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May 04 ~ May 09

Catholics loved, Christians hated
By Nicholas
May. 07, 2008
As I have mentioned many times online during the interactive audio conferences in the
POGM chat room, as well as on WTPR broadcasts or sermons, the Vatican has been seeking diplomatic ties with China for a few years in the hopes of expanding the borders of their global empire as prophecy predicted. It appears Rome will have their agreement solidified with China in 2008. Besides the fact prophecy confirms this as soon in coming, the Olympic games, or shall I say, "proverbial carrot" that's being dangled before China's leaders is causing them to dream of massive cash windfalls like a child dreaming of the sugar plum fairy on Christmas eve. One has to wonder if China would ever back out of diplomatic ties after Rome was so gracious to "bless" them with the riches and merchandise prophecy states they, along with all of Rome's friends, will weep over when the Vatican burns on their soon to arrive day of reckoning. (Revelation 18:11)

Some may think this agreement with the Vatican is an impossibility because China is known to torture and even kill Christians still today. What's strange is, they do this at the same time they are entertaining the pope as a friend in Rome. Even though the persecutions haven't slowed against non-Catholics, China has been looking the other way for the most part whenever a Catholic Bishop is ordained, or a Catholic lay-person is in worship on their soil. Some may assume it's because The Pope will send his prophecied henchmen to obliterate China and eventually set up shop. The Roman Catholic government in the USA is very willing and able to do the bidding of the Vatican, even if it means destroying the economy of the American people in the process. The weak kneed approach of those within their sights is always to figure, if you can't beat them join them. Besides, it's not like they're compromising when they allow Catholics to flourish. After all, Catholics aren't Christians in the eyes of national leaders. Still, I don't believe this is the "main" reason for the up and coming diplomatic agreement.

There is an obvious scarlet thread twisting all around the government of China lately that is very attractive to Rome. This is the reason for the Pope's recent generosity with China. Without knowing it, (perhaps?) the Chinese leaders display Roman Catholic fruits in the very way they persecute the Christians. It's an uncanny echo of the days of Inquisition. For years we have heard the horror stories of Christians being beaten, tortured and even killed for their Christian faith in China. Not too long ago we heard of teenagers being beaten to death by their jailers in China simply because they claimed Christ Lord. I recall back in 2004 where 100 Christians were arrested, and then later three more were sentenced to many years in jail for making the persecutions against the 100 Christians public in China. Home churches are raided on a regular basis in this Communist nation. The pastors of such churches are tortured for weeks on end for simply preaching Christ as Lord. As expected, the Vatican controlled U.N. has decided to look the other way when matters of this nature are reported in China, or any other nation for that matter. Makes perfect sense, since the U.N. is a Vatican contrived idea in the first place. Their ecumenical charge has always been on two fronts. The church and State. Now, just the other day we find this happening in China.

A Chinese bookstore owner who was arrested by authorities, then released but re-arrested, now is facing accusations of being a "dangerous religious element" ...He had been taken into custody shortly after Thanksgiving 2007 during police raids on his home and office on suspicion of illegal business practices, including allegations relating to the production of Bibles and Christian literature.


With all this hatred of Christianity running amuck in China, why do we now see a Government sponsored concert for the "so called" Christian Pope in the Vatican being sanctioned by China? Seems oxymoronic don't you think? Yet the concert has been authorized by China's leaders nonetheless. Why is it they are persecuting and killing Christians today, while entertaining the pope tomorrow?

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Beijing approached the Vatican to let the China Philharmonic Orchestra perform for Pope Benedict in an unprecedented concert that could help improve often thorny relations, Church sources said on Monday. The sources, who spoke on condition that they not be named, said the Vatican realized that China is trying to improve its international image but that Church officials hope the performance could be a seed for eventual diplomatic relations.


Ok.. let's look at the facts for a moment.

  • Christians are beaten, tortured, and killed in China for their faith.
  • Christians are considered a "dangerous religious element" in China because of their faith.
  • Christian pastors are tortured and killed in China for teaching the Christian faith.
  • Catholics are growing in numbers exceeding 15 million in China.
  • Catholcis are not considered a "dangerous religious elements" in China.
  • Roman Catholic Bishops are publicly ordained in China without incident.

This reminds me of how the Roman Catholic church grew to massive numbers during the prophecied Inquisitions. Most people that had a lack of trust in Jesus opted to join the church to escape persecution and torturous deaths. They chose to save their mortal lives instead of storing up treasures in Heaven. In so doing lost their eternal lives, which at the time they felt were less important.

  • Matthew 16:25, "For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it."

This type of persecution is also why America was formed long ago. Not the fiction the kids read in today's American history books about taxes and tea parties. It seems some of the Chinese people are too fearful to stand firm in Christ and have chosen to join the church of Rome knowing the government looks the other way. Sadly, this is always how Rome works. They use force to increase their numbers and then boast they are the largest church on earth. They assume "big numbers" make them right. Truth is, the elect are the smallest, but most powerful as they are already starting to realize. Again.

During the Inquisition it was illegal to be Protestant, and since the Church of Rome was the governing power as well as religious authority of the day, they had all the laws in their favor allowing them to kill Christians legally. The Christians would be burned at the stake, buried alive, drawn and quartered, drowned, slow cooked, boiled in oil, and skinned alive for simply choosing Christ over the god of Rome. It appears China, the next political "friend" of Rome, is a shining of example of true Roman Catholic evangelistic methods and the obvious choice for a major political merger with Rome. This late in the game, it becomes easy to see why they believe there are benefits to such a merger. If you are Catholic, you are not only accepted, the Chinese government will foot the bill to send their most treasured orchestra to perform for their Roman Pope. If you are not Catholic, the Chinese government will declare you not only dangerous, but an illegal enemy of the State worthy of jail, torture and even death.

By the way, the methods of the State to control the churches in China is already being implemented here in the United States. In China, a video was recently smuggled out where they bulldozed a church simply because it was "unregistered" with the State. Here in the USA, you must be a 501C3 church in order to use bank "merchant" benefits, or "credit cards" and the like. Yes, some churches and ministries are not affected as of yet, but they soon will be. The reason I know this is, this ministry has recently been denied certain privileges by banks and other financial institutions simply because I refuse to register the ministry and home church with the State. Why do I refuse? Visit my "Image of the Beast" page on this site when you get time.

We are headed for a cashless society and all these methods to control the use of cash will be used against such ministers of Christ. Many people now prefer tithing and donating using debit and credit cards because it's easier then mailing a check. This causes those ministries that rely solely on tithing and donations to suffer greatly. It's all part of the enemies plan to stop the Present Truth from being proclaimed by placing a financial stranglehold on us. No matter, the Lord blesses us by sending those that do hear His voice and do send what we need to do the work.

With all this hatred towards Christians, a faith Rome "claims" to be the father of, one has to wonder why Rome doesn't speak out and refuse to host, or at least proclaim a boycott on the Olympic games in China. It's simple... China is not killing Catholics, they're killing Christians. Catholics are not considered a dangerous religious element, so they are allowed to flourish. With that said, I would like to hopefully prevent an onslaught of hate emails to this ministry by addressing in advance the obvious rebuttal that some may believe is Rome's agenda here. Some pro-Vatican people may claim Rome seeks to change the political landscape in China from Communism to what they call a Democracy. (By the way, the term Democracy today is beginning to look better defined as Fascism today.) Does the Vatican seek to make such changes in China? Or has the Vatican already proclaimed itself to be pro-communistic in theology?

When asked about "Liberation theology." Ratzinger said.. "The 'absolute good' (and this means building a just socialist society) becomes the moral norm that justifies everything else, including--if necessary--violence, homicide, mendacity." Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger ~ US News & World Report, Dec 2, 1985

Cardinal Jospeh Ratzinger penned those words 23 years ago. He is now Pope Benedict XVI today. This man claims he is not a Nazi ruler at every opportunity, but echoes Nazi methodology on a regular basis.

Ratzinger’s terminology defined...

This man was a Cardinal at the time he stated such words. He declared there was justification for breaking two commandments openly in that statement. To proclaim it is justifiable to kill and even lie is Satanic from the word go. Yet never has he, or any Roman prelate, let along the Pope of the day, ever retracted his statements! A high ranking official, as Ratzinger was at the time, making such a statement speaks volumes to Rome's true agenda!

Communism is evil no matter how much the New World Order pushers say or "hint" to the contrary. It is the ultimate community over the individual. What’s good for the community is what rules the person. If you as a person upset the Vatican approved order, it is better for you to die then the whole community to suffer loss. Now read the following quote from quite a few years ago that touches and agrees on this very topic Ratzinger spewed…

"'It is thus necessary that the individual should finally come to realize that his own ego is of no importance in comparison with the extistence of his nation; That the position of the individual ego is conditioned solely by the interests of the nation as a whole... that above all the unity of a nation's spirit and will are worth far more than the freedom of the spirit and will of an individual...'"

"This state of mind, which subordinates the interests of the ego to the conservation of the community, is really the first premise for every truly human culture... The basic attitude from which such activity arises, We call - to distinguish it from egoism and selfishness - idealism. By this we understand only the individual's capacity to make sacrifices for the community, for his fellow man.' -The Ominous Parallels, by Leonard Piekoff P 13

Sounds like and echo of John 11:50 where it says...

  • John 11:50, "Nor consider that it is expedient for us, that one man should die for the people, and that the whole nation perish not."

Their main excuse to kill our Lord was that He should die so that the NATION as a whole wouldn’t perish. This is exactly what Ratzinger stated 23 years ago, and what China exhibits today. That is the ultimate communistic ideal. Who stated such words you ask?

These statements were made by Adolph Hitler. He was explaining the moral philosophy of Nazism. (as described by William Shirer in The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich): -The Ominous Parallels, by Leonard Piekoff P 13

Rome has no intention of altering the political landscape of China because it's exactly as they envision in their twisted minds to be perfection. Hitler was not a man with new ideas who sought to take over the world for himself. No, he was an admitted devout Catholic, who declared many times he fashioned his Third Reich after the Vatican Hierarchy. Yes, he was a very evil man who was not to be trusted or idealized in any way shape or form. But the obvious truth here is, he was just a pawn of the Roman Catholic church from day one. This is why so many years after Hitler's death we see the exact same methods of control applied by him being used today. It's not because every national leader idealizes Hitler, but because it was Rome doing it back then, and it's Rome doing it again today! How else do you explain 174 nations on earth using Nazi tactics in unison? Are they all somehow supernaturally reading each others minds? Or are they taking orders from Rome? Me thinks a lesson is needed to be learned here by all those that use their God given gray matter on a regular basis. If we could trace back to the original source of Typhoid to a woman named Mary way back in the beginning of the twentieth century with our limited resources, we can most certainly trace all these tactics for global control back to Mother Rome today.

Before closing the article I have to make note of an interesting fact. Who do you suppose was the first to declare Christians dangerous and worthy of death in the not so distant past? The Roman Catholic church of course. But what major political giant has been in agreement with China all along that Christians are dangerous and should be subdued? And would this political giant be so arrogant to place such hatred in writing?

VATICAN CITY, Italy - The Vatican criticized a literal interpretation of the Bible and said the fundamentalist approach to scripture was a kind of intellectual suicide. ...The fundamentalist approach is dangerous.. -The Star, 1994 Manila, Philippines


Catholics are known not to read or even trust Bibles. I was Catholic 29 years, I know this to be fact. This is why Christians are so dangerous to Rome and her agenda. Rome hates the Bible, and hates the Christians that study and share the Truth in Bibles.

"The belief in the Bible as the sole source of faith is unhistorical, illogical, fatal to the virtue of faith, and destructive of unity." -The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume XIII, "Protestantism", Section III A - Sola Scriptura ("Bible Alone"), Nihil Obstat, February 1, 1912 by Remy Lafort, D.D., Censor, Imprimatur. +John Cardinal Farley, Archbishop of New York. (online source: http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/12495a.htm )

Their refusal to surrender the scriptures was an offense that the Papacy could not tolerate. The Papacy was determined to exterminate the heretics from the face of the Earth. The heretics greatest offense, was that they refused to worship God according to the will of the Pope. For this crime, the heretics suffered every humiliation, insult and torture that man could event: ( Fox's Book Of Martyrs)

1) Hanged and their genitals were cut off
2) The mothers were whipped
3) The women's breast were ripped off
4) They were tied up and fried in a large pan
5) Their mouths were sewed shut
6) They were placed into a pot of boiling water
7) Their arms and legs were cut off
8) Some had their eyes bored out

The church Council of Tarragona ruled that: "No one may possess the books of the Old and New Testaments in the Romance language, and if anyone possesses them he must turn them over to the local bishop within eight days after the promulgation of this decree, so they may be burned." D. Lortsch, Histoire de la Bible en France, 1910, p.14.

"Socialism, Communism, clandestine societies, Bible societies... pests of this sort must be destroyed by all means." The encyclical Quanta Cura Issued by Pope Pius IX, December 6, 1866

"The Bible was not intended to be a textbook of Christian religion." -Catholic Facts, p. 50

The Catholic church declares openly that the Bible is not a textbook for the Christian faith, and "dangerous" to boot. However, I do believe the following verses have proven the Roman Catholic church has been caught red handed telling bold face lies once again. These eternal Words of God not only prove they lied, it also exposes why they preach the Bible is "...a dead and speechless book." (-Question Box, p. 67) They hope to keep the population at large out of the Bible mainly because once they open one, they realize who the liar truly is.

The Bible declares it teaches...

  • All necessary things which Jesus did - Acts 1:1-2
  • Certainty of His action and teaching - Luke 1:3-4
  • Life in the name of Jesus - John 20:30-31
  • Instructions to salvation - 2 Tim. 3:15
  • Commands of the Lord - 1 Cor. 14:37
  • The proper conduct - 1 Tim. 3:14-15
  • Every good work - 2 Tim. 3:16-17
  • Protection against sin - 1 John 2:1
  • An assurance of eternal life - 1 John 5:13
  • Standard by which teachers are tested - Acts 17:11
  • Standard which we cannot go beyond - 1 Cor. 4:6
  • Blessings from God - Rev. 1:3
  • Joy that is complete - 1 John 1:3-4
  • Standard of judgment - Rev. 20:12

The bible truly is the "textbook of the Christian religion," and this is why Christians are so dangerous to Rome and a dangerous religious element to China. For it is written plain that "...the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart." (Hebrews - 4:12)

This Book of the Creator easily exposes Rome and their satanic agenda. This is why they placed the Bible on "the index of forbidden books" back in the Council of Valencia in 1229AD. They knew, as does China today, that whenever a Christian starts to study the Truth in God's Word, evil men, and Antichrist himself, are displayed in a clear light making their evil acts open and well understood before the people. They fear Christianity will spread, their acts revealed, and their power taken from them.

So yes, one can see that Rome and China will have diplomatic ties soon. Birds of a feather most assuredly flock together. This will bring Rome's empire to 175 nations in her hip pocket out of the 192 on Earth. Now yes, I understand Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kosovo are actually 176, 177, and 178, since they were toppled or created by Rome's stealth movements recently. But to declare them "conquered" and friends of Rome this soon after their victory would make it far to obvious to even blinded sheeple of the world that Rome was the one behind all modern day wars. So.. the leaders of these nations simply bow to the pope in secret performing the required "act of worship" until the day arrives where they can safely declare the pope their chosen moral leader. I assume a lot more nations have already done this recently. But they are waiting for the other shoe to drop to make the announcement as per Roman directive. Reason being is, one can't expect Rome to wait for one nation to declare the Pope their god one year.. wait a year or more and then the next steps up.. wait a year or more.. and so on and so forth. But with a planned global disaster, they can all step up as if to be joining together after the disaster. They would play the part as leaders of the people who are "doing the moral thing" by connecting themselves "officially" under Rome's banner in one fell swoop, and no one will be the wiser. Well.. except the Elect of course. (Revelation 12:17; 19:10)

With such a massive disaster, the televised crocodile tears of the national leaders seeking help and advice will all join voices and pray in unison to Rome for her help. Rome will then offer her hand and enforce her mark as a necessary instrument to "appease God" and stop the disasters. The rest is HIStory as recorded in Revelation. I suggest you read it. He writes far better then any man created.




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