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Current Events in Prophecy

Updated - 09-22-14


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UPDATED 09-16-14

Consider the ant -Proverbs 6:6 * Scientific study backs intelligent design * VIDEO: China boy run over by car, stands up, walks away * VIDEO: Greer postman comes to aid of choking child * 9-year old boy thanks God after fighting off 400 pound alligator * VIDEO: Watch Fearless Trucker Save the Day After Fiery Highway CrashVIDEO: Officer saves choking woman's life * VIDEO: Mind the gap: Commuters push train to save trapped man in Perth, Australia Texas abortion rate plunges with new law * Appeals court deals huge blow to Obamacare * Elephant chained for 50 years 'cries' when freed * 60 seconds that will change how you think * 'Dead' three-year-old girl wakes up in coffin at her own funeral in Philippines * How to stop a nightmare * Logan the "Sky Angel Cowboy" * This abandoned dog took a four mile trip every night, so they followed her... * Supremes hand huge victory to pro-lifers * ...MORE TO COME



Jesus didn't die for our sins?!  Pope blames Bible Christians for Terrorism!  Israeli Leader Fulfills Antichrist Prophecy! Joel Osteen's Wife Confirms Prophecy Fulfilled! A Cure for Ebola!-2  A Cure for Ebola!  Pope asks all to deny Christ!  URGENT Prophetic Events Execution by Guillotine in USA  Islam in Christian Prophecy Roman Blessings for the Pedophiles  Cashless Society SOON Vatican asks Catholics to break US law!  Jesuits granted global power to kill "true believers Vatican cooks up false prophecies AGAIN Mary Worship Destroying Europe Homosexual flag hoisted above US embassy in Israel Why we left Babylon  Islam victor over USA and Vatican Vatican, Hitler, USA and Islam Current Events in Prophecy part 1 Current Events in Prophecy part 2 Rome readying for Sunday Laws Is the SDA church the Remnant? Is the Holy Spirit a Person?   Vatican cross crushes man to death! Sharia coming to America? Blood Red Moon Prophecy Congress & Pope agree on Religious Law!  Mortal wound is Healed!  Sunday Laws and Obamacare  Satanism practiced by Pope  Man of sin's prophesied task   Martial Law coming soon! Pope created UFO movement  Guillotines in Obamacare?!!  Ten toes of Daniel lining up!  Ten toes line up accelerating   CNN claims Sunday is 7th day  Pope to address Congress! The Popes and 666  Vatican doing as Dan.11:45 predicted!  SDA Pastor to be Atheist for 1 year!   Rome's homosexual agenda  Rabbi sets stage for Antichrist! Angel of light at Promise Keepers?  501c3 = Image of the beast  Homosexual marriage 


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