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Below list archived on 07/19/10

BP oil spill: Why they can't stop the leak!!!
This is a video of mostly the sea floor in the Gulf. Not the pipe, just the floor itself. They may be able to cap the well, but the damage is done on the floor. There is no way they can stop this now. They have compromised the sea bed to the point of no return. Pray for the people in that area. It's only going to get worse. Jul 15 10, 04:07:45

60 minutes - BP disaster - Deepwater Horizon survivor Mike Williams pt 1
This is a survivors account of what happened the day of the explosion. As usual, it was all about the money again. BP was more concerned with saving a few million dollars instead of doing the right thing. They make $3 billion dollars each quarter. In basic numbers, that's 3000 million dollars every three months, or 1000 million a month! Saving a few million when you make 1000 million a month seems idiotic. But then, these are the last days and prophecy does say some will "heap treasure together for the last days." Hint: You can't take it with you guys. Jul 15 10, 04:07:45

US General says - it's fun to shoot some people
This is the same General that's right now running things in Iraq and Afghanistan. Yes, what Muslims do to their women is wrong. But for a leader of the largest military force on earth to say it's fun to shoot these men simply because they somehow deserve to die for sla pping their wives is appalling. Keep in mind, he's a General. Everyone under him knows of this same mind-set and it's this type of mind that runs martial law. Jul 14 10, 03:07:00

BP Oil Spill: Silenced scientists are breaking their silence!
If you live in the Gulf Area, especially Florida, you need to see this. I cannot verify all that's shared here is fact. But what is being shared in the video makes sense when compiled with the data we've had on this the last few months. Only those living in the Gulf area would know more about this than any of us inland. That being said, if you are a child of God you know already if the Lord has been opening doors for you to leave that area. My advice? Do as the Lord leads. It's always the better way to go. Jul 13 10, 04:07:39

You are not authorized to see the pics and videos of the Gulf Oil spill!
"The title is a parody of the fact that the government has effectively made it a felony to take pictures of oiled wildlife." This blog is jam packed with pics and videos of the Gulf Oil disaster. As for July 1, 2010, any new pics or videos are illegal! We know there is an obvious reason they don't want you to see this. So we have to keep the pics and videos we have now. But having them compiled like this, and many of them I've never seen before, makes it painfully obvious that even if they do stop the leak, it's already way past too late! Could this be a planet killer? No, prophecy says mankind won't be allowed do that. But it is becoming clear it is the method by which the Lord will bring upon plagues 1, 2, & 3. Jul 13 10, 04:07:39

Animation of nuclear explosions from 1945 - 1998
This is insane! What were they thinking? How many areas of the Western USA are now permanently poisoned by these tests? It seems to me when I watched this animation that the military likes playing with their toys. No one will stop a General or some other power crazed "leader" from blowing up a nuclear warhead simply because he likes the boom it makes like a little kid with his first firecracker. They are poisoning the very earth they live on where even their children live!. How crazy is that? Prophecy did say in Revelation 11:18, "And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth." Jul 12 10, 03:07:35

God's place in charter challenged
In Canada there is a war going on between Atheists and Christians. (again) The Atheists are trying to get God out of the national charter. I'm surprised they waited so long since they have declared the Bible hate speech in Canada back in September of 2003 anyway. The "age of reason" is about to repeat itself in today's society and no one seems to care. Only difference now is, the "Two Witnesses" cannot be killed a second time! In fact, the wicked die this time. GLOBALLY. Jul 11 10, 01:07:22

'Want freedom? Kill some crackers!'
"Those were the words of Minister King Samir Shabazz, also known as Maurice Heath, the New Black Panther Party's Philadelphia leader. Shabazz is the same man the Obama administration Department of Justice refused to prosecute after he was filmed on Election Day 2008 with Jerry Jackson wearing paramilitary uniforms, carrying a nightstick and blocking a doorway to a polling location to intimidate voters." Racism this violent should never be tolerated, yet the Obama administration refuses to do anything about this going on 2 years now. No, it's not hearsay or rumors that I'm talking about. This poor deceived soul was videotaped threatening voters and telling people to kill white people and their babies yet he still he walks free. Why? The powers that be need to make racism bad enough in the eyes of judges and Congressmen so as to assure more laws that bind the innocent. Truth is, the Vatican already convinced them years ago to mix religious crimes stats with racism stats so as to glorify the race card. And now this? Jul 11 10, 01:07:22

BP makes me sick
This video is one group's way of combating the crisis in the Gulf that the government refuses to acknowledge. But what struck me as odd in the video was that the workers doing the clean up were told they would be fired if they didn't remove their face masks that helped them breath without poisoning themselves. Why do that? A number of reasons. If they make them wear the masks they are liable for the millions of people that get sick because they are admitting they know the air is toxic. Another reason is if people near the spill see the face masks on the workers they will know the air is toxic and again BP will be liable for their problems. They actually think allowing the workers to get sick will help them in court where they can "deny" they knew the air was toxic! That's why yesterday's video (above) showed cops trying to stop a woman from videotaping a cleanup crew being loaded on ambulances. Want to know just how bad the air and water is down there now?? See this video where the water's been tested in a lab! It's so bad now even the sea spray is poisonous to humans! Jul 09 10, 01:07:54

Look who's listening in on public conversations
"Big Brother has its eyes and ears on Europe � with security cameras that eavesdrop on conversations to sense how private citizens feel and predict violent behavior before it happens." It used to be illegal to record people without their permission, now "big brother" is doing it to try and "protect" us? But is this really their mission? Or is it the best way to listen in on conversations on the street to get private information on the locations of those they deem to be criminals. Soon Christians will be criminals simply for theri faith. Can you see this being used to their advantage when they pass laws allowing the people to kill the Sabbath keepers they say are causing the Plagues? Truth is, they have already started blaming disasters on "people that don't go to church on Sundays." Jul 09 10, 01:07:54

6'4" Cop Bullies 4'11" Videographer as She Videos a BP Worker Taken Away in Ambulance
This video is very annoying to say the least. The woman is in no way bothering the ambulance workers or any of the people in that area. In fact, she's at least 50 feet away from them. But because she has a camera, they lie to her and tell her first that the ambulance is there as a "precaution." But later they are forced to admit someone is actually in the ambulance. Then a huge cop comes and dwarfs the small woman trying to force her to leave and insists she's bothering the people even though by now she's at least 75, pr maybe 100 feet away. Why did they fear her camera? A BP worker got sick and they don't want people to know about it. THAT is what annoys me here! Instead of doing the right thing and alerting the people in the area to evacuate because they know there are dangerous fumes, they do all they can to hide it. What I do like about this video is how the cop walked away AFTER she asked for his Supervisor's phone number. Jul 08 10, 03:07:56

Obama's plan to secure the border is... 1,200 desk jobs?
There is another video wherein Obama does say he will secure the border "if" the Republicans get together with him on "comprehensive reform." In other words, Obama is going to allow the kidnappings and murders to continue as a way to pressure the Republicans to pass his unethical agenda. But as this Senator says in this video, they should secure the border first and then talk about comprehensive reform. Due to the prophecy of Christ coming to fruition where He says in Matthew 24:12, "And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold." Obama is obviously one of those that does not have the love for his fellow man anymore. Still, we must understand that Obama is merely following orders here. It is Rome that is forcing him to drag his feet at the borders. When will Roman Catholics, and all those associated with this church realize that Rome does not love them. They only act as they do love when it benefits their agenda. As well all know, 99% of Mexicans are Roman Catholics. It is their very own priests convincing them to go forward with these crimes and put themselves in harms way in Arizona for the sole benefit of the church. Mix that with Obama purposely allowing many to die as per Rome's orders, and you have the perfect way for Rome to have yet another valid blood sacrifice for Satan. If you don't believe Vatican prelates are Satanists in reality, explain this article. Jul 07 10, 04:07:24

Is rain damage to plants in Ohio a result from the Gulf oil spill?
We saw this a week or so ago in the South. And now it's happening in Ohio directly after a rain? Is it Gulf toxins in the rain? No clue, I am not a scientist. In fact, it may just be UV damage from the Sun itself, which is also par for the course in these last days. Are we about to see more and more of this type of damage all across the land? Yes we are. Prophecy predicts that problems like this, along with droughts, strange weather patterns, quakes and other disasters, man made and natural, are about to increase right before the plagues hit. In fact, they will use these events as a reason to try and shut us up regarding the mark of the beast. Problem is, once they pass Sunday Laws as a way to combat the truth we preach, the 7 plagues will fall making these disasters look small in comparison. Then our Lord will return to get us outta here! Maranatha! By the way, if you think what's happening in Ohio is a fluke, take a look at this video in Texas! It's # 3 of 6 videos he did! The rain is killing everything! Now do you understand why the Clinton's are stockpiling tons of food and investing in seed vaults? They know something you and I don't. Well.. we know now. Jul 06 10, 02:07:32

Pinal Co. Sheriff receives death threats from Mexican mafia
This is something that should never gotten this bad! Obama purposely stated, on camera no less, that he does not plan to secure the borders until his political desires are met regarding same. If I could find where I posted that video I would re-post it! Countless lives are in danger, and now one man that had to do the work himself without Obama's "constitutionally demanded" help, is now in danger of being killed. Pray for this man. He was ordained to be where he is. Also pray for Obama who is also ordained to be where he is. The Sheriff is doing as God would have him do. Obama is not. This just proves how evil the people in D.C. have become. But then that too was prophecied. By the way... ever notice this? Directly aftre Arizona announced their "birther bill" the immigration problem in Arizona escalated! Is Obama tryign to force Arizona to accept him as an illegal president? Jul 06 10, 02:07:31

Below list archived on 07/09/10

Shocking new pictures of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill 2010
Notice if you will that most of these pictures never seem to be allowed on the main stream media. At least I've never seen them. After viewing them you will understand why fly-overs are illegal and reporters are threatened with a $40,000.00 fine and Class D felonies if they come within 65 feet of any coastline? Still, some are defying the law to get these amazing pics to let the people know just how bad it really is. Click here for a video fly-over of the mess. By the way, why do you think they don't want people to see all this? Because some of the people viewing it will be Christians that understand prophecy! We know exactly what we're looking at here, and they know we're not afraid to warn others. Jesus is coming SOON! Maranatha! Jul 05 10, 04:07:23

Sex tourism in Kenya
Not an easy video to watch. No, it doesn't show any porn, but what makes it so bad is that the sex tourism is all about children! The trade is so prosperous that the authorities look the other way because they know the trade brings in big money to the area. Once again, it's all about money! Pedophiles from all around the world come here knowing they are safe from prosecution from man. However, the Lord thy God is soon to come where all this will end instantly! Sadly, many of the parents of the children talk their kids into doing this so as to make money for the family. One good thing about this is, activity like this makes it so easy to preach and convince people we are most assuredly in the very last days! Jul 05 10, 04:07:23

Angle on unemployment
It's nice to see someone that has eyes to see some of what we see. The woman in the interview states the obvious regarding what's happening in the USA unemployment fiasco. The government is sending checks that are bigger than they would get if they got an honest job in their community. It's already gotten to the point where some of the people gave up looking for work because of this, and the government keeps extending the unemployment checks to help them give up. Yes, there are some that want to get off the checks and get real jobs, but the majority won't. If you'll notice the interviewer is taking her out of context as well to try and hide the fact that government checks are designed to cause problems, not fix them. Now.. think about what happens when the government decides to stop the checks for whatever reason they deem necessary, or threaten to stop them if the people refuse to bow to new demands. Something like this will work good when they decide to enforce the mark of the beast. Perhaps that's what they're testing right now! Jul 04 10, 02:07:57

First amendment has been suspended
The media, yes even the "controlled" media, is no longer allowed anywhere near the Gulf coastlines. To let the reporters know how serious they are, they threaten to hit them with $40,000.00 fine sand Class D Felony charges if they so much as get near an oil soaked beaches or marshes. Why? For the same reason they have restricted the airspace above it. The government does not want anyone "with a camera" near that area. It's gotten so bad they need to keep the people in the dark on this. Problem with that scenario is. The oil is still leaking. Soon every coastline around the world will know about this. The "projected" flow data suggests the oil will have spread around the world within 18 months. Jul 04 10, 02:07:56

Poison spreads: Gulf air turns toxic after oil spill "relief effort"
What puzzles me about this is the fact it took Russian Television to be the ones that reported on this. Correct me if I'm wrong, but so far I've yet to see any main stream media touching on the facts laid out in the video. I only see this on the more trusted alternative News sources now. Please keep everyone down there in prayer. It's not going to get better. It's going to get a lot worse!. Jul 02 10, 02:07:45

Pelosi" Unemployment checks serve as "job creator"
This is just plain silly! How many times is this woman going to be exposed like this before she steps down in shame? This poor woman. She is in a position she simply cannot handle. But then, that was the plan all along! She says unemployment checks injects demand into the economy. Ok, I'll agree that some people on unemployment will blow their checks on toys. But the majority use them to pay the mortgage, electric bills, phone bills, etc. How does that "inject demand into the economy?" It doesn't! It's the shoppers at Walmart or the Malls that do that. This woman confirms that big government can only be successful if you have a large string of puppets doing as their hidden leader demands. This isn't easy to say without offending some, but it has to be said. When they make comments like this it proves they do not want intelligent people in public office because they will think and react accordingly. I know that's a hard thing to hear, but look at their track record the last few years. Take Obama for example. He can't speak two sentences when the telepromter breaks down. Like Reagan, they are all actors playing a part for the Roman puppeteer. This is why Christianity is being slowly phased out while homosexuality is raised up. Not to mention wars being started that can never be paid for. Rome wants to control the world. But they cannot do so if the people in their employ have the ability to think on their own two feet. Jul 02 10, 02:07:45

FDA censors author with natural methods that cure Hepatitus
Those of us that know about natural methods know there is a cure for Hepatitus. But the FDA is helping the AMA keep this information secret. They do not want the general public to know about natural methods that actually work much better than the AMA drugs do because the drugs they give are designed to keep you dependant on them. They cannot give up their cash cow! For example: There is actually a natural cure for diabetes, but people are spending billions per year taking insulin. Sadly, most are actually dying younger because the AMA craves the money they pay for the drugs that can't cure the disease. Plus, diabetics generate even more income for them simply because they are prone to get sick more often thanks to their disease and use of insulin. It is childishly easy now to see the wisdom behind the term, "...the love of money is the root of all evil."-1 Timothy 6:10. They are killing people by the millions all for money! Jul 01 10, 03:07:18

Civil liberties said trampled by G20 police
"Left-wing writer Naomi Klein told the throngs of cheering demonstrators that Canadians didn't want to pay the $1 billion security tab for the G8 and G20 summits, so police found a way to justify the cost." Could it be that simple? Truth is, almost everyone in government has proven to be there for the money. If the police want their share of the pie, their going to be tempted to create a need for their presence. Is this why every strategic protest over the last decade or so had strange groups of protestors in hoods that started riots and then suddenly left before police started to arrest people? It's beginning to be a bit obvious no? Yes, it's again about money on one hand, and the power to allow politicians to create the prophecied unjust laws on the other. One hand truly washes the other when cold hard cash is the soap. Jul 01 10, 03:07:17

BP Oil Spill: Kindra Arnesen Venice LA Needs to Evacuate
You have got to see this! It's as we expected! In this video the woman speaking is privy to a lot of the private meetings of BP Oil. She uncovers what's really happening in the Gulf. The love of money has gotten BP to avoid doing the job whenever government officials are absent. She uncovers other strange things as well. Everything from numerous coverups, to massive kills of marine life that the media won't report on. Keep this in mind though. The love of money here will prevent this clean up from ever getting done. Yes, I realize they cannot stop it. But there are ways to clean up as the oil gushes. Their refusal to do so is going to allow the oil to go global within 18 months as predicted. Is this how it happens? Is this how the plagues 1-3 come to fruition? Truth is, there should be a media blitz going on right now to get everyone evacuated. But they're not doing that. If they allow millions to die, then all the rumors about Rome and her puppets seeking ways to lower the population on the planet so the rich can get richer, will be confirmed! Jun 29 10, 03:06:00

Giant excavated ant colony reveals marvelous wonder
What they did in this video was fill an African ant hill with cement. You will be amazed by how much cement it took to fill it. You will be even more amazed when you see what they dug up after the cement hardened! Our Creator has blessed these little workers to do a work that helps the soil breath as well as clean things up on the surface. Many lazy people can learn a lot from these little insects. After all, it is written in Proverbs 6:6, "Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise:" Even in the ant we can see our God glorified! Jun 29 10, 03:06:00

Fareed Zakaria blasts media
This is rare! A News reporter lets the cat out of the bag regarding the way the media is playing games with the oil crisis in the Gulf. I wonder if he lost his job over this? He exposes the fact, (as if we didnt' know) that the media is more concerned about keeping Obama in a good light before the people. Another thing he brings up is how the media is using the oil crisis as a way to avoid reporting on other important issues. What about the riots in Canada at the G20 summits? What about Iran and North Korea and their globally dangerous issues? What about the pope and his direct involvment in the molestation scandals? This gulf oil "spill" is beginning to look so convenient isn't it? Was it planned? Truth is, this is no different than how they used the Michael Jackson "death" to hide the Pope's encyclical letter demanding a new "single" global political authority. Absolutely every media outlet covered Michael Jackson's "death" while they slipped this letter into the legislative halls without so much as a peep on TV, radio or Internet until long after it was shared by those in power. An encyclical letter of a pope is big news in politics and always has something to do with the people at large. But did YOU hear anything about it? No.. did you hear about Michael Jackson? Ok.. dumb question. Jun 28 10, 03:06:15

Police attack peaceful protestors
Watch how the cops use a cowardly method to arrest people that aren't doing anything illegal here. There are long lines of cops dressed up in Nazi looking garb with shields and clubs so as to prevent even a bruise, then suddenly running out of their ranks come around 5 or 6 cops to attack the most passive victims they can find in the crowd one by one. No bottles or bricks are thrown, no windows broken, no fires set, yet the cops arrest them anyway? For what? Breathing!? Antichrist is most assuredly flexing his muscles. Freedom is now illegal. This method of attacking peaceful citizens will make the people give up and stop protesting. Will it work? It did for Hitler. By the way, there are other videos where the cops actually send in their own dressed in hoods to start a riot, then the "planted" rioters leave so the cops can arrest everyone that is left behind. They started using this tactic at the World trade summit not too long ago. Jun 28 10, 03:06:15

Storm brewing near Gulf oil spill
FYI: This is not going to end well at all! It's already raining oil in Louisiana without a hurricane. How bad will it get if a major hurricane forms? Please pray there is a place for all those people to go before it's too late. It's no longer a question of staying behind to ride out the storm. See the video under this one. Crops, trees, grass, and all foliage as well as birds are dying! Even if a low grade hurricane hits it will dump all sorts of toxins for hundreds of miles! Jun 27 10, 12:06:20

Something is killing crops, trees and birds down south
No, the News media isn't saying it's oil doing it. But let's look at the evidence. All the leaves have dots on them that look like rain drops. If the rain has oil and toxic chemicals in it, the water will of course drain off the leaf naturally. But the oil laden chemicals will stay behind. Then the clouds will part, the Sun will shine and the oil will magnify the sun and burn the leave and the toxic chemicals BP has been spraying will do whatever it does to the internal structure of the plant. If I am correct on this, the next hurricane will multiply this problem beyond imagination! Millions of acres of crops will die, birds and animals will die, and people will die as well. The Lord can prevent this is He so chooses of course. Truth is, we don't know the day or the hour. But as we look around at the signs of the times before us now, we can know the season. With Obama in the Whitehouse following every order of the Vatican with the Nazi soldier as pope, one can't help discern the times we live in are indeed coming to a close. Are you ready? ARE YOU SURE? Jun 27 10, 12:06:20

False prophecies flourish on YouTube
This video is not based in prophetic biblical truth at all. It assumes the "chosen people" are the Jews that deny Christ as Messiah to this day. Prophecy also predicted that they would do this and be replaced by people that did accept Christ as Messiah. According to the Scripture, Sabbath keeping Christians are the chosen people of God now. These are the Christians that are called ISRAEL by the God of the Bible. Need Bible Proof? See my "Who is Israel" page on the site, or watch the video version of that page. As prophecied, the entire world keeps watching those that deny Christ as if they are the chosen people while the real Israel is being persecuted just as prophecy said we would. This smokescreen billowed forth by Satan has deceived literally billions thansk to Rome's activity on this one. Jun 25 10, 01:06:08

Is Christmas Christian?
Ok, Ok, I know it's only June. But this video can be used year round to help people see the evils of Christmas. In fact, it's always good to let people know months before Christmas comes about this so as to evade the temptation of keeping the tree, lights and decorations up when they find out. All too often, when people hear about this at Christmas time they feel they should wait until after Christmas to alert their family they have given it up for Christ so as to not rock the boast filled with holiday festivities. However, their procrastination usually gets them to forget all about their new found truths by then thanks to the "loving" atmosphere Satan generates to keep people in sin. This is the newest video on my John1429.org website. I give full permission to anyone that wants to make copies of any of the videos to hand them out as long as your don't edit the videos or charge people for them. For a lot more info on Christmas and other holidays, go to www.RemnantofGod.org/holidays.htm page on the main site. Jun 25 10, 01:06:07

Oil rain in Louisiana
I tried to find an "official" video on this but failed. We knew this was coming folks. What we aren't seeing here is the mainstream media reporting on it. A resident of the area had to go out with his camera to videotape it to place on YouTube. Now do you see why Lieberman wants to give Obama a kill switch for the Internet? Keep in mind, they have been caught lying many times the last few decades to push strange laws. What they say the laws are for is not always true. When the disasters get more and more frequent they will do what they can to stop the people from hearing about it. The fact it's raining oil in Louisiana and not a single TV mainstream News channel reported on it speaks volumes here. By the way, ever see what crude oil does to foliage? It kills it. Now imagine a hurricane dumping metric tons of oily rain on 5 or 6 States. One other thing most may not be thinking of is, rain is slick enough to drive on with rubber tires. Add oil to the mix and it will be a mess that may cause insurance compaines to fold! Not to mention all the people and animals that will get sick from all this. Jun 24 10, 11:06:16

Obama about to make illegals legal?
As you will see in this video, two out of three "immigrants" voted for Obama in the 2008 presidential election. This is why the borders are wide open to this day. This is also why Obama is waiting on "immigration reform" to be accepted before stopping anything that's happening in Arizona. Even if it means civil war. When the majority of the Roman Catholic Latino population is pro-democratic in their voting process, the politicians will bend over backwards to guarantee their votes are counted. Thi sjob security, or "dangled carrot" of Antichrist is working wonders for pro-Vatican legislation in North America. I say North America because this involves Canada and Mexico right along with us. This is exactly what Rome did to get all the nations in Europe to join as one nation under Rome not too long ago, and this is how the "club of Rome" will see their "ten kingdoms" on earth in the very near future. What is the carrot dangled before Obama to push for this? If he legalizes the illegals, the democrats are assured a win in November. It's no longer about protecting the nations interests, as prophecied, it's more about protecting their wealth and power that matters to them now. These are amazing times to live in! Jun 23 10, 02:06:20

Taxpayer cash funds Skype-type abortions
This looks like something out of a futuristic horror film! The girl seeking to kill her baby enters a doctor's office in her own town. She is then placed in front of a computer screen with a webcam where her medical records are examined via the Internet by an government funded abortionist in another State. When the doctor makes the decision it's time for her to take the pill he clicks an icon on his computer and a drawer quickly pops out of the desk in front of the girl with two pill bottles in it. This looks so demonic! The girl is then instructed to take the pills which will cause her baby to miscarry and die within 24 hours. Imagine if someone walked up to you 50 years ago who told you that your tax dollars would help mothers kill their babies in multiple ways within 40 years, and their very own doctors would help them do it. You would think the person who just told you is either crazy, or the world would be coming to an end not too long after such craziness was sanctioned. Welcome to the end times. Maranatha! Jun 23 10, 02:06:20

Kyl says Obama said no border security for political reasons]
This has to be one of the most annoying videos to date. Early on in the video he shares how certain methods do work, but late rin the video he shows how Obama himself chooses to allow the problem to fester to push a political agenda that is pro-Vatican. Countless numbers of peoples lives are not only disrupted by the influx of illegal aliens on their own land, but even more lives are in danger because some crossing the borders have criminal reasons to cross. It appears Washington D.C. is no longer concerned with protecting the nation. They are mostly concerned with their own agendas first and foremost. This is why Rome has such a field day with these politicians! They are so corrupt and consumed with personal interests that will gain them riches that a few "blessings" from a Catholic priest makes them feel better about themselves. Jun 22 10, 02:06:41

Obama WH to illegals: We'll help you get paid fairly
It's stated in the previous video link that the borders are being left open for political reasons. Now we see what they are. Soon the USA, Mexico and Canada will be one nation under Rome, just as prophecied. This is why they have no intention in securing the borders without their agenda being protected. They actually stated in the White House video that undocumented (illegal) workers must be paid fairly! The White House is actually breaking the law! Why no uproar? Who can complain? When you protest you're arrested and when you contact the mediia they ignore you. This is why the White House can sanction illegal activity on camera. They know the U.S. Constitution is nothing more than a worthless piece of paper now. Jun 22 10, 02:06:43

'Allahu Akbar!' shouted as Christians cuffed
"Four Christians were arrested and thrown out of a public Arab festival in Michigan – and at least two people claim a crowd cheered "Allahu Akbar!" while the Christians were led away in handcuffs for doing nothing more than engaging in peaceful dialogue and videotaping the event." With a Muslim president one must expect this as the norm. Maranatha! Jun 22 10, 02:06:41

Lieberman wants Internet "kill switch"
In this video he admits that China can disconnect parts of its Internet in case of war. What he isn't telling the people is that China has already disconnected "parts" of the Internet in that nation already, but there is no war there. Many "real" Christian websites around the world cannot get through the "great firewall of China" right now. Lieberman also admits in the video that his proposed Bill plans to give the president power to prevent citizens from other countries access to American websites and videos. This has already started in many nations wherein when you go to a web page or a video link you get a popup stating that page or video is not being allowed access from foreign surfers. Why? Rome already controls the media in each country, but their efforts are failing because people post online what they witness in their own websites as well as on YouTube. Foe example, people in America saw what was happening in the Georgia floods that were worse than Katrina by surfing sites in Australia. Unless Americans knew of the websites in their own land that reported on local News, they never knew about the floods. I know I didn't, and I surf the News sites daily. The American media blacked this story out. How will Antichrist use this? When he starts to perform his "miracles" in other countries, the Christians that understand prophecy won't be able to alert anyone using the Internet. Still.. this is where our Lord shines the most. When they make it impossible for us to work, it is when He boldly moves His hand! Jun 21 10, 01:06:42

Barcelona: Footage from 1908
Notice the people hamming it up for the camera on the trolley car as it goes through a few towns. Also notice how they are modestly dressed as well as the general healthy appearance of them all. Now look at today's populatuion. The clothing speaks volumes of the sinful hearts for one thing, and the unhealthy appearnce says the rest. And no, it's not always about over eating as much as it is about eating meat that's chock full of growth hormones so men make more money at market. After all, cows, pigs and chickens are sold by the pound, so they pump them full of chemicals to make them bigger, and then people eat the flesh of these animals and dose themselves. You literally are what you eat now-a-days. This also causes the many strange diseases to flourish that were prophecied for today. Jun 21 10, 01:06:42

Doctor says he killed patients out of "Christian compassion."
This interview was obviously published for two reasons. #1, it makes killing one's self appear as an acceptable alternative to waiting on God to heal them. #2, it makes Christians look like weak and unable to ask their God to heal them or those they pray for. Truth is, real Christians are blessed with all sorts of miracles to share with those that think God is dead. He blesses us with such things so as to glorify Him before those that seek truth. But most are unaware of such things simply because all the TV ministers are far from Christians and the media is pumping garbage like this on a regular basis. No matter, the Loud Cry will continue to go forth and many will be blessed. Jun 20 10, 02:06:48

Arizona immigration challenge
This may be hard to believe, but Hillary Clinton announces in this video that the Obama administration is planning to sue Arizona for their treatment of illegal immigrants. Imagine that! Arizona is actually in trouble for trying to keep illegal immigrants out of the country?! We already know Obama is in bed with Rome, and Rome needs those Roman Catholic people to flood into the nation so as to have a massive Roman Catholic voting block to help them pass Vatican laws. So this is expected. Thinking out loud, I have to ask, what would be a quick way to get rid of this problem for Obama? It would be for Obama to go ahead with the New World Order and open all the borders like Europe did so as to allow anyone free access from Mexico to Canada. Does it look like they're allowing the illegals to get so large in number north of the border so as to make it appear the only course of action woudl be to allow them to stay? After all, why scrap all the hard work they've already done so far for the Club of Rome in making Mexico, the USA and Canada one of the ten kingdoms on earth? Prophecy WILL be fulfilled! This will happen. Jun 20 10, 02:06:48

Another sinkhole, this time in China
Sorry, but there appears to be no audio with this video, but the pictures make up for it. This sinkhole actually happened under a school playground no less! Kind of makes one wonder, what are the powers that be doing to cause all these sinkholes to form? Jun 18 10, 02:06:48

Below list archived on 06/23/10

Cloud of death followed by 400-600 mph Tsunami?
"According to Richard C. Hoagland, insider sources in BP and in U.S. Government say that there is a Gas Bubble 15-20 Miles across 10+ feet high near BP's oil well head in Gulf of Mexico. It may cause an explosion with Apocalyptic proportions in weeks or months. The pressure at the well is 100.000 PSI and when the Gas explodes it will be like Mt. St. Helens going off underwater. It will create a Cloud of Death and a Tsunami Wave traveling at 400-600 MPH sinking all Vessels around the area as well as drive all hazardous materials including the Oil inland." I would assume that soon there will be a mass evacuation in that region. As far as I can see we simply don't have the technology to stop this mess. Please pray! There are many of God's people in that area doing His work. Jun 17 10, 04:06:38

BP slick 05-07-10
Keep in mind as you watch this video of a fly over of the slick that this was 6 weeks ago! It is much much worse now. This something that will eventually affect everyone on earth in one way or another very soon. Notice how he says "the Gulf appears to be bleeding." This slick is beginning to look like it's too large to stop now, and I'm not the only one thinking that. Many feel the only way for this to stop is the re-creation of earth as is prophecied at the end of the hellfire judgment of the wicked. When I look at videos like this, I can't help thinking this is something all of mankind is going to have to deal with until the end of the world now. What really bothers me is, what's going to happen when the next hurricane hits that area? Jun 17 10, 04:06:38

Obama gives part of Arizona to Mexicans
No, it doesn't appear he did that "offcially." However, they have put up signs warning Americans to stay out of 3 counties in Arizona. That's 80 miles north of the border by the way! This is so annoying! We can secure the borders of Iraq, and Afghanistan, but not Arizona? I thought America was a superpower. What it looks like is Obama has simply given up. You know what, I can't help thinking they're allowing this to fester out of control so that civil war breaks out in Arizona! After all, they did "test the waters" in Katrina when they purposely held back aid for a week just to see how difficult it would be to contain anarchy. Is this phase two of their "control the masses" experiment? Truth is, they always like to test their methods before using them, and prophecy does say they will try to enforce a mark on every single citizen. Jun 16 10, 02:06:54

Transformer owl
Our Lord's creative love and wisdom is boldly displayed in His many creatures. Here's just one more. This small owl has been blessed by its Creator with a way to defend itself in quite an unexpected way. The second method is kinda spooky to say the least. But I'm sure it's very effective in the wild. Truth is, I know many people that would run off if they saw this thing staring at them. Jun 16 10, 02:06:54

Another method to clean up the oil!?
This is method #4 that can be used to get rid of the oil mess in the Gulf. And yes, this is also the fourth method that is being ignored by those trying to actually clean up the mess. There is a reason they are ignoring all this. Of course, we will find out way in the days ahead. After all, Obama already compared it with 911 so as to create the need for strange new laws in the future. Did we not see this one coming like a derailed locomotive? Jun 15 10, 01:06:55

Congressman manhandles student
As far as I can see the student said nothing to provoke the Congressman to act like that. There is a reason there is so much anger in the hearts of these men in D.C. They know their lies have caught up with them to such a point the general public knows all about their crimes. It's only going to get much worse in the days ahead when they continue pushing the Roman agenda. This will no doubt prompt them to do as all socialist leaders have done in the past. In order to prevent the people from protesting and telling their neighbors about the blunt wickedness of their "elected" leaders, they will pass laws to make it illegal to speak about it. After all, that's what the 501C3 was able to do with the pastors. Jun 15 10, 01:06:42

Larry Grathwohl interview about William Ayers, Obama's mentor
Not and easy interview to watch. It's appalling to see how easy some people are controlled by Satan. To actually have a group of people discuss ways wherein they can actually kill off 25 million people without so much as an eyebrow being raised proves Satan's time is short. For him to have this much control over what some would call "intelligent" people, shows he is pulling out the big guns. This info's already been out there for a few years, but it bears repeating as now certain players mentioned in the interview are actually in power today. Still, this does not cause fear to grow in the hearts of God's true remnant child as we know our God is in control of even those Satan thinks he controls. They are merely playing a part all the way to their own destruction. Jun 14 10, 02:06:42

Debunking 2012 with logic: Neil DeGrasse Tyson
I shared a similar video of him stating this same thing about a year or so ago. Still, it is worthy of repeating as we get closer to 2012. It's amazing how many people are out there that believe whatever they see on the Internet without researching the facts properly. Truth is, this is the same type of people that believe strange doctrines in all the churches simply because they won't open bibles. So.. expect a lot of sTrAnGe stories to be considered fact in the days to come. Could it be Satan is testing the waters to see how many will fall for his acting like Jesus? I'm sure that's part of it. Jun 14 10, 02:06:42

Rancher catches illegals on video
Keep in mind this is just one rancher that's doing this and he caught hundreds of illegal immigrants with guns and drugs on camera. America is most assuredly being invaded, and when you see the other videos where Mexican leaders are calling for a revolution you see yet another way Satan can generate fear in the hearts of man. It's rather unsettling when you see how a private rancher is doing something the US Government should be doing but so far is refusing to do. We pay taxes to make sure they protect our familes. But instead of doing their job, our own leaders are allowing this invasion simply because Rome needs to have a majority of Catholic voters for their prophecied political plans regarding the mark of the beast. Over 90% of Mexicans are in fact devout Roman Catholics. What's nice about their devotion to what they think the Christian religion is, is when you show them the truth in easy to understand ways, most of them do accept it and leave the church immidiately. They have a strong love for God that Rome takes advantage of. But Truth usually wins out with them. That being said, all Spanish speaking Christians need to share the truth with as many Mexicans as they can now. This massive influx of lost souls can be an amazing victory for bringing millions to Christ! If you don't speak Spanish, stop by the poGm Tracts page for some Spanish tracts you can print out that will make it much easier for you to tell the devout Mexicans they are in spiritual danger. Jun 13 10, 01:06:55

Many are now claiming to be Jesus Christ
Many are falling for these lying messiah's on a daily basis now. This is what happens when you don't read Bibles and you believe false doctrines like 1000 years of peace on earth after Jesus comes. Satan used this lie 2000 years ago to cause many Jews to miss the arrival of Jesus. Today, billions believe the second coming brings world peace with Christ reigning on earth. But that is not what the Bible says at all! In fact, Jesus won't even touch the earth until the 1000 years are over. See all the verses that prove that by clicking here. The fact we see so many false prophets claiming to be Jesus proves we are VERY near the end! Are you ready? Are you sure? Jun 13 10, 01:06:55

A third method to clean the oil
This is insane! Three methods have now been released to the press over the last month or so that will clean up the oil naturally without any toxic chemicals left behind, yet BP and the U.S. Government are ignoring it? This proves they do not want it cleaned up! They need the disaster to perform their next political nightmare. Jun 11 10, 03:06:29

Weatherman admits military spraying chemical in the sky
A year or so ago I recall seeing a document wherein Germnany admitted using chemtrails in their "so called" experiements with weather. Now we see this ex-marine weatherman admitting he knows the military does spray aluminum in the air to scramble radar signals. (He starts to talk about it at 1:10) Do some research on what aluminum does to the human brain. Not good! Jun 11 10, 03:06:29

Officials: Taliban executes boy, 7, for spying
They hanged the little boy from a tree for spying for an opposing government. And still, many claim this religion is a peaceful religion? I guess if you say it enough times some people will actually start to believe it. Not only do these terrorists seek to generate fear in the hearts of men and women, they now want that fear well instilled in little kids. Sadly, without Christ in their lives, many will embrace that fear as reality. What does the Word say? "...fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell." -Matthew 10:28 Jun 10 10, 06:06:06

Two-year old toddler smokes cigarettes
This video's been online for a couple of weeks. I didn't think much of sharing it until I found an article of a toddler drinking beer at a Phillies game and a 3 year old girl smoking and drinking beer after a car accident. How can parents treat their children like this? What's this world coming to!? Oh yeah.. I remember now.. AN END! Jun 10 10, 06:06:06

Income tax is voluntary!
I just noticed yesterday the link I had to this video was broken on my Roman IRS page due to the government obviously harassing the guys that made the video. They had to move their site "again" to a new location. It is an upsetting video to say the least. Still, it is 100% true! Nevertheless, try to get a judge or a lawyer to stand with you in court if you ever decide to stop paying taxes. The reason I'm sharing this is because it proves beyond a shadow of doubt the United States Government has done as prophecy predicted. They have gone from the lamb horned beast to the dragon! Besides all the strange laws cropping up the last few decades, especially since 911, they have been illegally extorting taxes from their citizens all along the way. Jun 10 10, 06:06:32

Obama's crackdown on whistleblowers targets press freedom?
Not much difference between a communist form of government and the United States government today. Soon even small insignificant websites, or people shouting on street corners will be arrested as dissidents. Just like when the Vatican used Hitler. Just as prophecied, Rome is flexing her muscles behind closed doors on this one, this much is sure. Jun 09 10, 02:06:11

Training that makes killing civilians acceptable
WARNING! GRAPHIC CONTENT! This is not an easy video to watch, so be forewarned. People are killed in the video. An ex-soldier does admit the way the United States government trains its soldiers in a way that makes killing civilians acceptable. They even had a "joking" chant the soldiers would repeat that do in fact sound like they have no problem killing women and children. The "lamb horned beast" has most assuredly become a dragon just as prophecy predicted! Jun 09 10, 02:06:10

Colloidal silver test: Kills viruses, bacteria, and fungi
FYI. If you don't know how to make colloidal silver (CS), click here to see a quick video on how to do it. I like the test method the guy uses in this video as it shows very easily that yes, colloidal silver does indeed kill bacteria. However he uses a metal spoon when stiring the CS. That is a BIG no no! That ruins the CS! Do not use ANY metal near CS. Jun 08 10, 02:06:18

Below list archived on 06/11/10

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and the Imam
Why are Islamic people becoming such an issue in Boston? For the same reason the molestation scandal started there. It is a Roman Catholic run city. We already know the Vatican invented the Islamic religion long ago via Satan's command so as to use them as pawns in their end time agenda against all people around the world. This is why, wherever you see a deep Roman Catholic influence, you will see Muslims well ensconced in that region. One example that makes this very clear is the Philippines where 99% of the people are Roman Catholic. Yet they have Muslims as police on their streets, and Muslim holy days as a national requirement. For anyone to say the Vatican isn't working with Islam is to also say the Vatican never employed Hitler either.  What really puzzles me about all this is, why do those that report on such things, like World Net Daily and the like, never seem to make the connection between Islam and Rome? Perhaps they have made that connection but they fear the pope more than they do the cleric. Jun 07 10, 02:06:10

Living the 'real' simple life
FYI. Everyone needs to see this video. It's amazing what you can do with just a few square feet of backyard soil. Imagine how much money you can save if you only did half of what this family does. Need extra money to do the Lord's work and can't find out where to get it? Grow your own food! Jun 07 10, 02:06:10

Obama doesn't want you to see this
This video was already pulled off of YouTube once, and it's bound to be yanked again. It's not easy to watch because this man is our president. Worse yet, even though thousands of people know about this, there is nothing anyone can do to stop him. Rome has this man doing all that they need him to do. Yes, he has done many evil things, and is illegally standing in the USA as both a president and a citizen. I truly believe this is what keeps him on the Roman cuff. They have a lot of dirt on this man, therefore he does their bidding without question. The eternal teleprompters dictating his every word prove he is not his own man at the very least. He is obviously speaking for the ones writing the script. Jun 06 10, 05:06:57

Severe weather rakes Midwest; 5 dead
Another week, another disaster. If you're not a Christian, you are truly walking all alone on this earth. You have no hedge of angels to protect you from all sorts of disasters, including the man made ones. Mankind is running scared today to the point where wars all boiling up everywhere, acts of terror, mass killings, suicide, etc. True, Christians do experience the same trials as do the wicked. The obvious difference is, the Christian can handle the trial with a smile knowing their God allowed it for His glory. The wicked? They are just confused and so seek out answers to questions in strange ways that by the way, have already been answered in Scripture. Will they peer into the Oracles? Some will.. but not all. Jun 06 10, 05:06:57

Spiral in the sky, Australia June 5, 2010
Is it another hoax like the one in Canada? Or is it legit like the one in Norway? In any event, what will be their excuse this time? Could it be there's yet another malfunctioning missile? That's what they said when this appeared over Norway a few months ago. It's beginning to look more and more like a mad scientist has come up with something he's selling to national leaders. Is he going from country to country doing demos that YouTubers are posting online? Jun 06 10, 05:06:57

Yet another "real" method to clean up the oil spill
A few weeks ago I shared a video of some men that shared with the media an easy way to clean up the oil spill. You can see that video here. Now we see there is this old method that was invented, tested, used, and proven 100% successful back in 1989. Why is the U.S. Government ignoring this? Because THEY NEED this oil spill for some reason. If there is evidence we have a way to clean this up, and they're ignoring it, there is a reason they're ignoring it. Could it be Obama wants the situation to get so bad that the U.S. Government has to come to the rescue and take over the oil industry? Time will tell.. After all, that's what they did with the banks, the car industry and the health insurance industry. By the way, Rosie O'Donnel is already suggesting Obama take over. That means our assumptions were correct. In any event, this is something to keep our eye on. Jun 04 10, 04:06:33

McDonald's airs TV commercial featuring homosexual teen
This is par for the course with McDonald's. The commercial shows a teenager apparently talking to his homosexual boyfriend on the phone. The commercial ends with "come as you are" to draw the homosexual in the door. Money truly is god to many. Morals out the door so the mega-bucks can get in the door! Amazing how far "civilization" has come eh? Jesus did say this was going to happen directly before He returns, so.. are you ready? Are you sure? Jun 04 10, 04:06:33

Actual footage of British police arresting a Christian street preacher
Notice that the police started off right away using the term "homophobia." Homosexuals started using that term years ago when they couldn't combat the Scriptures they actually fear. So, in order to "ok" their denial of God's truth, Satan always prods his victims to blame the Christians for what they are actually doing in reality. They fear the truth we preach with an ungodly fear and they will do anything to hide it. Also notice how they say the Christian is under arrest for RACIAL crime in this video! Since when did homosexuality become a RACE? Prophecy does predict unjust laws for our day. This is just one of them. They lie in the fabric of the law wherein even a 2 grade student can tell you the definition of RACE has nothing to do with sex. Satan so fears the truth will bless these poor souls that as prophecied, he is makign sure the leaders of the land protect sin with a vengeance. Jun 03 10, 02:06:57

New Hindu Temple opens in Wembley
Notice near the end of the video a Hindu worshipper actually admits a Roman Catholic nun, (mother Teresa) is depicted on one of the pillars as well as "saints" from other religions. Does this not confirm all false religions have their roots in Roman Catholicism just as prophecy declared they would. All the world truly does wonder after this beast. For those that still think it's going to be impossible for Rome to get all religions to agree with global Sunday laws, what say ye now? You have rosaries and statues in Voodoo, Mary in Islam, and Mother Teresa in the Hindu religion just to name a few. Coincidence? Not in the slightest! Jun 03 10, 02:06:57

Obama memorial day talk delayed by rain
No, this is no big deal, for some. The only reason I posted it is to try and share with those that are fearful of guys like Obama. Some think leaders like this are all powerful and nothing can slow their plans for stop them in any way shape or form. Here we see a simple rain shower preventing him from speaking in Illinois. It may seem trivial, yes, but those that needed to see this will be blessed by it. Our God can use any method He chooses to see His will come to light. He can use any method to stop man in his tracks. Need I mention the Red Sea and how many of Pharoah's plans failed that day? THIS JUST IN... I have gotten emails from a few people that were at that speech. Obama lied to make it look like he cared for the people at the event. How do they know he lied? He said he would wait 20 minutes to see if the storm would pass while the people waited in their cars. What he didn't say on the video was they were ALL bused in! Their cars were 5 miles away! And he left immediately after making that statement! So many lies, even these little ones, proves he is more interested in keeping his image clean. This is what happens when you know you're doing evil work on a daily basis. Like Rome, you need to have a front set up so the majority will trust you while you destroy them behind closed doors. Dungeons aren't built just for torture. They are also to prevent the masses from hearing the screams. Jun 02 10, 03:06:32

FDA says Americans have no right to food
Why do they say things like this? No doubt it's the same reason the Clinton's have tons of dry goods on hand as well as own large piles of stock in the global seed bank along with other of the so called "elites" on earth. They plan to make food a method of control. Not to worry, even here our Father has promised to care for us. Only those that have no faith in our Lord will panic. For it is written, "...bread shall be given him; his waters shall be sure." -Isaiah 33:16 Jun 02 10, 03:06:32

Is it raining oil in Florida? This is just the beginning!
Do you recall the video I posted on May 27th where people were getting deathly ill due to the chemical BP is using to disperse the oil? Turns out, that chemical is predicted to find its way into the atmosphere to fall as rain on populated areas. Rusian scientists are predicting a disaster never seen before in human history. Can this happen? No clue, I'm not a scientist. But I do understand the simple science of evaporation and how water droplets can carry these chemicals skyward into the clouds that later fall as rain. What's worse, if a hurricane comes, this poison will be spread much farther. Please pray this doesn't happen as they fear. Many unsaved souls are not ready to die. Jun 01 10, 12:06:21

TV Advertisment on how to get an abortion
Listen to the many excuses this woman gives defending the murderous commercial pushign abortions. It's amazing how easy Satan manipulates people in these last days. People are now so blind it's easy to see how Antichrist will be able to convince the masses the Gideon band is worthy of death simply because they choose to keep Sabbath. May 01 10, 12:05:20

Tropical storm Agatha takes 144 lives
Seriously, is anyone keeping track of how many disasters are happening on a weekly basis now? It's very sad that so many lives are being destroyed and ended, yet no one seems to notice this as a warning we are nearer the end? Please pray for the many blinded souls. Jun 01 10, 01:06:18

Promoting atheism OK, but not 'leaving Islam'
"A lawsuit against Detroit's transit agency alleges officials sold space for ads promoting atheism but censored a message offering help for those wanting to leave Islam." Why do they slam Christ and refuse to slam Mohammed? It's simple, real Christians are gentle and loving. But Islam is known for their anger and murderous methods. So they fear Islam more than the Christian. What the bus company and many others fail to realize is, yes, Christians do not lash out, but that's only because our God, the only true God, loves everyone enough to given them all a chance to stop their sin. Plus, we also know it is not our place to lash out. If we did, it would only make matters worse, after all, the Lord Himself is planning to personally deal with those that persecute His people. We know it's best to leave it in His hands. Romans 12:19 says, "Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord." May 31 10, 03:05:59

BP's "top kill" fails to fix Gulf oil break
Is this the government's way to get the American people to say "let the government take over the oil industry"? Giev it a few months with higher gas prices and many will agree, yes. They want the oil industry too. Truth is, they are using the exact same methods to try and stop this leak as they did in 1979. Either technology has halted in its tracks for the oil industry these last 30 years, or they are up to something. In any event, this is something to watch! As soon as BP starts crying about their lack of funds, expect the government to step up to "save the day." May 31 10, 03:05:59

Thousands flee volcanoes in Ecuador and Guatemala
Another week, another disaster and still the majority of the people on earth see no cause for alarm. Yes, they are fleeing this region, but only because their physical lives are at stake. They aren't seeking to get right with God, even though the prophecies fulfilled in just the last few years alone prove He is near, even at the door! And to think, this is only the beginning of what's on the very near horizon for those that ignore the obvious. How many times must the Lord warn people!? Sadly, as prophecied, they won't notice when it gets real intense either. Scientists will explain it all away as if it's the norm and they will trust them over the Creator who loves them enough to warn them like this. Jesus said in Matthew 24:37-39, "But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be." Soon many will declare in utter despair that "The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved." -Jeremiah 8:20 May 30 10, 02:05:54

Riiley Fox muder: Justice for her father
What so sad about this is, the cops had no clue as to who murdered this 3 year old girl. So they focused in on her dad. They broke him down physically and mentally for 14 straight hours to the point where he confessed to get it over with. They even tried this on his 6 year old son! This happens a lot! 6 years later DNA evidence finally proved he didn't do it. Why it took 6 years is beyond me. Still, the fact is, instead of doing their job, the police looked for the easy way out because there is money to be made in every conviction. This is the mindset of many of the people that have sworn to protect and serve their fellow man. Not all police are like this of course. In fact, some are Christians who are ordained of God to be there. Pray for them. Because in the days ahead, many Christians will be prosecuted based solely on the testimony of the police that arrest them. Like Herod and his men, many will be tempted to do whatever grants them the most benefits for self. May 30 10, 02:05:54

Obama threatens military arrest of officials in New Orleans over oil spill cleanup
The Obama administration is preventing the local people that are volunteering to clean up the oil from doing so. All their gripes about not having the money to do the job right and they still refuse to get the job done for free? Now it will cost 50 times more to clean it up! Is it not becoming more and more obvious someone is playing games with the economy? Something certainly stinks out there, and it's not the oil! I hate to say it, but it appears they are purposely allowing for this mess to get worse. Remember 1979? They used the exact same methods to try and clean it up. And no, it didn't work then and it won't work now. Has technology halted when it comes to oil rigs? It appears so. Click here watch another video to see what I mean, May 28 10, 01:05:31

NJ SWAT harasses man for filming them while they train in public
Notice how the "police" ask this man for his ID simply because he is filming their training exercises in a residential area. The police then say it is the law that he has to give his ID even though he committed no crime. (There is no such law) Plus, the police have no ID on their uniforms. That is actually illegal. The boldness of the police shows they feel they can do whatever they please now. Notice how they eventually figure out a way to force him to show ID. Thanks to all the invasive traffic laws on the books, they can easily manipulate the system quite easily against those they are sword to protect. This is happening everywhere now so as to keep the fear present in the peoples hearts so that when they finally ask you to comply with Rome's mandated Sunday Laws, many will do just that out of fear. May 28 10, 01:05:31

A rare glimpse of the cave of crystals
When the Lord's faithful try to contemplate all that He has created we can never come close to that which He has done. There are many things man has yet to even look upon! After all, it is written in 1 Corinthians 2:9, "But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him." Who would have ever imagined a crystal cave like the one in this video? Seeing this makes it even more exciting to the remnant people knowing that His love for them is expressed in His creation, and one day soon we will look upon it all first hand! May 27 10, 01:05:57

Catholic church: Sex abuse scandals
The fact the priests are moved to other areas to only rape the children again and again proves the Vatican is in fact in the business of helping pedophiles in their craft. No other explanation will suffice. If they really cared about the children they would rid the church of these monsters instead of protecting them and placing them near more and more children. If they protected them and then actually fired them it might be believable that they cared to some extent. Instead they show how worrying about the scandal harming the church, which has been doing this for almost 2000 years, is more important thn the souls in their care. In short, they are NOT Christians! To protect and allow them to repeat their offensives many times per priest proves the Vatican is in on it! As Daniel prophecied, this truly is a homosexual run organization straight from the bowels of Hell. They are literal monsters to the little boys they rape. Kinda makes one wonder if this is where the ancient term, "boogie man," came from? May 27 10, 01:05:57

Will they use a nuclear bomb to stop oil spill
I wonder if they will try this. Could it work? Possibly. One would think the bomb would burn off the oil in the water. But will it plug the leak? hopefully. But I can't help thinking it will make matters worse in the long run. After all, a nuke is radio active, and they would have to do this fairly close to shore. At least they are thinking of using a nuke for a "good" reason. Still.. this can't be good. May 26 10, 02:05:55

Two 16 year old twins kill their mother
Jesus did say when speaking of our day in Matthew 24:12 that, "because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold." Compile this with all the wars, drive by shootings, murde rof all sorts, serial killers, and of course abortion, this prophecy has indeed been fulfilled in our day! May 26 10, 02:05:54

Criminal charges dropped against street preacher
The man was arrested for stating homosexuality is a sin. Notice in the video that the charges were dropped for "lack of evidence." In other words, if they had the evidence handy, they would declare the Bible verses that declares homosexuality as a sin are illegal on the streets of Great Britain. Jesus said the homosexuals will have a population explosion in the last days. The only way for all of them to come out of the closet is to get society to accept them as "Good As You." But the only way they can hope to do this is to try and gag the Word of God. Problem is, many have tried to burn bibles in the past. All that happens is they fail miserably. They've been trying to do this for thousands of years. One would think they would wise up by now. May 25 10, 12:05:15

Gulf workers sick as dogs. Could millions die?
The chemicals used to break down the oil in the water is actually poisoning the people that clean up the mess. Worse yet, the oil is slowly headed towards populated areas and BP has stated they have no plans to stop using the toxic chemicals. Money is far more eimportant than human life with most large corporations today. May 25 10, 12:05:15

Arizona sing-a-long: Read immigration law

This video is a bit on the comical side but it does highlight the truth here. Everyone that opposes the constitutionally accurate immigration law have not read it. Why is that an issue? Think abou tit. How can they oppose it if they never read it? The fact they all admit they haven't read it, yet they oppose it PROVES they are being told to oppose it by those that want the Immigrants in the country. Who stands to gain by having hundreds of millions of Roman Catholics flooding into American that can vote in ways that will benefit "certain" religious leaders? I'll give you 666 guesses to come up with that one. May 25 10, 12:05:03

Pelosi tells musicians to quit jobs. Taxpayers will pay your healthcare bill
Why would she say such a thing? In order to have the perfect dictatorship, you need the majority to be wholly dependant upon government assistance. That way, whatever the government wants to do with you, you have to comply if you want to eat. 40 million Americans are on welfare, and another 48 million on Social Security now. Whatever they're doing is working. Prophecy does declare famines in the land. As we all know, government gives you just enough to starve on. Ask any of the elderly that have to eat cat food to stay alive because their SS checks are too small. May 24 10, 03:05:06

Nancy Pelosi tells Catholic Priest to speak out for Amnesty in the Pulpits
This is in direction violation of the "fine print" on the 501C3 papers the Vatican and all other churches (except the Remnant) signed to join their churches with their government. If any pastor in the USA speaks on political topics from the pulpit, they will be stripped of their 501C3 status, they can be fined upwards of millions of dollars if they've had the 501C3 for 20 years or more, and they will see their church literally shut down. However, if you're a Roman Catholic priest, Nancy Pelosi declares it's perfectly acceptable to do what the law says is illegal. Does this not speak boldly to the fact that the Roman Catholic churches are playing by different rules than everyone else? The fact she's asking them to help illegals in the country speaks volumes on this. Now do you see why they are able to get away with child rapes for thousands of years? The popes are literally possessed of Satan so as to stand as the prophecied Antichrist who controls all the governments. You cannot stop the man that makes the rules. However, Jesus can, and will very soon. May 23 10, 12:05:04

Criminalizing Christianity, America is next!
If those that don't think we are in the end times see this and still can't see the urgency of our times, there is wonderful blindness upon them. And yes, it's all about the homosexuals again. They are so fearful of the Christians that when a Christian filled with love for them approaches them they accuse them of hating them, when in fact the homosexual is the one expressing hatred. But the powers that be are blind to this as it should be because Satan has them hoodwinked. Christ-phobia is a real thing today, and rightly so, for it is a fearful thing to know deep inside that you are not ready for what's about to happen when Jesus returns. They can stand in denial all they like, hoping that in so doing it will prevent the arrival of Christ and the end of the world. Problem is, He is still coming, and they will still be counted unworthy to live in His kingdom. Our job is clear. We need to preach even more so now to all people. Maranatha! May 23 10, 12:05:03

Obama prays with Muslims
This is not one of your "main stream" video sources. But the young girl that is speaking here speaks truth regarding Obama's anti-Christian agenda. She does have a picture of Obama readying for prayer in a Mosque, and this AFTER he cancelled the Christian day of prayer in the USA. Like Tony Bliare who "said" he was a Christian so as to manipulate laws to eventually outlaw Christ in the UK, Obama also claims to be a Christian. Only he does so as a bold and defiant Muslim! If you know where I can get a copy of this picture she has in the video, please email me so I can post the pic on my Obama Gallery page. May 23 10, 12:05:02

Extreme landslide caught on camera
Imagine being downhill of something this massive. No way to escape. Certain death is all that awaits. One thing the Christians don't have to fear is, when the seventh plague starts to hit, the Lord our God will carry us upwards while all those that hate the truth we bear are left behind on the planet to die immediately. No seven year tribulation, no secret rapture, just instant death as just deserts for persecuting God's people. For it is plainly written in Romans 12:19, "...Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord." May 21 10, 02:05:41

Robot presides over Japanese wedding
As you can hear when the newly married couple kiss, the song "ave Maria" is playing in the background. That means this was a Roman Catholic wedding. What better way to mock the sanctity of marriage by the antichrist than to have a machine wed two people in the sacrament sanctified by the God of creation in Eden. It's not bad enough the priests in this church refuse to marry according to God's command in 1 Timothy 3:2. They now seek to get the people to mock the Lord by having a man made robot marry people. May 21 10, 02:05:41

CFR meeting: Zbigniew Brzeznski fears the global awakening
As we know, prophecy says they need this New World Order so as to gain power over every citizen. But there are some that fear it like this man in the video. You can literally go stir crazy watching the political back and forth on such topics lately. But it doesn't matter if you keep your eyes on Christ and what He said will happen. As he admits in the video, all the world is politically awake for the first time in human history. Prophetically speaking, this is what all their ins and outs over the last 100 years has been working towards. It would be interesting to see what a scoffer over the age of 80 would have to say about what he heard preachers saying in his youth regarding the political awaking of every nation today. I'm sure the laughing ended long ago May 20 10, 12:05:38

Catholic charities scandal
It never seems to end with this church. Now it seems Catholic charities has actually helped a Guatemalan teenager get an abortion. This is all besides the fact their local Bishop was alerted and forbade the abortion. Plus it took three months after the baby was killed before anyone was fired at Catholic charities? Why 3 months? Could it be the "forbidden" words of the Bishop were just there to cover his bases in the event this went public, and after it did, it took three months before they realized it would be impossible to spin the story away from prying eyes? Judging by the churches past, and the fact there are Catholic hospitals aborting children as we speak I'm leaning towards not being surprised. After all, it's not like most Catholics are bing taught to not have a problem with aborting their children, especially after many of them were caught on video booing pro-lifers at Notre Dame and applauding abortionists. So, yes, I do believe they tried to cover this one up, and failed. (Please.. no hate emails.. I didn't make the video that shows Catholics applauding abortion. I merely posted it.) May 20 10, 12:05:38

Hail pounds runner, stranger saves him
The hail was golf ball sized that pummeled him that day. Notice the welts all over his back. (click here to see video of same storm) Those balls of hail couldn't have been more than 2 or 3 ounces in weight. Prophecy declares the Lord will allow 125lb hail balls to destroy the world when His wrath is made known upon those that repeatedly denied His Truth and persecuted His innocent children. May 19 10, 01:05:17

Amazing Lyrebird footage. Mimics chainsaw, camera, music, DJ
This is amazing how the Lord created this bird to mimic all those sounds. How does this bird do this? Yes, the parrot mimics sounds too, but it does so with what appears to be it's own voice. However, this bird not only mimics the words, the voice of the person is copied as well. It's almost as if the bird has a recording device that can play back sounds in it's body. This has to confuse evolutionists! Our God is an awesome God! May 19 10, 01:05:17

Below list archived on 05/24/10

Texas police secretly deploy spy drones
As I uncovered just 5 days ago when it was announced the government planned to use unmanned aircraft to guard the borders of our nation, unmanned aircraft was bound to be used well inland. As we watch how wide open the borders have been allowed to stay since Bush opened them a few years ago, it's obvious they aren't being too truthful here regarding plans for these drones. Now it seems the Houston police are interested in the drones as well. Last I heard, Houston wasn't near enough to a U.S. border to have such a problem as illegals flooding their city. In fact, it's as far east as you can get from the Mexico border without actually getting wet in the Gulf. With Obama seeking to become Dictator, and 600 concentration camps on U.S. soil, it's doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure this one out. May 18 10, 03:05:30

Pope still protecting pedophile bishops
After seeing all this transpire the last 20 years or so, one can only deduce that some in the Vatican don't care in the least about the children sitting in their pews, nor do they care about the law of the land when it comes to reporting felonies. Not only are all 19 of these child molesting bishops still on the job for the Vatican, they are promoted to high office. No, I am not saying all priests and bishops are evil. God has his men everywhere today. Soon even they will leave this church.  May 18 10, 03:05:30

Ex nun calls for Pope to resign over sex abuse scandal
I doubt the pope will resign anytime soon. But I can't help thinking that if it gets much worse, and I can't see how it can, the prelates in Rome will eventually poison him like history shows they have dome to so many previous popes, cardinal, bishops priests, nuns, and yes even their fellow Catholics in the past. After all, the enemy of souls has confused many of them to see no sin in killing 500,000,000 Christians during the prophecied 1260 year reign, a little more blood for those temped of Satan to be bloodthirsty is merely a side step into the church's past. May 18 10, 03:05:26

Sabbath vs Sunday - Rest should not be enforced by the State
 The author, Judith Shulevitz, that wrote the book "The Sabbath World" that seeks to get Sunday laws was apparently interviewed by CNN back during the unbiblical easter holiday. She calls the sabbath "one of the greatest ideas in human history" at the beginning of the interview as if man came up with it. Being a Jew, one would think she would be one that would prefer the seventh day Sabbath to the Catholic Sunday sabbath. But no, she prefers the Roman sabbath. She also says in the video... "As a democratic society we want to decide to bring back some rules about what can and cannot be done one day a week." Historically speaking there is only one occasion in American human history wherein "Sabbath rules" were enforced. Therefore, the rules she's talking about are from 1610AD which were enforced as follows. "Every man and woman shall repair in the morning to the divine service and sermons preached upon the Sabbath (Sunday), and in the afternoon to divine service, and catechizing, upon pain for the first fault to lose their provision and the allowance for the whole week following; for the second, to lose the said allowance and also be whipped; and for the third to suffer death!" -Laws, and Orders, Divine, Politique, & Martial For the Colony in Virginia: established by Sir Gates, Knight, Lieutenant - General, the 24th of May, 1610 This is exactly what's prophecied! Judith Shulevitz is merely playing the part of a pawn in the hands of Antichrist. Pray for her. Even she can be saved. May 17 10, 04:05:57

7 year old girl killed in Detroit police raid
This was inevitable, and it will no doubt happen again. As I said in another comment just a few days ago when the police killed the family pet on camera, when the police come to your home to serve a search warrant, they do so in deadly force with guns blazing and flash grenades exploding. They do this with the mind-set that you are 100% guilty no matter what the truth is. This deadly error of the police is even worse in this case because they raided the wrong house! Will this generate a public outcry? Probably. Will the laws of the land change to prevent this from happening again? Not at all. The prophecy is plain for our day. It's going to get far worse. So be it. We are one day closer to our home in Jew Jerusalem. Maranatha! May 17 10, 04:05:57

Development & Peace: Canada Catholic abortion scandal
It's beginning to look more and more like wherever you look lately you're going to find some sort of Roman Catholic organization raping or killing a child! Roman Catholic Bishops based in Canada are actually funding 5 Mexican abortion clinics to the sum of $170,000! And when asked about it via the Bishops "Development & Peace" program in Canada they stated on tape, "The sanctity and the taking of life is not our role. That's the role of our bishops." Just like Herod killing all the babies to prevent the arrival of Messiah 2000 years ago, the Bishops of Rome are killing the babies right before the Lord returns today. May God have mercy on their souls May 17 10, 05:05:21

Colbert report promotes new book "The Sabbath World"
 The Colbert report is mostly a comedic News source, however they do interview real people, especially politicians on the show. It's their way of putting a "positive" spin on politics. The author being interviewed in this segment admits in the interview that she is not only Jewish, but believes "we should probably go back to protecting Sunday" as the Sabbath. Do you realize what this means? This means there is a movement within the Jewish community that is visible enough wherein a Jewish author can come forth declaring it is acceptable to switch their biblical Saturday Sabbath that the Jews have kept for thousands of years to the Roman Catholic Pagan day of Sunday! This is one obstacle many of us that watch Antichrist's movements around the world knew would be a major hurdle for Rome to clear. The Jews now have their very first spokesperson declaring the Jewish people should keep Sunday holy! This is HUGE!  If they can get the Jewish nation to go along with this, and prophetically speaking, THEY WILL, the Muslims and all the others religions will easily follow suit. Especially since we see all of them have Roman Catholic dogma running within their churches in the first place. Everything from rosaries in the hand of the Buddhist, to Muslims uplifting Mary. If you never thought the prophecy regarding Sunday laws was true, this has got to be one prophetic development you can no longer deny! Are you ready for what's prophecied to happen next? Are you sure!? May 16 10, 11:05:20

Interesting video animation that lists Vatican sins against children for 2000 years!
It's rather amazing how nothing has changed at all in the Vatican for eons. Just the methods to hide the facts as new generation passes have changed. Some people think this church has only recently started molesting children thanks to Ratzinger saying it was "because of modern society that priests have lost control." Yet this video documents Ratzinger actually lied and echoed the exact same lie the church has been spouting since they "officially" started 1472 years ago! Even way back then they tried to hide child molestation from the authorities! The truth is, the only reason Rome has so much power today is because of their sins of the past and present. In order to hide their evil acts against the children they needed to get "inside" the civil authorities to protect their child rapists from prosecution. This lead to their now historic major infiltration into the powers of the land. All of this thanks came to be bcause of their original sin of molesting children! Now that they had an inside crop of priests in the State to help them hide their sin legally, as well as proof they are a cult now, they eventually started to use this power to grant the church even more power throughout society. Before you knew it, they were so well ensconced in the laws of the land that no one could use the law against them to shut them down as the hellish masterpiece they were. This is why you see them getting away with so much today. May 16 10, 12:05:36

Reporter gets slapped by then Cardinal Ratzinger
The reporter angered him because he was asking questions about a famous priest named Marcial Marciel who has been exposed as a major pedophile and polygamist. I recall reporting on this priest years ago and only now the media is moving forward on it? As for strikign the man, what does the Word of God say about this? 1 Timothy 3:2-3 says, "A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to teachNot given to wine, no striker, not greedy of filthy lucre; but patient, not a brawler, not covetous;" Amazing how many offenses are found in this one passage. May 16 10, 12:05:36

Larry King: Conspiracy & cover-up in the Catholic church
William Donohue, the President of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights in the USA is actually caught lying here on camera to try and protect child rapists in Rome, and no one caught it! He said the majority of the victims were post-pubescent, and therefore the priests commited homosexual acts and not child molestations upon them. Yet the laws of this land define anyone under the age of 18 as a minor / child! The Vatican's man is literally trying to hide the facts by changing the definition of the law on Larry King Live simply because it is not a court of law. He knows if he made such a statement in a courtroom the judge and everyone else would laugh at such a statement. But on Larry King Live he can lie and generate a massive "positive public opinion" that will help the Vatican. It's amazing to watch sometimes at how fast Satan can move the tongues of those he controls. May 16 10, 12:05:35

Teens viciously beat elderly man
The man is 73 years old and could have easily died. But because of the prophecied hateful mind-set of our youth today, no mercy was given this man. How is it teenagers find enjoyment in doing such acts today? Could it be...their video games, Rock music, drugs, Hollywood movies, lack of parental guidance, no real pastors to share truth? ALL of the above! Ezekiel 7:23 speaks perfectly of today's world in that it says, "...the land is full of bloody crimes, and the city is full of violence." May 14 10, 03:05:24

Feb. 15, 2010 Landslides hit Italy after heavy rain
It's an amazing thing to watch when what appears to be an entire mountain side slowly moving down hill across a road. Most people don't understand how powerful nature can be when certain unnatural elements are added to the mix. Biblically speaking... for our generationg we can expect more of this type of unnatural occurance. May 14 10, 03:05:24

Mexican students knock U.S. flag to the ground
As I watch how the people are at each others throats in this video I can't help feeling this was all planned! Like 911 was pre-planned so all our freedoms are subject to restriction, Rome knows if you allow millions of illegals into the country it can start a civil war in some States. This would allow the Government to "save the day" by restricting even more freedoms for the "sake of the innocent." Notice how far the hatred has grown in just the last few weeks. In the video you can hear a Mexican American say he is in fact an American citizen. But the man in the pickup truck says, "no you're not! Go back to Mexico!" The Mexicans that did the right thing by entering the country legally are being piled in with the Mexicans that didn't come in legally. And because of that, all of them are waving Mexican flags in America which will only fan the flames even worse. Rome's decision to force Bush to open the borders so as to allow an influx of Roman Catholic Mexicans into our nation, and Obama's turning a blind eye to what's happening in Arizona is bluntly saying, someone planned all this unrest for a reason! "Someone" needs to start a race war if they are going to be able to remove more freedoms! May 13 10, 02:05:54

Nun accused of sexual abuse turns herself in
It's bad enough the priests are molesting the boys, now it turns out the nuns are doing it too? And this one did it for 40 years!? Don't they realize the boys will grow up and speak out one day exposing such wickedness? One good thing about all this is that she admitted this in a signed confession so there won't be any games in the courts to get out of it. The priests couldlearn much from this woman when it comes to doing the right thing. It's not repentance when you seek to get away with it legally. May 13 10, 02:05:54

Can you get away with murder?
I can't believe they aired this! Yes, it's true that around half of all murders go unsolved, but do the young "up and coming" murderers need to know they have a good chance at getting away with their crime? Worse yet, they give an idea on how to best get away with killing someone? Worse yet, since so many minds are so corrupted out there today, even the FCC won't complain about them airing this segment! Welcome to the end times! May 12 10, 04:05:14

Catholic priest removed as pastor for kissing a woman
First off, I don't condone anything in regards to pre-marital relations. Whether he went that far or not doesn't appear to be known, nor do I care. However, what gets me here is, if he was a child molester he would be allowed to stay on the job indefinitely. We know this as fact now. Worse yet, if he was high ranked enough like Cardinal Law, he could be promoted to a Vatican post. But if he so much as desired to be married to a woman as Scripture says is his duty if he is to be a pastor, (See 1 Timothy 3:2) then Rome strips him of his title as pastor, and removes him from his extremely popular radio show. Why? According to Christian prophecy, (see Daniel 11:37) the Vatican is a homosexual run organization. They simply will not tolerate woman near priests. May 12 10, 04:05:14

Rome's next sexual scandal. India
It seems the Vatican is doing all they can to shut this woman up. I am sure they will eventually spin this one out of existence as they often do. They claim she is mentally ill, but as you hear her speak, and listen to her claims that we know all Catholic churches have a problem with, you realize the church is again lying to try and cover-up yet another sex scandal! They got caught lying about molesting boys in the USA, Ireland, and the European Union for decades. That being said, who is naive enough to think they aren't lying now? I praise the Lord for these many scandals as they are answer to prayer! It lets the people of God trapped in this church realize they need to, "...Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. " -Revelation 18:4 May 11 10, 11:05:45

At least 5 dead in Okla. tornado outbreak
From what I gather by News reports, 33 twisters touched down yesterday causing all sorts of damage. Cars were actually blown off the highways during rush hour traffic. What many fail to realize is, God did not create the planet to kill its occupants. But thanks to man's sin, even nature itself is out of control. All those homes and businesses wiped out generating millions of dollars in damages, and worse yet, 5 more souls died adding to the many that have died in just the last few weeks in one disaster or another. We are now seeing multiple disasters per week here in America alone. Still, the powers that be, and the wicked running rampant in hometown USA don't see it as a warning to get right with God. He did prophesy this was to be the herald of His soon arrival. Both the disasters and those that are blind to their reason for being here are all as it should be. May 11 10, 11:05:45

SWAT kills family pet and terrorize children
A search warrant is not a conviction, but the police do act as if it is when they go after a suspect. The dog was obviously trying to protect the family from men dressed in black that just broke down their door. You can actually hear the dog being shot. After the dog cries out for a few moments in obvious pain, they shoot it three more times to stop the loud yelping. Another thing the video shows is they come early in the morning when the people are sleeping. This is how a police state works. Absolutely no remorse whatsoever for the dog or the small child they terrorized. Now I agree, if the man is a criminal he brought this all on himself and his family. My point I hope to make in all this is, when it comes time to enforce the mark of the beast, this is what many Christians will experience first hand. If you are not in your Bible daily gaining strength in Jesus Christ, you will be very fearful on that day. By the way, there is foul language in the clip. May 11 10, 11:05:47

L.A. Teacher calls for Mexican revolt in USA
This is so strange. The Mexicans keep forgetting that any and all of them are 100% welcome into this country each and every day. All they need to do is get a legal passport and you're in. But they insist on doing it the hard way by illegally crossing the border. Then they blame us for trying to stop them. Another thing they fail to understand is, Americans cannot cross the border into Mexico either without a passport. Why is it our laws, which are the exact same as their laws considered wrong and their are not? It's because the grand majority of the Mexican people are Roman Catholic who will do whatever their church asks of them. They are a very devout people, so their priests take advantage of their desire to follow God by fueling the fires within them to start another civil war just like they did in America long ago when certain States wouldn't bow to Roman Catholic ideals. Yes, some claim it was "only" about slavery and such. But have we not learned anything yet when it comes to smokescreens? Especially today when they use the media to hide government actions by pushing Brittney Spears and Michael Jackson all over the News while certain laws are passed under the door. What's worse? This teacher is most assuredly influencing his AMERICAN students while being paid by your AMERICAN tax dollars! Will this not cause revolt evetually? Sure, it's a win win for the Antichrist. (Click here for the long list of reasons to leave the government schools) May 10 10, 02:05:52

Pope Benedict refuses to explain his actions with pedophile priests
It took Cardinal Ratzinger, aka Pope Benedict IXI, six years to finally defrock this priest, even though this priest pleaded "no contest" in court and admitted his sin to his superiors. When reporters and others that need to talk to Ratzinger try to do so he bluntly refuses and continues on living free as a "bird" in the Vatican. Jesus is coming soon. Unless he repents and seeks salvation, he will answer for his many crimes then. May 10 10, 02:05:19

Chicago media making a 'positive' case for martial law
Scroll down on this page to see the video. Yes, it's violent in Chicago, but this no mistake considerign the times we live in. In fact, it was prophecied that, "...the land is full of bloody crimes, and the city is full of violence." in Ezekiel 7:23. This is how Satan is able to create the positive spin on using martial law in the minds of many in Chicago, in the same way he convinces the powers that be to use 911 as a way to lock down the airports. Government control is the agenda here and it is the prophecied reality. And no, this isn't just a few videos here and there coming out of Chicago. I have many loved ones in that area who have relayed to me that it is on the minds of many people up there. They are pushign this and it will become their reality soon. How soon? I am no prophet, but I, like many like minded remnant Christians, we do know what we're looking at here. It just a matter of time where everyone does as well. May 10 10, 02:05:18

Illinois Catholic priest accused of dealing cocaine
It's so sad when these strange men claiming to be ministers of God do such evil acts without the heart to hear the Holy Spirit warning them. One would hope they would at least read one or two Bible verses a week that deal directly with the end result of their actions being etched in stone unless they repent. Jesus said in Matthew 18:6, "But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea." They cause billions to go to Christ-less graves by their anit-Christian preaching. They cause millions to give up on Christ because they molest them as children. They cause millions more to become homosexuals because they were taught this as acceptable by their priests when they were little boys. They cause literally billions to become alcoholics, tobbaco users, porn addicts, violent, angry, etc. And now this one priest hopes to cause them to become addicted to drugs? May 09 10, 01:05:20

Catholic priest charged with possession of crack cocaine
The priesthood is easily proven to be all about the flesh. The child molestation scandal alone proves that. They are so passionate about their sexual desires to the point they commit perverted crimes to satisfy the flesh. Now we see even the euphoria of illegal drugs is looked upon as a pleasantry the flesh must feed upon. When someone is so possessed by the lusts of the flesh it is impossible to preach the things of the Spirit. That being said, now do you see why Roman Catholic doctrine is 86.2% extra-biblical? (outside the Bible) When you pander to the flesh, it is the flesh that is glorified in the end. Or as Scripture puts it in Romans 1:25, these priests are the ones "Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen." That is why they have surpassed natural affection and have become homosexuals. They have bowed to the flesh so often in life they now need to try new things to get the same fleshly gratification. However, it also brings on their just deserts as the very next verse proves in Romans 1:26-27, "For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet." This recompemce is why we see Roman Catholic priests dying of AIDS ELEVEN TIMES GREATER than anyone else. Common sense tells us that if they are dying in such great numbers of this disease, it proves this is where this disease originated. May 09 10, 01:05:20

Cool solution to clean up oil disaster
This is an amazing "natural method" that will get rid of all that oil without so much as any problems for the environment. Will they use it? Or will they let the oil do its damage so as to push a political agenda that will allow them to meander to foreign interests. May 09 10, 01:05:05

Ole Miss students break out into Jai Ho
This is not easy for Christian parents who have their children in public schooling to watch. A bunch of high school students break out into a very vulgar dance during school hours and not a single teacher stops them. They dance to an obviously evil song and they dance in ways the ancient Pagans did and all this is perfectly acceptable in the schools your child attends now. However, mention the name of the Creator and Saviour Jesus Christ in this school, ro any school and you're in deep trouble! (click here for the long list of reasons to leave government schools) May 09 10, 01:05:20

Twice, Michelle Obama declares Barack to be a Kenyan
The first video she says is a "Kenyan" at the 2:16 mark. In the second video she declares Kenya to be his home country at the 0:47 mark. Why is he still our President? Because Rome needed to tell the world America has no problem with their plans for a one world government. You cannot have such a government structure unless all countries the world over surrender their sovereignty to Rome and allow them to place Roman Governors over their region like Caesar did with Herod. What better way to prove to those renegade nations still refusing to join with Rome it's a good thing to do so if America ignores their own Constitution in electing a foreign president? May 07 10, 01:05:17

Teenage fan tasered at US baseball game
What puzzles me about all this is, when tasers first came out we were told they would be used only when no other method outside deadly force is effective. Yet we now see cops tazing skinny teenagers, old ladies and aged men. Tasers should not be used because the cops are out of shape and unable to do their job. As far as I see it, tasers are being used for two reasons. #1, they make is possible for an out of shape, or lazy cop to control an 85 year old woman. #2, they generate fear in the eyes of the public. The fact this teenager was tazed in front of 30,000 baseball fans suggests they desire to advertise before the masses they WILL taze you, even if you're a skinny 17 year old teenager who's only crime was running onto a baseball field during a game. He was not an armed robber or a gunman holding a hostage at gunpoint. He was a skinny 17 year old teenager running a tad too fast for the cop. Notice, the cop said he was acting within "department guidelines." And his boss said "it's not like he was a 9 year old." Yet a few months ago a 10 year old girl was tazed! By the way, many people have already died by taser. May 06 10, 02:05:42

Obama uses the "F" word
WARNING FOUL LANGUAGE The strange thing here is, the electronic "beep" placed to cover his foul mouth was positioned a bit too early. You can actually hear him say the entire word! Our Roman Catholic VP uses this kind of language, and now we see Obama, who is employed by the Vatican uses it as well. These are the leaders of the United States of America now. A Christian nation! No, I am not proclaiming we need a real Christian in the White House. Prophecy does not say that is a possibility. But this is why we see such an immoral society today. When our leaders ok things like abortion, alcohol, pornography homosexual marriage, peophile priests, easy to research bold faced lies on pulpits, and other demonic activity, it's only a matter of time where sin becomes popular. Did you notice they all applauded his foul mouth and foudn pleasure in what he said by laughing with him? That too was prophecied! Romans 1:32 says, "Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them." May 06 10, 02:05:42

Obama sending SWAT teams to inspect oil rigs
I guess my suspicions the other day regarding the strange way one of our oil rigs exploded and then another rig overturns near by were right. I've been hearing rumors online that North Korea torpedoed the first rig, but nothing about the second rig so far. And now that Obama is sending SWAT teams to the site, it looks like something is in fact going on out there. Please keep those men in prayer as they approach this dangerous situation. All the strange things USA is doing around the world for Rome is not "agreeable" to some nations like N. Korea. Just one more sign of the end in that we are dealing with more wars and rumors of wars. Another thought comes to mind about all this however. Could this be yet another smokescreen to allow for government takeovers in some way, especially regarding oil production? After all, Obama did say "crisis grants them an opportunity." ...to do what? Time will tell. May 05 10, 01:05:06

Is Facebook a deal with the devil?
Yes, I agree having an account with Facebook, Twitter, or Myspace is not wise as they have all your pics and comments permanently stored for "future use" if they so desire. But that's not why I posted the article. We all know this. (I hope) What's upsetting is, most people don't realize how "watched" we are today. From cameras in every store, to teachers hacking into students laptop cameras while at home, nowhere is "completely" private anymore. Even your cell phone can be hacked to allow someone to listen to you even if the phone is turned off. All this technology has become a bittersweet blessing to say the least. Without it, Rome wouldn't stand a chance at enforcing the mark. May 05 10, 01:05:06

IRS using bold commercials to force payments
Does this not look like something out of a mobster flick? The government is boasting they know where you live, what kind of car you drive, what kind of home you live in. While boasting they show a satellite targeting system zooming in on the house as if they plan to fire a crusie missle on it. Amazing how bold the powers that be are getting now. Soon threats like this will be the norm, and they won't be as nice in reality. May 04 10, 03:05:11

It's not just Mexicans crossing U.S. Border illegally
This is all due to what the Bush administration, under Vatican pressure, caused to happen at the borders. The Vatican demands we allow illegal's to come in because they need to pro-Catholic votes they will be bringing with them. Their molestation scandals have crippled them politically in some areas. Thanks to Bush, and now Obama bowing to Roman pressure, we have a lot more than just Catholics pouring into the USA. The other toss of the coin is that all this can be just another method by which to convince the American people we need to just give up and let them come in since a one world government removes all borders anyway. In any event, it's something to keep our eye on. May 04 10, 03:05:10

In waterlogged South, flooding at record levels
Is there anyone out there that is keeping track of how many disasters have been happening lately? If not, someone needs to start a website that does just that. Perhaps a compilation of all these disasters in one easy to access website would be all it takes to get some of the lukewarm back into their Bibles. Yes, disasters have always been a part of life on earth since the flood of Noah. But never in the history of mankind has it been like this! May 03 10, 03:05:37

Below list archived on 05/07/10

Copy machines a security risk?
FYI The only reason I can see for a hard drive to be installed in all these copy machines (since 2002) is the same reason your yellow ink well drain down even though you never print in color. I found out years ago that yellow dots naked to the human eye are on each and every single page you print so authorities can track your printouts back to you if need be. This has to be the reason those hard drives are on those machines. This video is very disturbing in that the Government has been forcing printer manufacturers to build their systems to spy on all of us. If they did this with printers, what else have they done this on? May 03 10, 03:05:37

Gulf of Mexico: Oil slick threatening Wildlife
40% of America's seafood industry rely on this area of the coastland to remain clean. Again, this is just one more disaster to add to the many over just the last few months. Why is this happening you ask? It was prophecied to happen. "Calamities, earthquakes, floods, disasters by land and by sea will increase. God is looking upon the world today as He looked upon it in Noah's time. He is sending His message to people today as He did in the days of Noah. There is, in this age of the world, a repetition of the wickedness of the world before the flood. Many helped Noah build the ark who did not believe the startling message, who did not cleanse themselves from all wrong principles, who did not overcome the temptation to do and say things that were entirely contrary to the mind and will of God." -Review and Herald December 11, 1900 par. 2 May 02 10, 09:05:14

Massachusetts approves tough anti-bullying law
More methods of control is all this is. Satan knows the laws need to choke society so as to prevent problems when his day comes to enforce the mark. Laws like this allow the powers that be to "parent" kids by force. It allows government to have the control over everyone's children whether the parents like it or not. Watch how this law destroys the lives of many more in the coming days. The USA is already the worst nation when it comes to restraining laws and prison populations. This will only make it far worse for us and far better for thos in power. May 02 10, 09:05:14

Drone aircraft are patrolling U.S. cities
These unmanned aircraft are a must of the mark of the beast is to be enforced on Christians fleeing cities or even hiding in buildings. As they state in the video, the special cameras can see inside buildings from above. Again, they can have all the power and tools they want to try and trap the people of God. But this is where our God shines the most! David, as he ran towards Goliath knew of that reality first hand! Apr 30 10, 01:04:31

US warns Syria over scuds-to-Hezbollah claim
As prophecy stated long ago, we will see more and more of this "wars and rumors of wars." Will this be a war? Or is it a political ploy by the USA to get Antichrist's desires realized in the region. Whatever the reason, this is why we will have many "rumors" of wars. They use fear tactics on governmental leaders in the very same way they do on individual citizens. Apr 30 10, 01:04:31

More info on Noah's ark find on Ararat
The only reason I post this is because it bares repeating. This was the topic of my very first tract written back in 1985 when the Lord called me to do the work of sharing Bible facts while at the same time exposing Antichrist's agenda, location and identity. So naturally, I'm a little biased here. Especially since it has to do with my God's truth. Apr 29 10, 03:04:12

Bill Gates - depopulation through vaccines
First of all, the global warming myth has been exposed by scientists (with good science) to be a hoax designed to make Al Gore and his friends billions of dollars. Still, since they have so much money, they also have much power that makes them unstoppable. (for man) That being said, scientists (again, with good science) have proven the CO2 in our atmosphere is a good thing and much needed for our ecology. What Bill Gates says in this video is the exact same thing the power-elite have been pushing for decades. It appears Bill Gates had a slip of the tongue in saying they can use vaccines and birth control to lower the population by 10 to 15%. What's really disturbing is there are many people that have no problem with killing millions of people. Satan has them that blind! Mr Gates, it is written in Mark 10:25, "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God." You need to get right with God, els you will be doing notng more than heaping your treasures for the last days. (see James 5:3) Apr 29 10, 03:04:12

Illegals threaten to murder Americans with axes and shovels?
I don't know about this one. It was posted on WND, and it's getting its fait share of hits on YouTube, and yes the woman does say "we will use them against you" in the video. But is she really saying she will kill people with the tools used by landscapers? Or is she saying when they stop using them, it's being used against us in that we won't have manicured lawns? This is one of the things we have to look out for on YouTube. MANY people are takin out of context on a daily basis on YouTube. Still.. she did appear angry, but I'm not sure if she really said what the video poster assumed in the title. And no, I am not pro-immigration. Rome is using the Mexican people as political pawns for their benefit and I do not condone that in any way shape or form! Apr 29 10, 04:04:38

Roman Catholic teacher "possessed" during dumbbell attack
The students in the classroom actually said the man appeared to be "possessed" when he was attacking their friend with a 3kg dumbbell in the classroom. Amazing how many demons are running rampant in Roman Catholic churches and schools today. If they aren't raping the children, they are killing them. When will the people wake up and see they are in the house of Antichrist!? I fear for those Catholics that will be judged by God for ignoring all these easy to verify and rather blunt warnings. (Click here for the long list of reasons to leave Government schools) Apr 28 10, 03:04:20

Swarm of starling birds
It is amazing to watch how these small birds, when flocked together in such large numbers can make all those strange patterns in the sky. How anyone can look at this and not see they were created with an intelligence all their own is beyond me. Evidence of the Christian God is absolutely everywhere we look now. But thanks to Satan keeping people out of Bibles today, that majority simply can't see it. However, EVERY EYE will see Him when that Eastern Sky splits. You won't need to read a Bible to see that! Apr 28 10, 03:04:20

Chicago lawmakers: Call in the National Guard
I just did a blog entry on this yesterday. (scroll down on this page or click here) It seems Chicago "land is full of bloody crimes, and the city is full of violence,” Just as Ezekiel 7:23 predicted it would be. In fact, Chicago is no better than Los Angeles, New York or any big city around the world. Soon all of them will be "considering" martial law so as to help Antichrist enforce the mark. Satan is boiling up those he cotnrols to create a "need" for martial law simply because it's easier to force his pawns to do his bidding than it is to get them to vote on it. His rushing this proves his time is running out. Apr 27 10, 04:04:58

Sinead O'onner on Catholic church abuse scandal
She makes a valid point here in that she states using common sense to realize that if there wasn't a coverup by the Vatican prelates who say the churches involved in the scandal acted alone, then why is it every single church involved in the scandal acted in the exact same manner? If they acted independently as Rome reports, each church would have all responded to their scandals in different ways. The fact they all reacted in the same way proves their methods were orchestrated by a central command. The Roman Catholic Vatican! However, she is wrong in assuming the Vatican wasn't molesting children in the 15th century. The "Didache" documents proved they did this from day one. She is also doubly wrong in assuming the Holy Spirit is in any way connected with this church. The Holy Spirit is in some of the individual Catholics yes, why else would the Lord call them "my people" when He calls them out of that church in Revelation 18:1-5. And seeing how the Holy Spirit is very clearly calling His people out of that church, it proves the Holy Spirit is not in that church. Prophecy does not say this church will reform. It clearly says it will burn! (See Revelation 18:9 & 18) Apr 27 10, 04:04:16

Amazing video shows shockwaves exploding from volcano
It is an awesome thing to see our God's creation reacting in a way it was not designed to do. Before the flood of Noah, the thermal properties of our planet were well contained within the core. Thanks to sin, they are erupting daily now. As you watch these shockwaves explode from this volcano, keep in mind this is just ONE volcano out of around 70 active ones today. Hundreds more are just waiting for our Lord to command His angels release their hold on the "four winds" so as to bring about the end of the world. Apr 27 10, 04:04:58

Pope memo sent by 23-year old Oxford graduate
Maybe it's just me and all this researching I've been doing lately, but does this not seem odd to you? The UK government leaks a memo that insults the pope in a major way. So much so, that there is now talk of the pope cancelling his visit to the UK? All this just a week or so after word was released that the pope may be arrested for his crimes in helping pedophile priests when he visits the UK? Convenience or coincidence? Well, if you look back in time you will find many instances where the pope twisted the facts so as to avoid having to deal with a problem. Case in point, the molestation scandal! Apr 26 10, 04:04:56

Japanese scientists create touchable holograms
I recall seeing this a year or so ago wherein they used puffs of air to make it feel as if holographic rain drops were actually landing on your hand. The only reason I share this now is because of what we have seen so often in the past. Mankind always uses his inventions for evil. Imagine how bad it will get when they perfect lifelike holograms of people standing in front of you. Especially in third world nations where they are not privy to our technology. Imagine trying to explain to them the "Jesus" they saw "and touched" was not real and only a hologram. It would be like trying to convince them the ground they're standing on isn't solid. Only the truth deep in the heart as it is written in the Word will prepare us for such a time as this. The Lord has given us ample warning. We must not waste time with things of this world. We need to get ready to meet our God. Apr 26 10, 03:04:03

Stabbed hero dies as more than 20 people stroll past him!
Our society has become extremely cold just as prophecy predicted! A couple of guys "that strolled by" took a picture of the man lying in a pool of blood no less! No one bothered to call 911! He may have been saved! He laid there dying for 80 minutes before help finally arrived. Sadly, it was too late for him. Jesus said in Matthew 24:12, "And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold." And so it has! Apr 26 10, 03:04:02

Unmanned military space planes usher in new weaponry era
The USA is the prophecied "lamb horned beast" and with that title comes a responsibility to do all it can to not only protect Antichrist's interests in the global arena, they must also be able to enforce same. What the video isn't telling you is, these "space planes" are actually orbiting bombs that can be deployed and detonated in any nation on earth in less than 1 hour of flicking a switch on earth. Christ uses peace and love to share His truth. But Antichrist uses force, torture, and death to demand worship. Now (as prophecied) Rome can do so upon any nation anywhere on earth. Soon, those 15 or so nations refusing to bow to the Pope, will do so soon I'm sure. Apr 25 10, 11:04:54

New revelations on Climategate
You may not want to watch this video as it shares some of the basic facts regarding why global warming is being pushed by the elite, and it will upset some people. The author only touches on a few points he covers in his book but it's enough to see that yes, they have an agenda as many of us knew about for over a year now. A socialist society is a must for Rome to enforce her mark. And no, I don't trust Hannity either. It's just that he has this author on his show that did in fact expose Climategate. None of the main or mid-stream media wants to do the right thing in presenting Christian morals anymore. It's all about politics and money now. Apr 25 10, 11:04:54

Biden jokes about his foul langauge on LIVE TV
First notice this Roman Catholic Vice President laughs about using the "F" word on live TV with the US President that he says "laughed like the devil" about it later. Also notice how Biden not only makes the sign of the UPSIDE DOWN CROSS on his body while being asked about all this, he applauds himself (as does the audience) that it was a funny moment. What does the Word of God say about certain people that do such things? Romans 1:32 says, "Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them." One other verse shoudl be shared here as well because it proves something I have witnessed all my life. I was Catholic 30 years ago, and I have been dealign with them ever since. I am sad to report that foul language like this is the norm for the majority of them (including the women) and abolsutely every priest I've ever met. What does the Word say about this unbridled tongue? James 1:26, "If any man among you seem to be religious, and bridleth not his tongue, but deceiveth his own heart, this man's religion is vain." By the way, the next video in this feed (below) is also showing the exact same fruits of Roman Catholic acceptance when it comes to this type of foul language. No, I don't go looking for such things. They just happen is all. Apr 23 10, 04:04:48

Obama-linked union " White workers 'f----ing rabidly racist"
WARNING FOUL LANGUAGE! First off, I'm not going comment on the ridiculous racists comments made by this man. What I find sad here is, he uses the "f" word in front of many at the Roman Catholic Georgetown University. And they laugh about it! This is where the bulk of our politicians are taught. Are they not supposed to be a bit more professional than the common man? This kind of foul language, lying, and immoral lifestyle is now the norm in D.C. Sadly, they simply don't see it for what it is. This is normal life for them. It proves they are controlled by Satan as easy as a puppet on a string. It's truly a war against good and evil just as prophecied! Apr 23 10, 04:04:48

Dog leads police to fire
The unconditional love of a dog is something mankind can learn a lot from. This also proves dogs are a bit smarter than most people give them credit for. No, this is not a prophetic video. I just thought you would like to see it. Especially after havign to watch the previous two videos. :( Apr 23 10, 04:04:48

Will the Pope be arrested in Britain?
One can only hope this comes to fruition. But what really bothers me about all this is, with all the so called Christian leaders out there in the media, why does it take an Atheist to bring this to the forefront? It's because, like the leaders in Government, the leaders of the church fear the pope for obvious reasons. After all, politicians have been assassinated and preachers martyred in the not so distant past for attempting such a thing. This story has been bubbling for a few weeks now and I must admit I've been apprehensive in posting it here simply because an Atheist is at the helm. However, as Christians we know the Lord can use anyone to bring justice to the sinner. Case in point, what of Nebuchadnezzar in his day? Imagine the Atheist's surprise if in fact he never comes to Christ when that "great and dreadful day" arrives. He thought he was being successful in proving God doesn't exists by exposing the Pope, when in fact he was used by God to expose the Pope. The ultimate irony! Apr 22 10, 03:04:48

Senator DeMint to Brody File: Tea Party movement will bring on "spiritual revival."
Can you see it? Satan is moving the left and the right in the same direction now. He needs a spiritual revival that will bow to his definition of Christianity so as to enforce the prophecied Sunday Laws. This pushing of both ends against the middle works well in that soon a "cleaner" form of government will be demanded. This is what lead the people overseas to form America in the first place, and this is what will lead them to form a Roman form of America today as well. Prophecy is being fulfilled in amazing leaps and bounds, and it's mostly thanks to yet another prophecy found in Amos 8:11 most "Christians" are simply unaware! This is what happens when your spiritually lazy. After all, the prophet Hosea said in Hosea 4:6, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children." Apr 22 10, 03:04:48

CNN pushing the Sunday Sabbath
 This video ran back on the Pagan festival of Easter of course. Notice the reporter starts the discussion about the "Sabbath" by saying, "talk to me about the Sabbath, ..religion aside." And then later the author being interviewed says the Sabbath, when it was first written was a "radical and new idea." She obviously didn't read her Bible before researching this topic. This is what happens when you try to keepthe Christian Sabbath using Satan's ideals via Rome. You simply cannot separate worship of God from the Sabbath. That is what it's all about. It is not just about families, not working, and resting. It's first and foremost about worshiping the Creator God that made all that is seen and unseen in 6 literal days. Only those with the seal of God will understand this in the end, while those with the mark of the beast will miss it. Apr 21 10, 04:04:18

Astounding footage from above the volcanic crater in Iceland
Can you imagine what it will be like when every single volcano on earth is spewing forth like this one at the same time? No, I can't either. But soon it will be a reality the wicked will not much care for. Apr 21 10, 04:04:18

Obama friends now claim those with truth committing "sedition.
I lost count of how many times I shared my concerns in this prophecied agenda in that like Hitler, the US Government was going to start arresting people for "sedition," and now we see some of Obama's people are in fact entertaining such things as we speak. Soon "all" truth will be illegal! Truth is, they have been somewhat succesful in making the Bible "hate speech" already. Shutting up a few of the "truthers" out there is a necessity if they are to get anywhere in their agenda. In fact, this is why so many invesitgative reporters "died out" during the 1980's. That lead to control of the main stream media did it not? Apr 20 10, 02:04:41

Chicago cop charged after videotaped beating of motorist
The more I see videos like this the more I am convinced that many of the cops have become playthings for Satan in that he is able to convince them this type of behaviour is expected of them if they want to keep their jobs. The only reason I think this is because it fits. If you search YouTube or any other video portal online for police brutality you will be shocked by how many videos are out there like this one. Satan has moved the powers that be into purposely generating a nationwide fear of the police. The only thing I can see as the reason for this is that prophecy does say there will be unjust laws and violent leaders in the end, as well as fear in the hearts of men. The way the SS worked for Hitler is how the police must do it if they hope to be able to control the people that will eventually act out because of all the strange laws. Apr 20 10, 04:04:24

Aggressive arrest under investigation
This is happening a lot more than most realize. Once in a while a camera happens to catch the police violent behaviour and they get sued. As many have witnessed, most cops like to beat people outside of their dashboard cams. Praise the Lord for the millions of phone cameras and small video cameras availabel today. When we look at how the cops are acting in the street, common sense tells us they are being trained to react this way. This method of forcing the public into fearful submission is exactly what Hitler did right before he took over. In short, they are testing their methods on the people before dropping the other shoe. What can we do about it? Nothing. Just get right with Christ so as to have that peace only His people will have during this time.The prophecy is sure. It will happen. We need to be more concerned with getting our house ready to meet Christ than anything else now. Anything they do against us now really doesn't matter to the soul that is ready to meet His God. Apr 20 10, 04:04:24

MTV martial law warnings
If martial law isn't in the works, then I have to ask why MTV of all Networks is running commercials like this? Yes, I understand they are part of the problem, and yes it can be simple fear mongering as Hitler used to keep the people fearful. But, martial law will eventually be needed in some cities if they hope to enforce the mark. Apr 19 10, 04:04:07

Tearful Pope says church will protect young
When the ancient Roman Didache was written it insisted priests do not molest young boys because there was a problem in this area way back then. When the church was officially formed in 538AD it was already molesting young boys. All throughout history this church has had numerous scandals in the media of their day regarding child rape by their homosexual priests, and many of the popes said they would protect the young once their crimes were made public. Even John Paul II said this, as did this Pope when he was a Cardinal when the scandal when global via the United States. Yet, just a few short years later they are caught doing it again! So, in short, I don't believe a single word of this apology. Joseph Ratzinger has a lot riding on this as is apparent by the "tears." They have promised to take action hundreds of times in the past 1472 years, and still the children are being raped daily! When John Paul II refused zero tolerance a few years ago that woudl have stopped this once and for all in the church, this opened the eyes of many Roman Catholics. That act alone proved he knew if the Vatican were to adopt zero tolerance against preists that rape boys they would have very few priests left to run the churches. So he refused to sign it into canon law!

For those Roman Catholics that stay in the church, I has this to say. You don't believe the prophecies about your church leaders. You don't believe the historic facts about them either. You don't even care when they admitted in the Mea Culpa of March 20, 2000 that they did in fact do these hellish acts to your children, as well as kill hundreds of millions of innocent people. Now that this is once again in the media, and directed right at the Papal throne itself proving it's a lot worse than even you imagined, will you finally leave this church? If you don't, those lookign upon this mess will know that you openly declare your love for the pope over and above the love for your own child! Apr 19 10, 04:04:07

Rabies-infected feral cats attack humans in Florida
I post this video for everyone in Florida, as we have many loved ones there. It's something to see how normal house cats that go wild can generate such a problem. They are actually attacking people now, so please be very careful when you come across a stray cat. Apr 19 10, 04:04:07

Armageddon? 'Ball of light' streaks across sky
Imagine millions of these flaming balls falling out of the sky at the speed of a bullet obliterating everything on earth. Praise the Lord true Christians can only "imagine" such things. I am sad to say that the wicked won't have to imagine this at all because they will literally see it destroying them and all they cherish on earth one day very soon. Real Christians will be too busy "looking up" at Jesus as those 125lb chunks of hail finish their prophecied work. Apr 18 10, 02:04:16

Mysterious cloud halo shows up again?
I recall seeing these clouds years ago right before those massive hurricanes hit Florida. Could it be they are using those lasers we have in orbit to heat up the ocean to change the weather again? What they always fail to realize is, after they burn a hole through the cloud to heat the ocean up, the clouds drift over land so eye witnesses can see it. The nice thing about some high altitude cirrus clouds is that some are invisible to radar when they are very young in forming. Apr 18 10, 02:04:42

Why airplanes can't fly through volcanic ash
Volcanic ash cannot be seen on radar, nor can it be seen at night for pilots. That ash will quickly clog and shut down jet engines that rely heavily on air. It's amazing how inept mankind is, even with all his self glorifying technology in that nature can cripple him so easily. Will this make them realize their need of God like the Israelites in the desert after 40 years? One can only hope. How long will this last? No clue. That's up to our God and how He plans to dissipate the massive cloud of dust that can actually be seen from space now. Apr 18 10, 02:04:17

Volcano ash "No-fly zone" for second day
There are around 1500 volcanoes, active and dormant on earth as we speak. Some scientists claim there are millions of volcanoes that have erupted since earth's birth. This one volcano in Iceland has disrupted an amazing number of people in the way it has suspended air travel in the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Holland, Northern France, Northern Germany, Poland and the Baltic States. There are around 20 volcanoes that erupt on a regular basis now. Picture if just 10 or 20 more started to erupt like this one is doing. Truth is, each and every one of these volcanoes are here for a reason. Hopefully many will get right with God before they ALL erupt! Apr 16 10, 05:04:53

Nuclear blast victims would have to wait
Why warn the people unless there is a real threat in the works? Are they planning to do something insane soon? This reminds me of the scuttlebutt in the media just before September 11. Under the video the article states, "The White House has warned state and local governments not to expect a "significant federal response" at the scene of a terrorist nuclear attack for 24 to 72 hours after the blast, according to a planning guide." Do you think this has anything to do with the 6 nukes that wound up missing recently? In any event, does this not make it easy to see why Jesus prophecied in Luke 21:26 that in our day, "Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken." Apr 16 10, 05:04:53

Vulgar crucifix in Roman Catholic church
Be forewarned, this is very vulgar. If you choose to look at the crucifix in the video that has no plans of being removed in the Roman Catholic church, notice the "stomach abs" of the Roman Catholic "Jesus" on the cross. With a church that has a major problem with homosexuality, this is I am sad to say, the norm. I have (but will not post) many pictures offline of Roman Catholic paintings, icons, and statues that have the same problem with the male genitalia. With all that's in the news about there problem in this area, I see no need to convince anyone of their "problem" here. For the majority of those polle din that church to say it's not vulgar is strange fruit of it's teachings. This is something the Roman prelates have embraced for eons. After all, this vulgar crucifix merely sports something that's just a little more anatomically correct than the steeples on all Roman Catholic churches today. All of this comes from Pagan origin, especially in regards to the ancient regions of Sodom and Gommorah. It's easy to see the very same demons are still very much alive today. Apr 15 10, 03:04:33

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Is US Government giving the ok to have us gassed?
As you will see in the video, the reporter touches on the new "Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty" that more or less says if the USA is attacked with biological weapons our nation will not respond with nuclear weapons. Don't get me wrong. I don't think anyone should have nukes. After all Revelation 11:18 does say our Lord will destroy those that try to destroy the earth. But, to have our leaders say we won't respond means, "go for it" in the eyes of true terrorists. Has the United States Government just given the ok to have millions killed on U.S. soil? If we are attacked, then yes. This was their plan. (Could this be a modern version of Hitler's gas chambers?) Apr 15 10, 03:04:32

Cash is being 'replaced by cards'
Years ago I could not imagine getting through the day without writing a check. Now, I have only one bill per month wherein they still insist on checks. As for cash, as the video intimates, we can already get through the day without so much as a single dollar changing hands. As for my personal experience, I can go months on end without using cash. Why is all this being shared? Prophecy says the Antichrist will be able to prevent everyone on earth that refuses the mark from buying and selling in Revelation 13:17. The article attached to the video predicts within 5 years only 50% will be using cash. Antichrist must have a cashless society if he is to be able to turn off peoples ability to buy and sell. A simple flick of a key on a keyboard can already do that today, wherein only "on hand" cash is available for use. Soon, even that will be gone, and that flick of a key will fulfill prophecy. Apr 14 10, 04:04:28

Government calls preaching 'clear and present danger'
As you can see on the video the street preacher was very gentle in his approach. He wasn�t even using bullhorns like many do. Yet, he is arrested anyway. Therefore, sharing the Word of God has become a problem for those that hate truth. If those police officers do not repent, their actions on this day will come again before their eyes when the Lord's "strange act" is performed. (Strange act? See Isaiah 28:21) Apr 14 10, 04:04:28

Father of dead marine fights funeral protesters
We need to keep an eye on this court case that hits the Supreme Court next term. This ungodly Baptist church tries to act as if they are Christian calling homosexual fags and dead soldiers worthy of Hell. But they are not Christians. They are Satan's present day tool needed to get Christian speech outlawed in the USA. Apr 13 10, 02:04:16

Russian man pitches 'doomsday pod'
He's not the only one doing this. Many actually believe they can ride out the second coming. After all, even the world's leaders have a huge cave on the west coats they plan to use to hide in when Jesus returns. Little do they know they will ask for those rocks to fall on them when Jesus comes. Revelation 6:15-16 clearly says, "And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains; And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb:" Amazing how accurate Christian prophecy is isn't it? The leaders have their cave in a mountain in the Bohemian Grove, and Christian prophecy says they will hide in a mountain! Praise His name! He truly has seen the end from the beginning! Apr 13 10, 02:04:16

12 year old protester charged; mom too
The mother brings her daughter to a peaceful protest and tries to speak to her Senator. She is then arrested and later charged with the delinquency of a minor. The government is doing all it can now to stop the protests. They are using sound cannons, tear gas, microwaves, rubber bullets, and even the law itself to try and force people to let them do as they please. These unjust laws will grow in number as will the protests. Why else would they see the need for over 600 concentration camps on U.S. soil? Apr 12 10, 04:04:39

Catholic priest beats up Jehovah Witness
No, I do not agree with the Jehovah Witness' method of approach wherein they actually came into the church handing out literature. That will only upset people. What's really strange here is this priest has a daughter. Still, there was a person who saw the priest strike the JW, and judging by the past fruits of this church's violent fruit, I do not doubt the priest lashed out and struck him. Still, he deserves a fair trial like anyone else. Rest assured, I will be watching this one! Apr 12 10, 04:04:38

1958 speech by Robert Welch predicting insider plans to destroy America
No, this man is not a prophet. He just had inside info and shared same with as many as he could back then. As usual, some that could have stopped all this laughed at him back then for his wild and crazy predictions because they too refuse to read Bibles. No one is laughing now! Still.. this restructuring of the global governing powers was prophecied to happen so as to give Rome an easy row to hoe when it comes time to enforce her mark. Praise the Lord the remnant people know to study prophecy so as to be ready for this day. It's easy to see the truth in 1 Thessalonians 5:4 now that says, "But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief." Sadly, the majority out there have no clue about what's happening all around them. They actually think Jesus comes as a thief in the night for them because their pastors refuse to preach prophecy! In other words... we have a lot of work to do. Apr 11 10, 12:04:09

Poland mourns President after crash
The President of Poland and 96 others, including Poland's chief of armed forces, the head of the navy, the central bank governor, and many law makers died in a plane crash in Russia. Does this seem odd? Or is it just another disaster of many more to come as is prophecied for our world? Please pray for the families that lost loved ones as well as the people of Poland that lost many of their governing people. Apr 11 10, 12:04:23

Future Pope stalled pedophile case
As expected, the Pope has been caught hiding facts about his past as a Cardinal in charge of investigating child molesters in the church. I don't know what's worse here. A so called Christian church having to have an office wherein they investigate child molesting priests, or a Pope who declares he is the leader of all Christians seeing nothing wrong in lying. In any event, a letter has surfaced that Cardinal Ratzinger, a.k.a Pope Benedict XVI did in fact sign his name to. This letter uncovers that he did in fact stall an investigation regarding a child molester! And yes, the letter was written in Latin so as to hide the truth to some extent. No matter what the Pope says now, there is proof the priest was a molester, and Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, a.k.a. Pope Benedict XVI did in fact allow him to continue as a youth instructor with full knowledge of his molesation crimes for over two years! I wonder.. do you think it's possible all these publicly announced sins of the pope and priests the last decade or so is setting the stage for a "super clean" Pope in the coming days that will bring all people together in a group hug? Apr 11 10, 12:04:23

Ratzinger signed document protects priest and ignores victims
All I can say is pray for Joseph Ratzinger. Knowing how the Roman Catholic church works, if they deem it necessary they will kill this man and act as if he died of heart failure due to all the pressure of the scandal so as to save face and sweep this under the rug. They've done this more than a few times in the past, I would not be surprised if they do it now. After all, I am convinced John Paul II died far sooner than most with his disease because to have a Pope in such an incoherent state would be a major embarrassment to them. Having a proven pedophile as Pope is even worse. Apr 11 10, 01:04:52

Life: Just add water, that's it
No, that's not all it takes, but what this scientist uncovers is amazing. Not amazing to the Christian who knows God's creation is already indescribable. No, it's amazing in that even though some scientists are so well educated to the fact there is a Designer behind creation, they still can't seem to grasp His presence in that which they study. But then, it was prophecied that as we get close to the return of the Creator, man gets further from Him. Apr 09 10, 03:04:17

More historic proof the Christian Bible is true
Pretty nice video showing walls that stood in Solomon's day. Sadly, even with this amazing evidence you will still have people ignoring it for their own strange religions that say otherwise. This is why we have barbed wire around the real Mt. Sinai and guerilla fighters in the area of Noah's ark. Satan fears evidence that blunt will make all non-Christian religions collapse. Apr 09 10, 03:04:18

Mom accused of ordering son to mutilate man
This is insane! An Arkansas mom is accused of ordering her son to mutilate a man by cutting off one of his fingers and part of his tongue and ear. Warning Graphic Content. This is one major reason we have a wild society today. Most parents ignore Proverbs 22:6 and refuse to share God and His truth with them. No, most parents don't get this out of hand, but even the slightest neglect at an early age can reek havoc when the child grows to adulthood. Apr 09 10, 03:04:17

13 year old girl speaks on Euthanasia
Will they listen to her? I seriously doubt it. Especially since Obamacare does in fact "counsel" the elderly on the "benefits of suicide" when they get very old. They assume the definition of "quality of life" is the governments duty to define. Prophecy did say it was going to get very strange on the planet right before Christ comes. This is just one of many ways to say this prophecy is "dead on." Apr 08 10, 05:04:36

Man gets 6 years for cooking dog
He placed his ex-girlfriend's small dog in the oven, turned it up to 350 degrees and left to meet with friends. That poor dog slowly cooked to death! And still, some people don't think Christian prophecy is worth studying? Jesus said in Matthew 24:12, "And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold." nuff said? Apr 08 10, 05:04:45

7.7-magnitude quake strikes Indonesia
Not many were injured, and none were killed, however this is another large quake to add to the prophecied increase in quakes for our day. If you missed the article I posted a few days ago about the number of quakes in California, click here.  Christian prophecy predicted this would happen, and so it is. Apr 07 10, 02:04:07

Police shoot 42 bullets into car with 2 yr old inside
This is what happens when the police are more interested in making the arrest than they are in "serving and protecting" those they are ordained to protect. Pray for them. Those that put aside their God given calling have much to answer for. Apr 07 10, 02:04:07

Realizing government's abuse of power
This was prophecied long ago. The Unites States of America was to start as a Christian nation, and their blessings for doing so is very obvious. But this same government is also prophecied to become the second beast that helps the first beast in Rome do as prophecy said Antichrist will do. Apr 06 10, 03:04:07

Easter wheel burning festival in Germany
Absolutely every aspect of the wheel burning festival is from the Pagans of old. Roman Catholicism has purposely made the false gods of Babylon the object of faith for the Christian just as prophecy said they would long ago. Apr 06 10, 03:04:06

Mine explosion rescue efforts
Another mine disaster in the USA. Ever notice they keep passing laws that are designed to prevent such things from happening? Yet still, the men die. Disasters will continue to escalate in the coming days. Please pray for the families of these poor souls. Apr 06 10, 03:04:06

Michelle Obama calls Kenya Barak's "home country"
Will this get him thrown out of office seeing how his own wife (and grandmother) admit he was from Kenya? Not likely. Rome needs this man right where he is. They will spin this to their advantage if in fact this video goes viral.
Apr 05 10, 04:04:01

5 agents enter a home without a warrant caught on tape
No warrant was given to enter the premises, no search warrant was given, yet many police officers entered her house anyway and search every room. She was also threatened with arrest for simply asking questions. This was an unlawful search. American freedom has died. Apr 05 10, 04:04:01

Of Catholicism and Capone
I do not condone the mindset of those that embrace "the age of reason" that saw all the Bibles burned in France back in 1793 effectively killing the "Two Witnesses" for those 3.5 days. Rancid Catholicism brought this "age of reason" about because of it's obvious wickedness. This is why I share this video from someone who is a party to that atheisitic mindset. Not to condone such heresy, but to show how Rome's actions force people to give up on God altogether. This is why Satan was prophecied to have his men act as if they are Christians. Roman Catholicism has started all the wars, killed hundreds of millions via torture, and molested hundreds of thousands more. This is her legacy! This is her prophecied fruit! And people giving up on God to join the "age of reason" as they did in 1793 is how Satan will be able to get people to kill Christians when that day comes. Rome will make us appear so hated that only our deaths will be what they feel is best! Apr 04 10, 02:04:29

Jews reject Vatican scandal comparison
The Vatican has once again tried the waters and failed. The Pope's "personal preacher" made the comparison under papal approval, but now that the comparison backfired the Vatican is declaring they didn't agree with the preacher? Lies piling upon lies is only making Rome look that much worse. It is the house of Antichrist as is evident by the fruit of their god. For he truly is the father of lies. Apr 04 10, 02:04:25

7 year old gang raped! Teen sells sister for sex!
Yes, the media is jumping on this story because it sells papers. Still, this is a fruit of the last day generation! Judgment is soon to come. "...for the land is full of bloody crimes, and the city is full of violence." (Ezekiel 7:23) This coming judgment will have no mercy mingled with it! Apr 04 10, 02:04:29

Congressman says "I don't worry about the Constitution"
Need proof he is working for the Antichrist? The Roman Catholic church stated via Cardinal Hayes the following words, "But Constitutions can be changed, and non-Catholic sects may decline to such a point that the political proscription [ban] of them may become feasible and expedient. What protection would they have against a Catholic state?" -The State and the Church, pp.38,39, by Miller and Ryan, imprimatur of Cardinal Hayes. They did this in Europe, they are now doing it here. The healthcare Bill proves this hands down. By the way, Ellen White predicted they would make void the Constitution over 100 years ago in Last day events p.131 Apr 02 10, 02:04:11

Lovelock: 'We can't save the planet'
James Lovelock, a scientist that summarized years ago the earth is a "single organism" is now saying it's too late. The planet cannot be saved and it's headed for a "hot state." As we know, the Spirit of prophecy predicted long ago scientists would use so called scientific methods to try and explain away the plagues. Is this scientist setting the stage for explaining away plague # 4? It certainly looks that way. Apr 02 10, 02:04:11

Indiana cops tazed a 10 year boy!
This is what happens when the cops get lazy. They are actually saying there is a possibility the tazing could be justified on the video as well. But he's 10 years old! If a cop cannot handle a 10 year old boy he needs to get a different job! All this does is makes the children and the adults fear the cops. Is this their agenda? Ok.. that may be a dumb question. Apr 01 10, 04:04:26

Obama's civilian army is now law and is funded
This is the exact same thing Hitler did. This overwhelmingly proves the Vatican controls the United States Government. Like Hitler the government runs the banks, auto industry, healthcare, and now a civilian police force. Like Hitler, the U.S government has a "homeland" security force. If you don't think Hitler worked for the Pope. Click here. Apr 01 10, 04:04:26

Singer strips naked on music video
This is something ministry has predicted for years. Just as I was predicted 30 years ago in home TV would have porn, we now see MTV is about to go that way as well. No, I am not a prophet. Just watching socety and how sin becomes the norm allowed me to come up with the common sense prediction is all. By the way, this is not a video worth viewing, so I blocked the link! Just thought you would like to know where MTV is headed. Will they soon charge a fee each month to get MTV like they do for HBO? Probably. Will singers like Madonna and Spears start to perform naked? Yes, if theirs money in it. And there WILL be money in it! You know what's really bad about this "first" video of a woman singing naked? This woman did this in public in front of children! Mar 01 10, 03:03:26

N.Y. Times columnist: Death panels will save a "lot of money"
At first it sounds as if they're talking (and joking) theoretically. But as he explains what he means, yes, withholding certain treatments the government deems unnecessary will in fact save money. How? The people simply die without it. Unjust laws abound in this Bill. Some wondered how it was prophecied to speed up and get worse near the end like a snowball rolling down a hill. Now you know. This healthcare Bill is Satan's masterpiece. The more I research this Bill the more I am convinced! Mar 31 10, 03:03:37

Government health care Bill HR 3200 - key points
This is only 10 minutes worth of key points. Very upsetting to say the least. Thanks to healtcare rationing, most people will be unable to get healthcare even though they are paying for it. Now do you see why Mark 16:17,17 was penned? Soon many people will need healings. This is where our God shines the most! Maranatha! Mar 31 10, 03:03:54

The smoke and mirrors and how they get away with it in D.C.
Judge Andrew Napolitano explains how those in D.C. are getting away with what they're doing. As I've said so often before, we are in the age of lying! Satan is most assuredly very busy as he is the father of lies. Mar 31 10, 03:03:54

Vatican verbally attacks people they molested
This is amazing! Not only have these people been molested by the Roman Catholic priests when they were children, the Vatican and many of their prelates including the Pope are slamming them in the press! This is making our job of exposing the beast in Rome so much easier. Mar 30 10, 02:03:15

Undersea volcano could destroy Italy as soon as tomorrow', expert warns
After extensive research over the last few decades I have come to understand how the Lord is going to bring about the seven last plagues. Could it be our Lord has now hinted at what part of His creation He will use to bring about the prophecied burning of the prophecied beast? Time will tell. Mar 30 10, 02:03:46

Target of FBI raid may be Christian militia
Do you believe there is such a thing as a "Christian" militia group? No, I don't either as the term is oxymoronic to say the least. However, they will continue to push this type of lie in the media as is prophecied so as to get the majority of the sheeple to hate "real" Christians. How else will they be able to convince them to kill us as the king did in Esther's day? Notice how the reporter in the video says "Christian militia group" twice. The second time they actually RAISED THE VOLUME in the video to make sure you heard it. By the way, they are saying Christians were plannign to kill cops! Yes, this will make us all look bad, Unless we cave to join government controlled churches. Sounds like Communist China doesn't it? I wonder, why hasn't the FBI raided the 35 Muslim training camps on US soil? Would you like 666 guesses? Mar 29 10, 01:03:26

Milwaukee cops using fingerprint scanners on drivers
This is illegal as far as I understand basic constitutional law. But Ellen White did predict our Constitution would be null and void in our day. This method of control will be able to track Christians when they pass Sunday laws of course, but keep this in mind as well. If you have never been fingerprinted in your life, the moment they fingerprint you in traffic you are now in the system. Even if you never committed a crime, you are now in the database they use to look for criminals. Just one more unjust law on the books as prophecy predicted. Mar 29 10, 01:03:26

The most active undersea volcano in the world
The immense power behind volcanoes is amazing to say the least. One volcano can do so much destruction it's hard to imagine what it will be like when that day comes when Jesus splits the eastern sky and every volcano on earth, active and dormant, will blast forth to welcome their Creator. The rocks will indeed cry out that day! Mar 28 10, 03:03:15

Runaway train hurtles out of control
3 died and 3 were seriously injured when this train without an engine sped out of control for miles down a hill before derailing into a factory killing 3. No, not many died, but one dying is one too many. Accidents like this will increase as will the natural disasters we are already witnessing as we get closer to the end. Mar 28 10, 03:03:09

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The pope's new, and expected sex scandal
When the present pope was merely a Cardinal, he was in to all sorts of evil activity. In fact, he is the very first pope in history to be served papers to stand in court for his crimes. I am convinced he elected himself pope to escape prosecution. Still, it took years before the media picked up on this. For the Catholic man to say "no reasonable person thinks the Vatican is a criminal conspiracy of sexual abusers" is a slap in the face of all those affected by these crimes. Lying won't help them any more praise God. A LOT of "reasonable people" know this as fact now. Mar 26 10, 10:03:53

Mother of sex abuse victim says Pope is 'lying'
Praise the Lord this isn't going away for Joseph Ratzinger. Hopefully more souls will leave this church and start to open Bibles to find out what's really in their closets. It's far worse than any of them imagined! Mar 25 10, 11:03:09

Vatican protestors demand answers
Will the Vatican release all of the documents regarding the scandals? Judging by this church's past history of hiding everything from war crimes to child molestation, I wouldn't expect them to cooperate. Rome can never open their archives, for if they ever did, everyone would have the proof they need to know the Vatican is truly the prophecied home of Antichrist. Mar 25 10, 04:03:59

Mexican police turn to Voodoo
Keep in mind that the overwhelming majority of Mexican police as well as the national population at large are Roman Catholics. This is the end result of over 86% of Roman Catholic doctrine being found in Paganism. The predictable next step into the satanic religion of Voodoo was inevitable. Especially since they both use the same statues, rosarys, chants, crucifixes, candles, incense, and doctrines. Mar 25 10, 04:03:59

Obamacare will eventually "control the people."
This is exactly what we have been saying this new healthcare bill is designed to do all along, and now we actually have a Senator stating just that as well. It will look all innocent the first few years of course. But when they need to lower the boom, along with the executive orders Clinton set up years ago, we will be living in a modern day Nazi society which is exactly what Rome was prophecied to need so as to enforce the mark. You know what's really sad? Many still think what I just said is a fairy tale! Mar 24 10, 03:03:08

Now there is flash flooding in Samburu?
Thanks to the Internet, we are able to get a lot more news about these events even though the so called 'trusted' news sources in most countries never want to report on such things. By the way, when the more graphic prophetic events start to occur, don't expect the mainstream News to pick up on it as you rwould expect. They will lie about why certain things are happening to try and hide the fulfillments in Christian prophecy. In fact, they already started. Mar 24 10, 03:03:59

6 year old boy dies falling from Ferris wheel
It's bad enough people risk their lives for a cheap thrill everyday at such "amusement" parks. But this small boy lost his life because he was taught a cheap thrill is worth taking. After hours he snuck onto the site. He slipped while 45 feet up, and as he dangled helplessly from a pipe, teenagers below him laughed and took videos of him. They even shouted jokes towards him until he could hold on no more and let go. All the violent music, video games, and movies have turned many of our youth into mindless drones. Love has waxed very cold! We are very near our Lord's coming! Mar 23 10, 04:03:23

Glacier Volcano Erupts on Tape
More and more volcanoes are erupting, earthquakes are increasing, wars and rumors of wars, strange weather patterns, bloody crime in the streets, homosexuality running rampant, sorcery is at an all time high, a craze for pleasure is the norm, pestilence and famine reign supreme in many nations. What's next? I'll give you 666 guesses. Mar 22 10, 06:03:38

A President can nuke the US
The question was valid and the politician sidestepped the issue by using strange analogies, still the truth is, if you are deemed an enemy of the State the United States Government can nuke your location on U.S. soil. Yes the reality is they probably won't, but after watchign what they did in Waco and Ruby Ridge, they will do what they "deem" necessary no matter what the law says. Satan thrives on this hatred for their fellowman and he needs to get it to flourish for the coming days. How else woudl he be able to pass a law that states all Sabbath keepers must die? Mar 22 10, 06:03:54

Biden: "We're going to control Insurance companies"
Vice President Joe Biden, a Roman Catholic purposely states here on camera that Democrats will control the Insurance Companies. Hitler also controlled the health care in his nation. He also controlled the banks and the car manufacturers. As we now now, it was Rome that instructed and guided Hitler. Rome is doing this now with the USA just as prophecied. Mar 21 10, 12:03:17

Nature by numbers
I like the way this video animation was done. It shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is an Intelligent Creator in all things. I wonder if the maker of the video knows this? One can only hope. All in all, an excellent video! Try and watch this without seeing God's signature. Impossible! Mar 21 10, 12:03:22

Hacker disabled cars
The video is about some guy that was fired and then hacked into the car dealer's system to shut down 100+ cars from starting. Ok, that's a problem, but what bothers me is the cars are equipped with such things! Will they use this when Christians are fleeing? Yes, of course. Just one more way to control the masses. Mar 19 10, 03:03:25

Offensive Cards Pushing the Envelope?
The greeting card industry is now using what some call "soft porn" on their cards. Soft porn? Is that not oxymoronic? They say the porn is their way of keeping up with the changing culture. Ya think? Mar 19 10, 02:03:07

The Process Democrats Are Using Is Wrong
Congress plans to "deem and pass" the healthcare Bill simply because they know there is no way they can get an up or down vote on this. Will they do it? We will find out in a few days I'm sure. Why is this bad? Like Hitler, they need to have government control over healthcare. Without it they cannot enforce the mark of the beast. THEY MUST get this passed. This is why they are trying this back door tactic. Mar 18 10, 02:03:34

Was the H1N1 Virus a political event?
I can't believe I missed this video back in November. I was declaring along with thousands of others out there that the politics behind this so called pandemic seemed obvious. It's nice to see someone with somewhat of a large audience in the media echoing our sentiments at the same time. Chalk one up for the truth on this one. One thing they don't mention of course was the fact some politicians invested heavily in the vaccine. Hence the push to "sell" it to the people. Yup.. it was again all about money! Mar 18 10, 03:03:19

Torture 'Game Show' Draws Nazi Comparison
This is no different than the survey they performed on the US military back in 1995. They had 43 questions to ask the guys, of which the last one asked if they would kill a fellow citizen. Rome is testing the waters here to see if the people will do as prophecy said they will. When the mark of the beast is enforced they will need your next door neighbor to turn you in to be tortured or killed. One more good reason to leave the cities! Why make it easy for them? Mar 17 10, 01:03:45

Muslim Leader Admits Islam Not a Religion of Peace
First and foremost I do not trust Pat Robertson. As you know I shared evidence that he is a short robed Jesuit back in 2005. However, his reporter gets a leading Muslim to admit Islam is not about peace. Ok, we knew that "by their fruits", but notice what the reporter does near the end of the interview. He suggests Islam re-write the Koran for today's world. Ok, I know, the Koran is nothing more than a book written by the Vatican in the first place. But, do you see the Catholic mind set in CBN? Wasn't it Rome that re-wrote the Christian Bible by removing over 2000 verses in 1978 when they penned the NIV? No Mar 17 10, 01:03:45

Obama: Premiums Will Decrease 3000% So You Should Get A Raise When H'care Is Passed
Since money has been known to move politicians to make the prophecied unjust laws they do they assume money moves the masses as well. Sadly, it does. If they completely control healthcare we will be like all the other nations wherein if you're too old or terminal you don't get healthcare. And those that do qualify receive substandard care. UNLESS you're a politician. How did Satan get the politicians to agree to push for this? Once again... it's all about the money! Why does Satan need it? When Rome enforces the mark they can easily dangle healthcare before the eyes of millions as something they will loose of they don't get the mark! Mar 16 10, 03:03:25

Why no one invades Switzerland
No I am not saying buy a gun. The Creator God has shown many times that He is far more powerful than any gun. Politicians on the other hand don't trust God, and the majority of the people that vote for them don't either. So, to prevent the people from stopping the politicians from taking over, they remove the guns. They say it will lower crime. But they are lying. The Swiss have THE lowest crime rate in the world because the criminals know they can be shot trying to rob their neighbor. I post this video only to make some aware that lies are easy to expose once you have all the facts. That being said.. the Bible is loaded with ALL the facts about today's world. Read it and be ready for what's about to happen. Or.. continue believing the lies and perish. Your choice. Mar 16 10, 04:03:56

Dangerous Drug Shaped Like Cartoons
This is insane! They are making party drugs that look like children's vitamins. Imagine a teenager that leaves these pills where their younger siblings can find! The massive amount of wicked people doing wicked things is one major reason we have so many strange and unjust laws today. But then that is expected when Satan's flexes his muscles for one last major attack. Mar 15 10, 03:03:17

Wich freezes faster: hot or cold water?
I recall as a youth finding out about this. It shows the complex truth of the Creator's science while at the same time the simplicity of it. All too often we look at life for what it appears without realizing what's realling going on behind the scenes. Mar 15 10, 04:03:18

Thai 'super-human- tattoos
Amazing how some people can watch this video and not see demonic possession. The monks place tattoos on their bodies and they actually admit that the tattoos control their bodies, and strangely state "but that's a good thing." Then they parade around before crowds showing their tattoos and acting crazy as the announcer put it. People are looking for God in all the wrong places! As prophecied, they hunger for the truth but cannot find it. Mar 14 10, 08:03:45

Cops use passers by in human shield
Russian cops actually forced people in traffic to use their cars as a road block. Thing is, they never told the people a car was speeding towards them and the cops were planning to let them take the full brunt of the collision. Worse yet, after the car did crash into them, they refused to pay for damages! Praise the Lord no one was hurt! Why am I sharing this? The USA is about to become a socialist society of which government insanity like this becomes the norm. Mar 14 10, 08:03:05

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Police license plate scanner
The good thing is they can get criminals off the road much quicker using this technology. The bad thing is, as we all know, prophecy predicts unjust laws for our day. Many are already on the books. Like the hate crimes laws that have people in jail for "saying words" to someone else. This type of technology can be used to track Christians in the coming days once they have been tagged worthy of death via Antichrist's inspired laws of the land. Mar 14 10, 08:03:26

Can 911 truthers be locked up for life?
It seems far fetched but as the clip shows, yes the government does have a tendency to react in a way that suggests both panic as well as political self preservation when it comes to what they vaguely define as threats against national security. Yes, this is all needed in a socialist society, and as we watch Obama and members of Congress work to that end, then yes we understand that this kind of law could eventually become a problem for people that simply speak out against illegal activity in big government. The end result of all this is to have in place certain laws that will make it easy to lock up Christians that speak out against Antichrist. Mar 12 10, 07:03:39

What kids can do when they're not glued to the TV
Ask your parents and especially your grandparents how fun life was without all the TV, radio, and video games. Kids just 40 years ago used their imagination far more than they do today. Our society is slowly but surely dumbing down our children, and yes that too is beneficial to the powers that be when it comes to mass control. Mar 12 10, 07:03:28

Being stalked through your cell phone
This has been happening for years. Problem is, now there are thousands of websites teaching people how to do it. My advice? Keep all your phone contacts on a SIM chip, and any software you add to the phone you do so on removable media if possible. That way, whenever you have reason to suspect someone has tampered with your phone, you can simply remove the SIMS, your extra RAM and do a "cold reboot" so as to bring your phone back to store bought condition. Not sure how to do that? Just call your phone company. They can walk you through it in less than 5 minutes. Mar 11 10, 07:03:40

Airports will soon read your minds!
How many reasons do you need to stay OFF an airplane now? It appears that in the near future many more are going to be renting RV's to travel. I know I will. Notice the questions the authorities are asking the people in the clip. The wording is identical to lie detector tests. Also notice they don't want people to record anything! Why is that such a threat? Have you seen the tens of thousands of YouTube videos regarding police brutality? They know they will be doing illegal activity on some people that act out later, so they don't want you having the ability to record. I wonder.. will cell phone cameras be either "jammed" in the future at such events? Or will they simply become illegal? Mar 11 10, 07:03:59

Melbourne Australia hail storm & flash flood
Notice how fast that street becomes a raging river! For those that have never experience flash floods, you need to see this! Mar 10 10, 08:03:47

CNN calls conspiracy theorists "suicide warriors"
This is how Hitler was able to get the people that knew he was committing crimes out of the picture and into gas chambers. This is how it all starts. When people try to expose what the government is doing they will create the prophecied unjust laws to shut them up by locking them up, or even killing them. This works 2 fold for them. #1, they get the one with the truth off the street. #2, they cause others to fear them to the point of keeping quite. Mar 10 10, 08:03:38

Man arrested and in jail for 3 months for TicTacs!
The cop actually lied and said he field tested the "drugs" wherein they came up positive. Was he doing it to save his job? Who knows, who cares. The sad thing is, an innocent man's life is ruined for nothing. What's worse, this happens a lot because there are hardly any laws protecting the citizens. I can recall many times in my "thug" days before meeting Christ that cops will do what they can to "make it stick." That was decades ago. It's far worse now! Proof? Notice the following video... Mar 10 10, 08:03:21

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NYPD police officer admits to arrest quotas
They make money when they arrest people. Everyone involved, from the cop to the judge makes money whenever anyone graces their presence. So, as we suspected all along, they do in fact arrest people and actually write tickets to meet a quota. In other words, it's another more than a money making business and YOU are the customer that buys the goods. 

2 white kids arrested for hate crime due to cotton balls!
Why doesn't everyone just grow up! Especially the people in government! They are actually considering it a hate crime for spreading cotton balls in front of a black cultural center!? Yes, it's not nice, yes it's an obvious insult, and yes they should be punished for being so stupid and hateful. But to charge them with a felony that will follow them the rest of their lives suggests someone in power is in fact a racist and was offended! Ok, we get it, your feelings were hurt. But to destroy a life simply because you have the power to do so all based on an INSULT? GROW UP! Punish them yes.. but destroy their lives with a felony? FOR COTTON BALLS!? 

Tick season is coming. Please watch this!
Some rather amazing facts most are unaware of regarding Lyme disease. FYI

Two killed as giant waves his cruise ship
Strange how such a huge wave can come up without an earthquake being recorded beforehand. But then, we are about to see many strange occurrences in nature very soon. In fact, many are already seeing blood red water in the sea as well as inland lakes, of which scientists are still puzzled. See
the 7 plagues page for pics. 

There's a communist living in the White House
It may be a comical video, but it rings true. No, it's not a laughing matter. But it has been said and most that follow current events know it's based on facts. What bothers me is, some may never know about such things without making it "entertaining" enough for them to listen. If everyone kept track like some of us do it would be far more difficult for them to get away with so much.

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