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BOA constricting its prey
By Nicholas
December 24, 2008



This may seem a bit obvious, but keep in mind, most of the American people have been so conditioned by the media into trusting the fictional News reports that the majority won't catch this as a problem. What I am about to share happened twice already in the same year. (2008) But strangely enough, no one has been the wiser. The constant barrage of political scandals and mass corruption in our leaders has become so commonplace that it has literally become expected in our leaders to act out. When a political leader is drummed out of office it's usually blown off as just another normal day by day practice in D.C.

As many are aware, Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich has been the focus of the media lately because of crimes committed while in public office. What most are missing is how all this came about. On December 8, 2008 this same Illinois Governor announced via CNN that he was going to demand all government agencies in the entire State of Illinois to immediately stop all business with Bank of America (BOA) because they had already received a $25 Billion bailout which was unfair to the tax payers as well as the workers that were about to be jobless thanks to the Government's bailout plans, and BOA's refusal to grant credit to the employers. (See video clip here) Governor Rod Blagojevich, as well as many others in more trusted outlets have been upset about how BOA was gripping the money tight like a true constrictor. What upset the most was the fact that even though they got the bailout from us, the tax payers, they weren't unfreezing credit, which in turn caused massive layoffs and worse yet, they are handing out huge bonuses to bank officials. It appears all of the banks are in on this as the Associated Press contacted 21 banks (so far) on December 22, and it seems none of them would explain where the money has been spent that we gave them.

So, it is obvious there's an agenda behind all this, and it appears Governor Blagojevich may have decided to stand out front to expose it. On December 8 he decided to go public about dropping BOA accounts State wide and the very next day he was indicted! A bit convenient you might ask? The Government officials stated the indictment was at the end of a "supposed" 3 year investigation. However the crime he supposedly committed, which by the way ALL Governors commit when a Senator leaves office, was only a few days old. If he was truly under investigation for three years, why did they arrest him on a crime that happened just a few days ago? What about the supposed crimes he committed three years ago that sparked the so called investigation in the first place? If the feds were really wiretapping his office, (illegal as that is) why did they wait until he spoke out against the Jesuit owned and operated Bank of America to pounce?

Does all this sound familiar? For those of us that watch the goings on daily, yes it does.

Do you recall what happened to New York Governor Spitzer after he wrote an article for the Washington Post on February 14, 2008? Just four days short of a month after he wrote that article he was suddenly exposed in the media for "again" doing something most Governors do on a daily basis. Two days later he was driven out of the Governors mansion as if on greased wheels. Convenient, no?

It appears crooks are allowed in Washington politics as long as they are all in bed together on the same agenda. The politicians know of each others illegalities, and they use them to their advantage. Whenever they need to get a Bill passed, or an agenda met against the people, they watch each other like hawks so as to find a quick way to get their desires to fruition. The first sign of their plans being leaked in advance to the media they pounce with fangs drooling with demonic vengeance.

The short article Spitzer wrote was packed with facts regarding how the Bush administration prevented the individual states from stopping the Banks from what's now called "Predatory lending." This global agenda was necessary to move forward if they were going to be able to create global power for the banks, while at the same time place the people in a position of mass control.

As I have shared in previous Newsletters, the powers that be need to create a global dollar that is digitally controlled so as to better enforce the mark of the Roman Vatican beast. Difficult thing is, the currency in other nations wont jive well with the idea of a global dollar just yet. For example, in the soon to be North American Union they have the "Amero" in the ranks waiting to be brought in. Problem is, the United States economy was far too strong to meld easy with the much lower economy of Mexico. Canada isn't much of a problem as we are fairly in line with them in exchange rates . So in order to allow the Amero to work well from Mexico, through the USA, and into Canada, it was necessary for the banks to create a disaster that would bring the American economy down to Mexico's standards. So the Bush Administration was commanded by the Vatican to allow for hundreds of thousands of mortgages to be set up with the full knowledge that the people could not afford them. This of course would then cause the Stock Market to topple, which would then allow the government to manufacture a "gift" (bailout) for the Jesuit owned banks, which also allows for a mass recession that will allow the dollar to fall low enough to meld with Mexico, and presto chango you have a global currency born that will allow the mark an easy method of enforcement. As soon as they set this up they will be able to prevent people globally from buying and selling at the mere flick of a switch. There are of course a few other tactics that were used during all this like credit freezing, mass lay offs, allowing a flood of illegal immigrants access to government subsidies, and the printing of trillions of dollars out of thin air that helps escalate the whole mess. But I think you catch my drift on this thus far. Truth is, I don't have the time nor desire to make this into a 12 volume explanation of Washington D.C. EVILnomics. A simple reality check is all that's needed since all of us already lived through these recent events.

Both Blagojevich and Spitzer proved yet another fact of life here in America. The Feds are doing illegal acts that most of the local powers are unaware of. Some fall into awareness by sheer accident like Spitzer and Blagojevich did. Then there are others who are schmoozed into awareness by the greasing of palms with large sums of cash. Slowly but surely the Feds are going through every State officials "baggage" to see who is on their side and who is not so as to get all their little ducks in a row.

Don't think this can be done? Need I remind you of what happened to all the "real" Investigative Reporters in days gone by?

In the late 80's and early 90's we saw a rash of murders, accidents, and suicides of Investigative Reporters all across the board. It was if there was a plague on all trustworthy reporters. For those that were far too difficult to get to, they were assigned dangerous duty covering Wars and unrest which allowed them to be killed in the line of duty. Why did they do this? Have you watched the News lately and how they only report on things the government allows so as to not rock the boat regarding the Satanic agenda of the Roman Catholic church? If they reported on all the News, there would be anarchy in the streets, and they know it. One of the favored targets of the 1980's reporters were corrupt politicians. They made for good copy and high circulation rates and the possibility of Nobel prizes. To get an idea of how obvious this all is, notice this article written by World Net Daily (WND) wherein they list the "10 most underreported stories of 2007." WND actually had it's subscribers make the list to show no bias in the article. They are presently working on the list for 2008. Keep in mind, this is just the top ten! There are literally hundreds of news worthy events out there that will never see the light of day simply because in so doing all their plans would be for naught.

What I don't doubt is there are many events happening right now behind closed doors that are much worse than what we see with the naked eye. Take the Baltic Dry Index itself that shows dry goods on the market and how they fair. A story as big as this should have been on every News report since day one! The shutting down of dry goods shipments, especially food products, can virtually shut countries down. The reason they are shutting down is banks like BOA are still refusing credit to corporations that do ship worldwide. They have an agenda to meet and they cannot allow any leeway when they are so close to the prize. By the way, this is yet another smoking gun exposing the Jesuit ran BOA and their desire for global rule. Only Rome would do such a thing. Prophecy conforms this hands down!

Stories like this cannot be broadcast because they don't want it to be made known they seek a stranglehold upon each and every citizen. Food is much more valuable than money, and this is why the Government is raiding large private food pantries lately to ensure they have the control. This is also why major players in the game have bought up massive stocks of seeds and other dry goods to ensure they have the power. It has become obvious, the News Media in America is well rehearsed and quite controlled. But then what else would you expect from the Vatican that used the exact same tactics when their man Hitler was alive? Keep in mind, Hitler was the first to use the phrase, "New World Order."

Without a VERY close relationship with Jesus Christ now it would be very difficult to trust Him when it gets really bad. This is why they are preaching fear as well as doing fearful acts before the eyes of billions. They need the people to have a lack of trust in Jesus so their methods will be more effective upon them. This is why Satan went after Peter as he walked on water towards Christ. Such an act before the eyes of men glorified the Lord far too much in regards to how He will work through men. Peter weakened and allowed Satan to scare him by showing him the wind and waves all around him, and so he sank. STILL, even though he sank and showed a lack of faith, what did our Lord Jesus do?

  • Matthew 14:31, "And immediately Jesus stretched forth his hand, and caught him, and said unto him, O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?"

Jesus will be there for each and everyone of us if we simply keep our eyes on Him. How do you do that you ask? You need to increase your faith. How?

  • Romans 10:17, "So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God."

Please read and study His Word daily. Then you will be able to trust Him no matter what. Even if they do control all the food, the Lord will bring you whatever it is you need because He promised to do so in Isaiah 33:16 when He said through His prophet that, "...bread shall be given him; his waters shall be sure."

Even so, come Lord Jesus.



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