Frankfort Indiana Catholic Hirearchy seeks to have radio station shut down broadcast!

Hello beloved,

I just came from a surprise 1 Ĺ hour meeting with the general manager of the radio station that broadcasts our program. I stopped by to drop of some programs and the manager asked me into his office. It seems that the last few programs have stirred up a hornets nest in the community! He told me that the Catholic leaders in Frankfort (where the station is located) have contacted him and have threatened to have their members (400-500 strong) boycott the station unless I change my message or my program is removed. He told me that it would make a lot of people happy to see the program off the air!

What is it that has created such a stir? I have been going through the Three Angelís Messages in depth! The last seven programs have dealt with the First Angelís message and I also took time to expose the pagan origins of Christmas. In the two-part message concerning Christmas, I explain what the Catholic mass is all about and this has them very upset! Just wait until next year! Which is only a couple of weeks away. The first program of the new year will begin the Second Angelís message and it has many parts, several of which describe the character traits of spiritual Babylon. I spend two programs explaining the purpose of Vatican II and the infiltration of the celebration plan. This ought to really get their attention!

Seriously beloved, I challenge the listeners to study for themselves and to show me by using the word of God where I am in error. I give them my phone number and web address so they can contact me directly with any concerns. Isnít it something that the Catholic Church in Frankfort chooses not to avail themselves of this opportunity but they instead go directly to the radio station management. It is so amazing to me that they fulfill their character trait to the letter by attempting to use force and donít even realize they are doing it.

The manager has decided to hang in there with me for now and I ask that you keep this man in your prayers. His name is Russ Kasper. He has given me a Ďheads upí in that I will be contacted by representatives of the Catholic Church from Frankfort very soon.



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