I just received this article from a dear friend of the ministry June 15, 2004. It's from a local paper in Florida. This is quite interesting!


WASHINGTON: A March 2003 Pentagon report arguing that the United States isn't bound by laws and treaties against torture has caused a major rift between Bush administration officials seeking maximum leeway to question prisoners and military lawyers who fear reprisals against U.S. troops. The 52-page classified memo, prepared for Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, offered a sweeping assertion of executive power, declaring that Congress and the federal courts have no authority to limit the detention and interrogation of combatants captured in war if the president approves the actions. "Any effort by Congress to regulate the interrogation of unlawful combatants would violate the Constitution's sole vesting of the commander-in-chief authority in the president," the report claimed. Even though the administration was claiming the right to ignore laws and treaties against torture, officials say it has abided by them. Specialists in military law expressed consternation at the report, one of a number of memos leaked in recent days that suggest that the Bush administration was exploring ways to circumvent (go around) international treaties and U.S. laws that prohibit torture and mistreatment of prisoners. "They were trying to reverse a 50-year history of adherence to the Geneva Conventions and torture conventions, and its very troubling," said Scott Silliman, a former Air Force officer who heads the Center on Law, Ethics and National Security at Duke University. Eugene Fidell, who directs the nonpartisan National Institute of Military Justice, said the assertion of broad executive powers to defend the use of torture was of special concern. "That's what has really raised eyebrows, that presidential power trumps everything--courts, laws, treaties, Congress," Fidell said. -by Frank Davies Knight Ridder Newspapers

You know what I see strange here? Besides the fact that the United States Government is now using torture, just as did Hitler and his Nazi's. But the US Government is using the CONSTITUTION as a means by which this can be allowed! My most recent URGENT BREAKIGN NEWS alert was in regards to our Government SUSPENDING THE CONSTITUTION. Why is it they see no wrong in suspending the Constitution when it looks to better our lives as citizens, and then they flip flop and say it needs to stay intact when it looks to makes our lives a living hell? Why do I say "OUR LIVES?" Are you aware the media is now using the phrase "CHRISTIAN TERRORIST" within our own borders? Soon these measures will be used AGAINST US! This is a prophetic fact of life now! WE LIVE IN THE LAST DAYS!

Truth is folks. Torture started in Rome, and now that Rome controls the USA Government completely, it can't help but show it's true colors!

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