07-01-22 ARTICLE STACK  VIDEO: Chicago man suspected of shooting police officer had arrest record with gun charge that was dropped: report * VIDEO: Chicago chaos: Wild video appears to show mob of teens overtaking city streets * VIDEO: While leaders disarm you, they are busy decriminalizing serious crimes * NYC subway attack: Woman bites man on back after making anti-Asian remarks, police say * Pennsylvania police hunt for suspect after 'targeted' shooting at nail salon, reports say * Tulsa, Oklahoma police say 5 dead, including gunman after hospital shooting * VIDEO: Wisconsin shooting at cemetery leaves multiple victims, police say * Escaped murderer may be connected to 2 adults, 3 children found murdered in home, Texas officials say * GRAPHIC VIDEO: Los Angeles DA Gascon's office lands 5-month probation camp sentence for teen who mowed down mom and infant * VIDEO: Police from across US discuss 'perfect storm' of issues facing cities over past 2 years * Bronx rape, robbery suspect, 19, has 19 total arrests * Gary graduation shooting: 3 injured after multiple gunmen open fire at ceremony in Indiana * VIDEO: Philadelphia mass shooting: Video shows stampede of screaming people flee South Street * California: No. 1 in Gun Control, No. 1 in ‘Active Shooter Incidents’ * Gun Control Misfire: Trudeau Pistol Ban Sees Stores Sell Out of Handguns *  * Biden: CONFIRMED obedient puppet (WOW) * VIDEO: Hundreds of migrants seen wandering on side of road in Texas amid illegal immigration surge * VIDEO PROOF: Defund Police was 100% political (They placed millions in danger due to POLITICS?!) * NYC prosecutors flee in droves amid soft-on-crime policies, burdensome state reforms * VIDEO: Are Democrats calling for violence after Supreme Court ruling on abortion? * VIDEO: Skyrocketing Chicago crime has small businesses, corporations pack their bags: 'Enough is enough' * VIDEO: Chicago shootout: Wild video shows suspect allegedly opening fire point-blank at police * VIDEO: Detroit police release video of three-wheeler nearly running over officer * Suspect in NYC shooting of woman pushing baby stroller on Upper East Side at large * Climate activists slash dozens of SUV tires in NYC, say 'major cities' across US to be hit next
  34. 06-01-22 ARTICLE STACK VIDEO: NYC crime crisis: Shocking video shows man randomly stabbed in Manhattan * Cowardly Cops Waited 40 Minutes to go into Texas School! * Pennsylvania house explosion: 4 killed, several people trapped after home is leveled (Most city gas pipes are very old) * VIDEO: Woman assaulted on NYC subway as bystanders do nothing * West Virginia woman with pistol shoots, kills man firing at graduation party: 'Saved several lives' * Tennessee shooting incident: Multiple victims injured in Chattanooga area, police say * Sacramento mass shooting: Yet another suspect arrested after fleeing to Las Vegas * Ohio man shoots intruder assaulting homeowner during attempted break-in, police say * VIDEO: Border Surge: Migrants Cross River Obstacles * 4,000 illegal immigrants crossed border over Memorial Day weekend in Rio Grande Valley sector alone * VIDEO: Chicago records bloodiest Memorial Day weekend in 5 years: At least 50 shot, 9 dead * South Carolina man shooting random cars as they pass his house - kills 8yr old boy * GRAPHIC VIDEO: Girl, 16, stabbed in random NYC daytime attack; NYPD searching for suspect * VIDEO: Biden keeps repeating false Second Amendment claim, despite repeated fact checks (Actually: Biden's puppeteers are pushing to remove constitution) * Former ICE Chief: Biden’s Newest Border Rule to ‘Help Illegal Aliens Get Into’ U.S. * VIDEO: Wild video: While reporting on violent crime, reporter, cameraman become victims themselves * Study: Mask mandates increase death rate * Liberal cities see massive spike in murder, violent crime over holiday weekend
  35. 05-25-22 ARTICLE STACK VIDEO: Video shows California diamond shop workers fight off smash-and-grab robbers * VIDEO: Lori Lightfoot, Kim Foxx slammed by Chicago 911 dispatcher: 'City is done' without a leadership change * Philadelphia businesses 'closing left and right' over increase in shoplifting: 'Very dangerous' * Downtown Chicago shooting: 2 killed, 8 others injured near Magnificent Mile shopping district * VIDEO: Dan Patrick: Biden admin 'purposely' allowing America to be overrun at the border * Indiana shooting leaves 2 dead, others injured * Legalise Shoplifting? Officers Should Use ‘Discretion’ with Stealing Suspects, Argues Police Watchdog * U.S. town experiences uprising when council takes national motto off police cars * NYPD releases photos of suspect in 'tragic, senseless' subway shooting (One more "benefit" to wearing a mask!) * NYC teen charged in 11-year-old girl's murder enters not guilty plea * Missing woman in Chicago found chained in abandoned home says she was abducted,raped * Border Patrol released suspected terrorist who crossed into U.S. illegally, ICE took weeks to rearrest him * Joe Biden’s DHS Removes Title 42 Barrier Piece-by-Piece * CNN’s Juliette Kayyem Demands Federal Government Suspend Immigration Enforcement in Uvalde * DHS sounds alarm of violence against 2 groups in America over Roe ruling * Thousands of migrants ‘tired of waiting’ for Title 42’s end, illegally surge across Mexican border into Texas * Kansas Senator: ‘War zone’ at US-Mexico border is national security threat, ‘much worse’ than Poland-Ukraine border * Biden Takes Blind Sheikh’s Terror Group Off Terror List * 3 men break woman's jaw in Bronx assault: NYPD * Ford Testing Tech That Automatically Slows Cars To The Speed Limit
  36. 05-18-22 ARTICLE STACK VIDEO: Chicago chaos: Wild video appears to show mob of teens overtaking city streets * VIDEO: Food Riots In Sri Lanka Turn Deadly As Protesters Beat Up Police, Burn Down Politicians' Houses * Baltimore mall blast injures 7, including 6 first responders * VIDEO: The cost of failing to use these laws * Sri Lanka running out of fuel, has enough supply for only one more day * Rep. Elise Stefanik: Media Tries to Block Migration Debate * Chicago Mother Pleaded with Son, 16, Not to Go Downtown–Now He’s Dead * VIDEO: WATCH: Steady Stream of Migrants Cross Texas Border River * VIDEO: Chicago alderman says 400 people, ages 14-21, flooded streets for party, prompting concerns ahead of summer * Wilcox: Biden’s AG Sides with Mentally Ill Illegal Alien Criminals over Americans’ Safety
  37. 05-11-22 ARTICLE STACK St. Louis hopes to increase its population by bringing in Afghan refugees * VIDEO: New York City man arrested in alleged elder assault caught on video * VIDEO: Florida man ambushed by 'brazen killers' outside shopping center * VIDEO: Gunman in Philadelphia opens fire on victim in broad daylight ambush, video shows * VIDEO: Video Of Best Buy Workers Forming A Defense Against Shoplifters Sparks NFL Jokes * 2600 Migrants Apprehended, Six Bodies Recovered in Texas over Mother’s Day Weekend * VIDEO: Jen Psaki Says White House Encourages ‘Peaceful’ Protests Outside Justices’ Homes * VIDEO: Glaude: Democrats Need ‘Struggles in the Street’ to Undo Trump, White Evangelical Agenda * 86 Mostly Cuban Migrants Apprehended in AZ Desert near Border * Rep. Boebert and Chicago’s Lightfoot Exchange Jabs After Mayor’s ‘Call to Arms’ over SCOTUS Leak * AG Merrick Garland Refuses to Enforce Laws Protecting SCOTUS * Mobocracy: Panicking leftists fall back on Alinsky tactics * Biden continues 'to encourage' abortion protests at justices' homes * Biden sparks housing crisis with sheer volume of refugees
  38. 05-04-22 ARTICLE STACK VIDEO: Fed Gov Insider Reveals Suspected Terrorists Walk Freely in US After Biden's Afghanistan Withdrawal * VIDEO: NYPD searching for suspects who stole from Brooklyn vape shop in grab-and-go scheme * VIDEO: Biden's Secretary Left SPEECHLESS By This Brave Congresswoman's Question * New Jersey: Muslim software developer scouted locations in NYC, DC and Boston for jihad massacres for Hizballah
  39. 04-27-22 ARTICLE STACK VIDEO: Companies that loudly supported BLM fall silent when confronted with skyrocketing Black murders * VIDEO: Something really dark is going on * VIDEO: Kamala Harris ignores question on border * VIDEO: Army of masked robbers enter Louis Vuitton, steal over $400K of merchandise in minutes * VIDEO: They promised background checks, but terrorists roam freely within our borders * Lily Peters killing: Chippewa Falls police increase school patrols, warn parents to be vigilant * VIDEO: Boston juveniles hurling racial slurs, 'terrorizing' downtown arrested again in McDonald's brawl: police * TX Gov. Abbott: ‘No Way’ the U.S. Can Assimilate, Deal with All of the People Rushing Across the Border * VIDEO: WATCH: Gunfire Sends Children Scrambling for Cover at Youth Baseball Game
  40. 04-20-22 ARTICLE STACK VIDEO: Third Texas migrant bus arrives near US Capitol * VIDEO: NJ road rage driver runs over woman with vehicle twice after she photographs him leaving scene of crash: Cops * VIDEO: Man in LA fatally stabbed in 'random and unprovoked' attack while on FaceTime with his brother * VIDEO: Texas border agents encounter boy, 4, among suspected illegal immigrants smuggling marijuana into US * National media 'won't mention' U.S. city where shootings are non-stop * Flow of Fentanyl into American Communities Quadruples Under Biden * Border Town USA: Migrants Busted in Michigan with Mexican Cartel’s 20K Fentanyl Pills * Stunning number of terrorists tried to enter U.S. illegally under Biden * Many on Terrorist Database Stopped at Southern Border - How Many Got Through? * Illinois offers free taxpayer-funded health care to illegal migrants
  41. 04-13-22 ARTICLE STACK Police Indicate At Least Five Gunmen Involved in Sacramento Shootout * VIDEO: McConnell: Immigration ‘Will Be a Huge Issue’ in Election, ‘We Have Open Borders Now, Almost’ * Crime Soars in Seattle After City Council Cuts Police Funding: ’30 Years’ Backwards * VIDEO: Texas Governor Orders Buses to Transport Released Migrants to D.C. * Illegal Alien Charged with Killing Elderly Man, Injuring Three Others in Florida * VIDEO: Psaki drastically changes White House message on border crisis * VIDEO: USPS stops deliveries to California neighborhood after repeated attacks on mail carriers: Report * VIDEO: Texas agencies preparing for wave of illegal immigrant crossings in late May * VIDEO: Brooklyn subway shooting leaves 13 wounded, 'undetonated devices' found: FDNY * VIDEO: 250 Migrants Appear in One Hour in West Texas Town * Waltz: Biden Will Have to Disperse Migrants ‘in Secret all Over the Country’ Due to High Numbers * NYC Subway Shooting Person of Interest Frank R. James Ranted About Race Wars, Homelessness * First Migrant Bus from Texas Arrives near U.S. Capitol in D.C. * LAPD says they finally found culprits in brazen follow-home robberies plaguing city * VIDEO: 'Enough is enough': D.C. cops slam politicians for soaring crime in new ad * VIDEO: L.A. lawless: Crime is so bad, a former Republican could win mayor's race * 17 gangs have dispatched crews to rob the wealthiest people in L.A., police say * Brooklyn shooter Frank James posted Nation of Islam founder ‘Messenger of Allah’ image on social media
  42. 04-06-22 ARTICLE STACK VIDEO: Packed buses drop migrants off in Texas * VIDEO: Biden needs to stop this ‘illegal behavior’: Chad Wolf * VIDEO: White House admits migrant 'influx' is coming * California city to give universal income to transgender, nonbinary residents regardless of earnings * Leaked DHS Document Reveals Biden’s Mass-Migration Plan Offers ‘Broadscale Release Mechanisms’ * AL GOP Senate Hopeful Mike Durant in 2011: Disarming the Population ‘Would Be a Pretty Good Step Toward Law and Order’ in U.S. Cities * 911 dispatcher refuses to send ambulance for injured woman * Man Arrested in Connection to Sacramento Shooting Was Released Early from Prison Despite DA Opposition * Mayorkas Pushes ‘Backlog Amnesty’ for over 1 Million Illegals Facing Deportation * Illegal Aliens to ‘Account for Most of America’s Population Growth’ if Biden Ends Title 42
  43. 03-30-22 ARTICLE STACK VIDEO: Watch: RNC Unveils ‘Unchecked’ Series Highlighting Joe Biden’s Record-Breaking Illegal Immigration Crisis * Biden’s Deputies: 500,000 Migrants Per Month Expected at Border * U.S. braces for increased border flood when Trump policy expires * VIDEO: this major city is advising people to avoid crime * VIDEO: This is how Biden 'encourages' violent crime: Christie * New York: Groups Linked to George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg Lobby to Keep Accused Criminals Out of Jail * UK Govt Wants Citizens to Host Afghans and Others In Homes as Well as Ukrainians * Open border chaos: Thousands of illegals set loose by Biden overwhelm Phoenix Airport * White House Warns of ‘Influx’ of Migrants at Southern Border After Title 42 Restrictions Are Lifted * AP: Joe Biden Will Drop Title 42 Border Protection * Migrants Rush U.S. Port of Entry After Riot in Mexican Holding Facility * States fighting Biden's prisons-to-streets pipeline for illegal aliens * 'Mass migrant event': Biden to drop Trump policy curbing border crisis
  44. 03-23-22 ARTICLE STACK VIDEO: WOW! Where is Biden's border czar? * VIDEO: 7 males pummel 14-year-old on subway and film attack * VIDEO: Thieves with sledgehammers steal millions in jewelry in broad daylight * Russian and Ukrainian ‘Refugees’ Now Showing Up At Our Border * Israel gives nuclear watchdog evidence of four concealed Iranian nuclear sites
  45. 03-16-22 ARTICLE STACK VIDEO: Hero dog takes on home intruder * VIDEO: Rampant violence rocking liberal cities * Biden Gives ‘Temporary’ Amnesty to 75K Afghans in U.S. Despite Vetting Failures * Utah woman fights off man attempting to kidnap her in broad daylight near high school * 'Violent' Chicago man out on bond for multiple felonies allegedly fires gun in restaurant * Communities paying the cost of invasion by illegal aliens * Police in 2 cities search for gunman accused of shooting sleeping homeless people at random * VIDEO: Graphic beating: Man punches 67-year-old Asian woman 125 times! * Officials assail Biden inaction: 'Mexican cartels basically control our border now' * VIDEO: Homeless man caught on video brutally assaulting nurse (Some walked on by) * Muslim migrants trashed over 2,300 churches in Greece between 2015, 2020 * Biden Is So Weak, Another Big Threat Is Organizing in the U.S. * Texas: Ranchers’ lives disrupted by migrant trespassers, break-ins, gun threats, assaults, destruction of property
  46. 03-09-22 ARTICLE STACK  Illegal Alien Gets Four Life Sentences for Murdering Four Americans * Biden’s handlers release suspected jihad terrorist into US after he illegally crosses the border * Mexico releases suspected jihad terrorist who twice tried to cross into U.S. * Biden’s handlers will keep resettling Afghans in US even after admitting failure to vet them
  47. 03-02-22 ARTICLE STACK  Photos: Joe Biden Builds Fence Around Capitol After Halting U.S. Border Wall * Business groups, faith leaders team up to push Congress to pass bipartisan immigration reforms * VIDEO: Carjackings in cities like NYC, Philadelphia jump over 200% – often with kids behind the wheel, officials say * 'Open southern border' means drugs are flowing in, getting 'cheaper' * VIDEO: Police catch man who 'bludgeoned woman with hammer' at subway station * VIDEO: See shocking decline of 'queen city of the Northwest' * BIDEN'S BORDER BETRAYAL Secret night flights, rampant criminality & 100,000 dead Americans * 'Too dangerous': Famous bakery in Democrat-run city closes due to 'shootings' * VIDEO: Good Samaritan tracks down man who stole car with toddler inside, holds him until police arrive * Greece: Over 2,000 incidents of desecration of churches around the same time as illegal Muslim migrant influx 
  48. 02-21-22 ARTICLE STACK  VIDEO: This Biden executive order could be a major threat to public safety * Biden’s Unlimited Resettlement: 74K Afghans Sent to American Communities * Migrants on Mexico’s southern border sew mouths shut as they demand passage to US * Border Patrol Drone Finds 24 Migrants Avoiding Arrest in Texas * L.A. County Man Arrested 3 Times in 16 Hours Due to ‘Zero-Dollar’ Bail Order, Police Say * At Least 15 Shot in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago Since 5 p.m. Friday * VIDEO: WHOA! Your kids don't belong to you Parent State Propaganda Commercial * VIDEO: Four Victims Stabbed In NYC Subway System in 18 Hours on Saturday * Tom Cotton: Biden Bringing ‘Suspected Bomb-Makers and Terrorists’ to U.S. * Defense Dept: Biden Brought Unvetted Afghans to U.S., Many Flagged with ‘Security Concerns’ Cannot Be Located * 21 Shot During Weekend in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago * 300 cars converge in an organized attempt to take over Virginia city, police say * VIDEO: Homicides, rapes in Atlanta soar despite other decreasing violent crime: 'Feels like "Groundhog Day" * Pope funnels money to illegal Muslim migrants * VIDEO: DC trucker convoy plans on shutting down Capital Beltway, organizer says: 'Giant boa constrictor' * VIDEO: Ottawa police blast misinformation as video of mounted officers bowling over disabled protester goes global * Sheriff raises concerns with Biden admin's plan to house 1000s of Afghan refugees near Virginia schools * Pope funnels money to illegal Muslim migrants * Biden’s handlers to give Iran $7,000,000,000 in pursuit of new nuke deal * Biden’s Handlers Release at Least 50 Afghans with ‘Potentially Significant Security Concerns’ Into the U.S. * Biden’s Handlers Dumping 16,000 Afghan ‘Translators’ in Loudoun County, Most Don’t Speak English
  49. 02-02-22 ARTICLE STACK  Six Times as Many Migrants Land on English Soil in January than Last Year * VIDEO: Illegal immigrant arrested in Texas cop killing * VIDEO: Border agents confront CBP chief over Biden’s policy in leaked video * VIDEO: Border Patrol Agents Have Words With Their Boss: "Kind Of Hard To Say We Signed Up" For This Job * VIDEO: Bus Loads Of Illegal Migrants, Young Abled-Bodied Men, Transferred To Florida * VIDEO: Florida authorities release chilling dashcam video of shooting on I-95: report * Biden’s Flights of Illegal Aliens into U.S. Cost Taxpayers $340M in 9 Months * ‘Utterly Outrageous’ Ireland Begins Mass Illegal Immigrant Amnesty * Group of 170 Mostly Nicaraguan Migrants Cross Border into Texas * Facebook's parent greenlights solicitations for human smuggling
  50. 01-26-22 ARTICLE STACK  VIDEO: Crime is just out of control: Former DC homicide detective * VIDEO: Exclusive footage shows migrants being released into US * VIDEO: This is the behavior of a failed state * VIDEO: Michael Rapaport Films Brazen Theft at NYC Rite Aid (Why are they paying that security guard?!) * Angel Families: DHS Chief Mayorkas, Biden Criminally Aiding Illegal Aliens * GOP Gov. Charlie Baker Spending $12M to Resettle Afghans in Massachusetts * December Data: Nearly 100,000 Border Crossers Allowed Into U.S., Not Counting ‘Got-Aways’ * VIDEO: Murders rose 5% in 2021 compared to 2020; 44% compared to 2019: study * VIDEO: Atlanta mother remembers 6-month-old son killed by stray bullet, calls out criminals: 'You have ruined lives' * VIDEO: 'Significant uptick in crime' alarms city's citizens who describe thefts, violence * Report reveals mass release of single adult male aliens
  51. 01-19-22 ARTICLE STACK  VIDEO: 'The Five' rip liberal polices leading to death and destruction * Texas synagogue hostage aftermath: UK teens released without charges as radicalization concerns grow * VIDEO: Elderly man attacked just steps from mayor's mansion in wealthy NYC enclave
  52. 01-12-22 ARTICLE STACK  VIDEO: Seriously! Get OUT of the Cities * Off-Duty LAPD Officer Shot, Killed While House Hunting in the City * Rep. Mo Brooks Introduces Measure Allowing Officials to End Settlement of Illegal Aliens in Their States (Will it matter?) * Suspect Allegedly Crashes Car into Home, Assaults Woman, Gets Shot Dead * Amid Spate of Muslim-American Attacks on Jews, Man in IDF Sweatshirt Beaten in NYC * VIDEO: Kevin McCarthy: Biden’s ‘Dirty Little Secret’ on Border Is People Coming from 160 Countries, Including Individuals on Terror Watchlist * 33 Senators Urge Mass Amnesty by Regulation * VIDEO: VIDEO: Group Wrecks Display Cases in ‘Takeover Robbery’ at California Store * Chamber of Commerce CEO: Flood U.S. with Twice as Much Legal Immigration, Amnesty for Illegal Aliens * 40 Migrants from ‘Special Interest’ Countries Arrested in West Texas Border Sector * Ron DeSantis Agenda: Blacklist Companies Facilitating Illegal Immigration to Florida * Baltimore arsonist surprised by own plea deal says he 'shouldn't be out' of jail * Taliban vows to overrun D.C. with 2,000 suicide bombers, Biden admin silent as the grave * 'Handcuffing the police': Manhattan D.A. blasted for Soros ties
  53. 01-05-22 ARTICLE STACK  VIDEO: Man finds Apple Air Tag tracker on his Dodge Charger * VIDEO: More than 150 people killed in Texas county by suspects released by progressive judges * Father Shot Dead While Carrying Birthday Cake into Chuck E. Cheese * Poll: Americans Do Not Believe Strict Gun Laws Are Curbing Retail Crime Surge in Major Cities * Soros-linked Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg: No Incarceration Except for Homicide and a Few Other Cases * Glenn Loury: We Need Asian Migrants to Offset Loser Americans * Biden Continues Flying Illegal Aliens to Eastern Pennsylvania * Tom Cotton Rings Alarm on Biden Jailbreak Policy That Could Free Limitless Number of Convicts * GOP Politicians Help the Fortune 500 Discard GOP Voters * 2200 Migrants Cross into One Texas Border Sector over New Year’s Weekend * VIDEO: California Dem flips on party, wants Prop 47 reversed amid smash-and-grab robberies: 'Enough is enough' * Chicago judge denies Lightfoot's request to halt electronic monitoring for 'violent, dangerous' offenders (Chicago residents just dodged another bullet - Literally!) * VIDEO: Biden's midnight flights of illegal immigrants now landing in another American state: Reports * Report: U-Haul runs out of moving trucks in California as exodus continues
  54. 12-29-21 ARTICLE STACK  VIDEO: 5 Dead in Denver Shooting * VIDEO: Liberal leaders under fire after 2 Democrat lawmakers carjacked at gunpoint * Eleven Shot on Monday Alone in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago * Previously Deported Armed Man Caught Smuggling Migrants in Arizona * U.S. Customs and Border Protection Deletes Its Reports about ‘Potential Terrorist’ Arrest in Arizona * Washington State Democrats Push Bill Reducing Penalties for Drive-By Shootings * VIDEO: 85-Year-Old Dragged from Elevator During NYC Purse Snatching * Blue Cities Grappling with Rising Violent Crime * VIDEO: Democrat Chicago Alderman: Lori Lightfoot Putting Police Officers’ Lives ‘In Danger’ * Chicago 9-1-1 dispatcher blows the whistle on mayor: 'All hell has broken loose' * 1619 Project creator: I don't understand the idea 'parents should decide what's being taught'
  55. 12-22-21 ARTICLE STACK  Pope Francis: ‘No Country Can Exempt Itself’ from Duty to Take in Migrants * Over 230 Expressway Shootings in Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago Thus Far in 2021 * Analysis: Biden on Pace to Bring 2M Illegal Aliens to U.S. by Year End * Biden Allows Thousands of Convicts to Evade Federal Prison After Pandemic * California 12-year-old shot in attempted armed robbery of 17-year-old who tried to flee
  56. 12-15-21 ARTICLE STACK  Thousands of Migrants from 30 Countries Arrive at Arizona Border * Smugglers Pack Migrants in Trains, Box Truck near Border in Texas * VIDEO: DeSantis: Biden Immigration Policy ‘Effectively a Mass Human Smuggling Operation’ * Cartel Ambush of Mexican Soldiers near Texas Border Kills Six * 90 Migrants Found in Multiple Texas Stash Houses near Border * Frustration with Lacking Federal Response to Texas Border Crisis Grows Among Residents * San Francisco car owners take drastic measures as break-ins skyrocket: 'I'm shocked' * Chicago rooftop revelations: Broken education system is perpetuating Chicago violence, pastor says * VIDEO: Kansas police chief says officer's puppy targeted in 'dark, evil, heinous' crime * VIDEO: Chicago area smash-and-grab thieves hit Nordstrom twice in one day * 'Monsters': Grandmother dies after raped, beaten, stripped outside empty church * Governor proposes sending illegals to home states of Biden and Obama * Good News! Illegal Migrants Are Allowed to Fly Without ID * Unnamed Chicago Teen Who Stabbed 15-Year-Old to Death Out on Probation
  57. 12-08-21 ARTICLE STACK  VIDEO: This is happening all over the country * VIDEO: Person drives through Alabama parade * Soros funded district attorneys in cities with highest crime rates * Lawlessness in America: The 'progressive' culture of death * VIDEO: Police reveal they've arrested 14 for smash-and-grab looting, but they let them all go * L.A. police detective warns visitors not to come to city * Biden quietly waives sanction on terrorist-supporting Iran * Congress votes to give Biden’s handlers $13,000,000,000 to resettle unvetted Afghan evacuees in the US * Sweden: Professor faces prosecution for research paper that shows that most rapes were committed by migrants * UK: Manchester jihad mass murderer’s brother taught Qur’an at mosque, mocked man ISIS burned to death
  58. 12-01-21 ARTICLE STACK  VIDEO: Man Stops Arson Suspect From Throwing 2nd Molotov Cocktail * VIDEO: Shoplifting in San Francisco Is a Spectator Sport-The Walgreens All-You-Can-Steal Buffet * VIDEO: School shooter in Michigan kills 3 students * Senate Republicans Target Arizona Hispanic Voters in Early Election Ad * PHOTOS: San Francisco’s Union Square Boards Up for X-mas After Mass Looting * LAPD Scandal After 44 Guns Discovered Missing from Gun Store * Illinois’ Cook County Surpasses 1,000 Annual Homicides for First Time in 27 Years * Biden’s Limitless Immigration Gets Big Push from Multinational Corporations * D.C. Lobbies: Cut Inflation by Importing Cheaper Workers * Explosion leaves mysterious crater in New York, terror suspected * Concerning threat to Americans: China's new hypersonic weapon * Biden bill would give amnesty to 6.5 million illegal immigrants * VIDEO: For 3rd time in 2 weeks, multiple teenagers shot in U.S. city * Video: Robert Spencer on OAN: 82,000 Afghan Refugees Went Unvetted
  59. 11-24-21 ARTICLE STACK  VIDEO: Texas deploys National Guard to border as caravan approaches * VIDEO: Protests erupt in American cities over Kyle Rittenhouse acquittal * Roman Catholic trafficking is big business! ALL PREGNANT * France Estimates Illegal Migrant Population Between 600-700,000 * San Francisco Declares Water Emergency, 5% Surcharge on Users * Sixth Victim: Child Killed in Waukesha Christmas Parade Massacre * Crimes Spread South to Los Angeles as at Least 20 Suspects Attack Nordstrom * NYC man out on bail walks up to 13-year-old boy, shoots him the neck: ‘Should not have happened’VIDEO: Group of people in NYC attack man in wheelchair, steal belongings; citywide robberies rise * New York man, 20, gets no jail after pleading guilty to raping 4 teen girls * BLM activist on Waukesha massacre: 'It sounds like the revolution has started'
  60. 11-17-21 ARTICLE STACK  VIDEO: Catholic Charities caught funneling in thousands of Illegals into US Cities and Schools * VIDEO: Chicago residents feel 'unsafe' as far-left pushes defund police * Biden seeking to give even more billions of tax dollars to illegal aliens
  61. 11-10-21 ARTICLE STACK  VIDEO: DeSantis reacts to Biden secretly forcing illegals into Florida * Border Patrol Projects 1.8M Migrant Apprehensions in 2022 * Joe Biden’s DHS Hiding Total Number of Illegal Aliens Released into U.S. * VIDEO: GRAPHIC language - Civilian Tries to Puncture Human Smuggler’s Raft on Texas Bank of Rio Grande * VIDEO: Smugglers Coordinate with National Guard to Ferry Migrants into South Texas * Nearly 9K Migrants Apprehended Under Texas Border Enforcement Programs * VIDEO: GRAPHIC: NYC man repeatedly punches, drags woman out of subway elevator as transit crime surges * New milestone: Muslims now hold every elected position in U.S. city * A Mosque In Horn Lake, Mississippi? * Cyprus: Six Muslims, including at least four migrants, plot jihad murders of five Israelis
  62. 11-03-21 ARTICLE STACK  New York facing streets without cops because of COVID vaccine mandate * Still Zero Boat Migrant Deportations This Year as 2021 Landings Pass 20,000
  63. 10-27-21 ARTICLE STACK  VIDEO: Non toxic gas to be released in NYC subway! (Reminds me of the "tests" on 911 and July 7) * VIDEO: Democrats are eating their own cities alive * VIDEO: Texas deploys National Guard troops to southern border * Report: 20K More Afghans Seeking Resettlement Across U.S. * Feds aim to fire thousands of border agents as invasion explodes * Afghan refugees to be resettled across U.S., granted thousands to buy furniture and silverware
  64. 10-20-21 ARTICLE STACK   VIDEO: Portland struggles as crime surges: 'The city is at a breaking point' * VIDEO: Police officers defy mandate in this city * VIDEO: Bombshell report shows Biden admin secretly transporting migrants around US * VIDEO: Half Of Chicago's Police Have Not Submitted To Vax Deadline * Report: Biden Flying Border Crossers to New York, Florida in Middle of Night * 1600 Migrants Apprehended in Southern Arizona over Weekend * Portland Breaks Annual Homicide Record with More than Two Months Left in 2021 * VIDEO: GOP Rep. Gallagher on China Testing Hypersonic Missile: ‘This Should Be Our Sputnik Moment’ * North Korea Fires Two Missiles into Sea of Japan, One Possibly Sub-Launched * VIDEO: Mother Tries To Drive Though Insulate Britain Blockade * Texas sheriff will deputize local citizens to fight border crisis, plans to build fence around county * '100,000 migrants' headed to U.S., 52 detained for al-Qaida ties * VIDEO: Blue state chaos: 150 fed-up families in San Fran pay for private security as trust in police collapses
  65. 10-13-21 ARTICLE STACK  VIDEO: DHS cancels border wall contracts as migrant crisis worsens * VIDEO: Australian's Shot At While Protesting ? By Who ??? * VIDEO: Police or Military or United Nation Soldiers  * VIDEO: Ukraine: Protesters throw flares as a digger is driven through police barricade * VIDEO: South Africa Erupt With Protesters over Manadate * VIDEO: Fox News crew witnesses gunfire by suspected cartel members into US * VIDEO: Walgreens Closes Five Bay Area Stores amid Shoplifting Surge * VIDEO: Two Illegal Aliens Accused of Beating 28-Year-Old to Death at Restaurant * VIDEO: Texas Dept. of Public Safety Lt.: Family Units on Border Voluntarily Surrendering Because Message Is They’ll Probably Be Released * DHS Mayorkas to Help Illegals Get Jobs, Higher Wages * New Yorkers sound the alarm on crime rates: 'The wild, wild West' * Leaked Border Patrol docs show mass release of illegal immigrants into US by Biden administration * 'More painful than 9/11': Al-Qaida threatens new attack on U.S.
  66. 10-06-21 ARTICLE STACK  VIDEO: Australia attacking its citizens * VIDEO: Biden spent $5 million a day to not build border wall: Fmr Biden official * 700 Afghan Evacuees Just ‘Walked Off’ U.S. Bases * VIDEO: 'Just Read It, Read It Yourself!' * Chicago gang shooting: Lightfoot asks feds to review evidence after prosecutor Foxx files no charges * ‘A Giant Can of Worms’: Afghans Are Walking Off U.S. Bases, No One Knows Where They Are
  67. 09-29-21 ARTICLE STACK  VIDEO: 1200 AUSTRALIAN POLICE OFFICERS HAVE BEEN SUSPENDED (For not getting jab) * VIDEO: Police officers set to resign in droves over vaccine mandate (the military will step in to form a Police State) * VIDEO: Victoria Police try to BAN media from filming their violent conduct * Whistleblower Alleges Border Patrol Agents Now Must Get Vaccinated or Face Termination * Report: 14 Shot on Tuesday in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago * VIDEO: Border counties to sue Biden for 'failure to enforce the laws' (The CONfusion continues) * VIDEO: Del Rio residents respond to viral Border Patrol images taken near their community * DHS secretary admits 12,000 Haitians have been released into U.S. 
  68. 09-22-21 ARTICLE STACK  Another 20,000+ Haitians May Migrate to Texas * Biden Admin Releasing Haitian Migrants into USA Despite Promise to Remove Them * 10 Shot Monday, 15 Shot Tuesday, in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago * DHS Secretary Mayorkas: Almost No Afghans Are Being Denied Entry to U.S. * VIDEO: Watch: Soros-Linked Open Borders Activists Demand ‘Citizenship for All’ Illegal Aliens * VIDEO: Texas Gov. Abbott creates 'steel barrier' of vehicles to block migrants from entering US * VIDEO: Following the illegal immigrant journey from the border to inside the US (The Catholic Church is outed here) * Police release surveillance video of drive-by shooting in Fern Rock that left 1 dead, 5 wounded * Biden's border crisis explodes as Haitian migrants hijack ICE transport bus * Border mother discovers footprints from migrants beneath her daughters' bedroom window * Report: Biden releasing Haitians into U.S. despite promises to return them home
  69. 09-15-21 ARTICLE STACK  VIDEO: GRAPHIC: Police Dog Mauls Anti-Lockdown Protester * VIDEO: Caught on camera: Diners robbed at gunpoint at Melrose Avenue restaurant * VIDEO: Caught On Camera: Violent Long Beach Robbery * VIDEO: 60 shot, 7 killed in deadly weekend in Chicago * PA Gov. Tom Wolf Welcomes Afghan Refugees in His State with Open Arms: ‘Welcome Home’ * Democrats Open Amnesty Plan to Illegal Gang Members, Sex Offenders (Some Politicians don't care if you die as long as they get a vote) * Analysis: Afghan Population in U.S. Explodes, Majority Live on Welfare * Biden Hires International Migration Group to Help Bring Expelled Illegal Aliens Back to U.S. * VIDEO: Migrant encounters over 200,000 again in August, as border surge continues * VIDEO: New video captures footage of Texas state troopers arresting border smugglers * VIDEO: Woman given 'chemical restraint' to trick her into COVID shot * VIDEO: Massive makeshift migrant camp under border bridge triples in size in a matter of days, is still growing * Police department bows to BLM, removes major emblem for being 'tool of oppression'
  70. 09-08-21 ARTICLE STACK  13 Shot on Wednesday Alone in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago * Ohio man holds baby as he shoots at, wounds woman following car crash * VIDEO: Saddest 45 minute video I've ever seen * Biden Requests $6.4B in Taxpayer Money to Resettle 95,000 Afghans Across U.S. * NPR: Afghans Arriving in U.S. with ‘No Paperwork’ or ‘Just Scraps of Paper’ * Shock revelation: Biden admin loses track of nearly 5,000 migrant children released into U.S. * U.S. officials already discover multiple Afghan refugees with terrorism or criminal ties: Report
  71. 09-01-21 ARTICLE STACK  Criminal Migrants, Gang Members Apprehended by Border Patrol Up 265 Percent * Bloomberg: Afghans with ‘Security Concerns’ May Be Resettled in U.S. * African Migrant Arrested After Allegedly Sexually Harassing Young Girl, Stabbing Her Uncle * Afghans Who Worked for British Authorities Can Resettle Permanently Under ‘Operation Warm Welcome’ * 6,500 accused NYC felons go scot-free as DAs decline to prosecute * San Francisco will pay people to not shoot others: 'Cash for criminals' * Memphis PD records 7 shootings in 7 hours: report
  72. 08-25-21 ARTICLE STACK  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Biden Must Resettle At Least 200K Afghans in U.S. * 10 Migrants Found in Fake Border Patrol Vehicle in Arizona * 100 Afghans evacuated from Kabul are on terror watch lists * Cuomo spends his final hours as governor commuting sentences of 5 convicted murderers
  73. 08-18-21 ARTICLE STACK  VIDEO: UK Plymouth incident: At least five killed by gunman * 26-Year-Old Mom Among 6 Killed Monday Alone in Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago * NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio to Pay Criminals Convicted of Gun Crimes * Leftists Topple Statue of Canada’s First Prime Minister, Douse Queen Victoria in Red Paint * Pentagon Confirms Evacuated Afghans Being Sent to Texas, Wisconsin, Virginia * Biden’s America: 70 Percent of Voters Think Crime Is ‘Out of Control’ * Terrorists worldwide celebrate Taliban's Afghanistan victory
  74. 08-11-21 ARTICLE STACK  VIDEO: CDC Publishes 'Green Zone' Concentration Camp Protocol, Preparing Masses Imprisonment * At Least 72 Shot, 11 Killed, During Weekend in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago * Hundreds of Illegal Migrants Disappear Into Britain After Absconding from Taxpayer-Funded Hotels * VIDEO: WATCH: 85 Migrants Illegally Cross Border into Arizona Desert * Grassley: More MS-13 Gang Members Sneaking into U.S. Thanks to Biden * Oakland’s Chinese Community Asks Newsom to Declare ‘State of Emergency’ on Crime * Delingpole: If You Think the 2011 London Riots Were Bad, Wait Till You See What’s Coming * Here are all the officers killed in the line of duty since 'defund the police' calls began * VIDEO: Photographer brutally beaten and robbed in daytime attack * VIDEO: Watch: Lockdown-weary Brits storm government-broadcast building over lockdown tyranny * Begin turning in your neighbors now: Australian officials issue Soviet-style COVID broadcasts
  75. 08-04-21 ARTICLE STACK  Australia faces complete medical tyranny as military rolls into city to enforce lockdowns * VIDEO: The dream of an Australian family house is dying * 13 Shot on Tuesday Alone in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago * VIDEO: Friend of DC teacher killed in shooting speaks out: Crime surge 'unlike anything I've seen' * VIDEO: Protest against vaccine passports turns violent, gets smoked with tear gas * VIDEO: Washington, D.C., sees nearly 3 times as many murders as COVID deaths in July 
  76. 07-28-21 ARTICLE STACK  VIDEO: Cop shoots Protester Point Blank with sand bag Bullet * VIDEO: UN Takes Over Somewhere in Utah? * VIDEO: Chicago’s Top Cop Blames Rising Crime on Courts Letting Violent Offenders Out of Jail * Report: At Least 15 Shot Monday in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago * VIDEO: Cuomo: 'We have to' knock on doors, put people in cars and drive them to get COVID vaccine * When gunfire erupts, partygoers use brick pavers to kill shooter
  77. 07-21-21 ARTICLE STACK  VIDEO: Joe Biden Using Military to Fly Illegal Aliens to U.S. * VIDEO: Lebanon days away from ‘social explosion’, PM Diab warns * VIDEO: Black South African Arms Himself to Stop Looters * Nolte: Most Voters Reject Biden’s Door-to-Door Vaccination Push * VIDEO: Cuba: Police Shoot Man at Home in Front of Toddlers * VIDEO: SOUTH AFRICA TODAY * Alleged Chicago Home Intruder Accidentally Shoots, Kills Accomplice * VIDEO: Man Allegedly Shoots Teen Outside NYC 99 Cent Store * VIDEO: Minneapolis business owner who cheered rioters burning down restaurant has van stolen, new business robbed  * VIDEO: Would-be robbers shot by armed shoppers in Los Angeles * VIDEO: Shoplifters hit Los Angeles area TJ Maxx, casually leave store carrying heap of stolen goods * The perverse agenda of Black Lives Matter * It's costing us $3 million every day to NOT build the border wall


    07-14-21 ARTICLE STACK  VIDEO: Incredible video: Watch mom toss baby from building amid riots * VIDEO: San Franciscans concerned for public safety, 70% say quality of life has gotten worse: Survey * VIDEO: 'Traumatizing': Burglar slams car into SF business to steal reported $20K in lottery scratchers * VIDEO: Chem trail blanket edition (Natural or man-made?) * VIDEO: Another "chemtrail?" (I've seen similar clouds - but they're usually spinning) * VIDEO: Youth baseball coach killed in road rage shooting: MN police chief decries 'tragic, senseless' violence * VIDEO: Stopping The Otard Rule, No 5g Antennas On Homes! * VIDEO: Cracking Up: Investigating Australia's apartment building crisis | Four Corners * VIDEO: NEW YORK SUBMERGED: New Yorkers vent their fury as subways flood * VIDEO: White House announces "strike forces" to target anti-vaxxers * VIDEO: Chicago weekend gun violence leaves 40 shot, 11 killed, including rapper ambushed after release from jail (Rapper was shot 64 times!) * VIDEO: A bird's eye view of a city on fire as eThekwini looters run rampant * What are toxic ‘forever chemicals’ & should Americans be worried there are more of them in the water supply than we thought? (Not an issue with well water!) * Cuban-Americans Flood Cities Nationwide Calling for End to Communism * 273 Migrants Apprehended in Two Texas Border Crossings (Thousands more escaped) * Mexican Adults Make Up Largest Demographic of U.S. Border Crossers * VIDEO: Former South African President’s Son Pleads: Loot ‘Responsibly’ * Poll: More Voters Want More Police in Their Communities as Crime Escalates * San Francisco: Half of People Released Before Trial Committed Crimes

  79. 07-07-21 ARTICLE STACK  VIDEO: NYC woman attacked in broad daylight, groped after being followed (Illegals do NOT know or care about the laws of the land) * San Francisco Target, Walgreens Stores Forced to Close Early Due to Rampant Theft * VIDEO: Cotton: Dems Ignoring and Even ‘Releasing Criminals’ While Taking Away Self-Defense * University of Chicago Student Dies After Being Hit by Stray Bullet on Train * Florida Lawmaker: Arrest the Federal Government’s Door to Door Vaccine Shills * VIDEO: Alleged Looters Flee San Francisco Neiman Marcus (ALLEGED?! Seriously?!) * VIDEO: Joe Biden to Send Government Officials Door to Door Across America to Pressure People to Accept Vaccination (They CAN'T force, but they wll try to coerce) * GOP congresswoman now packing heat after her home was targeted: 'I'm not going to be intimidated' * Bloody 4th weekend: 500 shootings leave 233 people dead across nation * Capitol Police agency ventures out of D.C., will have satellite offices across America (Martial Law soon) * Leftists allege states trying to secure borders are engaged in insurrection with National Guard
  80. 06-30-21 ARTICLE STACK  VIDEO: California Drought Oroville Update- "Drying Up!" * VIDEO: Homes flooded, cars stranded across Metro Detroit * Sheriff Briefs Trump on 300 Percent Increase in Migrant Deaths in One Texas County * Establishment Media Report on Children Being Shot During Crime Surge as Democrats Defund Police * Democrat Plan Spends $870M for Border Security in Middle East, No Funding for U.S. Border Wall * Joe Biden Drops $1 Trillion in Proposed Infrastructure Spending in Deal with Moderate Republicans * Florida Condo Collapse Shows U.S. a ‘Third-World Country’ * Kansas’ Minimum Age for Concealed Carry Drops to 18 on July 1 * House Democrat Budget Revokes Border Wall Funding, Expands ‘Sanctuary’ for Illegal Aliens * VIDEO: Democrats Block Motion to Quickly Deport Illegal Aliens * Big city official 'kidnapped' until promise to drop rioters' charges * Does aerial surveillance violate your rights? Court issues ruling * VIDEO: 'Shocking,' 'never before seen' border-crisis footage released ahead of Trump visit
  81. 06-23-21 ARTICLE STACK  US Bishops call for 'humane and comprehensive' immigration reform * VIDEO: Biden administration is ‘breaking the border’: * VIDEO: All 50 members of the Portland police riot squad resign * VIDEO: Leo Terrell: Lori Lightfoot is 'public enemy number one' in Chicago (She calls racism a "health crisis" to be able to use Federal Covid funds) * VIDEO: ‘COVID vaccine or jail?’: Duterte warns as Delta variant surges * VIDEO: Why is the media ignoring bloodbaths in cities like Chicago? * Josh Hawley Proposes to Hire 100,000 Police Officers to Combat Crime Wave (Defunding Police will generate a need for a Federal Police State) * Violent Crime Surges 25 percent in 2021 with Democrats in Washington * DOJ Launches ‘Firearms Trafficking Strike Forces’ in Democrat-Controlled Cities * Joe Biden Increasing Pressure on Licensed Firearm Dealers amid Crime Surge * Biden to Push Same Gun Controls Already Failing in Democrat-Run Cities * VIDEO: Drug Cartels, Taliban, Iranian Ayatollah, Russia, Putin and China ‘Biggest Winners’ of Biden’s First Six Months * ICE Flies Migrants from Border Area Air Force Base to U.S. Interior * Rochester Voters Ejected Mayor Lovely Warren in Democrat Primary After Entire Police Force Quit in 2020 * VIDEO: ‘This Is President Joe Biden’s Crime Crisis’ * Homicides Nearly Double in Maryland County Bordering Washington, DC * Stanford U. Prof Joel Peterson: Leftists Are Splitting America Along ‘Identity and Tribal Lines’ * Senate Democrat Budget Spends $150B on Amnesty for Illegal Aliens * Former CBP Chief: Nearly All Illegal Aliens Caught at Southern Border Are Unvaccinated for Coronavirus (They don't care because they know the virus is FAKE) * Supremes strike California law giving unions right to use private property * VIDEO: Mayor 'cancels' Pledge of Allegiance, threatens public during town meeting * Police union chief: Portland politicians 'encouraged and enabled' violence * VIDEO: Police arrest 8 AOC-aligned leftist protesters who targeted Ted Cruz at his own home
  82. 06-16-21 ARTICLE STACK   Traitors’: Fears of violence grows as Netanyahu clings to power * VIDEO: Al Jazeera journalist leaves hospital day after Israeli arrest * Border Chief Mayorkas: Amnesty for DACA Migrants Is ‘Overwhelming Success’ * Mayor Lori Lightfoot Seeks Federal Gun Control as Chicago Shootings Surge * 8 Shot Inside a Residence Tuesday Morning in Mayor Lightfoot’s Chicago * VIDEO: Former NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton Warns ‘We’re in for a Very Long, Dangerous Summer’ * VIDEO: Shock Video of Brazen Shoplifting in Democrat-Run San Francisco * New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Lifts Nearly All Coronavirus Restrictions (IOW - Give the people a little freedom back to make them think all is normal) * Report: California ‘Fully Re-Opens’ with Many Restrictions Still in Place (He lied- look at the restrictions) * Businesses under siege by criminals threaten to withhold taxes, police cars show up within days * How blue city governance is destroying blue cities
  83. 06-09-21 ARTICLE STACK  VIDEO: Violent scenes in Melbourne's CBD as anti-lockdown protesters clash with police * VIDEO: GRAPHIC Chicago Police Investigating Girls Twerking on Cop Car as 55 Shot Last Weekend (Immorality - a major sign of the end of days) * Alejandro Mayorkas Invites More Deported Migrants Back to U.S. * One West Texas Border Town Absorbs 70 Percent of Haitian Migrants * U.N. Agency Calls North Korea’s Nuclear Activity ‘Cause for Serious Concern’ * Lockdown Forever: UK’s ‘Freedom Day’ to be Delayed up to a Month: Report * War breaks out over city's demand to peer into your private residence * VIDEO: Virginia sheriff ditches Democratic Party over 'defund the police' calls: 'You get what you pay for'
  84. 06-02-21 ARTICLE STACK  VIDEO: You won't believe the bravery of this French cop! * VIDEO: Biden’s America - Harlem on fire! * Media Confirm Two More ‘Right-Wing Conspiracy Theories’ — Lab Leak, Portland * ‘Back the Blue’ Rally to Call for Resignation Kansas City Mayor over Police Funding * VIDEO: GRAPHIC VIDEO: NYC Homeless Man Charged in Assault on Asian Woman Has 17 Prior Arrests
  85. 05-26-21 ARTICLE STACK  ‘Multiple Fatalities’ Reported in San Jose, California Shooting * VIDEO: Portland Rioters Set Fire by Courthouse, Vandalize Businesses * Poll: 30 Percent of Americans Often Feel Unsafe in Public as Crime Rages in Cities * Nearly One Million People Pose a Sexual Risk to Children in the UK, Reveals Britain’s FBI * U.N. Watchdog Chief: Iran’s Uranium Enrichment at Levels of ‘Countries Making Bombs’ * VIDEO: Coughing Hassan Nasrallah: Jerusalem Violations Will Spark Regional War * Grantham: Why Colombia’s Social Justice Riots Matter for Americans * Xi Jinping: ‘China Supports Iran’s Reasonable Demands’ for Reviving Nuclear Deal * VIDEO: Rand Paul: ‘I’m Sick and Tired of the Violence Coming from the Left’ * Town cancels police department, discovers disastrous consequences * Finally, serious crackdown on protesters who block roads, shine lasers at cops (Only Texas for now) * VIDEO: Caught on camera: George Floyd anniversary commemorations rocked by gunfire at site of his death
  86. 05-19-21 ARTICLE STACK  Police in Cities Across U.S. Brace for a Violent Summer * Nine people wounded in mass shooting at Rhode Island * VIDEO: What Black Lives Matter DOESN’T Want You To Know * New York City Mayoral Candidate Andrew Yang: Give Non-Citizens Voting Rights (They know illegals always vote to the left) * VIDEO: CNN Host W. Kamau Bell Downplays Antifa Violence: ‘People Get Hurt, Property Gets Damaged’ * Armed Resident Shoots Two of Five Alleged Home Intruders * Investigation: Violent Crime Spikes in Counties that Ended Police Program Turning Illegal Aliens over to ICE * Biden agrees to bring in thousands of refugees every month * Major surge in sex offenders crossing U.S. border illegally: 'It's everywhere now' * Canada: Pro-Palestinian protests reminiscent of Nazi Germany, turn violent in Toronto and Montreal * Los Angeles: Muslims ask people on the street if they’re Jews and proceed to beat them up
  87. 05-12-21 ARTICLE STACK  VIDEO: Man and Children Removed From Property Ireland Under Mental Health Act (They claimed his DEAD MOTHER called them to complain) * VIDEO: These Louisiana Reps Voted in Favor of Spanking School Kids * VIDEO: Palestinians Fight to Keep Homes From Israeli Settlement * VIDEO: Genetically modified mosquitoes arrive in Florida * Hate Crimes Explode 73% in Democrat-Run New York City * VIDEO: Tim Scott: Defunding the Police ‘the Dumbest I’ve Ever Heard’ * VIDEO: State attorney general hammers local police chief for allowing 'lawlessness' * VIDEO: Fox News host exposes what's really happening at the southern border with Biden's crisis
  88. 05-05-21 ARTICLE STACK  VIDEO: Police Under Attack Van Smashed People Go Crazy! GREAT AWAKENING (When the police obey their corrupt leaders to keep their job, the people naturally revolt) * New Law Eliminates Religious Exemption To Mandatory Vaccines For Students (PLEASE get your children out of the schools - want thousands of reasons why? CLICK HERE) * One Bank Warns Soaring Food Prices Will Lead To Social Unrest * VIDEO: Get The JAB or be Charged With Reckless Endangerment * VIDEO: Police Attack 12 Year Old Child In Canada * VIDEO: UK: Thousands march past Buckingham Palace for ‘Kill The Bill’ rally * 19 dead, 846 injured in days-long Colombia protests * Democrat Sen. Mark Kelly Rips Joe Biden for Ignoring Illegal Immigration Crisis in Address to Congress * Joe Biden Touts Massive Amnesty for Illegal Aliens in Address to Congress * Biden Restores Grants for Sanctuary Jurisdictions Protecting Illegal Aliens * Nolte: As Gang Murders Rise, Democrat-Run Los Angeles Slashes Gang Unit (If there's a way to kill more people - then go for it!) * Mayor Bill de Blasio’s NYC Sees 46 Shootings During One Week * VIDEO: Grandmother fatally punched in senselessly brutal attack * VIDEO: Watch cops drag race each other, crash in neighborhood * VIDEO: Kennewick Police looking for suspects after 9 people shot with a BB gun, including a 5-year-old girl * Chief border agent: MS-13 gang members exploiting migrant caravans to sneak into U.S.
  89. 04-28-21 ARTICLE STACK  VIDEO: Oklahoma legislature passes bill protecting drivers who hit protesters, sending to Stitt’s desk * VIDEO: Protesters at George Floyd ‘autonomous zone’ ask white people: ‘decenter’ before you enter * VIDEO: Cammack on Democrat Police Reform: ‘This Bill Is Dangerous’ — Police Leaving Profession ‘in Droves’ * VIDEO: WATCH: NYPD Detective Assaulted in Broad Daylight, Suspect Arrested (WHY is he called a "suspect" when he did it ON CAMERA?!) * VIDEO: Why Did We Keep ‘Playing Along’ with Mask Mandate After BLM Riots? — ‘We Acquiesced to Their Power Grab’ * VIDEO: GOP Sen. Kennedy: ‘If You Support Defunding the Police, You Have Tested Positive for Stupid’ (How many people spewed out drinks laughing when first hearing this?) * Mayor Bill de Blasio’s NYC Sees 46 Shootings During One Week * Democrats Look to End Police Program Handing Criminal Illegal Aliens to ICE * VIDEO: Scalise on Defunding Police: Dems Going ‘All in on This Crazy Idea’ * Cops use stun gun on woman accused of assaulting kids for not wearing masks * 'Nobody has done more to enrich organized crime' than Biden
  90. 04-21-21 ARTICLE STACK  VIDEO: Diners Chant 'Get Out' At Health Officials (More and more videos are popping up like this - But notice what the city does next) * VIDEO: Chicago officials release footage of police shooting of 13-year-old Adam Toledo * VIDEO: Look At What Is Happening In McAllen, Texas  (Keep in mind, the Cartel are in fact Roman Catholic) * Pope and UN refugee agency chief discuss people on the move * VIDEO: Look At What Is Happening In McAllen, Texas (The Catholic Church is doing this in front of everyone!) * VIDEO: Graphic Video: Columbus Police Release Bodycam Video of Shooting * BLM Organization: ‘Communities Terrorized at Greater Rate’ Under Joe Biden than Donald Trump (Yet the main stream media says nothing) * VIDEO: AOC just revealed her dangerous constitutional illiteracy * VIDEO: Graphic Language WATCH: ‘They Shoot Us, We Shoot Them,’ Columbus Protester Tells Cops * Michael Moore Calls for End to ‘Policing As We Know It’ After Chauvin Murder Conviction (US Police state?) * VIDEO: Minneapolis Protesters Accost Truck Driver Following Conviction of Derek Chauvin * VIDEO: Rioters in one U.S. city run wild despite guilty verdict for Derek Chauvin * VIDEO: Sheriff uses 2 photos to show difference between a 'peaceful protest' and a 'riot' * Residents surprised to discover they're now part of a door-to-door COVID vaccine program * VIDEO: Maxine Waters smacked with ethics complaint for urging 'confrontations' * VIDEO: Chip Roy Asks "Was It Worth It" For Texas To Join USA, Nadler Compares Him To Secessionist Calhoun
  91. 04-14-21 ARTICLE STACK  VIDEO: Hannity shares 'disturbing' new revelations on migrant facilities * VIDEO: A Quick Walk Through Kensington Ave Philadelphia (Every city has streets like this) * Curfew to Go Into Effect in Minnesota After Officer-Involved Shooting Fatality * VIDEO: Reporters try to stop police chief from calling Minnesota unrest a ‘riot’ (AGAIN!) * 60 Arrested in Minnesota in 3rd Night of Riots After Police Shooting of Daunte Wright * Democrat Rep Rashida Tlaib Calls for ‘No More Policing, Incarceration
  92. 04-07-21 ARTICLE STACK Thousands of US police officers and public servants have reportedly used Clearview's controversial facial recognition tech without approval (They're practicing) * VIDEO: US Navy medic killed by military police after shooting in Maryland * Shooting at California office building kills four, including child * Tap Water Sampled Across US Contaminated With Arsenic, Lead, Other Chemicals, Study Suggests * Nigeria: Nearly 2,000 ‘Deadly Criminals’ Escape in Explosive Prison Break * Rape Gangs Whistleblower: Predators Still at Large Due to ‘Institutional Cowardice’ * DHS Erases Report About Illegal Aliens on FBI Terrorism Watch List Crossing U.S.-Mexico Border * We've got it: Read full report of terror suspects arrested at border mysteriously deleted by DHS * CNN Admits Crime Wave, Highlights Violence in Democrat-Run Cities (But when Trump was in office - nary a peep) * VIDEO: Prominent BLM activist vows cities will be 'on fire' if Chauvin not convicted in George Floyd case (They are PAID to riot)
  93. VIDEO: Lebanon: Closed supermarkets and empty shelves as crisis hits food supplies (This is how Civil War is prophesied to happen in the USA soon)
  94. VIDEO: Police ramp up investigation into father’s daylight execution
  95. VIDEO: Natural Disasters, Famine and Gangs Driving Central Americans' Mass Migration to U.S.
  96. VIDEO: Former Cell Phone Company Boss Blows Whistle On 5g Coronavirus (This confirms what I shared when this all started - remember "Georgia Guidstones?")
  97. Rep. Michael Waltz: Family Reunification for Migrant Children Is About Amnesty (aka Catholic votes)
  98. Nolte: Asians Should Flee Hate-Crime Infested Democrat Cities and Move to Rural MAGA Land
  99. Deputy Border Patrol Chief: I Think We’ll Have ‘About a Million Apprehensions or Encounters This Year
  100. VIDEO: PHOTOS: Biden Allows Reporters in Migrant Child Detention Site at 1700% Capacity
  101. Foster family left without a home after being forced to leave to make room for migrant children
  102. VIDEO: Ted Cruz posts jaw-dropping footage of kids who were forced into brutal conditions at border
  103. VIDEO: Video shows Antifa smash man's truck, pepper spray him, then he pulls out his gun
  104. VIDEO: 'Ideology' turns violent in Oregon's capital city
  105. Report: Border Patrol has released 30,000 illegal immigrants directly into the country since January
  106. Two Teen Girls Charged in Fatal ‘Uber Eats’ Carjacking
  107. VIDEO: Protesters Stop LAPD Riot Squad from Clearing Homeless Park
  108. BLM protesters shut down grocery store, accuse it of 'white supremacy' for using cops as security
  109. California Sheriff Released More than 2.4K Criminal Illegal Aliens
  110. Nolte: Hate Crimes and Mass Shootings Plague Democrat-Run Cities, Not MAGA Country
  111. Axios: DHS Releasing 87 Percent of Migrant Families into U.S.
  112. Black man ranting about 'white devils' 'stabs boy, 12, in neck with box cutter'
  113. VIDEO: Pregnant Jewish woman violently assaulted in London
  114. VIDEO: GAME OVER Boris Lockdown Britain Has Had ENOUGH Incredible Scenes In London
  115. 8 Dead in Mass Shooting at Atlanta Spas, Gunman Claims He Was Trying to 'Eliminate' Temptation due to Sex Addiction
  116. Georgia Alleged Shooter Was Active in a Southern Baptist Church: Three Responses to the Sins of Christians
  117. Kentucky Senate Votes To Make It A Crime To Taunt, Insult Police
  118. CBP Admits Release of Migrant Families Without Court Date, Downplays as Normal
  119. VIDEO: WATCH: Anarchy in the UK – Leftist Mob Torches Police Vans, Attacks Officers in Chaotic Bristol Protest
  120. Police: 12-Year-Old Allegedly Stabbed While in Line at Pittsburgh McDonald’s
  121. Corporate Donors Dominate Push to Give Amnesty to 4.4M Illegal Aliens
  122. VIDEO: Mesa, AZ Mayor Giles: ‘I’ve Been Impressed So Far’ with Biden Administration on Border Surge
  123. Biden spends $86 million to house illegal aliens in U.S. hotel rooms
  124. De Blasio floats thuggish plan to have cops visit people suspected of being racists
  125. VIDEO: McConnell on immigration: ‘Good luck to border communities
  126. Five Democrats Flip-Flop to Allow Illegal Immigrant Gang Members to Get Amnesty
  127. Analysis: 4.4M Illegal Aliens Could Get Amnesty Under House Democrat Plan
  128. Alleged Domestic Terrorist Charged in North Carolina After Multiple Bombs Discovered
  129. Large Migrant Groups Continue Crossing Border into Texas — 24K in Two Weeks
  130. VIDEO: Cellphone video captures driver ramming his truck into a man after a bar fight
  131. VIDEO: Surveillance video shows man stab Jack in the Box manager after being told to wear a mask
  132. At least 8 dead, 1 injured in Ga. massage parlor, spa shootings
  133. Lawsuit: Biden’s ‘Sanctuary Country’ Policy Freeing Illegal Alien Convicts into American Communities
  134. VIDEO: Democrats Block GOP Bill to Test Illegal Immigrants for Coronavirus
  135. VIDEO: Authorities arrest 2 teens who reportedly broke into mentally ill man’s home, set him on fire, and left him to burn to death
  136. VIDEO: Greens politician proposes 6pm curfew for men to limit violence against women
  137. VIDEO: Breonna Taylor Protests Turn Violent in Seattle, LA, and Portland
  138. 7-Man Sheriff’s Department Faces Rise in Armed Human Smuggling near West Texas Border
  139. VIDEO: Tom Cotton: By Sending FEMA to the Border, the Biden Administration Is Admitting It’s a Disaster
  140. Chicago Sergeant Shot in Broad Daylight While Standing in Police Parking Lot (They're shooting AT cops)
  141. VIDEO: Watch: Officer critically wounded after woman in a dress draws a pistol and fires 
  142. VIDEO: Man Saves Elderly Woman During Alleged Assault, Carjacking in San Francisco
  143. Atlanta neighborhood moves to secede as crime spikes
  144. VIDEO: Guatemalan reporter: Expect millions of migrants to illegally enter U.S.
  145. Nolte: Prospective Jurors in Derek Chauvin Trial Worry About Being Targeted
  146. Chip Roy: DHS Insiders Say 11K Border Crossers Freed into U.S. in 2 Months
  147. VIDEO: WATCH: Convicted Gang Murderer Toasts Soros-backed D.A. George Gascón, Expects Early Release
  148. Joe Biden’s DHS Chief Pushes ‘All of Society Effort’ to Help Deported Migrants
  149. Seattle Police Budget Cuts, Resignations Cause Slower 911 Responses
  150. VIDEO: By Summer, You’ll See ‘Somewhere Around a Million People’ Trying to Enter U.S. Illegally, Biden ‘Created a Humanitarian Crisis'
  151. DCCC Hires Staffer with History of Anti-Law Enforcement Posts: ‘I Hate the Police
  152. Arizona border agent: Illegal immigration has 'already surpassed' 2018, on track to top past 3 years combined
  153. VIDEOS: FBI releases video showing D.C. pipe bomb suspect
  154. VIDEO: EU in flames: Netherlands lockdown riots set to cause 'civil war' – panicked mayor warns
  155. VIDEO: SEE IT: Massive fight breaks out at Bath & Body Works as staff and customers tussle (Today's world)
  156. VIDEO: The CDC wants you to prepare for a zombie apocalypse - Yes, you read that right (The end results of chemtrails mixed with toxic vaccines?)
  157. VIDEO: Drive by Shooting in the neighborhood
  158. 20 People Shot over Weekend in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago
  159. NYC First Lady Chirlane McCray Suggests Residents ‘Intervene’ to Stop Violence in Lieu of Police (Used to be let the cops handle it - Now? Cops aren't coming)
  160. At Least 42 Chicago Area Expressway Shootings Year-to-Date
  161. VIDEO: WATCH: Parade of Migrants Stream Across Border into Arizona
  162. Cops sued for refusing to pay for destroying home
  163. Wife of NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio urges residents to 'physically intervene' in violent crime — just months after she got him to defund police
  164. VIDEO: Media ignores major homicide spree in 2020
  165. February Was 14th Consecutive Month of Record Firearm Background Checks (Just so you know - Civil War was Prophesied)
  166. Joe Biden’s Deputies Set 2021 Goal of Welcoming 117,000 Migrant Youths (Pope needs more Roman Catholic votes)
  167. Chuck Grassley Calls Out Kamala Harris, Antifa, Left-Wing Domestic Violence of Summer
  168. Poll: 71% Believe Antifa Is ‘Domestic Terrorist Group'
  169. Study: Biden Amnesty Would Import California-Size Foreign Population
  170. Georgia Deputy Dies After Being Shot by Fleeing Suspects
  171. Police Attacked by ‘Anarchist’ Mob in German Hard-Left Neighbourhood
  172. Anti-ICE rioters smash up downtown Portland in response to Biden's child-migrant facilities
  173. Suspects in police chase try breaking into house by shooting through door. But homeowner has gun, too — and is in no mood to play
  174. ‘Defund the Police’ Returns: Activists Demand Deep Cut in Grand Rapids, Michigan
  175. Police: Armed Conmen Posing as Plumbers Break into Home, Torture Victims
  176. Feds to Bus, Fly Surge of Biden’s Migrants to U.S. Homes
  177. San Francisco to Redistribute $120 Million from Police to Black Community (Less money for Cops = more crimes) 
  178. NYPD Using Robotic Dog Drones
  179. Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago: At Least 18 Shot over Weekend
  180. One Shot Dead, Others Injured in American Legion Attack
  181. St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Biden Could Make Gun Control Dreams Come True
  182. Missouri County Ordinance: Sheriff Can Arrest Feds Who Enforce Gun Control
  183. VIDEO: Suspect Accused of Assaulting Woman in NYC Released Without Bail Hours After Arrest
  184. Exclusive: ICE to Release Migrants Further into U.S. — Away from Texas Border Cities
  185. VIDEO: Biden DHS releases migrants into Calif
  186. Montana Legislature Considers Domestic Terror Designation for Antifa
  187. BUSTED: CNN, NBC Paid Left-wing Capitol Rioter $35,000 Each for Footage of Violence
  188. VIDEO: Graphic video captures the moment cops get in Wild West-style shootout with grocery store security guard
  189. VIDEO: Family files federal lawsuit after out-of-state bounty hunters raid their NY home without a warrant, while police looked on
  190. Nolte: Democrat-Run Minneapolis Forced to Spend $6.4M to Hire More Cops
  191. Democrats Hire Ex-Gang Member to Lead Efforts in Protecting Slim House Majority
  192. Biden Policies Force Release of 200 Migrants into West Texas Border Community
  193. Allen West: Joe Biden’s Release of Thousands Migrants Is ‘an Imminent Danger’ to Texas
  194. Analysis: Biden Restrictions on ICE Agents to Devastate U.S. Border Towns
  195. Texas Sheriff: ‘Clear Evidence’ Illegal Immigration Soaring Under Joe Biden
  196. Biden’s DHS to Release 25.6K Migrants into Texas, California Communities
  197. Lawmakers asked to pull plug on U.S. city's 'surveillance state'
  198. Portland cops pelted with 'icy snowballs,' police say
  199. VIDEO: Protesters create large snow barrier outside precinct to prevent Seattle cops from responding to mergencies
  200. VIDEO: Watch: Trump Lawyers Present Video of Democrats Condoning Violence
  201. VIDEO: Texas mom tackles man suspected of peeping through her daughter’s window (Not a mom to mess with!)
  202. VIDEO: High-powered explosives inexplicably go missing from largest US Marine base; authorities investigating
  203. VIDEO: BLM-Antifa Protesters Chant ‘Burn it Down’ During March Through Nation’s Capital
  204. French Homicides Increased 91 Per Cent from 2000 to 2020
  205. January 2021 Homicides Surged Nearly 30 Percent in Jim Kenney’s Philadelphia
  206. CDC: Mask Order Will Be ‘Further Enforced’ by ‘Federal Authorities’
  207. Gun sales smash all-time records, up 75% in January over Biden fears  (Just so you know - Civil War was Prophesied
  208. VIDEO: Female thugs knock down 78-year-old woman battling cancer — then pepper-spray and punch her before stealing her car
  209. Report: Biden State Department Spox Called Police a ‘Threat’ to ‘National Security’
  210. January 2021 Shatters Record for Firearm Background Checks
  211. Report: January 2021 Homicides Hit Four-Year High in Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago
  212. Homeless activists take over hotel with hatchets, knives
  213. 2 FBI agents killed, multiple wounded serving child-porn warrant
  214. Murders jump 30% in America's largest cities, report finds
  215. VIDEO: Leftist militants armed with hatchets, knives, batons take over hotel in radical hub of Olympia, Washington — and SWAT is called in
  216. VIDEO: Nolte: Andrew Cuomo’s Nursing Home Massacre Revealed as One More True ‘Conspiracy Theory
  217. Prosecutor Calls for Committee to Investigate Gretchen Whitmer for Nursing Home Deaths
  218. 13 Shot, 2 Killed, Thursday in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago
  219. NY health officials threaten residents with involuntary COVID quarantine if they don't self-quarantine
  220. 30 Shot over Weekend in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago
  221. Anti-Cop Antifa Protest Turns Violent in Tacoma, Washington
  222. In Pictures: Ten Arrested During Toronto Lockdown Protests
  223. Anti-Lockdown Riots Erupt as the Netherlands Imposes COVID Curfew
  224. VIDEO: Tulsi Gabbard asks Joe Biden: 'Have you declared martial law?'
  225. VIDEO: Antifa rioters smash up Tacoma in rampage over cop driving through crowd  
  226. Virginia Teachers’ Union insists students get vaccine before schools reopen (Just one more of THOUSANDS of reasosn to homeschool
  227. Shortage Of Greenwich Homes Triggers Bidding War As New Yorkers Flock To Suburbs
  228. VIDEO: Police arrest 4 suspects between the ages of 12 and 14 after a teen girl was violently stabbed to death at a Louisiana Walmart and entire incident was streamed online
  229. Gun store says it won't sell firearms, ammunition to Biden supporters: 'Sorry for the inconvenience' (Just so you know - Civil War was Prophesied)
  230. Portland rioters violently demand end to deportations one day after Biden temporarily halted deportations
  231. VIDEO: Police seek dozens of suspects in horrific NYC beatdown — which was all caught on camera
  232. VIDEO: Tacoma police vehicle plows through crowd, officer placed on leave
  233. VIDEO: Poll: ‘Civil War’ expectations reach new high, 71% of Trump voters (Just so you know - Civil War was Prophesied)
  234. Antifa Plans ‘Targeted Destruction’ and ‘Direct Action’ on Inauguration Day
  235. Left Calls for ‘Army of Citizen Detectives’ to Monitor & Report Trump Supporters
  236. Limbaugh predicts next target of left's crush of conservatives
  237. Biden to activate FEMA, National Guard as part of plan to vaccinate Americans
  238. VIDEO: Rand Paul: We’re Becoming ‘Militarized Zone’ in D.C., Have to ‘Resist’ Rapid Loss of Civil Liberties in a Crisis
  239. Pentagon Authorizes 25,000 National Guardsmen for Joe Biden Inauguration (Will they remove them after Jan.20? Did they remove the masks after the two weeks last March?)
  240. At Least 23 Shot over Weekend in Mayor Lightfoot’s Chicago
  241. VIDEO: Police: Suspects Arrested After Man Shot and Killed While Walking Dog in Philadelphia
  242. FBI Looking for Armored Military Humvee Stolen from National Guard Facility (One can only imagine who stole it)
  243. Surprise! Americans identify 'biggest threat' to democracy (Sheeple do in fact scare other sheeple)
  244. Biden to activate FEMA, National Guard as part of plan to vaccinate Americans (Not sure why so many Chrstians are dragging their feet on getting out of the cities - soon, it will be too late)
  245. 25,000 Troops, Officers Securing D.C., Joe Biden Inauguration — 5X as Many as Stationed in Iraq, Afghanistan (Your city may be next)
  246. VIDEO: Quebec a virtual police state after draconian lockdown measures
  247. Carjackings More than Doubled During 2020 in Mayor Lightfoot’s Chicago
  248. Migrant Caravans’ Already Mobilizing into ‘Gravy Trains’ Thanks to Joe Biden
  249. Analysis concludes Antifa provoked shooting of Ashli Babbitt at Capitol
  250. Vaccine will be mandatory for every public school student in major U.S. city
  251. FBI warns 'armed protests' are being planned in all 50 states ahead of Inauguration Day
  252. San Francisco Police Prepare for Possible Protest at Twitter HQ
  253. VIDEO: WATCH: Antifa in Riot Gear, BLM March in NYC, Female Journalist Attacked (Just so you know - Civil War was Prophesied)
  254. Poll: 40% of Biden supporters expect brand-new 'civil war'
  255. VIDEO: Senators escorted out of chamber as (fake) Trump protesters storm building (If they get the ok to do it in the Capital they can do it in your home as well) 
  256. VIDEO: This is an unamerican disgrace
  257. VIDEO: US Army Vet reacts to Capitol attack
  258. Capitol Hill Legislators Get Quick Protection Fence
  259. Trump supporters clash with police in DC protest ahead of Wednesday's planned rally
  260. Vicious: Antifa attacks family of Sen. Josh Hawley at home (He plans to object to the electoral college and so the Dems sent Antifa)
  261. Giuliani calls for 'trial by combat' at D.C. rally (Just so you know - Civil War was Prophesied)
  262. Democrat-Controlled St. Louis: Highest Murder Rate in 50 Years
  263. At Least 27 Shot New Year’s Weekend in Mayor Lightfoot’s Chicago
  264. Just Two Per Cent of Suspected Terrorists Are Still Being Tracked by UK Govt’s Anti-Extremism Programme
  265. Military to get involved in election fight? 10 living defense secretaries take stand 
  266. VIDEO: 'Push back harder': Portland mayor vows to get tough on 'Antifa and anarchists' (Too little too late)
  267. The Great Ammo Shortage of 2021 is here (Just so you know - Civil War was Prophesied)
  268. Anti-mask protesters storm LA County stores: 'People die, your father's not special'
  269. VIDEO: Antifa Firebomb, Shoot Fireworks at Portland Police on NYE
  270. Biden returning to Obama scheme to take control of police departments (Remove the Police to bring in Military Police later)
  271. 2 arrested for allegedly stealing porch packages while handing out fliers for Dems Warnock and Ossoff
  272. Radical leftist attack on gas lines in Colorado leaves thousands without heat
  273. Reporter charged with torching police cars amid protest
  274. Biden claims Antifa isn’t real. WND’s FREE 22,000-word e-book proves he’s lying
  275. Lincoln statue allegedly defaced because he allowed execution of Native Americans convicted of rape and murder
  276. VIDEO shows gang of young bicyclists in 'animalistic attack' on BMW in Manhattan in broad daylight: 'Welcome to de Blasio's NYC
  277. VIDEO: Oregon mayor calls for small businesses to defy governor and open on New Year's Day
  278. Thousands of Colorado residents have no heat after 'intentional attack' on gas services  
  279. Portland police forced to beg for community's help in curbing out-of-control violence
  280. VIDEO: Chicago police union boss slams defund-the-police cuts as city faces 'historic levels' of homicide
  281. Armed woman foils alleged carjacking attempt by three teens, and an 11-year-old
  282. 27 Shot over Weekend in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago
  283. Leftist Journalist, BLM Activists Charged in Firebombing of Arkansas Cop Cars
  284. Deafening silence from 'Defund Police' crowd as police rush to Ground Zero in Nashville
  285. Seattle cop debunks 4 major 'defund the police' myths in scathing op-ed: 'This is nonsense
  286. VIDEO: Vehicle-Linked Explosion Rocks Downtown Nashville (Video of explosion -scroll down for it) 
  287. New York could lose U.S. House seat because so many people are fleeing
  288. It Looks Like China Is Building a Foothold in the Atlantic, Less than 100 Miles from Florida
  289. Americans bought 73% more guns in 2020, overall approximately 21 million
  290. Detroit suing Black Lives Matter leaders for 'civil conspiracy'
  291. People are fleeing New York in droves
  292. North Carolina Police Officer Shot — 4th in Two Weeks
  293. Over 4,000 People Shot Across Mayor Lightfoot’s Chicago in 2020
  294. VIDEO: ‘The Government Are the Criminals!’ — Police Clash with Anti-Lockdown Protesters in London
  295. Anti-Eviction Activists Urge ‘Rent Strike’ in New York During COVID-19 Pandemic
  296. VIDEO: LINDELL: America is watching you, Fox
  297. Nolte: Seattle Politician Calls Police She Defunded over Crime She Wants Legalized
  298. Chicago mayor changes story about botched raid
  299. Portland businesses can no longer get insurance because of riots
  300. Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs plans to flee NYC a sign of big trouble
  301. Stereotyping’ Fears Led UK Police to Overlook Middle Class Girls Targeted by Rape Gangs, Report Finds
  302. Soros-backed DA George Gascón Seeks Reduced Punishment for Accused Cop-killer in LA
  303. Seattle Pondering ‘Poverty Defense’ for Most Misdemeanors (If you're poor or insane you can commit crimes)
  304. Innocent naked woman has home wrongly raided by police
  305. NYC awards $47 million in culture grants while shuttering small businesses and slashing police funding
  306. Michigan Capitol Closed Due to ‘Credible Threats of Violence’ as Electors Meet
  307. Train Passenger Stabbed in Face in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago
  308. 17 Shot, 3 Fatally, over the Weekend in Mayor Lightfoot’s Chicago
  309. Illinois Sees 167% Surge in Applications for Firearm Owner’s ID Cards
  310. PHOTOS: Portland Leftists Build Warzone-Style Barriers to Keep Cops Out
  311. VIDEO: Sickening video shows Antifa allegedly stab 4 Trump supporters in Washington
  312. VIDEO: Five Antifa scumbags gang up on man, beat him silly — and their 'comrades' demand reporter not record attack
  313. VIDEO: Portland Police ‘Aware of Weapons Stockpile’ in Expanding Autonomous Zone
  314. Journalist Assaulted, Arrested for Recording Police Extortion Act in Mexican Border State
  315. Shootings Approach 14-Year High in Mayor de Blasio’s NYC
  316. California City Requires All Guns Be Locked or Disabled in Home
  317. VIDEO: WATCH: Armed demonstrators protest election results outside Michigan official's home
  318. Defund the Police’ Minneapolis Sees Most Homicides Since Mid-1990s
  319. Over 3,800 People Shot in Chicago During First 11 Months of 2020
  320. Still no Indication of Why Man Drove SUV Through German Shopping Street, Killing Five
  321. Flight from the Cities: Single Family Home Construction Jumps 5.6% in October
  322. 28 Shot, 7 Killed, over Weekend in Mayor Lightfoot’s Chicago
  323. Sanctuary California: Three-Time Deported Illegal Alien Charged with Double Murder in Stabbing Spree
  324. Democrat-run city hits highest homicide rate in over a decade after defunding police by $150 million
  325. Portland Antifa Attack BLM-Supporting Grocery, War Memorial
  326. VIDEO: Seattle Police Officers Guild Pres: Police Cuts in Seattle ‘Going to Spread Across the Nation
  327. Dallas Pastor Calls State Troopers ‘Occupying Force’ amid Violent Spike
  328. Flight From the Cities: New Home Sales Up 41.5%
  329. Antifa leader threatens 'armed' action against Trump supporters (Civil War sooner rather than later)
  330. Michigan ramps up threats to prosecute vote-fraud WITNESSES
  331. VIDEO: Antifa Protesters Harass, Assault Police Supporters in Nebraska
  332. VIDEO: Democrats Launch Personal Attacks Against Wayne County Republican Canvassers
  333. VIDEO: University VP, Police Commissioner Threaten Wayne County Canvassers
  334. VIDEO: ‘Unmasking mainstream and social media
  335. U.S. Housing Starts Jump Amid Flight to Suburban Homes
  336. VIDEO: Man with Flamethrower Stands on Top of NYC Bus, Fires at Public
  337. VIDEOS: Police Ignore BLM Attacks on Restaurant Patron, Staff in San Francisco Suburb
  338. Jorge Masvidal May Attend Conservative Protests to ‘Keep the Peace’ After Watching Leftist Attacks (The CIVIL WAR mindset has been cultivated)
  339. VIDEO: Police Fire Water Cannons at Antifa in Germany as They Try to Shut Down ‘Fascist’ Anti-Lockdown Demo
  340. Report: More than 300,000 People Have Fled New York City Due to Coronavirus, Crime
  341. VIDEO: D.C. Cops Direct Trump-Supporters into Gauntlet of Protesters, Do Nothing When They Are Assaulted (Birth pangs of CIVIL WAR)
  342. Antifa invades Million MAGA March carrying ‘Punch a MAGA in the Face’ banner while HIDING behind COPS (Like the first Civil War - the Left is Pishing for it)
  343. VIDEOS: Unity party? Leftist agitators descend on MAGA supporters in D.C., violently attack them
  344. Bill Barr is about to drop the hammer on vote fraud (This will cause riots)
  345. Seattle homelessness explodes, with no end in sight
  346. 'Down From London' Crowd Flee Cities, Send British Country Estate Sales Soaring
  347. VIDEO: US Election: Michigan militia preparing 'for civil war'
  348. VIDEO: Antifa protesters in Portland, Oregon, vandalized the Democratic Party headquarters on Sunday night - painted “No more presidents.”  
  349. At Least 40 Shot, 5 Fatally, over Weekend in Mayor Lightfoot’s Chicago
  350. VIDEO: BLM Protesters Harass Restaurant Patrons During Michigan Protest
  351. Get ready for revolution!
  352. VIDEO: Antifa smashes church during Portland riots
  353. Companies join exodus to suburbs as cities transform into 'ghost towns'
  354. VIDEO: Leftists Burn U.S. Flags During Election Night Protests
  355. VIDEO: Protester Assaults Videographer in DC
  356. VIDEO: Protesters Get Violent with Baseball Bats in DC
  357. PHOTOS: Los Angeles, Beverly Hills Board up in Anticipation of Election Results
  358. National Guard Reports to Chicago to Prepare for Potential Election Unrest
  359. GWU Warns Students to Stockpile ‘Food, Supplies, Medicine’ for Elections
  360. Police make arrests as anti-Trump 'resistance' hits streets
  361. 'People always talk about a civil war': Business owners preparing for riots
  362. Ready to rumble? Piles of bricks suddenly appearing in U.S. cities
  363. University offers whites-only space for students to learn how they oppress nonwhites
  364. NYPD Arrests 11 After Cops, Anti-Trump Protesters Clash in NYC
  365. Flight From the Cities: Single Family Home Construction Spending Soared September
  366. Report: Four Philly Council Members Sought Police Budget Cuts During Week of Looting, Rioting
  367. Murders Surge 51 Percent in Mayor Lori Lighfoot’s Chicago
  368. ‘I Will Not Cower’: PA Candidate Sean Parnell Reports Home Vandalized with Communist Imagery
  369. 'I'd be lying to you if I said I wouldn't be worried': American cities on edge
  370. Progressives sharpening knives for Dem 'bloodbath' if Biden loses
  371. City ordered to release records on 'unconstitutional home inspections'
  372. Walmart Removes All Guns, Ammo in Anticipation of Post-Election Civil Unrest
  373. Former George Mason Prof. Says Americans Should ‘Topple’ Govt if Trump Wins (Just so you know - Civil War was Prophesied)
  374. Report: 10 Shot, Two Killed, on Wednesday Alone in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago
  375. Texas May Deploy National Guard in Advance of Possible Post-Election Unrest
  376. 'Enough of this': Limbaugh offers solution to stop riots
  377. Philadelphia PD ordered officers not to arrest rioters, looters
  378. ICE: Court order forces release of 250 immigrants with 'serious convictions and charges'
  379. Los Angeles & DC Businesses Brace for Election Day Chaos, Board Up Windows
  380. VIDEO: Philadelphia police arrest 91 people during violent riots after shooting of armed Black man; 30 cops hurt
  381. Report: ‘Looters Shooting Looters’ in Mayor Kenney’s Philadelphia
  382. VIDEO: BLM Protesters Target Jews in Philadelphia While Yelling ‘Synagogue of Satan
  383. Ilhan Omar to Teen Vogue: We Need to ‘Get Rid of’ the Minneapolis Police Department
  384. REPORT: Philadelphia Police Leader Orders No Response for Burglary, Theft Calls During Riots
  385. Looters Flood Philadelphia Area Walmart After Breaking Pipes
  386. National Guard in Philadelphia Nowhere to Be Found as Second Night of Mass Rioting Begins
  387. VIDEO: Protesters Torch U.S. Flag on Pile of Burning Trash in Brooklyn
  388. UK Police Confirmed They Stopped Drivers Leaving Lockdown Wales
  389. VIDEO: BLM, Antifa Fight Over Who Should Lead Philadelphia Protest (Soros needs to fire them)
  390. VIDEO: Family Dollar Store Destroyed in Philadelphia Protests
  391. VIDEO: Looters Pillage Philadelphia Walmart — Steal Big-Screen TVs (This is the only way "masks are effective)
  392. VIDEO: Protesters Assault Reporter Filming BLM Looting in Philadelphia
  393. VIDEO: Car Drives into Line of NYPD Cops During Protest, At Least One Officer Wounded (It appears the police attacked first and the driver fled for life)
  394. DHS agencies preparing for potential riots surrounding Election Day
  395. 'A green light to crime': Major U.S. city considers excusing poor and mentally ill people from criminal charges
  396. At Least 24 Shot, 6 Fatally, over the Weekend in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago
  397. Looting, Vandalism After Leftists Win Chile Election to Destroy Constitution
  398. VIDEO: ‘Shove Your New World Order Up Your ***!’ - London Erupts in Protest Against Lockdown
  399. VIDEO: Protesters Target Suburbs in Washington State
  400. VIDEO: BLM Demands Allegiance from Shoppers, Diners in Affluent Suburb
  401. Americans are panic-buying military & survivalist gear 2 weeks before election
  402. VIDEO: 'Yes, I'm nervous': Mayor urges calm as outrage grows over police shooting of unarmed Black couple in Illinois
  403. VIDEO: Portland Chaos: Video Shows Antifa Screaming as Police Retake Streets
  404. VIDEO: Police Attacked with Glass Bottles in Portland as Protesters Call Them ‘Nazi Terrorists
  405. Anti-Police Protesters Attack, One Cop Sent to Hospital with Head Injury in Rhode Island
  406. Santa Monica Police Chief Resigns over Riots After 66,000 Sign Petition Demanding Removal  Minneapolis Residents Sue City over Lack of Police Protection
  407. Major news agency mocked for casting rioters as 'regular citizens'
  408. VIDEO: Wow.. she sums up today's mindest in 55 seconds
  409. 'The city will be on fire': New Yorkers prep to flee homes to avoid post-election rioting
  410. VIDEO: 'An expression of brutality': Antifa cheers as torched church burns to the ground
  411. Report: 13 Shot, 2 Fatally, Thursday Alone in Mayor Lori Lighfoot’s Chicago
  412. Protesters Start Fire in Street near Federal Courthouse, Police Threaten Arrests
  413. VIDEO: 'Guillotines -’: Colorado Dem Operative Reveals Violent Agenda Should Trump Win
  414. Former U.S. Marshals Director on ‘Defund the Police’: ‘Organized Crime Will Come in and Seize the Moment’
  415. Over 3,300 Shooting Victims this Year in Mayor Lightfoot’s Chicago
  416. Las Vegas Man Indicted in ‘Thrill Killing’ of Sleeping Homeless Man
  417. Black-owned restaurant shot up for being pro-police, owner says
  418. Radical leftists release guide to 'stop the coup' and 'disrupt' America if election is close
  419. Mostly Peaceful: Dozens Arrested After Lakers Championship Celebration Becomes Chaotic
  420. VIDEO: ‘Mostly Peaceful’ Lakers Fans Party Outside Staples Center; Few Masks, LAPD Car Attacked
  421. At Least 12 Shot over Weekend in Mayor Jim Kenney’s Philadelphia
  422. Minneapolis Leaders Looking for a More Humanized Way to Control Crime
  423. News Outlet Admits Denver Protest Shooter Was Their Security Guard
  424. Colin Kaepernick publishes essays to abolish police and prisons
  425. The real national security threat: Dems' police reform
  426. Numbers say residents fleeing San Francisco in droves
  427. Expert warns divided U.S. becomes national security issue
  428. Mexican Border City Cops Suspected of Giving Radio Support to Gulf Cartel
  429. New York Sees Mass Exodus of Residents During Coronavirus Pandemic
  430. Nearly 70% of charges against Portland rioters were dropped by progressive DA
  431. VIDEO: This city is reimposing restrictions after new hot spots emerge
  432. Michelle Obama: Protests Have Been ‘Overwhelmingly Peaceful Movement
  433. VIDEO: Heat Leads to Parasites in Lake Jackson, Texas, Drinking Water
  434. Police Arrest Six Protesters in Downtown Portland
  435. At Least 30 Shot over Weekend in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago
  436. Seattle Rioters Arrested After Allegedly Throwing Explosives at Officers, Businesses
  437. VIDEO: New York City Subway Stabbing Suspect Flees Scene
  438. Shootings Surge in Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Los Angeles
  439. VIDEO: EXCLUSIVE Video: Heavily Armed Human Smugglers Operating in Texas — 80 Miles from Border
  440. Man shatters Portland police cruiser's window, pepper sprays officer inside
  441. VIDEO: BLM Chastises Hotel Guests for Closing Blinds During Vigil for Man Who Pointed Gun at Police 2 YEARS AGO (They're running out of reasons to riot)
  442. Flight from the Cities: Construction Spending Surges Higher, Led by Single Family Homes
  443. Report on rising far-left extremism warns about 'mass-casualty event'
  444. U.S. sees 710 additional homicides, 2,800 more shootings
  445. One Third of Americans believe "it is justified for [my political party] to use violence in advancing political goals."
  446. VIDEO: GRAPHIC WARNING: Suspect Shot Dead While Allegedly Stabbing Officer with Butcher Knife
  447. At Least 49 Shot over Weekend in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago
  448. Nearly 500 NYPD Cops Injured Since May Due to Anti-Police Protests
  449. 140 Arrested in U.S. Marshals’ Arizona Fugitive Gang Enforcement Op
  450. Sanctuary Los Angeles Frees Illegal Aliens Charged with Murder, Sex Crimes
  451. 49 shot, 7 dead in bloody Chicago weekend, 5-year-old stabbed to death
  452. Sheriff whips out cue cards to educate media on difference between riots and protests
  453. Why mayors are telling police chiefs not to make arrests
  454. VIDEO: Pelosi: Breonna Taylor "murdered by the police" (Since the riots are dying down, she is now cultivating a new one to keep the violence going)
  455. VIDEO: Report: Gun Sales Surge 80 Percent in Seven Swing States
  456. Pompeo: Chinese Consulate in New York Engaged in Espionage
  457. VIDEO: WATCH: Rioters Attack Drivers in Hollywood; Media Claim Truck Hit ‘Protester’
  458. VIDEO: WATCH LIVE: Unlawful Assembly Declared as Louisville Protesters Break Windows
  459. Photo: Flare Thrown into Library During Louisville Riot over Breonna Taylor
  460. Feds: More than 300 charged for rioting
  461. Seattle City Council votes to strip funding from police after 'ferocious' pressure from BLM
  462. Watch Live: "School Bus" Sized Asteroid Expected To Buzz Earth Thursday
  463. Man facing prison for threatening woman over church attendance
  464. Illegal Alien Accused of Assault Freed 10 Times by Sanctuary New York City
  465. Flight From the Cities: Existing Homes Sales Jump to 14-Year High
  466. Nearly 40 Shot, 6 Killed, over Weekend in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago
  467. Homicides Surge Toward 50-Year High in Mayor Lyda Krewson’s St. Louis
  468. 14 Shot, 3 Killed, on Monday in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago
  469. Antifa's aim is total overthrow of U.S. government, expert warns
  470. Louisville: Protests Break Out, Gear Unloaded from U-Haul After No Murder Charges in Breonna Taylor Case
  471. Seattle Hires Convicted Pimp as ‘Street Czar’ to Consult on Police ‘Reform’
  472. Attorneys say independent autopsy shows Dijon Kizzee was shot 15 times
  473. VIDEO: Police: Minneapolis ‘Autonomous Zone’ Delayed Emergency Response to Brutal Beating
  474. VIDEO: New Jersey Police Chief: Two Officers Targeted by Suspect Who Shot into Their Home, Infant Inside
  475. Oklahoma City: 262 Arrested, 5 Missing Children Found in Gang Crime Sweep
  476. Soros-Backed Coalition Preparing for Post-Election Day Chaos — ‘We’re Going to Fight Like Hell’
  477. Murders rose 15% in the first six months of 2020: FBI
  478. Poll: 44 percent of wealthy New Yorkers have considered moving
  479. Virginia County Frees Over 900 Criminal Illegal Aliens in Less than Two Years
  480. Flight from the Cities: Home Builder Confidence Hits All-Time High
  481. BLM Riots Are Officially the Most Costly Manmade Damage to American Property in History
  482. Report: 15 Shot, 2 Killed, Tuesday Alone in Mayor Lightfoot’s Chicago
  483. Judge Sets Bail at $1 Million Each for Alleged Lancaster Rioters
  484. VIDEO: Milwaukee man mobbed by BLM activists, arrested for defending home
  485. Federal officer gunned down outside Phoenix courthouse
  486. VIDEO: $100,000 reward for information about gunman who ambushed L.A. deputies
  487. 50 Shot, 15 Fatally, During Last Week in Mayor Young’s Baltimore
  488. Do the Woke Actually Want to Ban Self-Defense Against Certain Races?
  489. VIDEO: Apparent Witness Excited After Cops Shot in Compton
  490. VIDEO: BLM Activists Block GW Bridge, Surround Police Precinct in NYC
  491. 'Transsexual Satanist anarchist' wins GOP nomination for sheriff in NH county
  492. Flight from the Cities: Used Car Prices Soar Most Since 1969
  493. Here’s A List Of Cities Hit By Riots In The Last 3 Months 
  494. America’s Top 20 Cities for Crime, and What Party Runs Them
  495. MI5 Knew Manchester Bomber Had Visited Jihadist in Prison but Did Nothing
  496. Apocalypse On Broadway: Study finds 78% increase in vacant storefronts
  497. VIDEO: Woman refuses to wear mask, 6 cops force her into squad car
  498. Report: Left Mobilizes for ‘Mass Public Unrest,’ ‘Political Apocalypse’ Expected If Biden Loses
  499. Portland Police Have Spent $6.9 Million on Overtime Due to Riots
  500. Antifa Mugshots: Several Portland Rioters Released Without Bail
  501. 6-Year-Old Has ‘Shattered’ Femur After Labor Day Shooting in de Blasio’s NYC
  502. U.S. Street Gang Accesses Mexican Cartel Tunnels, Leaked FBI Report Shows
  503. At Least 51 Shot, 7 Fatally, Labor Day Weekend in Mayor Lightfoot’s Chicago
  504. Riots in Seattle, L.A.; Violence in Oregon; Standoff Ends Peacefully in Rochester
  505. 22 Arrested in Labor Day Seattle Protest, Hurl Molotov Cocktails at Police: ‘All My Heroes Kill Cops’
  506. Nolte: California Is Now a Third-World Country
  507. Report: Obama's CIA chief had 'secret task force' to probe Trump
  508. Report: Left Mobilizes for ‘Mass Public Unrest,’ ‘Political Apocalypse’ Expected If Biden Loses
  509. VIDEO: WATCH: Surveillance Video Shows Shootout in NYC Apartment Lobby
  510. Data: 48 of America’s 50 Largest Cities Hit By Black Lives Matter Riots
  511. Melbourne, Australia, Extends Strict Coronavirus Lockdown
  512. 'What's the point of locking them up?' Prosecutors blamed for 'night after night of rioting'
  513. Police: Antifa shooter appeared to track down, target Patriot Prayer victim
  514. VIDEO: Florida Deputy Put on Leave After Altercation with Black Teenage
  515. VIDEO: Watch: Car Drives Through Black Lives Matter Protest in Times Square
  516. VIDEO: Watch – BLM Protesters to Police: ‘Y’all Are the Murderers … Y’all Need to Start Being Killed like Y’all Kill Us
  517. Republican Attorneys General Call on Democrats to Quell Violence in Their Cities
  518. 'Daily violence' seen as 'warm-up for post-election chaos'
  519. Portland rioter killed 2 people after BLM-linked DA set him free
  520. VIDEO: Exposed! 31 times media justified rioting and looting
  521. Meadows: ‘Rioters Trying to Instill Fear’ Into ‘Everyday Americans’ Lives’ (See Luke 21:26)
  522. Flight from the Cities: Homebuyer Mortgages Up 28% From Last Year (Why leave? See Ezekiel 7:23)
  523. VIDEO: Portland Police Association Pres: Other Agencies Won’t Help Us Because ‘They See the Political Dynamics’ in Portland
  524. AG Barr: Intel Suggested ‘Violent Instigators’ from CA/WA/IL Planned to Attack Kenosha Police
  525. Trainer on Kentucky Derby Rioters: They Can Shoot You; You Can’t Shoot Them
  526. FBI warns gangs have 'formed a pact' to attack police officers
  527. VIDEO: Protests hit L.A. after police shoot man who allegedly punched officer and had a gun
  528. Federal investigators probe people who pay for rioters
  529. Business owners bash city's ban on security shutters as race riots rage
  530. A picture and its story: The despair of a Rio widow, in a city struggling with violence
  531. At Least 46 Shot Friday into Sunday Night Across Mayor Lightfoot’s Chicago
  532. Armed Residents Stand Guard to Protect Kenosha Neighborhood
  533. Scalise on Violent Protests Around U.S.: ‘Unbelievable’ Mayors Are Letting Their Cities Burn
  534. Report: Portland Shooting Suspect ‘100% Antifa’; Cited, Released on Weapons Charge in July Riot
  535. Fleet of Moving Trucks Seen in Manhattan’s Upper West Side: ‘Mass Evacuation in Full Effect’
  536. 90% say they are frustrated by rude politicians: Poll - Country well on way to 'edge of civil war'
  537. Maryland state official fired after sharing posts supporting alleged Kenosha shooter
  538. VIDEO: Watch – D.C. Protester Scolds Maskless Cop: ‘He Wants His Kids to Die; He Wants His Wife to Die
  539. VIDEOS: Protesters Harass, Assault Pro-Trump Elderly Couple Near White House
  540. Sen. Rand Paul: 'Mob would have killed us' if not for police
  541. Sheriff recommends residents use guns to blow criminal rioters 'out of their house'
  542. Soros-backed DA (Diana Becton) requires officers consider if looter 'needed' stolen goods before charging (IOW - if you can prove you're poor, then theft is LEGAL)
  543. Over Half Of San Francisco Storefronts Closed As Pandemic Downturn Rages
  544. The National Guard Has Been Deployed To Kenosha After Police Shot A Black Man Who Was Walking To His Car (This is because the state is not controlled by Democrats who fund riots)
  545. Portland BLM ‘Revolutionaries’ Bring Guillotine Into Suburbs Where They Burn American Flags, Fling Poo And Demand Shelter
  546. VIDEO: WATCH: Kenosha Residents Fire Warning Shots as Rioters Threaten Neighborhoods
  547. VIDEO: Kenosha Protester Points Gun at Reporter as Rioters Set Fires, Attack Businesses for Second Night
  548. VIDEO: Watch: Armed Citizens Move to Defend Kenosha Businesses as Rioters Torch the City
  549. VIDEO: WATCH: Man Shot in Head at Kenosha Riots
  550. Democrat Gov. Kate Brown may release as many as 400 prisoners from state jails
  551. Kenosha Protests Escalate: 2 Shot Dead and 1 Injured, Police Search for Assailant Armed with Long gun
  552. VIDEO: WATCH: Police Disperse Crowd with Tear Gas, Rubber Bullets After Rioters Hurl Explosive Projectiles
  553. VIDEO: WATCH: Kenosha Rioters Pelt Armored Police Vehicles with Concrete, Bricks
  554. VIDEO: Kenosha Protesters Shout ‘Death to America!’ & ‘Kill the Police!
  555. Kenosha Proves No One Is Safe
  556. Seattle rioters reportedly tried to seal police precinct door before they allegedly lit a fire
  557. US professor: ‘Psychoactive pill’ should be covertly administered to ensure lockdown compliance
  558. VIDEO: Watch: Paris Set Ablaze as Riots Erupt Following Champions League Football Loss
  559. VIDEO: D.C. Protesters Harass Diners Seated on Patios, Target ‘White Spaces
  560. Left-Wing Protesters Intimidate Diners in Charlotte: ‘White Silence Equals Violence’
  561. 88 Nights of Destruction: Rioters Attempt to Set Police Station Ablaze in Portland
  562. VIDEO: WATCH: Armed Rioters Corner, Fire at Police Vehicle in Wisconsin (Civil war not far away
  563. VIDEO: Riots erupt in Kenosha, Wisconsin after police open fire on black man
  564. VIDEO: New York City is dead and it's not coming back
  565. VIDEO: 3 police officers shot 'were ambushed,' interim chief says
  566. Far-right Proud Boys supporters clashed with Black Lives Matter protesters in Portland
  567. BLM Mob Terrorizes Residential Area (But I thought this was about exposing the POLICE?)
  568. California’s Electric Grid Is Near Collapse
  569. Movers in N.Y.C. are so busy they're turning people away
  570. VIDEO: Murder rate in Baltimore is TEN TIMES the U.S. Average!
  571. Report: 15 Shot Tuesday Alone in Mayor Lightfoot’s Chicago
  572. Greek Police Seize Weapons and Explosives After Raiding Antifa Squat
  573. 'I'm out of here': Chicago police are leaving the force at twice normal rate
  574. Seattle BLM Scuffle Injures Cop, BLM Harass Residents in Their Homes: Give Us Your Money and Your Home
  575. NYC Deli Owner on Stolen ATM: ‘Looting Is in Style,’ Nothing We Can Do
  576. Portland Riots Cause More than 60 Local 911 Calls to Go Unanswered
  577. Minneapolis Police: Vandals Damage 5th Precinct, Shoot Fireworks at Cops
  578. Disney Channel’s ‘The Owl House’ Features Disney’s First Bisexual Lead Character
  579. VIDEO: MSNBC Anchor Tiffany Cross Backs Call for More ‘Unrest in the Streets
  580. Multiple Officers Shot in Texas, Suspect Barricaded in Home
  581. UK: Huge Crowds Ignore Lockdowns to Celebrate Pakistan Independence Day, Attack Police
  582. Flight from the Cities: Home Builder Confidence Soars to Record High
  583. 80 Nights in Portland: Rioters Chant ‘Kill a Cop, Save a Life’ as Two Officers Hospitalized
  584. Over 50 Shot, 7 Fatally, Since Thursday in de Blasio’s New York City
  585. VIDEO: Portland Rioters Drag Man from Car and Beat Him Senseless (No Police)
  586. The 2020 San Francisco exodus is real, and historic, report shows
  587. Court shoots down ban on 'large-capacity magazines' (They're arming citizens for Civil War)
  588. Why American cities are replicating defenses of medieval castles
  589. VIDEO: Rioters Tear Down George Washington Statue at L.A. City Hall
  590. FINALLY - Feds Stepping in to Prosecute Portland Rioters Charged with Crimes as Local DA Stands Down
  591. Portland Rioters Torch Pig Head, American and Trump Flags; Speakers Call for Abolishing Police, Prisons
  592. Night 77: Oregon State Police Withdraw from Federal Courthouse in Portland
  593. VIDEO: Barr: Liberals Will ‘Escape the Consequences’ of Demonizing Police, But Inner City Residents Won’t, ‘That’s Not Caring About Black Lives
  594. 20 Arrests After Rioters Attack Dutch Police with Stones, Fireworks, and Eggs
  595. Portland DA drops charges against Antifa who injure cops
  596. Minneapolis demanded taxes before owners of riot-burned businesses can clean up
  597. Retail and Restaurants Flee Democrat-Run New York Forever
  598. Portland Residents Worry as Protests Spread to Residential Neighborhoods (Tempting Civil War) 
  599. Black Lives Matter Activist Arrested at Portland Riot Released, Will Not Face Charges (This is why the riots won't end)
  600. Unnerving: 'Occupy' radicals now plan 'White House siege'
  601. Protesters met with jeers by crowd with guns in Nevada city
  602. Air Force helicopter shot at from ground while flying over Virginia, crew injured
  603. Residents of Chicago Neighborhood Eject Black Lives Matter Protesters
  604. VIDEO: 21 shot, 1 fatally at Washington DC party
  605. Magnificent Mile Riots, Looting Hit Democrat-Run Chicago
  606. Black Portland Residents ‘Drowned Out’ by Black Lives Matter Protests
  607. Shootings in De Blasio’s NYC on Track to Surpass 2018, 2019 Combined
  608. Report: ‘Major Explosion’ in Baltimore, Children Trapped (Gas lines in most cities are old and rusted!)
  609. Chicago Top Cop: We’re Coming for Looters, over 100 Arrests Already
  610. Protesters March Through Upscale D.C. Residential Area, Banging Pots and Signs Shouting ‘Wake Up!’
  611. New York Gun Purchases Jumped 121 Percent in June
  612. At Least 35 Shot, Four Fatally, over Weekend in Mayor Lightfoot’s Chicago
  613. VIDEO: Barr: U.S. facing new form of 'urban guerrilla warfare' driven by left's 'lust for power'
  614. Gang Member Darius Sutton Participated in Three Shootings After Being Freed Without Bail
  615. NYT: Armed Black Lives Matter, Antifa Activists Terrorized Seattle Small Business Owners
  616. Portland Rioters Throw Paint on Elderly Woman’s Face for Defending Police Station
  617. Police in major U.S. city warn public: Prepare to be robbed, obey criminals
  618. VIDEO: Democrats Refuse to Condemn Antifa in Senate Hearing
  619. Portland reels under BLM-inspired crime wave
  620. 'Mafia tactics': Immigrant restaurant owner accuses BLM of extortion
  621. VIDEO: Burger King employee reportedly murdered after a woman complained about the drive-thru wait time
  622. Portland July 2020 Shootings More than Double One Year Ago  
  623. 34 Shot, 9 Fatally, over Weekend in Mayor Lightfoot’s Chicago  
  624. School and Church Closings, Anti-Police Movement Blow up U.S. Homicide Rate  
  625. Police find van full of spike strips, stun guns, and improvised explosives at riot  
  626. Minneapolis police warn residents to 'be prepared to give up' phones and cash  
  627. VIDEO: Seattle's city council moves to abolish its police department
  628. Riots Continue: Portland Protesters Light Severed Pig Head with Police Hat Ablaze
  629. VIDEO: Gun, ammo sales surging amid coronavirus pandemic, civil unrest: survey
  630. VIDEO: How to remove "COVID 19 Trace you app" from Cell phones
  631. 100 Police Agencies Quit Democratic National Convention over Tear Gas Ban
  632. Black Lives Matter Activists Block Streets, Harass Drivers in DC
  633. AG Barr: Portland Protesters Using ‘Knives, Rifles, and Explosive Devices’
  634. Seattle radio host: Media are 'lying to you' about what's really happening in city
  635. Minneapolis neighborhoods launch watch groups, build barricades
  636. Police called after 300 teenagers erupt into chaos at family fun center
  637. 'This is not a drill': AOC calls out plainclothes officers 'snatching' women into unmarked van in New York
  638. NYPD Under Scrutiny After Videos Show Officers Pulling Protester Into Unmarked Van
  639. America 'staring down the barrel of martial law', Oregon senator warns (As planned)
  640. Democrat Nadler: Weeks of Violent Protests in Portland ‘a Myth’ (He's lying to prevent Trump from sending federal help to stop the riots)
  641. VIDEO: GRAPHIC VULGARITY! The Cities have become as Sodom and Gomorrah
  642. Riots in Democrat-Run Cities in ‘Solidarity’ with Portland
  643. Nolte: Violent Crime Explosion Forces Minneapolis Residents to Form Militias
  644. More Shooting Victims in Minneapolis So Far This Year Than in All of 2019
  645. Over 30 Shot, 10 Killed, as Violence Surges in de Blasio’s NYC
  646. Seattle homeowners fight for right to fix house
  647. Shots ring out after armed militias descend on American heartland city
  648. Donald Trump Expanding Operation Legend to Send Federal Forces to Chicago, Albuquerque
  649. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Grudgingly Accepts Federal Law Enforcement Help
  650. L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti Backs Rioters in Portland: ‘The Best of Our Democratic Ideals’
  651. Sinful Adults Have Portland Toddlers Hold Anti-Cop Signs and Repeat ‘ the Police
  652. Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Deploys (dozens of) Police to Guard Her Home on Night She Orders Removal of Columbus Statue
  653. Gohmert says Democrats should be canceled in Congress
  654. Joni Ernst Urges Trump to Ban Federal Funds for Cities Allowing Anarchy
  655. MASKED POLICE! Miami Enforcing Mandatory Face Coverings with Dedicated Unit
  656. Retired military officers stand with Trump to stop U.S. riots
  657. Flight from the Cities: Existing Home Sales Soar Nearly 21%—A Record Shattering Monthly Jump
  658. Portland Demonstrators Attack Federal Courthouse on Day 55 of Violent Protests
  659. Nearly 200 Officers Apply to Leave Minneapolis Police Force
  660. 14 Wounded in Mass Shooting Outside Chicago Funeral Home as Mayor Lightfoot Publicly Rejects Trump’s Help
  661. VIDEO: Chicago FOP President: Mayor Has ‘Run the Titanic into an Iceberg, Intentionally’ ‘Broken’ Justice System Creating ‘Bloodbath
  662. VIDEO: Watch: Rioters Use ‘Peaceful’ Protests as Cover for Attacks on Chicago Police
  663. Nolte: 8 Reasons Now Is a Good Time to Get Your Concealed Carry Permit
  664. 'Bodies everywhere': Mass shooting at funeral sends at least 14 to hospitals
  665. Christians warned to 'wake up' as churches burn
  666. VIDEO: Shoplifters Steal from Walgreens in San Francisco Unimpeded
  667. VIDEO: Video shows protesters get shipment of bats before Brooklyn Bridge brawl (First it was pallets of bricks, now it's baseball bats)
  668. Government protects Government buildings instead of Citizens buildings
  669. Portland Moms Create ‘Human Shield’ to Protect Protesters from Law Enforcement
  670. VIDEO: Black Lives Matter Protesters Loot Businesses, Set Fires in Seattle
  671. At Least 13 Shot as Fight Breaks Out in Peoria Illinois
  672. VIDEO: Black Woman Pours Paint over NYC’s BLM Mural, ‘Refund the Police'
  673. Berkeley City Council Slashes Police Budget 50% – No More Traffic Stops 
  674. MS-13 gang members charged with terrorism and murder
  675. VIDEO: Teens beat up young mother, kick toddler in the face in extremely disturbing video
  676. Armed bystander ends shooting attack by taking down gunman
  677. AUDIO: NYPD Chief of Department: Police ‘Fearful’ of Being Arrested for Being Proactive
  678. Gavin Newsom Releasing 8,000 Inmates ‘Absolutely Critical for Health and Safety’
  679. Police: North Carolina Officers Swarmed by ‘Hostile Crowd’ of 50 People After Drug Bust
  680. VIDEO: NYPD Cop Placed in Headlock While Trying to Disperse Crowd
  681. One-Year-Old in a Stroller Shot to Death in Mayor de Blasio’s NYC
  682. 60 Shot, at Least 10 Fatally, over Weekend in Mayor Lightfoot’s Chicago
  683. Elites embraced 'orgy of protests' with jubilation
  684. 2 police officers murdered in deadly Texas ambush
  685. Young mother shot in head for saying 'All Lives Matter'
  686. Some Threaten ‘Lethal Force’ to Protect Texas Monument amid Rumors of BLM Protest (Spirit of Civil War is brewing)
  687. VIDEO: Heavily armed black militia marches through suburban city, demands reparations from whites
  688. Shootings Triple in Mayor de Blasio’s NYC
  689. VIDEO: Florida officers laughed after shooting protesters with rubber bullets, video shows
  690. 7 Killed, 24 Wounded in Philadelphia Gun Violence over July 4th Weekend
  691. At Least 70 Shot, 14 Dead by Sunday Night over July 4th Weekend in Chicago
  692. VIDEO: Warning, graphic content: Police search for gunman in fatal Brooklyn shooting 
  693. NYC shootings up 205% since plainclothes unit dropped
  694. Chicago suffers another bloody weekend during Independence Day celebrations
  695. NY County Issues ‘Costly’ Subpoenas to People for Refusing to Talk to Coronavirus Contact Tracers
  696. VIDEO: Black Florida sheriff will deputize every gun owner if rioters bring lawlessness to his county (civil war is prophesied and is coming)
  697. 'Minneapolis effect': Crime spike follows anti-cop push
  698. Violent Demonstrators in Portland Launch Mortars, Damage Federal Courthouse (civil war is prophesied and is coming)
  699. WL Council president asks whether city needs armored truck
  700. VIDEO: Portland Police Retreat Into Precinct Building as Riot Declared 
  701. VIDEO: Protester Allegedly Shoots SUV Driver, Hides Gun, Keeps Protesting
  702. New Zealand gun-crime rate reaches 10-year high despite strict gun control
  703. 11 Shot in Under 12 Hours in Democrat-Controlled NYC
  704. VIDEO: Man Allegedly Shot, Killed Two Chicago Teens Who Asked How Tall He Was
  705. VIDEO: WATCH: Gunman Opens Fire During Louisville Protest
  706. NYPD Detective: Eliminating Undercover Police Officers Will Be ‘Demise’ of NYC
  707. Nearly 300 NYPD Officers File for Retirement as Violent Crime Surges
  708. Nolte: Three Alleged Rioters Charged with ‘Terrorism’ in Oklahoma
  709. VIDEO: Watch: St. Louis Couple Uses AR-15, Pistol to Defend Home from Protesters
  710. Pro-Palestinian Groups in U.S. Call for ‘Day of Rage’ Rallies Against Israel
  711. Blood All Over’ After Another Stabbing in Glasgow, Scotland
  712. Paintballs fired at police at Richmond protest
  713. In letter to Lightfoot, Trump demands end to 'horrors' of Chicago violence
  714. Riots push governors to new levels of 'cowardice, incompetence'
  715. Report: Apple caught China-owned TikTok spying on millions of iPhone users
  716. Council advances plan to dismantle Minneapolis Police Dept
  717. Report: Gun Sales Surging in Minnesota
  718. White Liberals in Minneapolis Vow to Risk Crime Wave to Avoid Calling Police
  719. Bordeaux Night of Violence Sees Seven Stabbings in Two Hours
  720. Khan’s London: Another ‘Street Party’ Devolves Into Riot, Police Attacked Again
  721. VIDEO: D.C. Protesters Invade Restaurant to Demand Recognition of BLM
  722. A Biracial Black Woman Said 4 White Men Sprayed Lighter Fluid on Her and Lit Her on Fire
  723. Portland turned into a 'war zone' as stores are looted
  724. VIDEO: Violent mob ambushes cops, attack with glass as they try to respond to shooting call
  725. Denver public schools unanimously votes to cut ties with city police, removing all school-resource officers
  726. VIDEO: Rudy Giuliani says Black Lives Matter 'wants to come and take your house away from you' in Fox News rant 
  727. At Least 100 Shot over Father’s Day Weekend in Mayor Lightfoot’s Chicago
  728. Orban Shocked by Disorder in Multicultural West: ‘Statues are Being Toppled, Gang Wars Fought In Streets’
  729. 200 Law Enforcement Agencies Across U.S. Hacked, Sensitive Intel Exposed
  730. Report: Shootings Surge After NYPD Disbands Anti-Crime Unit
  731. Social Platform Nextdoor Cancels Feature Allowing Users to Forward Suspicions to Police (They actually had such a program?!)
  732. Police-union official: Seattle's CHOP worse than 'anarchy' of Occupy Wall Street
  733. Roman Catholic Run United Nations comes out in support of Antifa
  734. VIDEO: Shootings over violent weekend leave more than 60 wounded, 9 dead including 3-year-old
  735. D.C. Police Union Survey Shows 71 Percent Are Considering Leaving
  736. Tulsa mayor declares emergency as 'organized groups' plan 'violent behavior' for Trump rally
  737. Montana police families targeted: Vandals spray paint homes, steal blue-line flags
  738. Staggering number of homes just hit the market in Minneapolis (Will this set the stage for an Islamic state in the USA wherein they all seek Sharia Law? Is not their media already primed and ready?) 
  739. Survey: Landslide majority of truckers say they will not deliver to cities that defund police
  740. 'It got ugly': What happened when Black Lives Matter protests came to small town Ohio
  741. Seattle Officials Add Concrete Barriers to CHAZ Protest Zone
  742. VIDEO: Watch: D.C. Shootout Shows How a World Without Cops Would Look
  743. VIDEO: Armed Citizen Shoots After Protesters Allegedly Attack
  744. Major U.S. city to replace police with unarmed social workers
  745. VIDEO: Helpless 92-year-old woman injured after being ruthlessly knocked to the ground in NYC
  746. VIDEO: Reporter on the ground in Seattle details 'anarchy' on the streets
  747. VIDEO: Bronx pawn shop owners violently beaten during looting riots
  748. Seattle Councilwoman Demands Police Permanently Surrender East Precinct Building to CHAZ
  749. CHAZ Protesters Drive out Police Officers
  750. CHAZ Neighbors Hire Private Security Forces
  751. Seattle Police Chief: Cops ‘Not Able to’ Respond to Rapes, Robberies Due to Autonomous Zone
  752. $464 Million: Corporate America Floods Social Justice Causes with Cash Amid Floyd Protests
  753. VIDEO: New undercover video suggests super-rich lefties funding extremists
  754. San Francisco police will no longer respond to noncriminal calls, part of new reforms
  755. VIDEO: Dem candidate says 'So What?' to looting - 'Burn it to the ground if that's what it takes'
  756. VIDEO: The world welcomes its newest country
  757. VIDEO: The new, new normal
  758. Nolte: Democrat-Run Cities Are Doomed
  759. Los Angeles: Homicides Soared 250%, Shootings 56%, During Protest Week
  760. Report: Antifa Seeks Armed Volunteers to Hold Seized Ground in Seattle
  761. VIDEO: Trump may use executive order to address policing: White House
  762. VIDEO: Undercover video shows Antifa wants 'abolition of everything'
  763. Murder toll in Chicago's war zone hits 25 in one weekend
  764. 21 Shot, Six Fatally, over Weekend in Democrat-Controlled St. Louis
  765. Minnesota Freedom Fund Faces Scrutiny for Antifa and Soros Ties, Demands Defunding of Police
  766. 7 People Shot in 6 Hours on Monday in Democrat-Controlled St. Louis
  767. Minneapolis City Council Promises to Abolish the Police; ‘Police-free Future’ (Police free = Military Police)
  768. It begins: N.Y. mayor to suck money from NYPD amid calls to defund police
  769. AOC helping rioters: 'Cover identifying tattoos,' wear heat-resistant gloves
  770. Gun stocks skyrocket as violent riots continue
  771. VIDEO: Looters run wild in Bronx as video shows NYPD officer beaten
  772. POLICE STATE:  VIDEO: Trump says he will use military to put down riots
  773. POLICE STATE:  Democrat in Congress pushes campaign to 'defund police' (Anarchy end result - AS PLANNED)
  774. LL Cool J Releases Violent Pro Riot Rap: ‘That’s Why I Started Fires and Yelled and Threw Bricks’
  775. VIDEO: CNN’s Chris Cuomo Encourage More Riots in Democrat-Run Cities
  776. VIDEO: How’s that Second Amendment Looking Now, Democrats?
  777. POLICE STATE:  82nd Airborne Division Arrives to DC Metro Area with Black Hawks and Chinooks
  778. POLICE STATE:  John Legend, Natalie Portman Other Celebs Sign Letter to Defund Police (No police = Military police)
  779. VIDEO: Mob descends on young man defending store, stone him to a bloody, twisted pulp
  780. Pentagon orders active-duty police units on ready to deploy to Minneapolis: AP
  781. Nolte: You Get What You Vote For and in Democrat-Run Cities You Get Riots
  782. VIDEO: Truck Driver Dragged Out by Massive Mob in Minneapolis
  783. VIDEO: Government gave the protestors a pile of bricks?!
  784. VIDEO: ‘Little Kids’ Loot Liquor Store in Philadelphia
  785. VIDEO: Tanker Truck Drives Through Protesters Crowded on Minneapolis Interstate Highway
  786. VIDEO: Antifa Mob beats and kicks man unconscious for carrying a US flag
  787. VIDEO: US Unrest: Looters raid UPS truck parked in San Jose, California
  788. VIDEOS: Violence in the land: Videos show nationwide chaos
  789. VIDEO: George Floyd protests continue nationwide as hundreds are arrested, cities issue curfews
  790. VIDEO: US Unrest: Looters raid UPS truck parked in San Jose, California
  791. VIDEO: Woman drives vehicle into protesters at George Floyd rally in Denver
  792. VIDEO: Los Angeles mayor declares citywide curfew starting at 8 p.m.
  793. National Guard Activated to Respond to Minneapolis Violence
  794. VIDEO: Police hold a line in Minneapolis amid protests (Military Troops WITH GUNS)
  795. George Floyd protesters set Minneapolis police station afire
  796. Bloodshed in the streets'? Cop suspended for defying lockdown orders
  797. VIDEO: Splitting up Families using Contact Tracing
  798. VIDEO: MTV Airs Ad Showing the Round Up Of American Citizens (Will only happen in Cities)
  799. Murder, Burglary Soars in New York City During Coronavirus Lockdown
  800. 14 Shot in Gun-Controlled Chicago in Just over 24 Hrs
  801. Bp To Turn Smart Cities Into 24/7 Real-time Listening Devices Using Fiber Optic Cables
  802. Rhode Island Authorities Conduct Door-to-Door Checks-ins of New Yorkers Fleeing Coronavirus (Martial law)
  803. Chicago Mayor Defends Freeing Illegal Alien Accused of Child Sexual Assault
  804. Google's Sidewalk Labs signs deal for 'smart city' makeover of Toronto's waterfront
  805. Shocking Survey: Average American Sees 50/50 Chance Of Nuclear Attack On U.S. Soil (They won't waste nukes in rural areas)
  806. VIDEO: Chicago Teens Allegedly Beat Man While Riding Subway Train
  807. VIDEO: Project Veritas—Bernie Sanders Staffer: ‘After We Abolish Landlords, We Don’t Have to Kill Them’
  808. VIDEO: Project Veritas: Bernie Sanders Staffer Talks ‘Plans for Extreme Action… Even if Bernie Is Elected’
  809. VIDEO: Another Bernie organizer calls for 'militancy' to strip power from capitalists
  810. VIDEO: 6 Chinese cities now quarantined as videos of collapsing people circulate
  811. Chicago Woman Diagnosed with China’s Coronavirus
  812. CDC Confirms First U.S. Case of Deadly China Virus
  813. U.S. drinking water widely contaminated with 'forever chemicals': environment watchdog
  814. Possible Case of Chinese Coronavirus Reaches Mexican Border City, Says AMLO
  815. Cops told to ignore Muslim rape gangs and probe 'other ethnicities'
  816. Jerry Falwell will 'call for civil disobedience' if Dems lock in gun control bills
  817. Illinois Sanctuary (Cook) County Frees 1K Criminal Illegal Aliens into U.S. in 2019 (So they can VOTE)
  818. Vermont Lawmakers Propose Bill to Legalize Prostitution
  819. 13 People Were Shot at a Gun Violence Victim's Memorial in Chicago
  820. Nonstop Violence as Baltimore Nears Record Homicide Rate
  821. VIDEO: Get Out of the Cities - The Buy and Sell System
  822. VIDEO: Get out of the Cities & Prepare for the Storm
  823. EPA cites California for 'piles of human feces'
  824. Ninth Illegal Alien in Maryland Sanctuary County Charged with Rape
  825. VIDEO: Residents Protest Sanctuary County: Illegals ‘Engaging in Sadistic Behavior’
  826. 'Sanctuary' county decries reporting on illegal-alien rapes
  827. VIDEO: NYPD Officers Taunted by Public as Suspect Resists Arrest
  828. 7 fatally shot, 34 wounded in Chicago during Labor Day weekend gun violence
  829. Major U.S. city bans Christian agencies from helping kids
  830. VIDEO: NYPD Officers Taunted by Public as Suspect Resists Arrest
  831. 3 NYPD Officers Injured by Cop-Hating Mob in Brooklyn
  832. 28 Shot, 5 Fatally, over Weekend in Chicago
  833. VIDEO: Six Wounded as Gunman Opens Fire in Democrat-Controlled Chicago
  834. Dr. Drew: Los Angeles Faces Imminent Outbreak of Bubonic Plague
  835. Chicago Lawmaker Encourages Constituents to Arm Up for Self-Defense
  836. At Least 41 Shot, 9 Fatally, over Weekend in Gun-Controlled Chicago
  837. WHAT?! Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Bans ICE from Police Database Before Raids
  838. Gun-Controlled Chicago: At Least 66 Shot, 5 Killed, over July 4th Weekend
  839. At least 22 wounded in overnight city shootings
  840. Martial Law in cities is now much closer!
  841. At Least Seven Shot ‘During a Cookout’ in Baltimore
  842. VIDEO: Parents Blame Elementary School’s Cell Tower After 4th Student Diagnosed With Cancer
  843. VIDEO:Murders up 50 percent in NYC
  844. Police: Man Intentionally Plows Car into Family of Eight, Killing Mother
  845. VIDEO: Chicago Is The Most Corrupt American City: Report
  846. Numerous Wounded in Sunday Morning Shooting at Phoenix Hotel
  847. At Least 12 People, Including Police Officer, Shot and Killed in CA Dance Bar
  848. Chicago Prosecutor: 2-Year-Old Killed After Gang Leader Ordered Gunfire During Birthday Party
  849. VIDEO: Harbinger of Civil War
  850. VIDEO: Investigation underway of car explosion caught on camera
  851. VIDEO: Chicago's children caught in the crossfire: Alarming number of minors shot or killed in violence-plagued city
  852. 'It's devastating.' Man shot Sunday was leaving church in Parkland
  853. 'Super Creepy' Spy Program Found In Chicago
  854. Boys 16 and 17 found shot to death in Far South Side field: 'They’re killing the children'
  855. VIDEO: 3 Teens Accused of Strangling, Stabbing 18-Year-Old Before Setting Him on Fire
  856. VIDEO: Father Shot to Death While Mowing Lawn, Family Says
  857. VIDEO: Chicago 'peace picnic' turns violent: 3 people shot, another is beaten
  858. VIDEO: Charlie Kirk 'disgusted' by lack of action in Chicago
  859. Chicago: Police Have Made No Arrests for Weekend’s 70-Plus Shooting Victims
  860. Two Officers Ambushed, Shot While Stopping for Red Light
  861. 9-year-old's lemonade stand robbed by BB gun-toting suspect: Police
  862. VIDEO: 59 shot, eight dead in Chicago since Friday
  863. Mexican Border City Gun Battles Lead to 1169 Stolen Cars in 6 Months, Most Taken by Force
  864. Study: Chicago Named Number One ‘Rat Capital’ in the U.S.
  865. 24 Hours in Gun-Controlled Chicago: 6 Fatally Shot, 10 Wounded
  866. Population migration patterns: US cities Americans are abandoning
  867. NYPD: Bronx Murder Rate Skyrocketing
  868. 42% of voters fear new civil war in U.S.
  869. Up next: 1970s-style bombings, warns progressive
  870. At Least 21 Shot in 14 Hours in Gun-Controlled Chicago
  871. NSA has secret spy hubs in 8 U.S. cities
  872. VIDEO: GRAPHIC: Gangster delivered ‘death blow’ to innocent teen: NYPD
  873. VIDEO: WATCH: Alleged Carjackers in Gunfight with Off-Duty Chicago Cop
  874. Multiple Gunmen Leave Up to 20 Injured at New Jersey Cultural Festival
  875. VIDEO: Somali gang continues to terrorize park – in Maine
  876. VIDEO: Somali gang storms Maine park, beats victims
  877. Chicago celebrates Memorial Day weekend with murder spree
  878. Is it time for martial law in Democrat-run cities?
  879. Death on foot: Pedestrian fatalities skyrocket in U.S.
  880. Dozens of illegals caught in Texas ... after coming from ISIS recruiting grounds
  881. FYI: VIDEO: Bus Driver Caught Watching TV While He Drives
  882. Chicago Police: Elderly Woman Found Pushing Around Dead Body in Shopping Cart
  883. VIDEO: Brain-damaging lead found in tap water in hundreds of homes tested across Chicago, results show
  884. WOW! Sheriff of America’s Deadliest Police Force Caught on Camera Admitting Killing Suspects Is ‘Better Financially’
  885. Chicago Suburb Empowers Police Chief to Confiscate ‘Assault Weapons,’ ‘High Capacity’ Magazines
  886. Border Patrol Agents Refuse To Turn Over Wanted Felons Because Of California’s Sanctuary Laws
  887. Explosion at FedEx facility in Texas probed for connection to Austin bombings
  888. VIDEO: Reward for Austin Bomber Climbs to $115K as Cops Plead for Info
  889. Austin rocked by 3rd explosion in 11 days
  890. Police Warn Austin Residents Not to Open Unexpected Packages After 3 Explosions
  891. VIDEO: Tucker: New normal - Dems side with illegals over Americans
  892. Condo Bans Senior Citizen Bible Study, Christian Music
  893. California Sanctuary City Laws Likely Responsible for 5K Crimes by Released Criminal Illegal Aliens
  894. Sanctuary State California Set Free Illegal Aliens Convicted of Child Sex Crimes, Domestic Abuse, Child Abuse
  895. VIDEO: Cop Fired for Stomping on Head of Man in Handcuffs Gets Job Back Because ... I Don’t Even Know Anymore
  896. GRAPHIC: VIDEO: Elderly man abused by nursing home staff
  897. Police: Shootings at Chicago Gang Member Funerals ‘Out of Control’
  898. VIDEO: Man arrested for attacking woman with chainsaw in Florida
  899. Report: Arrests of Illegal Aliens in Boston Increase by More than 50 Percent in 2017
  900. VIDEO: MS-13 now in 22 states, thanks to DACA
  901. Report: Downtown San Francisco Littered with Drug Needles, Piles of Feces
  902. City imposes death sentence ... on veggie garden
  903. MS-13 Member Arrested after Brandishing AK-47 to Stop Traffic, Say Florida Police
  904. Mexican National Previously Indicted in Two Capital Murders Now Charged in Third Homicide
  905. 212 ICE Immigration Arrests in L.A.: 195 Repeat Offenders, More Than Half Serious or Violent Criminals
  906. 5 reasons you should background check your neighbors
  907. VIDEO: REPORT: DACA ‘Dreamer’ Wanted for Alleged Murder of Texas Store Owner
  908. VIDEO: 'I Love This Sht:' Sheriff Caught On Camera Bragging About Ordered Killing Of Unarmed Driver
  909. Previously Deported Mexican National Convicted of Raping 9-Year-Old Girl in Sanctuary City
  910. Baltimore Cops Kept Toy Guns to Plant Just in Case They Shot an Unarmed Person
  911. VIDEO: Cops killed family’s dog, then made them saw off its head: suit
  912. Enough Fentanyl to Kill Millions Found En Route to U.S. South of Border
  913. Muslim who shot cop for Islam was 'lying in wait'
  914. VIDEO: This police officer aggressively arrested an 18-year-old for putting her foot on a subway seat
  915. VIDEO: A school police officer body slammed a teenage girl while she was in handcuffs
  916. VIDEO: Florida police search for suspect after two IEDs detonate at mall
  917. VIDEO: Police say they've arrested a suspect in the slayings of 9 people in 3 weeks
  918. VIDEO: California couple’s ordinary home held torture chamber
  919. Meet 'pardoned' illegal aliens: Felons, thieves, druggies
  920. VIDEO: U.S. woman stabbed 14 times by Somali explodes police narrative
  921. Baltimore Only Got Half a Day in Before Suffering Its First Murders for 2018
  922. Sadiq’s London: Knife Crime, Gun Crime, Theft, Burglary, Rape, Homicide all MASSIVELY Up
  923. Colorado Sheriff Orders Shelter in Place: ‘Multiple Deputies Down’
  924. SoCal Still Swapping Residents for Aliens at Very Fast Pace
  925. Roman Catholic Jerry Brown Pardons Criminal Aliens to Prevent Deportation
  926. Deputies Fatally Shoot 6-Year-Old In His Home While Firing At Suspect
  927. VIDEO: In Chicago, 'good kid' gunned down while delivering newspapers
  928. 215 Arrested in Texas Anti-Gang Operation
  929. VIDEO: Commissioner Suggests U.N. Send Troops To Fight ‘Quiet Genocide’ Of Gun Violence In Chicago
  930. GRAPHIC-VIDEO: Police officers broke this man's leg during their arrest
  931. Russia, China aggressively expanding nuclear arsenal
  932. Illegal Immigrant Plumber found guilty in slaughter of San Francisco family
  933. ISIS-inspired' terror attack in NYC
  934. VIDEO: NYPD: Akayed Ullah Injured Self, 3 Others with Homemade Bomb
  935. Mormon Church gives $5 million to help resettle refugees in U.S.
  936. VIDEO: After Steinle verdict, rep unveils bill to imprison officials who shelter illegal immigrants
  937. Gun-Controlled Chicago Passes 600 Homicides for 2nd Time Since 2003
  938. City threatens grandfather for reading Bible without a permit
  939. VIDEO: Mall of America 'looks like Somalia'
  940. Somali charged in bloody stabbing at Mall of America
  941. Gun-Controlled Chicago Nearing 600 Homicides for 2nd Time Since 2003
  942. VIDEO: Europe's supercharged antifa coming to America
  943. Eight Dead After Muslim Truck Driver Runs Down Pedestrians in NYC
  944. VIDEO: 'Teens' attack another random victim in Baltimore
  945. VIDEO: Watch: Bystanders Rob, Take Pictures of Woman After She Gets Knocked Out
  946. Former Baltimore Police Detective Admits to Invading Homes, Robbing Citizens on the Job
  947. California city asserts right to search residence without warrant
  948. VIDEO: 3 killings in 11 days 'terrorizing' Tampa neighborhood, police say
  949. VIDEO: Manhunt underway after 3 killed at Maryland office shooting
  950.  Beloved Math Teacher Killed During Chicago Gang Violence
  951. ICE Promises Raids of Homes, Businesses in Sanctuary California
  952. California Hepatitis A Outbreak on Verge of Statewide Epidemic
  953. Gun controlled London Experiencing Surging Gun Crime Problem
  954. VIDEO: Terrifying Surveillance Video Captures Thieves Roaming Through Home with Guns Drawn
  955. VIDEO: Vicious sucker punch caught on video in Texas
  956. VIDEO: Over 50 dead, 400 injured in Las Vegas after deadliest shooting in modern US history
  957. VIDEO: Suspect in Canada terror attack is Somali refugee, police say
  958. VIDEO: Family Attacked By Teens Who Cut In Line At Six Flags “Fright Fest”
  959. How do we survive?': fearful Californians prepare for nuclear attack
  960. San Diego Hepatitis Outbreak Spreads To Los Angeles
  961. Leaked Images Show Armed Mexican Cartel Smugglers Crossing into U.S., Feds Confirm
  962. Mexico Sends Top Official to California Help Illegal Aliens Avoid Deportation
  963. Gun-Controlled Chicago: At Least 45 Shot, Seven Killed over Labor Day Weekend
  964. Mandatory Evacuation Orders Issued for Florida Keys Ahead of 185 MPH Hurricane Irma
  965. Violent Mob Forces Police to Shut Down ‘Patriot Picnic’ at Chicano Park
  966. VIDEO: This is how fearful have become of Police
  967. Look for Military Drones to Begin Replacing Police Helicopters by 2025
  968. No-go zones' brewing in U.S., author warns
  969. DREAMer Amnesty Would Risk Protecting Gang Members, Says Expert
  970. Santa Rosa Police Release Illegal Alien from Custody; Kills Girlfriend Two Weeks Later
  971. 'You will see riots': U.S. told to brace for 'messy' campus unrest
  972. VIDEO: New York Man Stabbed to Death While Walking With His Wife
  973. Volunteer grave diggers: Canadian government asks funeral homes to prep for pandemic
  974. Easy meat': Mass-rape of white girls by Muslim gang
  975. ICE Busts 36 Sex Offender Criminal Aliens in Sanctuary City
  976. VIDEO: GRAPHIC: Gang of Teens Beat Man after Asking to Not Smoke Pot on Train
  977. Go ahead: Spy on your Neighbors
  978. Gun-Controlled Chicago Exceeds 400 Homicides in 2017
  979. VIDEO: Vicious consequences of illegal immigration
  980. Raw-meat eating Somali 'refugee' terrorizes townspeople (in Minnesota) with knife threats
  981. Illegal Alien Allegedly Burns Apartments for Revenge, 130 Left Homeless
  982. Illegal Alien Arrested for Allegedly Raping 12-Year-Old Girl ‘Multiple Times’ over a Year
  983. Surge of Raccoon attacks on People
  984. Hellraiser: Something wicked creeping into US Homes
  985. Cops Worry Phoenix PD Sanctuary Policy Change Will Lead to Explosion of Violence
  986. In Chicago, women worried about violence join gun club
  987. U.S. House rejects plan to identify the enemy
  988. Police: Flash Mob of 500 Teens Throw Bottles, Taunt Officers in Philadelphia
  989. Is your water supply safe from terrorists?
  990. BIG LIST of 86 horrific illegal-alien crimes
  991. Chicago’s Murder Rate Was Even Higher During Handgun Ban
  992. London: Teen Arrested After Five Acid Attacks in 84 Minutes
  993. Cops can't find any of these violent Muslim migrants in U.S.
  994. VIDEO: oliday weekend leaves more than 100 gunfire victims in Chicago
  995. Repeat Deportee ‘Upset with Women,’ Runs Over 3
  996. Clarion: Jihadi Cult Associate Arrested in NY With Firearms Stockpile
  997. 10 injured after taxi hits pedestrians in East Boston
  998. VIDEO: Police find 'rare' meth lab at home in Fayetteville neighborhood
  999. Father, teen son choke kidnapper, shoot him 5 times during attempted robbery
  1000. VIDEO: Illegal teens accused in violent rape, home invasion
  1001. VIDEO: GRAPHIC! Tourists brutally beaten on New Orleans street
  1002. Sanctuary Cities Protecting MS-13 Gang Members from Deportation, Says ICE
  1003. Left's 10 worst responses to shooting of congressman
  1004. Bloodshed is coming to America
  1005. 2017: Right Splits over Civil Disobedience, Left Splits over Political Violence
  1006. Congressman on Hodgkinson’s Hit List Warns of Rise of ‘Militant Left’ in U.S. Politics
  1007. FBI: 33,000 Criminal Gangs, 1.4 Million Members Active in U.S.
  1008. VIDEO: Something’s wrong when the law-abiding are afraid of police
  1009. 4 dead at UPS shooting
  1010. 12 Injured After Molotov Cocktail Explodes in Paris Restaurant
  1011. Police Discover Man’s Severed Head on Home’s Front Porch
  1012. VIDEO: Disturbing video captures police allegedly beating and kicking man escaping from car wreck
  1013. Previously Deported Illegal Alien Convicted of Raping 15-Year-Old
  1014. VIDEO: 50 Killed in Month As Cartel Violence Rages near Texas
  1015. U.S. schools 'bowing' to Islam during Ramadan
  1016. VIDEO: Breaking: 5 killed in shooting near Orlando; shooter also dead, sheriff's office says
  1017. VIDEO: Creep strikes 91-year-old man in head with cane in Manhattan
  1018. 'Act of Terror’ as Van Hits Pedestrians in London Bridge, Stabbings, Multiple Injuries
  1019. Anti-Shariah rallies planned for 28 U.S. cities June 10
  1020. VIDEO: 16-year-old girl accused of killing Uber driver
  1021. Watchdog Claims 5K Noncitizens Registered to Vote in Virginia
  1022. Gun-Controlled Chicago: 49 Shot, Six Killed Over Memorial Day Weekend
  1023. VIDEO: Water pipe bursts underground in Kiev, creates huge explosion
  1024. Police say eight people are dead, including deputy sheriff, after shooting in Mississippi; suspect in custody
  1025. VIDEO: Police: Neo-Nazi converts to Islam, kills roommates who don't approve
  1026. Minnesota Muslim released despite grenade, bomb materials found
  1027. GRAPHIC VIDEO: Berkeley Police Arrest Local Professor for Allegedly Beating Trump Supporters with Bike Lock
  1028. VIDEO: MS-13 Extorting Sanctuary City Businesses, Say Police
  1029. VIDEO: ‘Let’s Not Lie to Ourselves’ — Violent Threat Today Comes From the Progressive Left
  1030. Living in cities 'puts teens at greater risk of psychotic experiences'  
  1031. VIDEO: 12-Year-Old Girl Abducted by Teen Boys In 'Imminent Danger
  1032. VIDEO: Body of Orange man, 24, with gunshot wound found on front lawn of Tustin home
  1033. Republicans Facing Violence, Death Threats From Left-Wing Activists
  1034. Police: Three Teens Stole Car, Killing 6-Year-Old Boy in Back Seat
  1035. Speeding Vehicle Strikes Pedestrians in New York City’s Times Square
  1036. VIDEO: GRAPHIC: Times Square maniac 'wanted to kill' people
  1037. Caught! Minnesota Muslims with 'bomb-making devices' in car
  1038. Illegal Alien Kills High School Senior Before Graduation, Says Prosecutor
  1039. More Than ‘Chaos’: Terror Ties Make Venezuela Direct Threat to USA, Former UN Security Council President Says
  1040. Gun-Controlled Chicago: At Least 15 Wounded, Six Killed over Weekend
  1041. VIDEO: Whites banned from cafe designated as nonwhite 'sanctuary'
  1042. VIDEO: Woman charged with murder after CPD officer's daughter rammed into tree by SUV
  1043. VIDEO: 13-Year-Old Girl Kidnapped, Sexually Assaulted While Waiting for Bus: Police
  1044. VIDEO: Suspect arrested in case of 9 random street shootings in Phoenix
  1045. VIDEO: Street Vendor Beaten in Vicious Attack Caught on Video
  1046. FYI: ISIS to Jihadists: Use Fake Apartment, Job, Craigslist Ads to Lure Hostage, Murder Victims
  1047. VIDEO: 'Hero' stopped mass murder by crazed bar patron who was armed to the teeth, police say
  1048. VIDEO: Multiple deaths, injuries reported after SUV plows into crowd at Massachusetts auto auction
  1049. Police set ablaze at May Day demos and more: May 1 in photos
  1050. FYI: TSA Report Warns Against Truck Ramming Attacks By Terrorists in USA
  1051. VIDEO: Woman killed, 7 injured in shooting at San Diego apartment complex
  1052. VIDEO: San Francisco grid failure offers preview of EMP threat
  1053. PICS: Anti-Le Pen Riots in Paris, Police Attacked
  1054. Seven Police Officers Shot, Killed in Detroit Since September
  1055. Gun-Controlled Chicago: Over 1,000 Shooting Victims This Year
  1056. VIDEO: Foul Mouthed Homosexual School Principle Attacks Freespeech of Christians on Camera
  1057. 2% of counties have more than 1/2 nation's homicides
  1058. Gun Ownership, Shooting Classes Surge Among Black Women
  1059. 1,000 shot in Chicago so far this year
  1060. VIDEO: Deputies ID wanted man accused of sexually assaulting sleeping girl in Milwaukie area
  1061. More Than 200 MS-13 Members Reside in Long Island, FBI Says
  1062. VIDEO: How Federal Agencies Keep Americans in the Dark About Crime Statistics
  1063. VIDEO: Alarming trend turning U.S. streets into war zones
  1064. Mexico's unrelenting violence is climbing to new highs
  1065. 'Terror' again! 'ISIS fighter' with AK-47 shoots cops in Paris
  1066. VIDEO: Man sets stranger on fire in Denny's
  1067. Illegal Alien Charged for Alleged Rape, Murder of Sanctuary City Woman
  1068. VIDEO: Coulter Calls Out ‘Beta Males’ for Threatening ‘Rodney King Riots’ Over Berkeley Speech
  1069. Seattle Doling Legal Aid for Illegal Aliens
  1070. Illegal Immigrant Accused of Repeatedly Raping, Kidnapping Autistic Woman
  1071. VIDEO: Shooter targets random white men on Fresno streets; kills 3
  1072. VIDEO: Heavily armed Muslim warns U.S. public: 'Be terrified'
  1073. VIDEO: Mob beats unconscious man on Detroit street
  1074. Easter Day Slaughter’ – Cleveland Police: Suspect Steve Stephens Shot and Killed Man on Facebook Live
  1075. Easter Weekend Carnage in Chicago: 29 People Shot in Less Than 18 Hours
  1076. Massacre of New York Teens Tied to Central American MS-13 Gang
  1077. CARTEL TERROR: Gunmen Open Fire on Crowd in Mexican Resort Town
  1078. VIDEO: Islam's 'manufactured refugee crisis' revealed
  1079. VIDEO: Search for suspect in Facebook homicide video widens to 5 states
  1080. VIDEO: Girl narrowly escapes gunfire at barbershop 
  1081. Shariah cop' cracks down on Minnesota Muslims
  1082. Federal immigration arrests double, 61% are non-citizens
  1083. Data in! Sanctuary cities have higher crime rates
  1084. Boy, two, and parents suffer burns after acid attack in north London
  1085. 163 Syrian 'refugees' entered U.S. in last 6 days, all Muslim
  1086. Sweden Attack: Truck Mows Down Pedestrians in Stockholm Three Dead Shots Fired
  1087. Sanctuary Cities Release 65 Criminal Aliens Wanted by ICE
  1088. VIDEO: WOW! Riders ignore woman with head trapped between subway doors
  1089. Sick of fancy white people,' woman goes on bloody rampage
  1090. Town where Muslims assaulted 5-year-old wants more refugees
  1091. Nine Dead After Explosion on Saint Petersburg Metro
  1092. Rahm Emanuel Invents New ID to Ensure Illegals Get Their Welfare
  1093. Mother and son who 'gave shelter to homeless man' stabbed to death at family home
  1094. Sanctuary cities free 253 illegal-alien criminals in 2 weeks
  1095. VIDEO: Disturbing video of apparent overdose in Maple Heights goes viral
  1096. VIDEO: Violent Home Invasion Caught on Camera'
  1097. VIDEO: Capitol Hill: Shots Fired Outside Rayburn Building
  1098. AUDIO: Thomas Hodgson: Arrest Officials from Sanctuary Cities; ‘This Is All About Following Our Laws’
  1099. Chgo Mayor defines Federal Law and Welcomes Illegal Immigrants to Chicago
  1100. VIDEO: Cincinnati nightclub shooting: 1 dead, 15 people injured
  1101. VIDEO: Israeli-American teen arrested for threats against Jewish centers
  1102. Illegal deported 4 times charged in sex attack on girl, 2
  1103. 'High alert is the new normal for America & Europe' (Expert panel)
  1104. Westminster Attack Victim Aysha Frade ‘Was Picking Up Her Children from School’ when Terrorist Took Her Life
  1105. VIDEO: London attack: 1 dead, at least 10 injured in Westminster Bridge ‘terror’ incident
  1106. Police: Grand Forks man told 911 dispatchers he supports ISIS
  1107. Sanctuary policies 'led to' brutal, bathroom rape of 14-year-old schoolgirl
  1108. VIDEO: Man shot 6 times in groin walking to Cook County courthouse, police say
  1109. Swedish Police In Trollhattan Attacked by ‘Youths’
  1110. Trump Publishes 1st List of ‘Sanctuary Cities’ Protecting Illegal Aliens
  1111. Two Rockville High students (illegals) arrested for allegedly raping classmate at school
  1112. Six out of 10 People in France ‘Don’t Feel Safe Anywhere’
  1113. VIDEO: Group of brutes pummel man for offering to pay for their meal at Brooklyn restaurant
  1114. VIDEO: Woman Brutally Attacked by Man in Ladies Bathroom
  1115. Anger After Unvetted Migrants Hired To Walk Children To School
  1116. VIDEO: 'South Asian’ Men Break Woman’s Nose in Anti-White Race Hate Attack
  1117. Fresh Bomb Threats Target Jewish Centers in U.S., Canada
  1118. Carjacker Murders Motorist in front of his family Because He Couldn’t Steal Car with Stick Shift
  1119. FYI: VIDEO: Cops Try to Bully Uber Driver, Find Out He’s a Lawyer Who Actually Knows His Rights
  1120. VIDEO: Huntington Beach Police Kill Homeless Man At Kids Soccer Practice
  1121. VIDEO: Court removes South Korean president, sparking deadly protests
  1122. Suspected Car Bomb Explodes in Swedish Capital Stockholm
  1123. The root cause of America's new civil war
  1124. Florida Mom-of-Two Slain in ‘Nightmare’ Killing Spree was Shot in Front of Her Toddler Son
  1125. VIDEO: Kansas City Drive-By Shooting Caught on Dash Cam
  1126. Gangs reap guns from trains in violent Chicago neighborhoods
  1127. CIVIL WAR II
  1128. Police investigate series of random acid attacks on women in Berlin
  1129. Car drives into crowd at Mardis Gras parade in Alabama, 12 injured
  1130. Chicago Ends February Well Ahead of Violence Over Last Year with Another Four Dead, 10 Wounded
  1131. VIDEO: Chicago police arrest 81 in overnight raids, mostly for drug and weapons offenses
  1132. Judge says women can go topless in Colorado town
  1133. Chicago Has Deadliest Day of 2017, Seven Killed, Including Pregnant Woman
  1134. Utah Teens Allegedly Left 14-Year-Old for Dead After Shooting Her in the Head and Robbing Her
  1135. VIDEO: On MAJOR reason to get out of the cities
  1136. San Jose: Floods Force 14,000 to Evacuate
  1137. VIDEO: French Police Flee Armed Mob as Week-Long Paris Riots Spread to City Centre
  1138. Police body cameras to get high-tech 'AI' makeover
  1139. VIDEO: 11 killed, 11 wounded in 48 hours in Chicago shootings
  1140. VIDEO: Chicago gang members say more police won't stop the murders
  1141. VIDEO: Daytona veteran beaten up for trying to save turtle's life, police say
  1142. Chicago War Zone: 2-Year-Old Killed in ‘Targeted’ Triple Shooting
  1143. Grandmother of Chicago girl shot in head says she's 'fighting for her life at 11 years old'
  1144. Tech billionaires reportedly stock up on ‘apocalypse insurance’
  1145. Economist: Nation’s Murder Rate Rising at Fastest Pace in Almost 50 Years
  1146. Prospect Park mayor declares borough immigrant sanctuary
  1147. VIDEO: Dallas Homeowner Fights Off Home Invasion
  1148. ATF Permanently Relocating More Agents to Violence-Plagued Chicago
  1149. 80-Year-Old Grandmother of 15 Dies While Pushing Neighbor to Safety in Hit-And-Run
  1150. Man tosses explosive device into crowded Southern California restaurant
  1151. VIDEO: Clashes erupt in Bucharest following enormous anti-corruption rally
  1152. Iran confirms new missile test, says it does not violate nuclear deal
  1153. China Tests Missile With 10 Warheads
  1154. Shootings in New Orleans Over 100 Percent Higher Than 2016
  1155. Trump Doll Hanging by a Noose at Indiana Home Unsettles Residents
  1156. A 58-story skyscraper in San Francisco is tilting and sinking — but the city says it's safe to live in
  1157. Video shows Chicago cops rushing gangway as more than 25 shots fired: 'Watch the crossfire
  1158. VIDEO: Calif. To Consider Enacting Statewide Sanctuary
  1159. NYC Mayor de Blasio blasted over drunk-driving comment
  1160. Cincinnati Mayor: We Are Now a Sanctuary City
  1161. VIDEO: NYC Mayor DeBlasio: OK to Shield Illegal Alien Drunk Drivers from Deportation
  1162. VIDEO: Bodycam footage shows Texas officer wrestling woman, daughter
  1163. Six Wounded, Two Seriously, as Gunfire Erupts at Chicago Memorial for Gun Victims
  1164. Gun-Controlled Chicago: Shootings, Murder Higher than this Time Last Year
  1165. Pleasanton police warn public about teen ‘Assassin’ game
  1166. Highly drug-resistant TB spreading person to person: study
  1167. Deception employed' to build new Islamic Center
  1168. GRAPHIC: Five Shot in Mexican Border State High School
  1169. Tourists Flee ‘Nightmare’ Paris Amidst Rising Theft, Assaults, Terror
  1170. VIDEO: Six Teens Beat Up Woman on NY Train for Looking At Them with Displeasure, Police Say
  1171. FBI: Major Cities Hit by 21.6 Percent Spike in Murders
  1172. Obama’s DOJ: Chicago Police Use Unconstitutional, ‘Excessive’ Force
  1173. VIDEO: U.S. immigration officials OK with fake passports
  1174. DHS insider describes 'large hole' in how cops deal with terror
  1175. Chicago torture could eventually lead to race war, says author
  1176. Four Suspects in Gang-Related Murder Case Are Illegals
  1177. Video emerges of Florida airport gunman opening fire
  1178. Chicago's gang violence catches highway drivers in crossfire
  1179. Lock and load: Europeans pack heat as Muslim violence surges
  1180. 3 men decapitated, 2 more slain in Acapulco over New Year's
  1181. VIDEO: Is left plotting violent anti-American revolution?
  1182. 2016 Closes With 140 Cops Being Killed in the Line of Duty
  1183. Gun-Controlled Chicago Ends 2016 with Nearly 800 Homicides for the Year
  1184. Istanbul nightclub ‘Santa attack’ kills 35
  1185. VIDEO: Uber Driver Saves 16-Year-Old Girl From Sex Trafficking
  1186. VIDEO: Police Suspect Social Media in Mall Violence in at Least 9 States
  1187. Gun-Controlled Chicago Fast-Approaching 800 Homicides for 2016
  1188. Report: Homicides, Violent Crime Rose Again in Major Cities in 2016
  1189. Chicago Gun Violence So High It Is Skewing National Murder Figures
  1190. Chinese Lawyers Sue Government over Smog ‘Airpocalypse
  1191. Unarmed 73-Year-Old California Man Killed by Police Was Shot 5 Times: Autopsy
  1192. Christmas Market Targeted With Nail Bomb by Boy, 12: German Officials
  1193. Police: Suspects in Violent Robbery as Young as 8-Years-Old
  1194. VIDEO: Quick-thinking 11-year-old boy helps foil girl's kidnapping
  1195. VIDEO: Police officer shot in north Nashville; Suspected gunman found dead
  1196. More violence feared as officer's trial ends without verdict
  1197. VIDEO: 6 days, 6 Georgia officers shot
  1198. VIDEO: Leaning San Francisco Tower Seen Sinking From Space
  1199. Girl, 8, Sexually Assaulted and Murdered After Being Abducted from Front Porch While She Waited for Church Bus
  1200. I Hate White People!’: Shocking Train Attack in NYC
  1201. Pair charged in explosive device at elementary school; planned to shoot cops, start race war
  1202. VIDEO: Just another reason to get out of the cities
  1203. VIDEO: US says Russian deployment of missiles 'destabilizing' to Europe
  1204. VIDEO: 4 cops shot in 3 states during bloody Sunday for police nationwide
  1205. VIDEO: Arizona Road Rage Incident Leads to Woman's Chilling 911 Call
  1206. Robbery of Bucks pizza shop ends in gunfire; one suspect killed, the other wounded
  1207. VIDEO: Anti-Trump protesters march for 3rd night; Portland police call it a 'riot'
  1208. VIDEO: Canonsburg police officer killed in 'ambush;' suspect, pregnant wife found dead
  1209. VIDEO: 5 people shot in downtown Seattle; search for shooter continues
  1210. VIDEO: ‘People Have to Die’: Anti-Trump Protester Calls For Violence on CNN
  1211. VIDEO: NYPD Sergeant Fatally Shot in Head, Another Wounded: Officials
  1212. POLICE STATES USA: Department of Justice Awards $119 Million to Hire Community Policing Officers
  1213. VIDEO: Chicago Crime: October was 2nd deadliest month of 2016, police say
  1214. Leaked FBI Data Reveal 7,700 Terrorist Encounters in USA in One Year; Border States Most Targeted
  1215. War on cops continues – 3 shot, 2 dead in Palm Springs
  1216. FBI: Minnesota mall attacker newly interested in Islam
  1217. VIDEO: Rivers of blood: Streets in Bangladesh turn red after Eid sacrifices
  1218. VIDEO: Woman settles with Target over horrific shopping-cart toss
  1219. VIDEO: People laugh and mock people that OD on heroin
  1220. Special-needs boy, 10, doused with gas, set on fire in Texas town
  1221. ISIS Calls for Random Knife Attacks in Alleys, Forests, Beaches, 'Quiet Neighborhoods'
  1222. VIDEO: WW II vet, 91, beaten to death, set on fire
  1223. VIDEO: Father of three fatally shot in head protecting family in Texas
  1224. Gun sales set records in September
  1225. They Keep Finding Bodies’: Gang Violence in Long Island Town Fuels Immigration Debate
  1226. Shootings erupt in downtown Minneapolis, 6 hit
  1227. Illegal charged in double murder deported 3 times
  1228. VIDEO: Police: Teen shooter killed dad before school rampage
  1229. Felons in county jails to be allowed to vote in California elections
  1230. Mall shooter not a U.S. citizen – voted in 3 elections
  1231. VIDEO: GRAPHIC: Body cam video released from officer-involved shooting that killed 6-year-old
  1232. VIDEO: Woman dragged by car after fight over Walmart gift card
  1233. VIDEO: 'Kill white people' graffiti on roads, yards
  1234. VIDEO: Transcripts of Orlando shooter's conversation with police reveal ISIS influence
  1235. U.S. murders up 11% in biggest spike since 1971
  1236. AUDIO: Retired cop: 'Facts don't matter' to 'berserk' rioters
  1237. Limbaugh: Riots the new normal under 1st black president
  1238. VIDEO: North Carolina governor declares state of emergency in Charlotte 
  1239. Massachusetts Supremes give blacks green light to flee cops
  1240. Bachmann: Minnesota learns no lessons from mall attack


"The time is near when the large cities will be visited by the judgments of God. In a little while, these cities will be terribly shaken. No matter how large or how strong their buildings, no matter how many safeguards against fire may have been provided, let God touch these buildings, and in a few minutes or a few hours they are in ruins.  {CL 7.2} The ungodly cities of our world are to be swept away by the besom of destruction. In the calamities that are now befalling immense buildings and large portions of cities, God is showing us what will come upon the whole earth.--Testimonies, vol. 7, pp. 82, 83. (1902)  {CL 7.3} (click here for more info on this)

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