Sorry we said you could die... you've only got indigestion

Hayley Langley 

CITY medics wrongly warned a Liverpool woman she could die after confusing her blood sample with that of another patient. Hayley Langley, 22, was shocked to learn her kidneys had suddenly failed. Friends and family rushed to her bedside after hearing her life was in immediate danger. The next day medics admitted they had made a huge mistake - Miss Langley's blood samples had been mixed up with another patient's and she only had indigestion.

Health officials at Fazakerley hospital have apologised and begun an investigation. Today, Miss Langley told the ECHO: "I couldn't believe I was being told that I could die soon. "Even though I'm massively relieved, the whole mistake has left me feeling sick. They shouldn't get these things wrong." The Kirkdale carer was returning home by taxi early on Saturday morning after a night at her sister's house in Kirkby when she suffered chest pains. She told the driver to take her to Fazakerley hospital where doctors correctly diagnosed her condition as a build-up of acid and gave her medicine to ease her discomfort. But her blood samples then appeared to show major, life-threatening, problems with her liver and kidneys. She was placed on a drip through the night and her horrified parents and five brothers and sisters contacted. It only later emerged that her blood sample had been confused with another patient's, leading to the shock prognosis.

Miss Langley has Turner syndrome, whichmeans she has a missing chromosome and is noticeably small for her age and unable to have children. Her sister, Nicola Langley, 30, said: "We had family members crying thinking they'dnever see Hayley again." A hospital spokes woman said: "Results of a blood sample meant for another patient were given to doctors treating Miss Langley. "Her medical team requested further blood tests which revealed Miss Langley's results were normal and she was discharged. "Doctors treating Miss Langley apologised for the confusion over her results, which was due to an incorrect barcode reading, and for the distress caused to her and her family. "The other patient's treatment had already commenced before the error was discovered. "The trust is investigating the incident in order to prevent the situation happening again."


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