Robert Reich: God worse than terrorism
Ex-Clinton labor secretary has problem with those who believe in higher authority

Posted: July 7, 2004
4:45 p.m. Eastern

Robert Reich

Robert Reich, the former U.S. labor secretary under President Bill Clinton, believes people who follow God pose a more significant threat to the modern world than terrorists do.

"Terrorism itself is not the greatest danger we face," writes Reich in a column titled "Bush's God" published in the American Prospect.

Reich begins his column criticizing the Bush administration as he pushes for a liberal understanding of America's separation of church and state.

He uses the term "religious zealots" and says their problem is that "they confuse politics with private morality."

Reich concludes his column by taking aim at those who believe in God:

"This makes me sick," says WorldNetDaily reader Sandra Binder. "Never has anyone who has gone this high in our government made such sinister comments."

Reich's remarks did not go unnoticed by Ramesh Ponnuru, a senior editor for National Review who responded in his own column titled "Robert Reich's Religion Problem."

"This goes well beyond the common denunciation of 'fundamentalism' where that term is meant to describe an ideology that seeks the imposition of religious views on non-believers," writes Ponnuru. "It is a denunciation as a graver threat than terrorists of people who believe that the world to come is more important than this world, or that all human beings owe their allegiance to God."

But Ponnuru doesn't think most people will jump on Reich's bandwagon.

"Many millions of Christians, Jews, Muslims, and other religious believers will reject Reich's witless rhetorical oppositions," he says.

"One can believe in the political 'primacy of the individual,' the obligation of all people to answer to God, and the wrongness of any governmental attempt to make them answer to Him, all at the same time. But if our choice is between the primacy of individuals and the primacy of God if, that is, we are to choose between individual human beings and God then the vast majority of traditional religious believers would have to choose God. I certainly would."

Reich is currently promoting his latest book, "Reason: Why Liberals Will Win the Battle for America."

Now some can agree "partly" with this man regarding "Bush's God" merely because Bush's God is NOT the God of the Bible. The God of the Bush family is a mix of a Masonic / Catholic daemon from the pits of hell. (There is a difference between a demon and a daemon) The true God of the Bible does not allow for the evils of this president or any other. Bush, like Rome, seeks to bring Church & State together under one roof just as prophecy predicted. This is mostly what Reich appears to be upset about, and for that "spec" I agree. This is why we see Bush making all sorts of "Christian" remarks from his "pulpit/lectern."

Don't think this is by sheer accident that Bush came to office my friends. After eight years of antics by the most evil president in history, Roman Catholic Jesuit taught William Clinton. The "powers that be" knew the American people wanted a "moral" man in office. They were sick of the "Lewisnksi" scandals, and all the other murderous acts of the Clinton's. The "8 Clinton years" was manufactured by Satan to allow for an easy method by which a man like Bush can spout "Christian" comments on a regular basis. The American people "wanted" a man like this, and so they got him.

Reich also stated in his colum that those who believe in God, or His Scripture are the REAL threat, not terrorism. This I am sad to say is par for the course we find ourselves on today. This man is merely echoing the thoughts of those IN OFFICE that are making laws that are about to make life for Christians a living hell.

Think about this... all this anti "God talk" from the government will eventually lead to Satan's next plan. Just as it was time for the so called "moral man" of George W. Bush to step in after the Clinton fiasco. So will it be time to speak PRO God in the near future. Especially after the massive increase in natural disastors start up. THEN you will see "moral" men from Washington saying "WE NEED TO GET RIGHT WITH GOD! WE NEED TO MAKE IT LAW THAT WE MUST KEEP SUNDAY HOLY!"

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