Vatican Bank Claims Newsletter
December 25, 2007
Year End Report

Legal Status  The status of the lawsuit remains essentially the same as when the year started.  Despite some additional briefings filed by attorneys for all parties  the motions to dismiss by the defendants, Vatican Bank and Franciscan Order, continue pending before the United States District Court in San Francisco.  No ruling has been received from the Court.

Plaintiffs  One plaintiff, a survivor of the Ustasha genocide has passed on  the Vatican Bank is opposing the efforts of her relative to substitute in as plaintiff citing technical objections.  The Vatican and Franciscans continue their efforts to use all legal measures to fight the lawsuit or enter into constructive resolution while some survivors of the Ustasha genocide remain alive.

Meetings this year were held with several plaintiff organizations in New York and Beograd.  Additionally, leading members of the largest political party in Serbia have openly expressed support for the lawsuit.  We have also been joined by the Roma Council of Serbia in our efforts to resolve the lawsuit.

Alperin v. Vatican Bank is now entering its 9th year of litigation.  As your attorneys we are more determined than ever to bring this matter to a successful closure.

We ask all our clients and supporters to contact the media and officials to keep this important legal case from being forgotten  only by exposing the crooked hand of the Vatican and Franciscan Order in the Balkans can this matter be settled.  A terrible crime was committed, the original killers and thieves have gone largely unpunished but the organizations that assisted them in hiding and cleaning their loot must still be held accountable.

Sincerely yours on behalf of the legal team,

Jon Levy
Tom Easton

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