Tuesday, July 9, 2002 

A CNN poll has revealed more than a third of Americans are watching news programs because of an interest in end-times prophecy.  Professor of theology Dr. Jerry Brashears says recent events have awakened something deep inside everyone.  He says whenever something catastrophic happens, even the most-hardened unbeliever begins to think it is "the end of the world."  He says that kind of awareness seems to be built into our minds and our spirits -- he thinks, by God Himself.  But it is still impossible, Brashears says, to accurately predict the moment when Christ will come again.  He notes that the Bible says when Jesus returns, "we will know it" -- so he warns people not to follow after false messiahs or get excited about the dates.  He encourages believers to continue being "faithful for the things of the Kingdom."  Brashears points out that until Christ's second coming "there will continue to be wars and rumors of wars." -Agape Press 

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