This ministry has been proclaiming for YEARS the 666man.net calculation for 666 and the name of the beast was error. Some of you reading this page have heard me speak on this strange theory often. Especially those of you that have been in the POGM Chat rooms. For years Ron Johnston declared (as he does below) that the next Pope after John Paul II must be an original. What he means is, the Pope after John Paul II must use a "#1" after his name. Like Gregory the first, or John the first and so on. But the next Pope was actually Benedict XVI. That's right, Johnston's claim was that because adding all the Pope's numeric names up to John Paul II equalled 665, the next Pope MUST be #1 so as to have the 666. But when Ratzinger picked the name Benedict XVI, Ron Johnston immediately DELETED HIS WEB PAGE STUDY ON THIS!    

Only problem (for Ron) was, the Holy Spirit revealed to me that I should copy his page and paste it online AFTER the next Pope is elected to prove he was in error. That is what you will find below. Please pray for Ron! Sadly, he has entered the rhelm of one of many false prophets.

Ron's calculation is as follows...

Below data was copied from http://www.666man.net/265popes.html BEFORE Ratzinger was "elected" Pope causing this prediction to fail.

1. St. Peter (32-67)

2. St. Linus (67-76)

3. St. Anacletus (Cletus) (76-88)

4. St. Clement I (88-97)

5. St. Evaristus (97-105)

6. St. Alexander I (105-115)

7. St. Sixtus I (115-125) -- also called Xystus I

8. St. Telesphorus (125-136)

9. St. Hyginus (136-140)

10. St. Pius I (140-155)

11. St. Anicetus (155-166)

12. St. Soter (166-175)

13. St. Eleutherius (175-189)

14. St. Victor I (189-199)

15. St. Zephyrinus (199-217)

16. St. Callistus I (217-22)

17. St. Urban I (222-30)

18. St. Pontain (230-35)

19. St. Anterus (235-36)

20. St. Fabian (236-50)

21. St. Cornelius (251-53)

22. St. Lucius I (253-54)

23. St. Stephen I (254-257)

24. St. Sixtus II (257-258)

25. St. Dionysius (260-268)

26. St. Felix I (269-274)

27. St. Eutychian (275-283)

28. St. Caius (283-296) -- also called Gaius

29. St. Marcellinus (296-304)

30. St. Marcellus I (308-309)

31. St. Eusebius (309 or 310)

32. St. Miltiades (311-14)

33. St. Sylvester I (314-35)

34. St. Marcus (336)

35. St. Julius I (337-52)

36. Liberius (352-66)

37. St. Damasus I (366-83)

38. St. Siricius (384-99)

39. St. Anastasius I (399-401)

40. St. Innocent I (401-17)

41. St. Zosimus (417-18)

42. St. Boniface I (418-22)

43. St. Celestine I (422-32)

44. St. Sixtus III (432-40)

45. St. Leo I (the Great) (440-61)

46. St. Hilarius (461-68)

47. St. Simplicius (468-83)

48. St. Felix III (II) (483-92)

49. St. Gelasius I (492-96)

50. Anastasius II (496-98)

51. St. Symmachus (498-514)

52. St. Hormisdas (514-23)

53. St. John I (523-26)

54. St. Felix IV (III) (526-30)

55. Boniface II (530-32)

56. John II (533-35)

57. St. Agapetus I (535-36) -- also called Agapitus I

58. St. Silverius (536-37)

59. Vigilius (537-55)

60. Pelagius I (556-61)

61. John III (561-74)

62. Benedict I (575-79)

63. Pelagius II (579-90)

64. St. Gregory I (the Great) (590-604)

65. Sabinian (604-606)

66. Boniface III (607)

67. St. Boniface IV (608-15)

68. St. Deusdedit (Adeodatus I) (615-18)

69. Boniface V (619-25)

70. Honorius I (625-38)

71. Severinus (640)

72. John IV (640-42)

73. Theodore I (642-49)

74. St. Martin I (649-55)

75. St. Eugene I (655-57)

76. St. Vitalian (657-72)

77. Adeodatus (II) (672-76)

78. Donus (676-78)

79. St. Agatho (678-81)

80. St. Leo II (682-83)

81. St. Benedict II (684-85)

82. John V (685-86)>

83. Conon (686-87)

84. St. Sergius I (687-701)

85. John VI (701-05)

86. John VII (705-07)

87. Sisinnius (708)

88. Constantine (708-15)

89. St. Gregory II (715-31)

90. St. Gregory III (731-41)

91. St. Zachary (741-52)

92. Stephen II (752)

93. Stephen III (752-57)

94. St. Paul I (757-67)

95. Stephen IV (767-72)

96. Adrian I (772-95)

97. St. Leo III (795-816)

98. Stephen V (816-17)

99. St. Paschal I (817-24)

100. Eugene II (824-27)

101. Valentine (827)

102. Gregory IV (827-44)

103. Sergius II (844-47)

104. St. Leo IV (847-55)

105. Benedict III (855-58)

106. St. Nicholas I (the Great) (858-67)

107. Adrian II (867-72)

108. John VIII (872-82)

109. Marinus I (882-84)

110. St. Adrian III (884-85)

111. Stephen VI (885-91)

112. Formosus (891-96)

113. Boniface VI (896)

114. Stephen VII (896-97)

115. Romanus (897)

116. Theodore II (897)

117. John IX (898-900)

118. Benedict IV (900-03)

119. Leo V (903)

120. Sergius III (904-11)

121. Anastasius III (911-13)

122. Lando (913-14)

123. John X (914-28)

124. Leo VI (928)

125. Stephen VIII (929-31)

126. John XI (931-35)

127. Leo VII (936-39)

128. Stephen IX (939-42)

129. Marinus II (942-46)

130. Agapetus II (946-55)

131. John XII (955-63)

132. Leo VIII (963-64)

133. Benedict V (964)

134. John XIII (965-72)

135. Benedict VI (973-74)

136. Benedict VII (974-83)

137. John XIV (983-84)

138. John XV (985-96)

139. Gregory V (996-99)

140. Sylvester II (999-1003)

141. John XVII (1003)

142. John XVIII (1003-09)

143. Sergius IV (1009-12)

144. Benedict VIII (1012-24)

145. John XIX (1024-32)

146. Benedict IX (1032-45)

147. Sylvester III (1045)

148. Benedict IX (1045)

149. Gregory VI (1045-46)

150. Clement II (1046-47)

151. Benedict IX (1047-48)

152. Damasus II (1048)

153. St. Leo IX (1049-54)

154. Victor II (1055-57)

155. Stephen X (1057-58)

156. Nicholas II (1058-61)

157. Alexander II (1061-73)

158. St. Gregory VII (1073-85)

159. Blessed Victor III (1086-87)

160. Blessed Urban II (1088-99)

161. Paschal II (1099-1118)

162. Gelasius II (1118-19)

163. Callistus II (1119-24)

164. Honorius II (1124-30)

165. Innocent II (1130-43)

166. Celestine II (1143-44)

167. Lucius II (1144-45)

168. Blessed Eugene III (1145-53)

169. Anastasius IV (1153-54)

170. Adrian IV (1154-59)

171. Alexander III (1159-81)

172. Lucius III (1181-85)

173. Urban III (1185-87)

174. Gregory VIII (1187)

175. Clement III (1187-91)

176. Celestine III (1191-98)

177. Innocent III (1198-1216)

178. Honorius III (1216-27)

179. Gregory IX (1227-41)

180. Celestine IV (1241)

181. Innocent IV (1243-54)

182. Alexander IV (1254-61)

183. Urban IV (1261-64)

184. Clement IV (1265-68)

185. Blessed Gregory X (1271-76)

186. Blessed Innocent V (1276)

187. Adrian V (1276)

188. John XXI (1276-77)

189. Nicholas III (1277-80)

190. Martin IV (1281-85)

191. Honorius IV (1285-87)

192. Nicholas IV (1288-92)

193. St. Celestine V (1294)

194. Boniface VIII (1294-1303)

195. Blessed Benedict XI (1303-04)

196. Clement V (1305-14)

197. John XXII (1316-34)

198. Benedict XII (1334-42)

199. Clement VI (1342-52)

200. Innocent VI (1352-62)

201. Blessed Urban V (1362-70)

202. Gregory XI (1370-78)

203. Urban VI (1378-89)

204. Boniface IX (1389-1404)

205. Innocent VII (1406-06)

206. Gregory XII (1406-15)

207. Martin V (1417-31)

208. Eugene IV (1431-47)

209. Nicholas V (1447-55)

210. Callistus III (1455-58)

211. Pius II (1458-64)

212. Paul II (1464-71)

213. Sixtus IV (1471-84)

214. Innocent VIII (1484-92)

215. Alexander VI (1492-1503)

216. Pius III (1503)

217. Julius II (1503-13)

218. Leo X (1513-21)

219. Adrian VI (1522-23)

220. Clement VII (1523-34)

221. Paul III (1534-49)

222. Julius III (1550-55)

223. Marcellus II (1555)

224. Paul IV (1555-59)

225. Pius IV (1559-65)

226. St. Pius V (1566-72)

227. Gregory XIII (1572-85)

228. Sixtus V (1585-90)

229. Urban VII (1590)

230. Gregory XIV (1590-91)

231. Innocent IX (1591)

232. Clement VIII (1592-1605)

233. Leo XI (1605)

234. Paul V (1605-21)

235. Gregory XV (1621-23)

236. Urban VIII (1623-44)

237. Innocent X (1644-55)

238. Alexander VII (1655-67)

239. Clement IX (1667-69)

240. Clement X (1670-76)

241. Blessed Innocent XI (1676-89)

242. Alexander VIII (1689-91)

243. Innocent XII (1691-1700)

244. Clement XI (1700-21)

245. Innocent XIII (1721-24)

246. Benedict XIII (1724-30)

247. Clement XII (1730-40)

248. Benedict XIV (1740-58)

249. Clement XIII (1758-69)

250. Clement XIV (1769-74)

251. Pius VI (1775-99)

252. Pius VII (1800-23)

253. Leo XII (1823-29)

254. Pius VIII (1829-30)

255. Gregory XVI (1831-46)

256. Blessed Pius IX (1846-78)

257. Leo XIII (1878-1903)

258. St. Pius X (1903-14)

259. Benedict XV (1914-22)

< 260. Pius XI (1922-39)

261. Pius XII (1939-58)

262. Blessed John XXIII (1958-63)

263. Paul VI (1963-78)

264. John Paul I (1978)

265. John Paul II (1978)

The seven Papal names used since 1798

1. Twelve Pope's using the name Pius

2. Thirteen Pope's using the name Leo

3. Sixteen Pope's using the name Gregory

4. Fourteen Pope's using the name Benedict

5. Twenty One Pope's using the name John

6. Six Pope's using the name Paul

7. Two Pope's using the name John Paul

Now count them up name by name:

1. Pius 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12 = 78

2. Leo 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13 = 91

3. Gregory 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13+14+15+16 = 136

4. Benedict 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13+14 = 105

5. John 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13+14+15+16+17+18+19+20+21 = 231

6. Paul 1+2+3+4+5+6 = 21

7. John Paul 1+2 = 3

78 + 91 + 136 + 105 + 231 + 21 + 3 = 665 as of John Paul II,

Meaning, the next pope will be a new papal name (which by definition has a count of 1), making a count of 1 + 665 = 666 man

Note carefully what Revelation 13:18 says about this number:

Rev 13:18  Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

Notice that it says this is the number of a man. The original Greek text uses an indefinite article, so it can be translated as "a man", meaning a singular man, or "man's number" meaning the number of man. The problem with the latter translation is that it contradicts the context, which clearly indicates it refers to only one man. Here is how this is demonstrated by the context: Assume that it is the number of man, for a moment. It says however, that it is the number of the beast. Is every person on earth a member of the beast? The answer to this is a clear "NO". All may eventually worship the beast for one reason or another, except for those who truly follow God and His requirements, but clearly not all men are members of the beast. Thus, only a man who is a member of the beast can qualify. This disallows the translation of "the number of man" or "man's number" which would allow anyone in the world to have this number. The Bible makes it clear that only a man from the beast can qualify. Thus, the translation should read "a man". Only ONE MAN may receive this number, NOT a group of men. With the method of counting presented here, only one man does receive that final 666 number.

Each of the popes who are part of the count has a count number and a number that is the cumulative total of the count to his time, but only the final one receives the cumulative 666.

The number 666 is the number of the beast itself and of a man. Therefore, logically, this means that it is the number of a man who is part of the beast, for the man must be part of the beast in order for it to be both the number of the beast and the number of a man.

According to Ron Johnston the next pope was to be a Pope that had a NEW name like George the 1st. His name would add "1" to the already calculated "665" making this pope the "666man," and hence the reason for the domain name, 666man.net. However, Ratzinger chose Benedict the 16th as his name. If you notice above, we can use Pope Gregory to see what the calculation now adds up to. And the reason we use Pope Gregory, is because Ron illustrates above that Pope Gregory was the SIXTEENTH Gregory. Ratzinger is now BENEDICT the SIXTEENTH, so Ron's calculation for his name will be an exact match to Pope Gregory.

Ron said above in his calculation...  Gregory 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13+14+15+16 = 136 So with the same exact calculation for Benedict the 16th, we see this is to be added to his calculation...  Using Ron Johnston pre-set numerology for Ratzinger we see...

So, with John Paul II summing it up to 665; adding Pope Benedict's total of 136 to that number Ron was prophecying, we come to a grand total of 801. Sadly, this proves Ron is preaching error. Pray for him that he will choose to do the right thing and help those he has lead into error. Pray he decides to own up to his error and confess. Eternal lives are at stake! MANY may have fallen for his calculation and now may seem so confused that they may give up on prophecy all together. Pray this isn't Ron's lot.

EMAIL #1 (emphasis added)

----- Original Message -----
From: "Ronald Johnston" <xxxxx@xxx.xx>
To: Nicholas <xxxxx@xxx.xxx>
Sent: Thursday, August 19, 2004 6:38 AM
Subject: Re: error

, the web site
http://www.666man.net is fast spreading.  I am now
speaking in many SDA church's
It is also spreading world wide.  I now
ship DVD and VHS tapes world wide.  And I allow them to copy them.
Notice I am also listed on yahoo.com etc # 1 so I receive thousands of
hits world wide and ship DVD's and VHS tapes world wide.

Daniel is clear, all the beast go forward in time as does the heads and
horns on the beasts.  There is not one example in Daniel of heads or
horns going backward from the beast represented.  In Daniel 7 the leopard
with 4 heads is prove of this.  The heads on the leopard were forward in
time, not backward.  God does not change the rules, it is man that
changes the rules.

God never intended the heads in Revelation 12, 13 or 17 to go Backward in
time from the beasts represented.   Multiple heads, multiple horns go
forward in time from the beast represented in a particular vision.  The
current idea of Assyria, Egypt, Babylon, Persia  etc being the heads on
the beast in Revelation is an misunderstanding of God's rules he set up
in Daniel. Also notice Ellen White states Daniel interprets Revelation,
it does not transfer.   Just because the Leopard beast in Revelation 13
has an amalgamation of the beasts in Daniel 7 does not mean that beast is
those power, the leopard beast in Revelation 13 is Papal I know you
agree, but its Daniel 7 components only mean the Papacy took on those
religious components of those previous powers.

In Babylon they had 36 god, and they counted them like this 1+2+3 etc all
the way to 36 = 666  In Revelation we have Mystery Babylon and we count
the pope gods the same way 1+2+3 etc//
  John was clear at the time the
woman sits on the 7 heads of the Papal beast, the beast "is not" you only
see the church component.  The Papacy has never been restored to its
position of power since it was decreed dead in 1798.  It is in process of
ascending back to power but has not yet achieved that position yet.  And
will not until the 8th since 1798 comes to power and becomes the "yet
is".    I already have confirmation through the gift of prophecy this
interpretation is correct.

My church board SDA has voted to back me 100% because they see truth.  I
also have SDA Evangelist's that are helping me in this project.

God is in control, I do not need you or anyone else.  God has a plan and
He will continue the plan.  God will move this study and the entire globe
will hear it.

Ronald Johnston

Well, it appears now that God was not involved in Ron's study after all. We now have Rock hard proof! The next Pope has been named BENEDICT THE 16TH!

EMAIL # 2 (emphasis added)

----- Original Message -----
From: "Ronald Johnston" <rxxxxx@xxx.xxx>
To: Nicholas <xxxxx@xxx.xxx>
Sent: Friday, August 27, 2004 7:35 PM
Subject: Ralph Myers

Ralph Myers first discovered 666 around 1996, he only figured out that if
you count all the popes in Vatican history that specifically used the 7
Papal Monarchy names since the decreed death of the Papacy in Feb 15,
1798.  Pius VI was captured days later.  The beast was decreed dead prior
to the capture of Pius VI.

Ralph Myers calculated out that all 7 Monarchy name's calculate out to
665 as of John Paul II the 7th Monarchy name since its decreed death in
1798.  Logically we would need only a count of 1 to complete the study.
I first ran into  Ralph in the fall of 1999.  Its was at that time I was
asked by others to make a web site on the subject because of great

I put up the web site portraying a different idea than Ralph Myers
taught, regarding the three phase's, 1. Was ending in 1798, is not
covering from 1798 through the time the beast lost its power.  You will
have to admit the beast has not returned since 1798, we see the woman
whore but not the beast.  The Whore sits on the 7 heads, but the beast is
not there.  The beast "is not" as John states.  The last phase I saw as
"yet is" when the beast returns to power under the 8th since 1798.   I
saw the 8th Papal Monarchy name since 1798's decreed death.

You know we still teach the Papacy lost its political power to control
the kings of the earth after Feb 15, 1798.  and it has not regained that
lost power yet!   That you will have to agree.

As I portrayed this on my web site, Nihar Justin who goes to our SDA
church saw a dream and an angel was in the dream, this is the same angel
that comes in all her dreams.   She called me and said she saw men from
all over the world listening as I stood in the center of all these men.
I was instructing these men.  A light came down from heaven and shone on
the Bible I was holding.  The angel told Nihar this is a special light to
God's people and you will be helping with that light.  This took place
after I put up the web site, and Nihar was not aware of what I was doing.
 So I went to her home and explained what I was doing.

Later the same angel returned to Nihar Justin and showed her that Ralph
Myers study on 666 was right.
  Nihar had never seen Ralph Myers since
they live 1500 miles away.  My pastor thought possibly Nihar had seen
Ralph in a dream years previous and that she simple did not recognize him
since she had never seen him before
.  So we arranged for Ralph to mail us
a police line up of men,  Ralph was one of the men.  I simply mailed them
to Nihar Justin.  She responded the following day, wondering how did I
get pictures of this man, and who was he? Why I asked.  She saw him in a
dream in 1996 and was instructed never to forget him. 
Well she did not
forget him, I told her she had picked Ralph Myers out, the picture was
exactly as she was shown in the dream.  So how did Nihar know years later
I would run into Ralph on the SDA net?   How could Nihar know this?

Well since Nihar had other dreams including Moslem Jihad on the Christian
world.  If you have studied the Woes of Revelation you would know the
first two Woes were Moslem plagues on the Christian world.  But there is
an intermission as the book of  Daniel is opened in Revelation 10.   Then
the 3rd Woe starts and God will finish his work.

We are now in Moslem Jihad under the third Woe, God is to direct the
final message to the world.  The angel that comes down in Revelation 18
is the fourth angel Babylon is fallen, the details of Babylon are found
in Revelation 17.  This prediction that the next pope will bear a new
Papal name will stun the world and like a shock way traveling around the
world will alert them we are then living in the time of the 666 man.

I am not worried about you, God has shown us clearly He is directing this
It will continue to spread under  God's direction, I am only
sharing what I have learned.  We have already seen Miracles power
demonstrated with this study and it will continue to grow.

I am not the discover of this calculation.  I am only sharing what God
has clearly shown me.
And there are other now like myself that are
spreading this message.

Have a Happy Sabbath.

A DREAM is used to convince Ron Johnston his "message" is of God? Would not a Bible suffice? Sadly, in this case, the Bible goes against what he is preaching, so the dream may have been necessary to gain forward motion. Pray for Ron.

Ralph Meyer's Email

----- Original Message -----
To: Webmaster
Sent: Sunday, May 18, 2003 7:06 PM
Subject: Re: The Pope's name and 666

Sorry Nicolas,

But all these counts that you have sent are bogus and will be a source of contention that will work against the truth.  

Vicarius Filii Dei is a lie 

John Paul II = 665 not 666 

John Paul II is about dead...how is it possible for him to be the antichrist? 

Answer; it isn't possible.  

The evidence we present in our count contains direct association to the links contained in Revelation which your count and no other count has. There is no linking whatsoever in your count. Rev 17: 9 links to Rev 13: 18. The heads are counted.  

There is no viable method of converting letters into numbers.  

The Bible says count the numbers, not letters. We did that ...you did not.  

We have no letters to count, only beast numbers.

 Ralph Meyers says the title "Vicarius Filii Dei is a lie"? Dearest Ralph, have you ever seen the documentation from Rome itself ADMITTING it's a valid title? If not, you desperately need to click here. That's right, that's a Xerox copy of page 3 of the Roman Catholic publication entitled, "Our Sunday Visitor" from April 18, 1915 admitting the title is valid! (Near top of column 2)

The Presents of God ministry