911 forgeries?

Here is an email I just received that shocked me a bit. The videos given make it easier to see what really happened on 911.

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By now, most people know that the official story for 9/11 is pretty much false. Recently, I stumbled across some evidence showing that the news media, anchors, etc. were at the bottom of the whole deception. They forged the videos. Here is some of what I found, short videos:

"Fabricated Plane."

NBC forgot to add the fake plane graphic on their live shot. All you see is explosion, no plane from the right hand side.

"WTC-2 Missile Strike on 9/11"

short one showing a missle like ball coming from the top

"WTC-2 Missile Strike or Plane Crash? Definitive Zoom In"

unmistakable evidence

"September Clues Pt.6"

This whole September clues series is very detailed but what this part exposes is almost laughable. AT one part of the vid, it shows 2 videos together, showing the same angle pretty much and the plane on one vid comes from the right and on the other comes from the left.

Other Data and Information:

I'll leave it to your own imagination as to what really happened on 911. Keep in mind however. As we saw the Bush administration use MANY Vatican inspired methods used by Adolph Hitler, we understand why Bush and his friends did as Hitler did to his Reichstag building in his day. After Hitler did what he did, like Bush, he was able to remove a lot of freedoms from his citizens that eventually lead to a dictatorship. Will Obama finish the job? Time will tell.


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