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Vatican's "one god"
By Nicholas
January 14, 2009



A few weeks ago an article came out that I linked on the main page, which is now in the "Headline archives" that spoke of the Catholic church preaching Allah is the Christian God's name. Since then it has come up more than once in both on and offline conversation, and rightly so because Bible believing Christians were in fact offended by the comparing of the peaceful Christian God with the unpeaceful god of Islam. It seems the obvious ecumenical fingerprints upon it were too much for some to ignore, and so they spoke out. It is worth mentioning, yes, but then this is par for the course for Rome and we should never be surprised when they grant us such rock hard evidence against them. However, this is one step I must admit that I always thought was to be a bit more in the future for the ecumenical charge of the Babylonian Vatican simply because the people they hope to control need to be conditioned into believing such silliness. If History has taught us anything of these Roman prelates it's that they have always been known as trailblazers, but not in the manner some may think. They often make these types of public statements as a way to test the waters to see if their next political step will be well received. As history has also taught us, they don't care if they ruffle the feathers of some when they speak such strange things as was obvious when they recently proclaimed all non-Catholics hell-bound in numerous media outlets. In fact, this is something they have preached for eons. It's actually taught within the doctrinal books of their church no less.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church, following historic Christian theology since the time of the early Church Fathers, refers to the Catholic Church as "the universal sacrament of salvation" (CCC 774–776), and states: "The Church in this world is the sacrament of salvation, the sign and the instrument of the communion of God and men" (CCC 780).

Back in 1964, Joseph Ratzinger, who as we know later became Pope Benedict XVI preached a sermon wherein he said, "... beyond the limits of the Church there is no more salvation." So he would naturally preach such things as Pope today. So, no they don't care if they ruffle the feathers of anyone out there, and they certainly don't care if their comments cost lives as has always been apparent since day one. And yes, it was as I assumed regarding their timing for such comments in the Muslim world, they were in fact wrong and had to step back to regroup once again. Their recent love affair with the Islam faith has "blessed" them with some benefits yes, but they have yet to deceive all of Islam so as to be free enough to make outrageous claims as this without so much as a raised eyebrow. That day is coming as it has in similar ways so many times before.

For example... When Rome first suggested Mary was "Queen of Heaven" the majority of people were offended for obvious biblical reasons. But after decades of glorifying her in paintings, statues, and relics, as well as bringing her up in countless sermons, prayers, and apparitions, she is not only considered to be their queen today, she is also considered the Roman Catholic's co-savior to boot. What Rome has been doing with the Muslims lately is nothing more than a crafty move on a global Chess board. They have used this method many times before. The only reason most people miss it is because they either didn't research it out, or they weren't born when they tried it in the past. Give the Roman priests some time and the Muslims will in fact bow to them in worship just as easy as the Catholics and Protestants do now.

As prophecy predicts and History confirms, the Roman Catholic (a.k.a.universal) church is slated to become the ruling headquarters for the final act of Satan. For those that are unaware of the final act they are working towards that was prophesied by our Lord, see the "Mark of the Beast" page on the site when you have time to dedicate to digesting hard Truth. It is not to be taken lightly, so make sure you have free undistracted time to read that page or al least view the video linked out on same. Rome knows, and prophecy confirms they cannot rule the world sufficiently enough without getting everyone into a One World Church first. In order for all to clamor to "mother Rome" they must all agree they worship the same God. This is why the Devils inside the hearts of the Vatican prelates invented the Trinity doctrine so long ago. This doctrine purports a "one God," or as I like to call it, a "god-blob" deity that makes all religions appear in agreement with one another when looked upon in this generalized manner. With the Christians being manipulated into this strange doctrine for the sake of ecumenicalism, they too can now claim there is "one God" in the Godhead, instead of the repetitive biblical doctrine that states there are three quite distinct and visibly separate persons of that Godhead. One such rather blunt and easy to understand time in Christian History that reflects on this doctrine is found in the book of Matthew. I like to use this passage because it makes it easy to illustrate the Godhead in simple terms for even the babe in Christ. Yes there are many meaty verses as well, but this should suffice for all, irregardless of whatever rung in the Heavenly Ladder you stand at present.

  • Matthew 3:16-17, "And Jesus, when he was baptized, went up straightway out of the water: and, lo, the heavens were opened unto him, and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove, and lighting upon him:  And lo a voice from heaven, saying, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased."

Notice this simple fact that is preached quite often in the Word when speaking of the Godhead regardless if it is done so in milky or meaty passages. The Scripture declare that God the Father is in Heaven speaking from above. Then it also clearly states God the Son has just stepped out of the water and is on earth listening to His Father's voice, as are many present. Finally it also declares God the Spirit is actually floating between the Son and the Father in the form of a Dove for many to witness. It is here we clearly see there are three separate entities in three distinct and quite separate areas in reality.

  1. The Father in Heaven
  2. Jesus Christ on Earth
  3. The Holy Spirit between the two in the air. (For more info click here)

The Trinity and many other strange religions teach there is only ONE God in the Godhead. Some have gone even deeper into heresy and declared Jesus and the Holy Spirit aren't God at all. But I'll get into that later.

The reason I bring up the Christian religion first is because it is the only true one known to man from day one. Yes many claim to be first in line, but notice something they all seem to miss. NONE claim to be worshipping a Creator God but the Christian. All the other gods are actually created by men and have never been known to have created anything. Only the Christian God has made all you see before you. All the other gods are cheap copies and twisted spin offs of the Original.

Common and well known reality is, Christianity is the one religion Satan hates with a passion. It is the only one that can be verified in both Science and History and he knows it. This is why so many laws are slated against Christianity today in most nations, including America. Why is this so? It's simple. The powers that be FEAR OUR GOD. This is why Oxford University Professors are testing ways of torture to see if Christians can actually ask God to help them. Ok, I know you just laughed, as did I when I first read the article. Who do they think they're kidding, right? Do they actually believe God will play along? If you check out the article you will see Catholics were the ones volunteering to help the Professors. True Christians would never do such a thing because we know our Lord has said in His Word that we should never tempt the Lord thy God and put Him to foolish tests. These Professors don't know this because they don't read His Word.  

As is obvious lately, big Government is controlled by Satan. The more the merrier is his method of madness. It is far easier to tempt a mass of men than it is one. Tools of hell like peer pressure, ambition, envy, greed, lust, and a host of others drive Washington D.C. and all other nations today. Since the enemy of souls has them so controlled, they naturally fear our God because their god fears Him. So they seek ways to prevent our God using His people to glorify Him. Satan knows if he can slow or stop the Remnant he will be able to prevent people from being pulled out of his camp.

All of the world's religions out there only have one god set up before them. Only the true Christian has an understanding of the true Godhead. So the Trinity doctrine was a no-brainer to use in that it allows for billions to believe the Christian God is "one" God like all the rest.

I will admit, many years ago I could not understand why Satan invented the Trinity doctrine until recently when some dear friends I was helping build an online presence were being swayed away from the Lord by this strange demonic doctrine. After they took the bait on the first lie, they became easier to deceive on the rest of the lies now being preached. Some of you may have discovered their message wherein they now preach Jesus is no longer considered to be God at all, and the Holy Spirit never existed in the first place. This newly embraced doctrine of a demon allows them to look upon the worldly version of the Godhead in the exact same way the Muslim, Catholic, or any other strange religion does. I did all I could to try and help them see the error of their ways by using many Scriptures that not only proved Jesus is God, but the Holy Spirit was an actual and quite viable person in the Godhead as well. There was no need to speak of God the Father because they all preach He is the only one left in the Godhead worthy of worship. Why would Satan deceive in such a manner? Jesus said in Matthew 10:33 that, "...whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven." Satan knows to deny Christ is to deny the Father, so naturally it is Christ he must convince them to ignore.

A few of the major religions that preach "one god" are...

  • Muslims declare ONE god
  • Buddhists declare ONE god
  • Jews declare ONE god
  • Even Satanists declare ONE god
  • And now Christians declare ONE god

Rome's one god doctrine has spread far and wide just as prophecy said it would. The mother of harlots has done exactly as predicted of her. With this one god doctrine Rome can get all religions, Christian and non-Christian alike, to agree that they all worship the same god now. When in fact it's Satan at the head of their church all along and not the Father, Son or Holy Ghost that is being worshipped. But then, that has been Satan's plan all along.

When you do a little research on Roman Catholicism and the ecumenical movement you will find they are pushing their one god theory to the forefront so as to make all the world's religions appear to be in agreement for the sake of "peace." This too was all part of the plan. This prophesied false peace is nothing more than a smokescreen that will gather all peoples together against the true Christian remnant when that great and dreadful day arrives. This is why you see the Vatican writing articles in Islamic nations that declare Allah to be the Christian God of the Bible. They need to get them into their church at all costs. Notice however the Newspaper reporting this event doesn't think to capitalize the word "God" when speaking of our Christian God. As usual the flesh is given more importance than the Creator of it. This is why the word "Christian" is capitalized, and not the word "God" in the subheading.

Catholic newspaper faces ban for writing "Allah"
A Catholic newspaper in Malaysia is facing a ban for using the word "Allah" to describe the Christian god.

By Thomas Bell, South East Asia Correspondent
Last Updated: 11:26AM GMT17 Dec 2008

Unless the government changes its mind, the Herald Catholic Weekly has only two weeks left to run before its licence expires at the end of the year.  ..."The Catholic Herald's 'Allah' is seen as a threat to national security," said Father Lawrence Andrew, editor of the Herald.  "We are now a scapegoat, a means for the Malay Muslims to rally together."

 Full article 

Rome has been flirting with the Muslims for decades, and literally "batting the eye" like the prophesied whore she is. They need to gather their demonic forces against the Remnant, and Rome knows if they hope to gain the upper hand in this global tug of war, they have to somehow get as many Christians away from the True God as possible. Where her false doctrines fail against them, she will use fear to try and cause a lack of faith. We all know how well it worked when Satan tempted Peter to look at the fearful sights around him when he was walking on water towards Jesus. That act proved to Satan 2 things that he has used to this day on Christians.

  1. Man can be used by God in a mighty way. Peter was just a man, yet he walked on that water!
  2. Man can be tempted to fear, which in turn causes their faith to weaken. Peter did in fact sink!

Rome has no problem bowing to any religion if it means they can gain global rule as the end result. That fact alone proves they are not a Christian church. If they were they would know they must never join with the world for the cause of Christianity.

  • James 4:4, "Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God."

The pope's have kissed statues of false gods, performed animal sacrifice on Catholic altars, carried out Satanic masses inside Vatican walls, embraced and even kissed the Muslim Koran that commands killing of Christians, apologized for Bible verses that offended other religions, praised Buddhism, kissed the earth, accepted gifts from witches, allowed pagan rites to be performed upon their bodies, and even allowed statues of false gods to be worshipped on Vatican altars, all for the cause of global peace. Is this the way to peace? Or has peace always been the carrot Satan has dangled before the people of this world as a way to get them to agree to his demands so as to gain peace?

Have you ever noticed this? Satan started the wars using religion as the reason for the wars. He then uses religion as a way to end the wars. Seems oxymoronic yes, but look around, it works! The elected officials are mere puppets in his hands! This ridiculous method is done in the exact same way a mad scientist would create a need for his services so as to gain wealth and power. For example. Let's say a mad scientist creates an antidote that only he knows about. He then creates a virus using that antidote that kills many that only his antidote can cure. This way he can become the savior of the world by offering the cure for what he actually caused in the first place. Satan craves global worship. So he creates an antidote in advance of the disease.

The antidote is peace on his terms. The disease has always been war.



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