A Loving Letter to my Muslim Relatives

(Below is a letetr sent to the relatives of as sister in the faith)

A couple of weeks ago over dinner my husband challenged me to show him a single Quran that doesn't match the Quran's that are being used today. I almost forgot his challenge when suddenly God has brought this video to my attention https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQ611NSxfCk. And I was shocked with the new evidences available today that show that the classical account of the life of the prophet and the claims that the Quran has been unchanged can no longer be held true and I was inspired to do my own more detailed search. 

What I am now discovering is shocking to say the least and if you give me a chance and read my email to the end, I believe you will be too. And please understand that it is only my deep love and care for you that I bring this to your attention. And also the purpose of this emails is to give you a chance to correct any of my misunderstands about Islam. I also hope that you could answer the questions at the end of the email that are now being asked to the Muslims worldwide. 

Right off the bat I must begin by saying that after doing this search the most puzzling thing for me that I can't figure out is why are the Muslim scholars claiming that the Qur'an is the only scripture which has its original manuscripts and that there are a number of these original manuscripts which can be traced back to 652 AD, the time of Uthman, who first canonized the Qur'an, despite the fact that "the current canonical Arabic Qur'an, which is found right around the world today (note: not translations)... is not just 94 years old, when it was first created in 1924 by the Egyptian government authority in Cairo as the official text just for high schools in Cairo, but is in fact only 33 years old, if you consider when it was made canonical for the whole Muslim world, by the King Fahd government in Saudi Arabia, in 1985." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXzWzhVKXjM. Why are contemporary scholars making such claims that even early "Muslims" did not but plainly admitted that in 650 AD Uthman did not have the entire corrected Qurainic text at hand, as Bukhari admits " a large part of the Quran may be lost."  Bukhari 6:509-510. And why are people claiming the Quran is unchanged Word send from God when Quran HAS been changed and now there is plain evidences of that fact?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GsmIwWLaKhc Why are Muslim scholars lying to their people and making such claims that cannot be supported by proof?! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfhfa8T2VR0

I have now spend over a week studying this newly found evidences that prove Islam is based on lies. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-MN4AeST0Q God has warned us against Islam in the Bible https://newchristianbiblestudy.org/bible/arabic-svd/galatians/1/8. But I was excited to finally stumble upon valid documented proof that I can show my loved ones and now any honest Muslim could see for themselves. It's proof that even Muslim scholars themselves cannot refute, and were actually the ones to proclaim the facts regarding the Quran being changed. But you need to see this for yourself. And I'm not just talking about crazy stories people desperately make up on YouTube to ridicule Islam. This is proof you can go and see with your own two eyes.  So I beg you to be open to honestly look at these new documents that prove Islam is based on lies , and I am praying with all my heart that you won't ignore them because it will cost you your eternal life if you trusted lies while you had the chance to know the truth. And plus hiding your head in the sand won't be able to suppress the facts of reality that all Muslims will soon be facing as soon as this evidence reaches the lay. For just as the Bible promises in Luke 8:17 لانه ليس خفي لا يظهر ولا مكتوم لا يعلم ويعلن.  Now all the world has proof that Islam is based on lies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNihITTZ5HE

I beg you to take the time to see for yourself : 
Muhammad- A Historical Critique:
The Qur’an - A Historical Critique:

I know it's painful to discover the truth and face the reality that the muslim church has lied to you, and discover that the Quran you hold today is NOT from the original Uthmani 652 AD manuscripts, but was created in 1924 by the Egyptian government authority in Cairo and was made international in 1985. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGsMAOevrWg  And so far there have been found 31 DIFFERENT Qurans https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eftyd3Sifag. But it gets even worse, let me explain if you haven't taken the time to watch the historical critiques yet, but first let me say this...

I completely understand your pain upon discovering the "truth" that you held on to so dearly was nothing but lies. For I, too, was very upset and broken hearted when I discovered that the Baptist church I loved and trusted lied to me and taught me that I did not have to keep the law of God ( the eternal 10 commandments given to Moses)  after the cross of Jesus and that is why I was such a weak and sinful Christian all my life. And further, I was appalled to learn that Christmas, Easter and all the dear holidays I held on to and celebrated in the church, were in fact pagan and had nothing to do with Jesus but were simply adopted by Rome to attract the pagans to the new Catholic Church and through that the pagan traditions were passed on to the Protestant churches. I was even broken hearted to discover the so called Christian doctrines of Trinity, Sunday observance, eternal hellfire, 7 year tribulation, eternal soul, were all false doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church ( RCC) and were not to be found in the Bible. But because I love the truth more than lies I walked out of those false churches in search for the pure truth of God. There is no sacrifice I wouldn't give up for truth. There is nothing more precious than truth. And that act lead me to see further truth about just how evil this institution ( RCC) really is. As I studied the Bible prophecies I discovered that the Vatican is the seat of the antichrist. http://remnantofgod.org/666-CHAR.htm.  It was the global power to arise after the fall of the Greeks (see Daniel 2:41http://remnantofgod.org/books/lastdays/pdf/The_Last_Days--lesson-2.pdf ), that was to persecute the people of God for 1260 "days" (years) as per Revelation 12:6 & Daniel 7:25, if you know the history of RCC that's from 538 AD till 1798 when General Berthier made his entrance into Rome, and abolished the papal government. That's exactly 1260 prophesied years!!! Don't forget that a "day" in prophecy equals a literal year see Num 14:34 and Eze 4:6. It is the unfaithful, to the teachings of Christ, church, the Mother of Harlots ( Rev 17:5), that Revelation 18:3 warned about that would make the world "drunk" with her false doctrines ("wine") which mainly were derived from Babylon.http://remnantofgod.org/beastword.htm#babylon That's another reason God calls her "Babylon". It is the "woman" (church see Jer 6:2) sitting on a red (bloodthirsty)  "Beast" (Nation see Dan 7:23), a church and state conglomerate that had the "wound" of Napoleon healed and is now making the whole world wonder after her, see Revelation 13:3. https://newchristianbiblestudy.org/bible/arabic-svd/revelation/13/

Then I discovered that all this apostasy of the Christian churches caused by the RCC was all prophesied in Revelation 18:2 and other parts of the Bible and that we must come out of all the fallen churches as per Revelation 18:4 and that includes the church of Islam and you will see why soon. 

And because I obeyed God, He has in return blessed me to discover His truth about His law, His healing diet, and the sabbath. And not only that, each year I discovered even more amazing truths that completely changed my life to better resemble the life of my Lord that I follow and thus, enable me to be truly His light unto the world. 

And now Christ lead me just recently to come upon vital information that ALL Muslims need to know. But again only because of my great love for muslims that I am moved to share these findings with you. Believe me it's clear evidences that proves  with ease that Islam is based on lies, such clear  evidence that no Muslim scholar dares to refute https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWHV9VnOJtc

So let me begin by mentioning the first major lie that the Muslims will now have to deal with, in the light of the new facts discovered, is that the Quran did not come to one man in 22 years but evolved during 200-300 years. The 6 qurainic manuscripts : the Topkapi of Istanbul, the Sammarqand of Tashkent, the Ma'il of London, the Houseini of Cairo, the Petropolitanus of Bahi and the San'aa of Yemen, all believed to be the original manuscripts,  were recently carefully studied and discovered to have many major differences, corrections, changes and 2 of them only went to sura 43, another words incomplete. And were proclaimed by scholars not to be the original manuscripts that they were thought to be. In the light of this major discovery it becomes evident that the Muslim claim is false and that there is in fact not a single ONE out of all the 9 original Uthmani manuscript claimed to be  dispersed to the 9 empires of Islam  ( Mecca, Madina, Basra, Bahdad, Damascus, Jerusalem, Alexandria, Cairo, Herat, and Nishaput) found until today. 

But there are more mind boggling facts... for instance ...They discovered that there is no mention of Islam, Muslims, Mohammed, and Quran until the rise of Abud Malik (the Rock of the Dome 691 AD and the Muslim coins ). 

Also the fact that the Quran is a book full of stories that don't have beginnings or ends (except the story of Joseph) and no logical nor chronological order was closely looked at and it was discovered that it is full of stories that were borrowed from Catholic , Jewish and other false books https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhaLDYo0Kl8. This is why scholars have found parts of the Quran that predates Mohammed himself!!! When they looked at the manuscripts that predates Mohammed they discovered it was the exact Suras that were borrowed from other literatures that predates Mohammed and was spread around his time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NVgZh_6HKs What can Muslims say to scientific evidence that shows that parts of the Quran are older than Mohammed himself? And how to explain the heretical Catholic, Jewish, Iranian, etc...stories that made it into the Quran ? And not only that, the amazing poetic style of the Quran believe to be a miracle, can be traced to pre-Islamic Christian Syriac hymns written in the 6th century only with Arab themes!

That sure backs up the claims of ex-Jesuit priest, Alberto Rivera,  that said that it was  Rome that invented Islam. http://www.remnantofgod.org/books/docs/How-the-Vatican-Created-Islam.pdf.  That explains why both the RCC and Islam have so much in common. Both religions have unbiblical stories of Jesus making bird out of clay and making it alive and that Jesus talked as a baby, both religions claim that you go to heaven by works, and that you are guaranteed hellfire for leaving their churches, both claimed earth is flat, 

both religions have holy head quarters (Vatican, Mecca), and both have "holy" sites that believers must make pilgrimages to, and special fasts ( lint and Ramadan) that believers are obligated to keep,  both see no wrong with having sex with children (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GteHSAygniY&feature=youtu.be at 37 minutes you can see Islamic proof that Aisha age 9 yo did not have her period when Mohammed finally consummated the marriage at age 54 ( Bukhari volume 5 # 234 and volume 7 # 64 ) and even that is not a sin in Islam because Allah teaches Muslims can have sex with girls that did not yet get her period for the first time sura 65:4 and Sura 33:21 says Mohammed is a pattern to follow. And you already know that catholic priests molest children) , both have special clothing and repetitive prayers, both have buddistic prayer beads and both have a violent past and present and so on...Like mother like daughter. It is plain for those that study the truth to see that Rome is Mother not only to the fallen Sunday keeping churches of today but also of the church of islam just as prophesied in Revelation 13:3. Even though islam ended up rebelling against mother Rome after islam tasted power in the early stages of the rise of Islam. But that's another story. Let's stay on topic. 

Because the Quran has so many scientific errors like the earth is flat (13:3; 15:19; 50:7; 51:48;88:20), sperm comes from the back bone and the breastbone (86:7), the sun sets in pool of murky water (18:86) , moon is a light ( 71:16) , stars are close to earth ( 37:6), sun revolves around the earth ( 21:33; 36: 38,40 and 91:1-2) and so on, it become  very obvious that Quran was written by men and not God and that is why Quran has the law of abrogation (sura 2:106 and 16:101). Men make mistakes that need to be changed and corrected. Because this book is created by man hungry for power it contains  220 contradictions.  And that explains why in early stages of the rise of Islam, the Quran kept changing with each Caliphs that seemed to be trying to bring the Quran into a specific standard to fulfillment of some purpose. Lies always keep changing to cover up the discovered lies but truth is immovable. Because the God of the Bible knows the end from the beginning, no such law exists in the Bible and no contradictions are found to a carful eye of the true students of the Bible. 

This is why we also find historical mistakes in Quran. Such as in sura 20:85-87, 95-97 the too early mentioning of the Samaritans ( that arose in 700 BC) for the time of Moses which is 1400 BC , thats 700 years too early. Also Quran mentions in sura 34:10-11 King David which is from 1,000 BC and coat of iron chain mail which was not yet invented till 200 BC. Quran also mentions in sura 7:122-124 of crucifixion in time of Moses' Pharaoh (1447 BC) which was a torturous death adopted by the Romans from the Phoenicians  and was not used no earlier than 500 BC!! Quran in sura 12:20 mentioned a futuristic coin "Dirham" in time of Joseph in 1800 BC when coins weren't even invented yet by the Lydians until the 7th century!!! Then Quran confuses pharaoh, the Tower of Babel and Haman in sura 28:38 and 40:36-37. Egypt never built any towers but pyramids and temples. Tower was Chaldean Genesis 11:1-9 and Haman was NOT Egyptian but a Persian ( see Esther 3:1) that lived around the time 486-610 BC and pharaoh 1,500 BC. And why does the Quran have the wrong Mary?!  Sura 19:28  and 20:30 mention she is sister of Aaron and sura 66:12 mentions her as daughter of Imran. But MARIAM the sister of Aaron and Moses and daughter of Imran (Exodus 6:20) lived 1,400 years BEFORE Mary of Jesus !!! Why all this historical confusion, in the so called word of God? This only explains confused work of man that borrowed the ancient stories and tried to gather it in one book. This statement is further confirmed in my next paragraph. 

Why is the Quran so confused whether Jesus died or not?!  In sura 19:33 it says Jesus said " blessed I shall be on the day I DIE..." while sura 4:157 denies that Jesus died ?!!! So apparently the Quran is also not clear on whether Jesus died or not? And why is the Quran denying that Jesus was crucified while NOT only the Bible testifies that Jesus was crucified but even non Christian historians of Jesus' time were found writing about it!!! Greek historians Thallus and Plegon ( Rome writer 1st C) were actually debating about what happened during the time Jesus was crucified. And not to mention Lucian Greek satirist (2nd C), Mara Bar-Serapion's Letter pagan (73 AD) , Josephus Jewish historian (AD 37-90), and Tacitus ( Roman historian 110 AD) were all found mentioning the death of Jesus!! If Jesus was not crucified why did we discover ancient non Christian texts of 6 people talking about the crucifixion of Jesus, of which some were even eye witnesses of?!! Should we go with what the Bible says and with what the 6 others confirmed or with that ONE passage 4:157 of the Quran?! And there are more such mistakes and confusion in this so called perfect book of God, that I simply don't have time to mention. But it suffices to say that if this is the word of God, why so many not only scientific but also historical mistakes are found in the Quran?! 

And that's not all...not only historical mistakes but untrue sayings. 
Quran says in sura 2:144, 149-150 that from 524 AD all qiblahs were changed to Mecca yet not a single early mosque pointed to Mecca but Petra and it wasn't until 822 AD that finally all mosques pointed to Mecca. 

And why all the description of the "city of the prophet" (in a Valley, with a parallel valley, with Olive trees, with fields,  stream, clay, loam, pillar of salt) from Islamic tradition and Quran are NOT found in MECCA, but better suits Petra?! 

Also note that Quran makes 65 geographical references. The 9 places that are named are: Ad ( 23x) (Biblical Uz), Thamud ( 24x) (Nabateans) and the Midian (7x) (Midianites) all these people that the prophet is having daily encounters with are all places 600 miles too far north!!! 

Another mystery is if Mecca was such a popular city and "mother of all settlements" ( sura 6:92 and 42:5), and the place where Adam and Eve were thrown down to ( sura 7:24) , plus where Abraham lived in 1900 BC ( 21:51-71), and where Mohammed was born and lived in till 622, and qiblahs were directed to in 624 AD (sura 2:145-149). Yet the only reference to it by name is sura 48:24?!! Why is Mecca not mentioned until 742 AD nor included in maps until 900 AD? Why is Mecca not in the trade routes?! Dont the Muslims claim that Mecca was the center of trade of its time!? And speaking of trade, what was it that supposedly made Mecca rich and popular? Did you know that not only did Mecca have a Kaaba, but it was common during those times for many areas that had wells to have Kaabas? It was a way to make money for the people of those areas of the wells. So what made Mecca special? 

And did you know that no biography was written on the life of the prophet until 240 years later! How could it be trusted?! It was written by men that didn't even know the prophet nor came from his city !!!

Did you know that out of 600,000 sayings of the prophet only 7,397 were kept and others discarded. Why? That's only 2% ! And that's just beginning to surfacing the facts...

So as you can see from the above email , that is by no means presenting the exhaustive findings, that there  are some serious issues the Muslims that wish to stay faithful to their conscious must answer:
Why are there no Muslims sources for 200 years after the death of Mohammed ?

Why do the claims they make not fit the historical records? 

Why are the geographical references so few and confusing? 

Why do they all seem to be much further north ? 

Why there are so many references to vegetation that wouldn't exist in Mecca? 

Why is Mecca not mentioned until 741 AD nor included in any maps until 900 AD?

Why is Mecca not even in the international trade route?

Why do all the qiblahs face Petra for the first 100 years and then confused for the next 100 years and aren't standardized to Mecca until 822 AD, that's 200 years too late !?

This is clear evidence for all that love the truth that Islam is based on lies. The question is, do you LOVE the truth enough to search it out for yourself,

قال له يسوع انا هو الطريق والحق والحياة. ليس احد يأتي الى الآب الا بي. 

or you prefer to ignore the facts and stay in the comfortable lies of your childhood that will eventually lead you to perish because : 
وليس باحد غيره الخلاص. لان ليس اسم آخر تحت السماء قد أعطي بين الناس به ينبغي ان نخلص

I earnestly pray you will study the Bible and discover the true Yasuwah of the Bible and His amazing love for you that made Him leave His eternal paradise of worshiping angels and holy bliss, to become man that came down to this cruel and evil world to rescue you from the depths of sin. 

16 لانه هكذا احب الله العالم حتى بذل ابنه الوحيد لكي لا يهلك كل من يؤمن به بل تكون له الحياة الابدية. 


Servant of Christ,

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