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Are we being setup? AGAIN?
By Nicholas
January 28, 2009



Do you recall when Bush came to office back in 2000? Most of the people loved the idea that the Clinton insanities were finally coming to an end, and the Christians thought a born again believer was finally at the helm. But 9 short months later we saw how Bush's true Vatican agenda came to light when they worked together to echo Hitler's methods on September 11. After 8 years of political insanities and 1 year of economic disasters the people are once again primed and ready for a new man at the helm. However, something is afoot that makes many with "eyes that see" realize nothing has truly changed in D.C. as they report. If you look closely, Obama is appearing to make sweeping changes by reversing a lot of laws the Bush administration put in place. But the long term laws that have been unjust for decades seem to be off limits. He appears to be solely focused on Bush's strange legislative habits during his stay in the Whitehouse. Nevertheless, where he removes some unjust laws, you will find he adds new ones that were even worse than before. The wave of "good things" about Obama are clearly an ancient Roman tactic any student of history, and especially of prophecy can tell you is designed to allow a billowing smokescreen to cover the true agenda.

Obama is in fact touting he is ending the torture tactics set up by Bush that students of prophecy know where actually put there by Rome. Just because Bush passed the laws in his administration doesn't mean he was the instigator of same. Especially after realizing torture is nothing  more than a blunt fingerprint of Roman Catholicism. It wasn't until Rome was thoroughly ensconced in D.C. did such Inquisitional tactics come to life. You cannot change historic fact. So, naturally Obama's intelligence community will now call torture immoral and Ineffective so as to make Bush appear the villain and Obama the savior.  Obama also reversed a few Bush policies on detention and interrogation so that many nations around the world offended by such things, or actual targets of same, can breath a sigh of relief.

The so called ending of the "war on terror" of the Bush administration, allows us to see two ends of the same rainbow at one time. The fact Obama's pen puts Bush's 'war' on terror to a sudden end proves it was all a pre-planned Federal farce necessary to remove many of our freedoms. Freedoms that prevent an easy way to eventually enforce the Roman mark upon Americans that the Christian God they greatly fear prophesied of. Obama even used his pen to close Bush's favorite inquisitional dungeon in the next 12 months, which in so doing made Obama even more accepted by "certain" nations the Bush administration stated were of the "axis of evil." Does your brain hurt yet? Or is it just those break neck turns D.C. is doing that makes us feel a bit dizzy? Did all those daily advertised very evil men suddenly convert into nice guys overnight? How's this possible? Were the feds Bush hired lying when they stood in courts, Whitehouse press releases, and local bulletins echoing Bush's remarks about the axis of evil? Or was this all a farce from day one? If what they said was all true the last 8 years, how is it possible the war on terror in over without a victory? At the same time, Obama is stopping the supposed unstoppable war in Iraq? Does this not make him come off as the ultimate good and trusted president in the Middle East, not to mention Hollywood with all their plastic gods of the silver screen that somehow feel acting lessons make them well seasoned politicians?

Another scary realism is the fact Obama has Muslim roots, and just recently admitted to the world that he has Muslim members in his own family. Does this not boldly suggest he is the Vatican's ringer to ensure their ecumenical global agenda is escalated into the Middle East? Historic fact is, the Vatican was instrumental in creating the Muslim religion in the first place so as to remove all Sabbath keepers centuries ago. This included Jews and Christians of course. With that said, think about this simple fact of life for the man of sin that seeks to control the world. It's far easier and far cheaper to get the Muslim nations to agree with one of their own, than it is to go to war. Is this why we see articles titled, "Obama confident he can charm Iran" popping up globally lately? When you see Headlines like that you know Iranians can read. So why make such blunt claims? It's to make Americans that read stay deep inside the cloud of smoke.

What's one unmistakable fact about American politics? No matter who stand sin the Oval Office he will always answer to the Vatican. It used to be all the American people have a choice in voting on is what flavor will the Vatican controlled president work in? Republican or Democratic? However lately with all the voter fraud going on, even that choice has been removed now.

Another reason we see the media reporting on Obama doing so much "good" out there is to hide the fact the Constitution of this nation clearly states he is not able to stand as president of the United States unless born on US soil. He simply wasn't born in the USA, and without a natural birth on US soil he cannot be elected president. Is this why he's meeting secretly with Supreme Court judges to try and spin this problem away? Quite a few reporters and hundreds of thousands of petitioners have both asked him to share his birth certificate as well as sought lawsuits against him to stop his inauguration. So far, all has failed. If the man was born here, why doesn't he simply show his original birth certificate and stop all the rumors and repetitive lawsuits in one fell swoop? If there was ever an easy way out of a problem, one would think this would be it.

Yes, there is a lot of good being done. But, like Clinton's insane decadence before Bush, I see Bush's, Hitler flavored agendas being used by the man of sin in Rome to generate such a need for a guy like Obama who can be used to make numerous changes across the board to stand as savior of the people by removing the preplanned unjust laws Bush put in place via Vatican demand. Plus the overwhelming love-fest in the media keeps telling the American people and all the world that Obama is loved and trusted and in many areas, messiah himself. This constant barrage of positive press makes many of the sheeple believe it hook, line and sinker. They figure since so many reporters are agreeing it must be true. This Noah ark massive mindset of the people is the norm for these last days.

Bush was no doubt instructed by Rome to pass the bevy of unjust laws so that Obama could arrive to save the day and remove them. This smokescreen will make all the sheeple in the country shout HOORAY FOR OBAMA. This is how Rome has worked for eons. Each Caesar used this method as did Hitler when he was elected in a democratic election in Germany. While the people are focusing on Obama's good points, and celebrating his election as historic, the Vatican keeps their thumb on Obama just like they did the last 4 presidents before him. Worse yet, they have the Vice President Roman Catholic Joseph Biden to keep the fear of Rome real to Obama to boot. America now has a man that is loved like John Paul II was loved thanks to the global spindoctoring and positive PR campaign of Rome. This is no mistake. It worked before, it will work again even moreso now that they do have all the media moguls in their camp. Obama is being advertised as loved, like both John Paul II and even Hitler just before he lowered the boom on his citizens. Like Hitler did in the past, when Obama suggested a civilian police force it was applauded by all the sheeple in his audience as a good thing. This civilian force won't be like the outdated neighborhood watch program we saw pop up a few decades ago. It will echo what Georgia Congressman Paul Broun states will be a "Gestapo-like force" on our very streets. Pray for your loved ones still living in the cities. Your next door neighbor is about to become a real problem for you in the days ahead. Even the Bush's speech writers agreed that Obama is echoing Hitler agendas. Is this post election republican rhetoric and mudslinging? Most likely, yes. But is it not also based in fact as well? (No.. I am not republican and no I am not democratic. I am a Christian)

All this glad handing going on in D.C. is the norm for Rome. They did this in Caesar's day, they did it all throughout the Inquisition, they used these tactics with Hitler, and they appear to have ironed out the kinks by using modern technology to assure success in our day. But obviously not as they hoped. Prophecy declares this global agenda to be a very short lived victory, yes, but it will most assuredly come just as the Lord prophesied.

  • Revelation 17:12, "And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast."

Will it happen in Obama's administration? I cannot say yes or no as I am no prophet. But I do know it will happen soon. Those ten kings are already walking towards their thrones as we speak. While the people are watching this president make wonderful sweeping changes, he is passing laws behind closed doors that will ensure even more problems for the Christians. Not to mention the soon to arrive One World Government prophecy speaks of as inevitable. A lot of unjust laws will be covered up by Obama's "good" changes, of this I'm sure. The biased and graphically controlled media will make sure of that. One such change that no one seems to be talking about lately is his plans to limit free speech. This new law will only effect Christians ability to share their faith. It's that law I have been warning was about for years as soon in coming. Ever since Canada made the Bible "hate speech" by law, this ministry has been warning people this will happen next in the USA. You don't need to be a brain surgeon to see the writing on the wall.

Yes I see Obama as just another pawn for the Vatican to ensure their end time agenda is met. The fact he has a Roman Catholic Vice President assisting him confirms this even more so. I see this so called ex-muslim him being used in a way that will schmooze the Muslims into agreement and acceptance with Rome, as well as a way to generate a false sense of security to the people he captivates while removing even more freedoms behind closed doors. They are already tagging him with a "messiah" type persona to keep the clouds thick around the sheeple. In fact, just recently an artist depicted Obama riding on a Donkey complete with waving palm fronds before him in a way to emulate Jesus Christ's triumphal entry into Jerusalem as the prophesied Messiah. As for those that speak out against their man in D.C., Google has already gone so far as to censure anti-Obama websites. Yes, Google owns YouTube as well, so expect a lot of anti-Obama videos to drop off their soon as well.

The smokescreen generated by these so called "changes" in D.C will keep the sheeple's eyes focused away from their up and coming demise. Bush was nothing more than a craftily played puppet of Rome that spewed all sorts of unjust laws so Obama can come in to remove them and make himself and the American government look good to all around the world. Bush generated enough wicked laws to grant the Obama administration plenty of fodder to keep the smoke billowing up for months, if not years. Notice in the days ahead that the focus will only be on the good he is doing, and the true Vatican agenda will be completely ignored, AGAIN.

Yes, many may disagree there is a Vatican agenda behind all this. But students of prophecy that diligently study the Word daily know what the Vatican is all about because one other prophecy states clearly in 2 Thessalonians 2:3, that this man of sin will be revealed in our day. He has been revealed and we know who he is rather clearly. This is why Revelation 12:17 says we are so hated by his leader in Hell. He hates the idea that we are able to alert the people in advance. We know, and can illustrate quite well and with biblical confidence what Rome is going to do tomorrow before they do it. Not because we are prophets, but because our God reveals such things to His people that diligently seek Him as promised. However, to place the cherry on the proverbial top so as to hopefully quench some scoffers in this particular area regarding Rome and their hand in this, notice this Obama Campaign commercial funded by the Roman Catholic church. Ironically they use the false Vatican desire of anti-abortion to push him forward while at the same time govern this man with a Vice President who is not only Roman Catholic, but pro-abortion as well. Even the word "hypocrite" doesn't seem strong enough anymore. Still, do you recall how not too long ago it was ILLEGAL for Christians to preach to their members regarding any candidates during an election year? So much so they put government spies in churches to ensure compliance? Why is this always perfectly legal for Catholics do break the laws? It's because Catholicism is all about politics, and nary a line about Scripture; their supposed textbook. The last four elections proved this hands down. And some STILL don't see a Vatican agenda in D.C.?



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