Below is a list of articles posted on the website between December of 2008 to July of 2009. They have been categorized by a brother in Christ and friend of the ministry to make it easier to find certain things as well as get an idea of just how bad it is out there.

 Military / Police

Police abuses, insensitivity, military preparation for the implementation of “Executive Orders” abound in these headlines.

Vatican /RCC

Many ties to homosexuality, sex and physical abuse, multi-religion acceptance and attempts at merging, Obama control, deceptions, UN persuasion, police-action against resistors/antagonists…all related to the new world order and Revelation / Daniel prophecies

 One World Political / Government Authority

New World Order shamelessly in our faces??  One of four steps to creating a single global entity.

 One World Financial System / Currency

From concept to planning to building…right before your eyes.

 One World Religion

The push to embrace all religions except "true" christianity into one “Global” religion with the Vatican at the helm. The third of four steps needed for a one world order.  The mark of the beast is in the works.

 One World Military

The last of the four steps needed for a one world order.  This too will come to pass.  At present, the only thing going on is the EU and it’s military coalition between members.


Attempts to bring in abortions as a normal way of life…then comes population control. Especially with the sick and elderly.

 Government Control

Control the people, restrict their freedom of religion and speech, censor everything and watch everyone…the makings of a dictatorship…or rather practice for enforcement of Roman Catholic John F. Kennedy's “executive orders”.  Get this in place worldwide and the stage will be set for the antichrist to take over.


The second beast is in fact the USA. This is why Obama does what he does for Rome.  Rejection of Christianity, siding with muslims, micro-managing, supporting the pope…and the ever present “where’s the certificate” fiasco.  Basically, doing what the Vatican dictates.


Phenomena in nature, some never heard of until now. Indications of the end times?  Yes!

 Plagues, American Medical Association, World Health Organization

Indications of conspiracies to decimate the population of the world.  They think it’s easier to control a few than control many. They believe false prophets in that they think they will be allowed to kill billions. Millions yes, as the time of Jacob's trouble intensifies. Billions? No, Jesus' return will end their insanity.


Sodom and Gomorrah all over again.  Acceptance of this lifestyle and legislation to protect it paves the way for Vatican protection of its priests.  This is one of the two main reasons God, via His believers, decimated populations in the Old Testament…the other?  Pagan worship.

 Adultery / Sex

Satan has turned a sacred act between a man and a woman and polluted it with selfish, ungodly and unemotional acts of abominations.  Another door opened for Vatican atrocities.

 Homeland Security

Scare the masses, instill false security in their minds while reducing their freedoms…and they will be blind-sided with government control.


Religious support and conversion through murder and torture?  Does this not remin dus of the “inquisition”?  Obama wants this to be our religion. ROme wants this to be our governing law.


"By their fruits..."



Indications that the new world order has control over them.  This is the ONLY source the masses have for worldwide information…the other source, the internet, which by the way is being targeted for control as we speak.  Who are we going to believe…the media shapes the culture of the world…and those in power know that. So they run with it.

 Human insensitivity

Since the advent of media, including books, movies, news, gaming, etc, the masses have been exposed to so much violence and death that they have become numb to what was once horrific in the eyes of a once moral society.

 Christian Persecution

We knew this was going to happen through the Word of God.  Paving the way to fuel the antichrist with the blood of the saints.  Bumper sticker, “If you’re not being persecuted, something’s wrong”.


How in the world can the government pollute your child if he or she is at home?  The antichrist needs them for the continuation and proliferation of the one world order.  Recruitment drive has already started.

 Reports and conspiracies supporting One World Order

Financial failures, government bailouts, weather deception, detention camps, out-of-control governance…just a plethora of “stuff” leading to one world order and the antichrist…AND what do you mean the Federal Reserve is a PRIVATE banking institution???? So many to deceive, so little time!

 War and rumors of war

Nuclear proliferation…tensions at an all time high…everyone has their fingers on the red button…Will this cause mens hearts to fail them for fear as prophecied? Yes.

 Polluting our youth

Sex, drugs, violence, addictions, no God...and this is just the teachers!!  The antichrist wants your kids!!

 Supporting our youth

A glimor of hope.


So much energy…no trust in God…what a waste!


Some things just never go out of style…

 Deceptions, thoughts and actions against the Bible

Worldly Christians in a worldly trap…Please! Open your Bible!


Simply amazing!  Praise the Lord God Almighty!!


There’s just no comment that can fully explain how Ibad this really is. But this worship of the creature over the Creator was also prophecied.

 Tragedies around the world

Just a very few of the thousands of tragedies everday around the world.

 Financial Mayhem

Lets demoralize the masses so that we can tax them?  Lose all the money so that we can print more?  And, what do you mean the Federal Reserve is a PRIVATE banking institution? Why is it called the FEDERAL reserve? Oh.. yeah.. I rememeber.. we are in the age of lying.


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