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Worldly papal power
By Nicholas
June 05, 2008



With all the talk that has been circulating around the Vatican's global desires of late, I would like to remind all visitors and subscribers of a few of the fruits of this prophecied end time power. Some harbor the assumption that all is well and Rome has no global agenda, or at least not in the sense of being "the" one power that the New World Order bows to. Let me assure you, this kind of thinking is not only short sighted, it's dangerous for themselves as well as those they love. Prophecy does outline this as the Vatican's main reason for existence. Satan needed a base of operations on earth to do as prophecy said he would do, and the Vatican grants him all that. No, this Newsletter is not going to be designed to alarm or even frighten souls. It is to educate those that are just starting to see this truth as to the urgency of our times. We are on the brink of a wonderful event, I will not tarnish it with thoughts of fear.

Rome, like most powerful nations, has a tendency to ensure their success well in advance so as to make their final agenda that much easier to perform when that day comes. Problem is, when doing so they place a beacon upon them like a bright neon sign declaring themselves Antichrist. They move in a stealthy manner wherein they employ the help of others within and near their camp to do their bidding for them. This is an easy fruit to expose because when they do this it is clearly seen that the end result always point to Rome as the beneficiary.

Take for example the statements made by an Episcopalian Bishop 3 years before the United Religions Initiative (U.R.I.) was officially signed into existence. By the way, they came into existence on the same exact day (June 26) of the year as the United Nations (U.N.) back in 1948. They even went so far as to use the same motel room to sign the papers as the U.N. used.

---United Religions on Track ~ With Modifications--- June 1997, Episcopalian Bishop William Swing jubilantly announced "Tell the people there is a UNITED RELIGIONS" -Catholic Family News, Nov 1997, Vol #4. Issue # 11

This Bishop announces three years in advance that the U.R. was born. Strangely enough it's the "Catholic Family News" that is helping them proclaim the announcement worldwide. The U.R. has been "the" Roman Catholic agenda since day one. It's called "the ecumenical movement" today. What some aren't aware of is, the word "Catholic" in English is "Universal." From day one they had plans to infect each and every church on earth with her "doctrines of devils" (1 Timothy 4:1) just as prophecy predicted they would do. Exactly three years after this Episcopalian Bishop announces for Rome there is a United Religions, we see this announcement...

on June 26th, (2000) the first day of its annual Global Summit. Participants in the Charter signing will include religious leaders representing the world's faith traditions as well as representatives from URI Cooperation Circles around the globe. Some of the faiths represented include: Hindu, Zoroastrian, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Taoist, Wiccan, Baha'i, Sikh, and Indigenous Peoples. Those involved come from countries such as Argentina, Sri Lanka, England, Israel, Ethiopia, the Philippines, Canada, India, Belgium, Indonesia, the Netherlands, Pakistan, Mozambique and others. URI is an organization where people act from their deepest values and claim their right and responsibility to do extraordinary things to serve interfaith cooperation on a local and global level. -URI News http://www.united-religions.org/newsite/urinews/index.htm

I won't get into commenting on the fact that non-Christian religions, including Satanists (Witches) are joining with Rome in this. That fact alone should empty the pews of U.R. member churches. But it doesn't. Many of you read this are member sof churches on the U.R. member list right now. What many fail to this day to realize is who it was that was elected to lead this prophecied one world church. Prophecy told us thousands of years ago it would be the pope of Rome that leads this church. What does modern day tell us? Just thirteen months before the "official" signing formed the U.R.I. we saw the following article encircle the globe. Is it any wonder why?

THE Pope was recognized as the overall authority in the Christian world by an Anglican and Roman Catholic commission yesterday which described him as a "gift to be received by all the Churches". ...if a new united Christian Church was created it would be the 'Bishop of Rome who would exercise a universal primacy. ...The commission concluded that the Bishop of Rome (the Pope) had a "specific ministry concerning the discernment of truth" and accepted that only the Pope had the moral authority to unite the various Christian denominations. Mark Birchall, a member of the Church of England Evangelical council, said: "It speaks as if the Bishop of Rome has always been on the side of the angels while it is well known that for several centuries past the Bishop of Rome was certainly not." The Rt Rev Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, Bishop of Arundel and Brighton and the other co-chairman, added: "The primacy of the Pope is a gift to be shared." -Electronic Telegraph-UK News May 13, 1999 Oliver Poole http://www.freerepublic.com/

Notice... it's an "Episcopalian" declaring the U.R.I. exists back in 1997, and an "Anglican" declaring the Pope to lead it in 1999. They actually played the masses by assuming they didn't know there already was "a new united Christian church" as the article calls it, that "if" formed would need a leader. If the Pope was to declare this his baby, some, but not all, would follow his lead. He can't take that chance. He needs 100% compliance. However, if he gets his friends to make the announcements "after" the required ring kissing is out of the way, then it can appear as if all churches agree. Prophecy declared the Vatican will have the global power, yet we see small churches are pushing the buttons to that end. Rome can't step up too boldly at first, she needs others to agree with her to generate the global group hug.

This is business as usual for Rome. They place the innocent looking out front to keep the masses complacent, while the villain lurks in the shadows doing the real dirty work. By the way, this is how Satan has worked from day one. For example... Have you ever been lured into sin by a blood curdling demon possessed individual dripping with the rotted stench of evil? Not likely. Most people have an ability to know something's up when a person approaches them with openly evil intentions. Such things repulse the normal individual. However, if a trusted friend or loved one steps up, then they are easily lured away. The wicked prey on their false sense of security and trust. Like the speakeasy's of the roaring 20's, the Vatican is still getting their pawns to stand out front to legitimize their existence, while they do their dirty work behind closed doors.

One thing I did appreciate in the article was Mark Birchall's statement where he said, "It speaks as if the Bishop of Rome has always been on the side of the angels while it is well known that for several centuries past the Bishop of Rome was certainly not." True as this statement is, it wasn't much of a hurdle for Rome to cross. Especially after we see the leader in that region, Tony Blair, officially converting to Catholicism in December of 2007. Most politicians make for an easy target for Rome. Most are moved by money and power. Rome counts on that to get her agenda met. This is how she plans to go after the common man in the coming days. (I will get to that later)

What some may not be aware of is that there is another favored pastime of Rome that works to her advantage over the centuries. They create, or find a way to fix something to their advantage long before they themselves break that which needs the fix. Kind of like a mad scientist that manufactures an antidote for a disease he invents and infects the world with. Holding the only antidote grants him global power and untold riches. Do some research, and you will find that all wars have been the end result of Vatican influence. Yes, wars are a way by which they can force nations to bow to the Roman power, but it's also a way to get the churches to fall in line as well. The Vatican craves the absolute authority as did the Caesars of old. Church and State is a must for Rome! So they naturally come up with a way to gather the churches into their camp. The wars they caused not only grant them confidence that their blood curdling threats towards those nations that still refuse their advances are believed valid, but the churches that have no clue the pope is behind the bloodshed are now pressured to go along with Rome so as to generate peace. They actually think the pope seeks peace as they do.

VATICAN (CWNews.com) -- "Everyone must work together to build up the peace," said Cardinal Francis Arinze, as he announced that a major inter- religious assembly will be held at the Vatican in October. Cardinal Arinze, the president of the Pontifical Council for Inter-Religious Dialogue, told a Vatican Radio audience that about 200 people will be invited to take part in the assembly, which will be scheduled for October 24- 29. The participants will include Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, and representatives of other faiths. The goal of the assembly will be the preparation of a common declaration in favor of world peace. The participants will make a pilgrimage to Assisi on October 27, and share a day of prayer-- each following the traditions of his own faith-- on October 28. Pope John Paul II will preside at the formal closing of the assembly on October 29 -Vatican update from Catholic World News May 20, 1999 Domus Ent. (Art. INTER-RELIGIOUS MEETING TO PROMOTE WORLD PEACE )

Of course the church leaders now feel obligated to do what they can to promote peace. Refusing to join with Rome on this will make them appear heartless and unChristlike. Little do they know the man dressed in scarlet was actually used by Satan to cause all the wars to get them to sit at that meeting to further his stranglehold on the masses in the first place.

Did you also notice that Cardinal Arinze was at that time "President of the pontifical council for inter-religious dialogue?" He was also one of a few Cardinals that "at that time" were being spoken of as a possible next Pope once John Paul II died. Which by the way has recently been placed under investigation as either a suicide or a mercy killing by Ratzinger and company. Use common sense for a moment... The disease he had makes it appear a necessity for the Vatican to kill him. It's not like they never killed a pope before. His disease was soon to make him unable to speak at all. That would be an embarrassment for Rome in more then one way. Truth is, his disease was slow in nature and usually lasts for many years with the victim being rather incompetent during that time. But John Paul II died rather quickly after the onset for some reason.

Getting back to the Cardinals standing in line with baited breath during John Paul II's illness, the Vatican officials dangled many carrots to get these men to do "special favors" for the Vatican in the hopes of sitting as pope. While all along John Paul II's man (Ratzinger) was already planning to sit as pope. This is why Arinze and other "pope wanna-be's" performed certain tasks for the Vatican. They had no clue Ratzinger was slated for the throne.

Still.. some will feel that controlling the churches is powerful yes, but without controlling the courts they haven't a chance to sit supreme as a political/religio power like Caesar. I agree, however, what most fail to realize is that Rome already has men in all the courts of the world. In every principal nation they hold the majority, or very near to it, in Congressional halls and Supreme Court benches. Still, a one world court system would put the proverbial icing on the cake needed to generate that sigh of relief in the hearts of the Vatican prelates. As fleeting as this power of theirs may be, they still see it as eternal. So.. I ask, is this base covered as well?

Back in 1998 we saw the United Nations bowing to Rome's demands while holding meetings in Rome. I guess the home-field advantage truly is a force to reckon with.

A United Nationas meeting in Rome is wrapping up five weeks of work on a proposed international criminal court. The new court would have worldwide jurisdiction and could investigate, indict, hold, try, and punish, those who committed "certain" crimes. The proposed international court would subject Americans to a new world authority... "Were talking about creating here something that exercises genuine power, real put-people-in-jail power, but that is responsible to no one but itself." said Lee Casey, a constituational lawyer with the washington firm of Hunton & Williams. [Investment Business Daily, Thursday July 16, 1998 Los Angeles, California] art. NATIONAL ISSUE: ONE WORLD COURT FOR ALL THE WORLD?

Worldwide jurisdiction means they can arrest you in one nation, and if you don't do as they wish, they can transport you to a nation where torture is legal. This is a global court, their jurisdiction has no boundary. Again, do some research and you will find that torture was first invented by Rome, and since Rome took control of the nations, it was brought back into "civilization" as an acceptable act. Torture is most assuredly a fingerprint of Roman Catholicism.

So.. were they able to get the global court plans finalized? Or was this a pipe dream for them? And if so, is there any way of finding out who will be the head of this global court? The answer is... Yes, and yes. They did ratify the court in 1999, and the official name alone lets the cat out of the bag as to who will be running things from the bench.

Following years of negotiations aimed at establishing a permanent international tribunal to punish individuals who commit genocide and other serious international crimes, the United Nations General Assembly convened a five-week diplomatic conference in Rome in June 1998 "to finalize and adopt a convention on the establishment of an international criminal court".[7][8] On July 17, 1998, the Rome Statute was adopted by a vote of 120 to 7, with 21 countries abstaining.[5] The seven countries that voted against the treaty were Iraq, Israel, Libya, the People's Republic of China, Qatar, the United States, and Yemen.[5]

Article 126 of the statute provided that it would enter into force shortly after the number of states that had ratified it reached sixty.[3] This happened on April 11, 2002, when ten countries ratified the statute at the same time at a special ceremony held at the United Nations headquarters in New York.[9] The treaty entered into force on July 1, 2002;[9] the ICC can only prosecute crimes committed on or after that date.[10]


(The "official" Roman International Criminal Court website is located at http://untreaty.un.org/cod/icc/index.html )

The only reason Rome has had such an easy task of gaining control of the International Court system is that they already have 174 nations in agreement with them out of the 192 in existence. Most leaders are weak and fearful when they are approached by Jesuits wielding threats. They know how evil these men are and how cruel they can be to their victims. Plus, when they see the grand majority already standing with Rome they realize they are fighting a loosing battle. Still, if they so much as entertain the thought of resistance they only need look upon those that resisted before them. Most have been annihilated. At present, some are at war or are about to be at war. So yes, it's child's play for Rome to do as she wishes. Well.. at least until "...her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her.  And the kings of the earth, who have committed fornication and lived deliciously with her, shall bewail her, and lament for her, when they shall see the smoke of her burning,  Standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying, Alas, alas, that great city Babylon, that mighty city! for in one hour is thy judgment come." -Revelation 18:8-10

Let's review...

All churches are in agreement with Rome. Nearly every nation on earth (91%) is in agreement with Rome. And all courts worldwide have agreed to bow to their authority. There's not much left for Rome to conquer for her to have what she craves. The only thing left for her to control is the individual man. Nations, courts and churches are easy once you get the leaders corralled. But these nations, churches and courts contain individuals with individual thoughts, ideals, faith, and desires. Can you guess as to how they will do it? Prophecy already gave you a hint in Revelation 13:17. What has been used against each individual on earth since time began as a method to control them? Money! With almost all of her ducks in a row, all that's left is for her to get control of the economy so as to go after each man and woman on earth. This is the ultimate cornucopia of carrots for them to dangle world wide. With the exception of the elect, they will be able to get literally every single soul on earth in line by this final act in their agenda to enforce the mark.

As Christians we understand, "...the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows." (1 Timothy 6:1) Often the most sincere Christian can be pulled away by the love of money. The TV preachers that worship money prove this easily. The Elect won't have a problem in this area for many reasons. Isaiah 33:16 being right there on the top of this list of course. But that's not Rome's problem just yet. They will get to us once they have the majority in their hip pocket. How do I know this? Look at their past action for a clue. They did this with the churches, the nations, and the courts before us, why change something that's worked for them so well already? They can use money in two ways. They can grant mass amounts of it for your assistance, or threaten to take it away without your compliance. What many havemissed already is how they have already granted Rome that foothold.

Satan has gotten just about everyone to live beyond their means by convincing them to go in debt to keep up with the Jones'. Covetousness has become an acceptable way of life for the last few generations. TV commercials will literally use the breaking of Commandment #10 as a way to sell their products today. On top of that, the enemy of souls used the bankers and creditors to get all this come to fruition. If you didn't have the means by which to keep up with, or at least surpass your neighbor, go in debt and get that toy you crave!

Money is one of the most powerful methods of control ever known to man. Marriages have been destroyed by it, friendships have been severed, lives have been lost, entire families ruined, wars have been started, the list literally goes on and on. This is why it was so easy for Rome to manipulate the leaders. This is also why so many will follow her lead and receive her mark as well.

As we can see after decades of being trained by bankers and the credit card industry, there are  plans already being implemented that will allow the Vatican to control the masses by way of creating a cashless society. We already know there Is no oil crisis fueling this so called economic crisis. Most intelligent people know that all we see happening today was planned in advance by these evil men. But there is nothing anyone can do about it now. They have been moved by Satan for far too long to make the changes in so many areas that it has become part of life now. The problem has become so ensconced in society that there is simply no way to stop it. Only a complete revamp of the situation will fix all this.

Truth is, the Vatican has had the antidote that will bring them untold powers for this new disease they are now inflicting upon mankind all along. Sad thing is, the souls entrapped by all this in Rome have no idea how fleeting their powers are. They actually believe they will defeat Christ. The Truth of Christ and His prophecied eternal success has become offensive to them, "And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:" (2 Thessalonians 2:11) Why else would they be dumb enough to fight God? They really think they will be victorious!

As I have said so often before, the "Real ID" card can't possibly be used only for identification. Why would they waste so many billions on research and development if it was just an ID card? What about the features of this card? As a computer programmer I know for a fact you don't need that much memory to store what they say the card is to be used for. No, I am not a prophet. I am just using common sense here. The card is here, and the economy is their final target. With today's technology it would be idiotic to think they would pass up the opportunity to create an electronic global currency, which will not only give them the airtight system of inventory control they desire, it will also eliminate competitive currencies worldwide.

Think of it. They can sell this idea of an electronic global currency by showing all the savings afforded them by no longer needing to print money. No more need for currency exchanges that tap the value of money. No more fluctuating monetary values that can cause problems on the market. Criminals will no longer be able to hide their millions in drug profits because it will all be "in the card." Best reason for them yet is that the authorities can literally turn your money off with a flick of a switch if you are found to be "a problem" for them. They can declare this a good thing and get billions around the world in agreement. We already have people on a daily basis that never see cash in their lives. You can bank online, your paycheck can be automatically deposited, you can pay bills online, and even have your payments made each month automatically for you. You never have to see cash to live in today's world. They have even come up with a way to cover the ups and downs for both the rich and the poor with the same card. If you are wealthy and have good references, you can buy on credit with the card. If you are poor and have limited resources, your card is considered "debit" only. Main reason for all this? Prophecy did say in Revelation 13:17 that one day the beast in Rome try and prevent mankind from buying and selling unless they agree to the Roman mandate of Sunday Laws.

Real ID has already been put in place globally, and yes many nations and some States here in America are balking at it. Nevertheless, it is in the system. Have we not learned from September 11 that what they want they will get one way or another. Before 911 in the USA certain unjust laws were unheard of and 100% impossible in this so called "land of the free." After 911, they are not only possible, they're here!

Each nation can plan a disaster that will reap similar benefits. Some have already  tried this method and have gained by it in their legislative halls as they planned. But they need something now that will generate a disaster that will allow the changes they need to be put in place so that when they enforce the mark, they will be able to do so easily. A multinational, or global economic collapse will afford them this prize.



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