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Columbus Discovered What!?
By Nicholas
October 12, 2008



Today (Oct. 12) is considered "Columbus Day." Many of us are unaware of just what that means, so I opted to share a short Newsletter on this man this week. This is most due to the fact a friend of the ministry sent me a 5 minute video clip (below) that summarizes what the truth is about this man that was used by the Vatican to kill a massive amount of people that refused to convert to Roman Catholicism.

As usual for Roman prelates they killed most that refused to bow to Roman Catholicism by using torture. And yes, the Vatican favored method of burning them alive was topping the list. For the non-Catholic readers, you may interested to know that to this day the Roman Catholic church still sports one of the largest known "fraternal organizations" that are named after Christopher Columbus. At present the "Knights of Columbus" have just over 1.7 million members and 14,000 councils with around 200 council on college campuses. As a young Catholic I recall watching these men dressed up in their fancy robes and white feathered head gear (Chapeau) prance up the isle of our church once a year. As a youth I was amazed at the display. As an adult that knows better I am disgusted at the celebration of death these men represent. As usual, like the Vatican they hide their evil works behind charitable acts of kindness.

The cruel and viscous historical acts of Christopher Columbus have been described as torturous genocide similar to that of Adolph Hitler. As Historic fact (as well as modern day) proves, the Vatican never changes their methods of attack upon the innocent. They only change the men they use to perform their Hellish acts.

In A People's History of the United States, American historian Howard Zinn discusses the cruelty Columbus inflicted upon Native Americans, which Zinn says was comparable to the genocidal acts of World War II. Zinn maintains Columbus was a religious fanatic with an obsession of eliminating non-Christians, by means of murder, conversion, or at the very least, enslavement. He claims that Columbus was in search of personal wealth and fame, and was willing to step over others or even kill them to achieve it, and that Columbus may have used more force than he admitted to his superiors. However, some assume that Columbus' subordinates were more responsible for the vast majority of the carnage carried out. Columbus himself claimed that he warned his men against taking advantage of the natives, as he had planned to eventually convert them to Christianity. A Spanish priest who traveled to Hispaniola wrote that he was appalled to witness dehumanizing acts of cruelty being inflicted on the Native Americans, such as torture used to subjugate their leaders. Many of the natives ended up dying from starvation, disease, or simply being overworked.

Opposition to the holiday cites this cruelty committed by those under Columbus' leadership and that of many of the following European colonists. Columbus directly brought about the demise of many Taino (Arawak) Native Americans on the island of Hispaniola, and the arrival of the Europeans indirectly caused the decline in population of many indigenous peoples by introducing diseases previously unknown in the New World. An estimated 85% of the Native American population was wiped out within 150 years of Columbus' arrival in America, due largely to diseases such as smallpox that spread among Native populations. Additionally, ensuing war and the appropriation of land and material wealth by European colonists also contributed to the decline of the indigenous populations in the Americas.

In the summer of 1990, 350 Native Americans, representatives from all over the hemisphere, met in Quito, Ecuador, at the first Intercontinental Gathering of Indigenous People in the Americas, to mobilize against the quincentennial celebration of Columbus Day. The following summer, in Davis, California, more than a hundred Native Americans gathered for a follow-up meeting to the Quito conference. They declared October 12, 1992, International Day of Solidarity with Indigenous People. The largest ecumenical body in the United States, the National Council of Churches, called on Christians to refrain from celebrating the Columbus quincentennial, saying, "What represented newness of freedom, hope, and opportunity for some was the occasion for oppression, degradation and genocide for others."[


By the way, what most also fail to realize is the fact that Christopher Columbus never actually discovered anything. Especially not America! Yet the liars in Rome have insisted on pushing this well known and rather extensively researched lie as fact. It's amazing to see how people that know he never discovered America go along with the lie for the sake of joining the crowd. The sheeple mentality of society today is well illustrated in this so called "Great Navigator" who was 100% unable to read Nautical Charts. Reminds you of the lie parents tell their kids about Santa Clause doesn't it? Everyone knows it's a lie, but they do it anyway. What's even worse is the child lied to discovers a new method of manipulation called "lying." And their very own parents taught them! That dearly beloved, is the main fruit of Roman Catholicism!


Please understand, the website advertised in the video is not condoned by this ministry in any way. I only share the clip because their historic references hold up to scrutiny.

One last thing. Notice the picture of Columbus' ship the "Nina" at the top of the Newsletter. That is an exact replica of the historic ship as it was displayed in June 2008 at the "Seattle's Center for Wooden Boats." Notice the Pagan Coptic Cross that is on the sail? Where have we seen that before? Click here or the picture of Columbus's ship above to see it displayed proudly by the Seventh Day Adventist Church.



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