Lawmakers Put an End to Sunday Shopping

The National Assembly has voted in favour of legislative changes that demand the closure of shops on Sundays. The lawmakers decided unanimously, with 63 votes, to implement the will of the Slovenian voters, who decided at a referendum last September that shops should be closed on Sunday, bar a few exceptions.

MPs had to revise the changes somewhat after the parliament's legal service established that the initial proposal had distanced itself too far from the outcome of the referendum.

By adopting the bill of changes to the trading act,
the National Assembly set down that as of 15 September shops have to be closed on Sunday.

Shops with "essential food products" are an exception, as they will be permitted to open ten Sundays a year. Moreover, there will be no limits for shops at petrol stations, hospitals, hotels, airports, border crossings, train and bus stations of area not exceeding 80 sq. metres.

Debating the issue, the senior coalition Liberal Democracy (LDS) was the most sceptical about the bill, questioning the decision to close shops on Sunday, which it believes goes against modern consumer trends in Europe. -Source: Slovene Press Agency STA

For all those that STILL scoff and say Sunday Laws will never come to be. You ignored the "blue laws" of Roman Catholic president John F. Kennedy in 1962. You ignored the US Government when they started forcing all car dealers from buying and selling on Sundays back in the 1980's. You ignored the laws in Rhode Island that prohibit work on Sundays without a work permit as of January 1, 1999. You ignored the Sunday laws in Tutamonga Africa in 2000. You ignore the fact that Virginia passed laws "by mistake" in June of 2004 that prohibit buying and selling on Sundays, and now September 15 you have yet another opportunity to ignore prophetic fact again!?

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