Testimony regarding the Antichrist FLASH animation

I received this email on October 31, 2005 at 8:43pm from a Catholic that was blessed by the FLASH animation exposing the Pope. I immediately emailed Mary back to ask permission to post this testimony online. She agreed as long as her last name be left out of the testimony due to loved ones still trapped in Rome. Below is her unedited testimony.


Country : USA
name : Mary K.
State : CA
email : xxxxx@xxx.xxx

Comments : I want to begin by saying that until October 22, 2005, when I became a Born again, Bible believing Christian, I had practiced Catholicism for the first 45 years of my life. My first real experience with \"God\" came at the age of 15 when I was suddenly healed of scoliosis. After enduring almost 4 years of chronic nausea caused by a 45 degree curvature of the spine, it was recommended that I make a novena to Jacinta - one of the 3 children I was told our lady had appeared to at Fatima.


In my desperate state, I fervently prayed the novena; placing all my trust in the \"intercession\" of Jacinta. Soon after I made the novena, my doctors wanted one more set of x-rays before I was to be fitted for a brace. When I returned with my mother for the results, after the doctor had clicked on the light to view the x-rays, he said, \"Something\'s wrong.\" I knew at that moment I was healed; otherwise, he would have said what I had heard a number of times before: \"Your curvature is only getting worse.\" I was in shock when he pronounced his next words, \"This is supernatural - you have a perfect spine!\"

Obviously, I was euphoric, and thanked Jacinta for her prayers on my behalf. The most amazing thing to me was that for the first time in nearly 4 years the severe nausea was gone!

Well, my mother asked for copies of my x-rays to submit to the priest in Portugal handling Jacinta\'s cause for Beatification. My doctor said he would be more than happy to supply them.


Before I continue, I want to say this: After 30 years, there has still been no recurrence of my former illness. That said, the reason I wanted to begin my testimony with the story of my miracle cure was to point out only one of the many ways Satan uses miracles to keep Catholics within the fold. This isn\'t easy for me to talk about; however, I know there are millions of Catholics who are deceived into thinking every miracle must be from God. They fail to realize that our Lord only permits the devil to work miracles, that is, allows him to deceive us this way, because of the acceleration of sin in the world. Satan wouldn\'t have such power otherwise.

Another one of his \"miracles\" to keep Catholics in their church are the bleeding hosts referred to as Eucharistic Miracles. The most famous one at Lanciano, Italy, has undergone thorough scientific testing. The results: The flesh is real flesh; the blood is real blood; the flesh consists of the muscular tissue of the heart; and both the flesh and blood belong to the same blood type-AB. With results like this, that I am not discounting, what Catholic wouldn\'t believe in the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist? Right? WRONG! Unless a Catholic has studied Mystical Theology, he probably wouldn\'t know that the devil can produce matter - in this case, a red liquid with the seeming properties of human blood. Even the acclaimed \"stigmatist\", Fr. Gino Burresi, had the blood from his stigmata tested and the results were found \"to be of human origin\". However, he was recently stripped of his priestly faculties after being found guilty of the crime of solicitation of seminarians among other things. This is the same Fr. Gino who brought many lapsed Catholics back to the faith through his \"gift of reading souls\". Once he got the penitent in the confessional, he would name all the sins that person ever committed with such accuracy, that everyone assumed he must be a holy man of God. Of course, Satan would have this knowledge since he can see the sins we are engaging in.


Interestingly enough, it was the study of Catholic Mystical Theology while still a Catholic that alerted me to these and other deceptive miracles in that church. I realized I was relying too much on miracles rather than the Word of God to \"prove\" to me I belonged to Christ\'s true Church. Without the miracles, all I was left with was a Bible that always seemed to me to support the Protestant position. Could I have been wrong all these years? It wasn\'t until I viewed the Antichrist Slideshow on this Web site that I was certain the Catholic church could not possibly be Christ\'s true Church - it was pagan to the core! What an eye opener that was for me; I was stunned to say the least!


Not only did I renounce all ties to this ancient pagan religion, but as soon as I clearly understood the concept of being Born again, I accepted Jesus as my personal Lord and savior. I will never be able to thank the Holy Spirit enough for the graces He gave me in leading me out of this pagan cult. I feel an awesome sense of gratitude and freedom! May He be praised forever!

Mary K.


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